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Chevrolet Steering Wheel And Handle Bar Reports

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CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1988 Steering Column Came Loose. please describe. *ak
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1992 Consumer Was Driving And Smoke came from the steering , please describe . *ak
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1995 The Steering Is Exceptionally Hard and the truck has power steering, especially at low speeds.*ak excessive steering effort is necessary.*jb
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1992 Steering Column Smoked When Using the turn signal. *ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1996 Steering Wheel Is Hard To turn and makes loud noises when turning. please give more details. *ak
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1990 Intermiitently Steering Column Will Smoke w/cause undetermined. please describe details.*ak
CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1994 While Driving On The Highway steering wheel broke. please describe details.
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1991 Pe94-062, Steering Column Smokes while driving turn signal by four way flashers. please describe details. *ak
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1985 The Steering Coupling Shatterd With age and caused very loose steering. please describe. *ak
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1986 The Steering Wheel Just Falls down while driving and causes momentary loss of control of the van. please describe. *ak
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1987 Bolt That Holds Adjustable Steering column came loose. *ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1995 Steering Wheel Makes A Loud noise when making turn. tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1992 Steering Column Will Smoke At any time w/cause unknown. please describe details. tt
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1992 Tilt Steering Wheel Will Not lock into position. tt
CHEVROLET C15 1987 Steering Wheel Is Loose, the bolts that hold wheel in place are coming off and cause loss of steering while driving. tt
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1994 Vehicles Abs Braking System Intermittently malfunctions causing the steering wheel to lock-up. tt
CHEVROLET K15 1993 Steering Column Locks. please describe. tt
CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1992 The Vehicle Stalls While Driving and veers to the right when stalling at highway speeds. tt the brake and the steering
CHEVROLET G20 1987 Vehicles Steering Wheel Column Is about to fall apart it moves back and forth due to some defective bolts. tt consumer was told
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1985 While Driving Comsumer Says Steering wheel wobbles while driving 2 bolts are loose . he calls the dealer they said they would fix
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1989 The Steering Wheel Is Leaking. tt
CHEVROLET C15 1991 Steering Column Was Loose, then while driving steering wheel broke off. tt
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1988 Consumer Was Driving And The steering wheel fell off almost caused an accident . tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1991 When Dimming The Lights And the turn signal was on the steering column would smoke. please describe. tt
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1991 Steering Column Bushing Made Of plastic breaks loose resulting in wheel having play. owner states control in/handling is difficult. please describe details.
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1995 When Applying The Abs System the steering wheel locked up and the car did not stop and she lost control. please describe.
CHEVROLET C20 1987 Vehicles Steering Wheel Is Loose dealer had to take off the whole system to fix. tt
CHEVROLET S10 1992 Steeering Wheel Feels Funny, not centered. *ak
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1994 While Driving At Speed 45, trying to turn the vehicle experience steering wheel lockup. tt
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1987 The Steering Column And Wheel are loose, a bolt that holds it together has come loose. *ak
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1995 Loss Of Steering Ability, the steering wheel got stuck when turning. tt
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1992 Steering Column Broke During Accident. *ak
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1995 Steering Wheel Off Center; leans to the left. *ak
CHEVROLET K15 1995 Steering Column Rattles Afterwards Then steering locked up. a bolt which was installed and should not have caused failures. steering still having problems.
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1985 The Bolt Inside Of The steering column come loose. tt
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1985 The Entire Steering Column Has come loose. tt
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1994 When Going Down Hill Vehicle stall and steering wheel locks up, dealer can not locate the problem. tt
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1987 Steering Wheel Very Difficult To turn to left during low rpm orv at low speeds. *ak
CHEVROLET CHEVROLET TRUCK 1989 Steering Wheel Not Centered. *ak
CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1987 The Steering Wheel Locks While driving. please describe. tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1991 Vehicle Steering Wheel Column Is smoking. tt
CHEVROLET C10 1989 While Driving, Bolt Which anchors steering wheel and column backed out, resulting in steering column hanging down towards seat, almost dropping.
