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28 Jun

CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1996 Many Occasions Consumer Has Been hit on the head while reaching into trunk. lid comes down easily. *ak *slc
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Consumer Was Driving And The tire blow out and found the spare tire in the trunk was soak in water. tt
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2002 Consumer Has Contacted Dealer In regard to the defect in doors. when attempting to unlock the doors, hatch located in
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 While Opening Trunk A Sharp piece cut consumer's hand. please provide further information. *ak
CHEVROLET PRIZM 1998 Consumer Has Frontal & Side airbags. they don't deploy, but the sensors go out which means they will not work & the airbag
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1983 Shoulder Belt On Passenger's side isn't retrackting. also, all four shocks that hold the hood to the hatchback up broke.
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1995 Truck Light Stayed On While on vacation and luggage and equipment in the truck caught on fire. please provide further information.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1995 Whenever It Rains It Gets wet in the back of the vehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET EXPRESS 1997 As The Passenger's Sliding Door was being shut the sliding door jammed and hit the consumer on the head while trying to find out the
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 Water Is Leaking Into trunk. dealer has been notified. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2000 When It Is Rainning water will leak into trunk while door is closed, and spare tire space will get almost full
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1999 Battery Acid Is Corroding The battery pan and surrounding components, also positive cable connected to battery has fallen off, dealer has
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Trunk Lid Warped. *mjs
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1995 The First Incident With My 1995 base model chevrolet cavalier was when the horn stopped working, when i needed it most on a freeway
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 Trunk Unlocks But Fails To automatically lift up! does not even open up a fraction of an inch!. *ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1998 Trunk Spring Weak, Lid falls. spring can be adjusted, but is very difficult and potentialy dangerous if spring slips while tightning
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1990 Automatic Trunk Latch Motor Assembly. ..has continuously ran since 7am this morning, and will not pull trunk lid all the way down.
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1997 In Regard To This Vehicle, chevrolet has been contacted and not much is being done about the situation. i believe that chevrolet should
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 #1, The Front Brake rotors warped and the pads were worn. dealer refused to replace under warranty so i paid out of
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1998 The Springs On The Trunk seem very weak and have had my head hit by trunk lid coming down while loading in a slight wind.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 This Car Has Been Taken to the dealer and the dealer recognizes the problem but consistantly refuses to take any rsponsibilities for the junk that
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 The Button On The Sunroof would not open the sunroof. i took the car in four separate times and the button still does
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 1: Drivers Seat Wanders/floats/moves While driving. 2: trunk door warped? damage has/is resulting. 3: dash is shifting/collapsing.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 At 8 Miles Before Purchase of car water pump, gasket, thermostat and seal replaced because of coolant leak, at 14,000 miles
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 There Has Been One Thing wrong after the other ever since i bought this car and i believe it a piece of crap but i
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1996 Rear Hatchback Hydraulic Arm Has high-pitched squeak during driving; lower rubber seal on rear glass leaks adhesive onto glass and paint;
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 Trunk Lid Has To Be held up or it will fall down when released. yh
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1992 Trunk Leaks.
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1996 The Trunk Is Loose And is misaligned. nlm
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1996 Trunk Was Out Of Alignment. *slc
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 Trunk Leaks Water. *mjs
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1996 Trunk Lid Does Not Stay up due to trunk springs failure. yh
CHEVROLET LUMINA 9999 Trunk Lid Support Failed Causing the lid to fall resulting in injury to comsumers forhead.
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1998 Trunk Lid Falls Unexpectedly When opening causing lid to fall on consumer.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 Uneven Amount Of Paint On the rim of the trunk. defective door gasket. inoperative brake lights.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 Trunk Area On The Driver's side leaks when it rains.
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1993 Trunk Leaks Water, Resulting in mildew odor.
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1988 Recall Component (89v-225) Was Repaired however failed with the door hinge breaking. *yc
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1996 Rear Door Upper Hinge Body weld to b-pillar broke upon opening the door.
CHEVROLET C20 1980 Seat Adjustment Controls Too Close together, causing accident when drivers seat back fell when driver was trying to move seat forward.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 9999 Hump That Hides The Contents of the trunk obscures view. *sd
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1995 Leak Inside Of Trunk Due to a defective seal around gasket. *ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1994 Trunk Lid Doesn't Fit Properly.
CHEVROLET LUMINA APV 1992 Seal Around Trunk Failed Three times, causing water to leak inside of trunk. *skd
CHEVROLET VOLT 2013 When I Was Purchasing The car, the salesman was demonstrating the emergency trunk safety release. when he pulled on it, the release
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2004 Rear Window Of Vehicle Apparently broken by trunk lid opening too far. trunk lid opened too far due to two rubber trunk lid
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 I Bought This Car From a private owner not a dealership. the only problem it had when we bought it was the fuel
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2009 A Dead Battery At The airport parking lot in a 2009 chevrolet impala may not seem like a problem, however there is no mechanical
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2005 I Opened The Trunk Of my vehicle 2005 chevy impala, reached inside to get something the suspension cylinders that holds the trunk up broke
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2004 All Dash Gauges Have Failed (one at a time) including speedometer (which was the last gauge to fail on 7-21-08). trunk release (electronic)
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 Dt: The Trunk Fell On the consumer's head three different times. had brain surgery in 1997 and these three incident had deteriorate
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2001 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Developed Problems with the brakes and the engine.***no answer required***. *mr while turning the steering wheel the consumer heard
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2004 Dt: Contact States There Is a water leak in his trunk caused by the car not being properly welded during manufacturing. the water
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2004 The Rear Trunk Strut Support has broken four times on my 2004 chevy monte carlo. i am concerned that this failure could lead
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2004 Vehicle Experienced Steering and transmission problems. the steering went out, forcing the vehicle to the right side of the
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1993 Various Problems Regarding 1993 Chevrolet complaint submitted on numerous mvoq forms. *mr consumer lost brakes
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1998 1. Driver And Passenger seat recliner levers have broken over last few yrs, drivers side replaced 3 times, i had to pay
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2004 Upon Delivery Of New 2004 chevrolet cavalier, it was discovered that two of the four bolts that hold the trunk lid to the vehicle
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 I Own A 1998 Chevrolet malibu and my complaint is that the trunk does not stay up in the air on windy days or sometimes
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1998 If The Trunk Was In the open position and the slightest wind blew, the trunk slammed down abruptly. please describe further.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 Trunk Struts Wore Out, and caused the trunk lid to fall on the consumer. consumers sustained neck/back of the head injuries.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2003 Water Leaked Inside The Rear tail light into the trunk area and caused a bad odor and mold to grow inside the trunk.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2000 This Complaint Stems From The time i have had this car. a popping noise that comes from the rear of the vehicle from
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1994 This Problem Of The Abs system malfunctioning started a little over a year ago. i have already spent well over 800 dollars

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