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29 Jun

CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1989 Vehicle Seized While Driving At 40-45 mph on hwy, dealer said starter was the problem. tt
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1999 While Parked, Consumer Smelled smoke and noticed that smoke was coming from under the hood. consumer put fire out, and vehicle restarted
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1998 Vehicle Was Parked When consumer noticed flames from under the hood, he put out fire. 15 minutes later, it was burning
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 While Driving Consumer Noticed Smoke coming from engine compartment. vehicle was towed to dealer an electrical shortage occurred within the starter,
CHRYSLER LHS 1996 Vehicle Would Stall Out While driving at highway speeds. sometimes vehicle could be restarted after stalling out. took vehicle to dealership, but
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 When Van Was Being checked because it would not start, a mechanic found a defective water pump. owner concerned because this was
CHRYSLER SEBRING 1997 Whenever The Brakes Were In use the calipers failed to open. vehicle would stop until noise indicated a problem with brakes. would take
CHRYSLER LHS 1999 Consumer States That The Starter caught on fire while driving 35-40 mph. local fire department and state police arrived to extinguish the fire.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1984 Starter Malfunctioned, Causing vheicle to stall out. dealer has been notified. please provide additional information.*ak
CHRYSLER LHS 1994 Electrical System Malfunctions Causing Vehicle to stall while in motion. also causing starter not to operate. i have been told by chrysler,that
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1996 Dealer Replaced Failed Componets. the starter took three tries to fix in 1997. it was intermentent.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1998 The Insured States That Vehicle caught on fire while it was parked. the fire started with the starter. claim number 43-r798-089.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 The Consumer Put A New starter in vehicle a few weeks ago. claim number 32-v339-978. *yh
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1991 Battery And Starter Failed.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 The Starter Failed. nlm
CHRYSLER CIRRUS 1995 Oxygen Sensor Failed, Causing vehicle to stall. also, alternator wiring harness shorted out, resulted in stalling. *ak
CHRYSLER CONCORDE 1995 Starter/ignition Failure.*ak
CHRYSLER CHRYSLER 1990 Starter Failed. *sd
CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1991 Starter Failed, Preventing Vehicle from starting.
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 chrysler town and country. the contact stated that vehicle was stalling. the vehicle does not give any warning
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2008 2008 Chrysler Town And Country. consumer states problems with front and rear brakes *tgw the consumer stated the brakes have been replaced three
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 2005 Grinding Noise From Starter On my 2005 chrysler town and country when it is cold. dealership acknowledged that several chrysler dodge and jeep vehicles
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 On The Street Engine Stopped, power steering inoperative, smoke appeared from under the hood. turned the key off. raised the hood,
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002 My '02 Pt Cruiser Has had many incidents over the past 4 years. the instrument panel occassionally flickers or does not light up at
CHRYSLER PACIFICA 2004 On Monday, 10/6/2003 My wife was driving her new 2004 pacifica while transporting our 4 year-old daughter to her pre-school class. as
CHRYSLER SEBRING 2001 Sporadically The Fuse That Controls the starter and fuel pump blew upon starting the vehicle. when the fuse is replaced everything is fine.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2003 "check Engine Light" Came On regularly, prompting visits to the dealer. was told i wasn't "clicking" the gas cap enough times upon
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 While Driving The Transmission Failed and the vehicle was unable to shift gears. transmission was replaced twice, however the problem recurred.
CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2001 Trans Shifter Failed Causing Vehicle to lock up. *mr the dealer stated the starter malfunction, but the consumer disagreed.
CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE 1997 In Short, My '97 sebring convt. (86,000 mi) is on its 3rd starter, needs a new fuel gauge & switch to
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1996 The Transmission Failed Four Times and the starter failed once. *ak *nlm
CHRYSLER 300M 2000 I Own A 2000 Chrysler 300m for about 4 months ago. when i first bought it, the passanger rear side power window wasn't
CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY 1999 When Consumer Started Their Vehicle it wouldn't start, then smoke started coming from under the hood. the dealership indicated that the

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2006 Chrysler 300, 36,892 miles, dome lights and lights over doors and led mileage came o n after car shut off and doors locked. No other gauges or electrical buttons work. Cannot open trunk or any other item with buttons. Car starts and runs,

did you get your electrical to work? Crysler speedometer, gas gauge, coolent gauge does not work after you start running car ; nobody knows what is wrong

we have a 1995 chrysler new yorker Lhs and the electrical is bad it wont start the transmission wont shift out of low gear the vaccum hose came off but got a piece of hose for vaccum lines and it still wont shift it was running around 4500 rpms n

2002 Chrysler 300M Have had Transmission problems it seems from day one. Purchased the car when it was new. The first time the car was still under warra

My car is possessed!!! The hazards blink funny or not at all, then work; ditto for: Check Engine light, foglights, headlights, my radio, my courtesy lights, my interior lights, you name it.  Am I having an electrical shortage going on? 

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