CHEVROLET C15 1994 Consumer Driving Was Making A right hand turn and almost hit a wall the steering broke. tt
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1989 Steering Column Bolts Become Loose and causes ignition turn off and other problems. tt
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1993 Consumer Was Driving Steering Wheel lock and abs anti-lock brake came on . tt
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1988 Vehicles Steering Wheel Column Is smoking. tt
CHEVROLET C15 1988 Vehicles Steering Wheel Nut Has been tightened 3 times. tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1992 Steering Wheel Column Replaced By dealer for free. tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1990 Automatic Seat Belts Did Not lock prior to recall (91v-206). *ak
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1992 Hit Mud Puddle; Steering wheel locked up; also, steering becomes stiff after driving about 10 mile. tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1991 Steering Column Began Smoking While in use. owner checked gauges for abnormality. tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1991 Vehicle Has Steering Column Smoking due to unknown reason.(pe94-062). tt
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1989 The Steering Column Base Was very loose due to four loose screws. *ak
CHEVROLET S10 1988 While Driving At Approx. 15mph, made an attempt to tilt wheel, suddenly steering wheel detached from column, no prior warning,
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1990 Steering Colunm Starts Smoking And there is no windsheild wiper. tt
CHEVROLET S10 1994 Steering Column Locks Up; can hear grinding noises before lock ups. tt
CHEVROLET 30HD 1994 When Applying Brakes, Driver cant't turn steering wheel past 1/2 turn on either side. *ak
CHEVROLET C10 1988 Due To Defect Steering Bolts, steering wheel is too loose for proper control while driving. please describe. tt
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Steering Keeps Locking Up And cannot release steering wheel lock. bad actuator and relay, replace actuator and column lock relay again due
CHEVROLET C2500 2000 Truck Starts Vibration At 42mph, vibration then comes into the steering wheel and then hold truck vibrate.
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1998 Steering Components In Steering Wheel came apart, contacted dealer and dealer stated defect could be a major problem when driving vehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1998 When Making A Right Turn steering wheel would lock up intermittently. vehicle been in dealer shop on three occasions, and informed
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1997 While Driving And Making A right turn steering wheel locks. please give any further details. *ak ref. in
CHEVROLET C25 2000 While Parking Vehicle In Driveway, power steering broke and lost all braking ability. had no prior warning of any problems. contacted dealership/service
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2000 While Driving Steering Column broke. this was the second time that steering column broke within 90 days. the first time
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1995 Adjustable Steering Wheel Is Very loose and hard to steer. *ak *yh
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1997 Steering Wheel Will Not Turn. please provide any further information.*ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1997 Steering Wheel Has Locked Up, and driver can not turn steering wheel. *ak *yh ref. in ea02-031 *cjs
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 Steering Wheel Over Compensates When making a turn. dealer has replaced sensor several times. however, problem still exists. please
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Steering Wheel Makes A Loud popping and cracking noise whenever has been driven. also, there is movement in streering wheel. dealer
CHEVROLET K1500 1997 Steering Wheel Has Alot Of play when turning or driving straight. dealer checked system for play. test drove vehicle and found
CHEVROLET S10 2000 While Driving At Any Speed vehicle completely shuts down without warning, causing steering wheel to lock up, resulting in loss
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 While Driving At Any Mph could step on brakes and steering wheel will feel like coming out of consumer's hands. dealer
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1998 Whenever Turning A Sharp corner or parallel parking steering wheel pops. please provide any further infomation.*ak
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 When Vehicle Goes Over bumps or when makng a turn steering wheel becomes loose, causing entire vehicle to shake.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Consumer Was Backing Out of driveway, wheels turned slightly, and steering column locked. this caused vehicle to back at
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Consumer Was Backing Out from garage and went to turn vehicle to right, and steering wheel column locked up.
CHEVROLET G20 1995 When Driving Differential Would Make grinding noise. noise was like it was straining when acclelrating and/or braking. *ak consumer had a
CHEVROLET EXPRESS 1999 Nut On Steering Column fell of, causing loss of steering.*ak an arm on the ppwer steering cylinder is bolted that connected
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 Intermittently When Making A Turn steering wheel will lock up. dealer is inspecting vehicle.*ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 When Making A Left Turn steering wheel slips. dealer has inspected vehicle.*ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 When Consumer Went To start vehicle computer started to wait ten seconds. then when putting vehicle inside after ten seconds,
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2000 While Driving About Any Mph and then when turning on turn signal light steering wheel will make a buzz noise.*ak consumer states
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 While Starting Vehicle Steering column engine check light illuminated shortly after steering column locked up and would not unlock,
CHEVROLET C1500 1990 Steering Wheel Had Come Loose. took vehicle to dealer who tightened wheel, 1 year later steering wheel loose again.*ak
CHEVROLET S10 1989 Steering Wheel Is Coming Loose. *ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 Consumer Had Just Gotten Home and parked vehicle. 5-10 minutes later, horn was blowing. consumer looked outside front
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 Moisture Develops In Brake drums which causes one of the brakes to grab extremely hard . *ak while raining
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1991 Steering Wheel Column Was Replaced because if turning right or left wheel will wonder in own direction. dealership was
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1998 Steering Column Upper Shaft Fractured. dealer has repaired vehicle.*ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA APV 1990 Consumer Was Traveling About 45mph on highway and steering wheel gave out without prior warning. *ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 While Traveling And Without any indication steering wheel column locked up . *ak ref. in ea02-031 *cjs
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Steering Wheel Fails To Turn, resulting in loss of steering control at typically lower speeds. dealership does not know reason
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1998 Steering Wheel At First Would move on its own to right at high speeds, resulting in momentary loss of control. this problem
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 There Is A Sound Coming from the steering column. it sounds as if something is loose in column. this occurs
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2001 After Coming Off Freeway steering wheel suddenly became loose, causing driver to lose control of vehicle and wander across
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Steering Column Motor Locks Up, it goes out every 5000-8,000 miles. pulling into driveway steering locked, vehicle cut off,
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 While Traveling, To Keep vehicle from pulling to right, consumer has to apply pressure to steering wheel and pull to left. dealer
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1993 While Driving Vehicle Experiences rough vibration/ speedometer doesn't work anymore, abs light stays on. these things were working when test
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 The Evo Valve In steering wheel failed, causing wheel to become very loose.*ak
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 When Brakes Are Applied front pulls to left, and sometimes to right. this also happens when a bump in road
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1986 Adjusted Steering Column Is Coming loose at collapse/hinge area due to looseness of bolts. this causes mechanism not to work
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 Ignition Switch And Electrical System kept failing while driving, causing steering wheel to lock up,which almost resulted in crash. please provide further
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 Both Turn Signals And horn do not work, both are inoperable. consumer has contacted dealer five tiems. dealer
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 A Piece Of Metal Fell out of steering column. also, front end needed alignment due to drifting/pulling right/ 4-wd light keeps coming
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 While Traveling On Highway consumer noticed that steering wheel was moving all over the place. *ak
CHEVROLET C25 2000 While Driving At Any speed, especially at 55 mph steering wheel won't stay straight, and will pull to sides,
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 While Making A Left Turn steering wheel locked up, causing loss of control. please provide further information.*ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 While Turning Steering Wheel Consumer noticed popping noise. dealer has been contacted. please provide further information.*ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2000 Upon Starting Vehicle, a message was displayed on the instrument panel, steering column locked up. before vehicle was towed
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Was Driving Vehicle When Steering wheel suddenly locked up. had no prior warning. problem was intermittent. contacted the manufacturer & informed consumert
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Consumer Had An Appointment To take vehicle into dealer for frame cradle bolts to be replaced under a recall, on the way to
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Vehicle Was Involved In A collision, insuranace investigator believed cause was due to loss of control because of steering column failure/ or electrical
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 While Going Around A Curve steering wheel completely locked up, resulting in loss of control. van had to be towed
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 Pe99066; Steering Column Lock module: upon starting vehicle and driving about 50 feet, steering wheel locked up. after
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Upon Starting Vehicle Steering wheel locked up and would not move. vehicle was towed to the dealership where a motor in
CHEVROLET 1500 1997 While Making A Turn steering wheel feels loose, and pulls to the right. technician said that problem was with
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 While Driving Steering Wheel completely locked up. motor that controls the steering column locked/had to be replaced. dealer has been contacted.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1999 When Driving In Cold Weather and turning to left, steering wheel will lock up, causing driver to lose control of vehicle. dealer
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 While Driving Steering Column locked up, causing steering to become difficult cause unknown. please give any further details.*ak ref.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Vehicle Experiencing Problem With Steering column locking up. 1st incident repairs caused engine to stall. currently, problem reoccurred intermittently.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1996 Ea 97 007/steering Shaft Separation: while backing out of driveway vehicle lost control of the steering column which has disconnected from shaft joint.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 While Driving And Making a turn steering wheel locked up which may have caused a crash. once straightened out,
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1999 After Making A Left Or right turn steering does not return to center. dealer has been contacted, but unable to correct problem.
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Recall 00v189000/ Cradle Bolts : while vehicle was parked it was noticed that steering shaft was hanging. dealer/manufacturer notified, and refused
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Directional In The Steering Column overheated, causing smoke from the steering. dealer has inspected vehicle.*ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2000 Pe99066, Steering Column Lock; when starting vehicle, steering wheel just locked up for no apparent reason. vehicle was taken
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Pe 99066; Consumer Was backing out about 20 feet consumer realized steering wheel had locked in a fixed position. consumer
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Pe99066, Intermittley While Driving, the steering wheel locks up, causing a loss of steering control and a crash. chevrolet
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 Steering Column Locked Up even when operating vehicle, a warning light indicated to pull key and wait 10 seconds, but it
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1992 Consumer Was Traveling About 25mph as she was approaching a curb she went to turn, and the steering wheel wouldn't turn.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 While Backing Out Of A parking space steering column locked up. problem could potentially cause a crash. vehicle was towed to
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1997 Steering Wheel Locks Up, and cannot be unlocked unless taken into the dealer. please give any further details.*ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 While Backing Out Of The driveway all of a sudden the steering wheel locked up. dealership was not aware of this problem.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2000 Heard A Loud Noise From rear end whenever a turn was being made. also, steering column intermittently locked up.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Vehicle Experiencing Problem With Steering column locking up intermittently. vehicle has been in / out of dealer shop, and dealer replaced
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Steering Shaft Connected To Steering column was loose. dealership replaced it. also, when consumer was traveling at
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 While Traveling At All speeds steering wheel & column gave in & became very loose. could cause an accident.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 Vehicle Started And Drove With steering wheel in locked position due to electric solenoid. dealer has been notified.*ak
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 Ea-99-011; While Driving And upon attempting to make a left or a right hand turn, steering wheel locked up. problem
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 Holes Were Too Big Around the rotors & lugs: nuts came through. upon applying brakes front end will shimmy. also,
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 While Driving 70 Mph Power steering shaft broke. driver was able to pull to the side of the road safely. truck was towed
CHEVROLET S10 1991 Steering Column Was Loose And going into the opposite direction when turning. consumer took steering column off, and noticed the
CHEVROLET 1500 1997 Driving Vehicle & Trying To maintain it on the road when the steering jerked away from driver's hand. took vehicle to mechanic &
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Consumer Was Traveling About 30mph and noticed that steering wheel was loose and hard to steer. also, rear side
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 When Turning Steering Whell Left or right it makes a squeaking noise. consumer feels that steering may lock up. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Bearing In Steering Column Kept breaking. dealer found problem because mechanic experienced the same. in a matter of months, it
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Front Engine Cradle Fell Off and consumer lost steering. steering wheel disconnected from tires without warning ,
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 Steering Wheel Column Had A lot of play inside of the wheel. dealership replaced the steering wheel once. complaint was that
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1997 When Driving In Windy Weather conditions consumer noticed alot of play in the steering wheel , causing loss of control. consumer has
CHEVROLET C1500 1999 Intermittently While Driving Steering wheel locked up. this happened mostly at slow speeds. truck has been seen by the dealership 8
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1996 Front Brake Rotors Were Resurfaced every 20,000 miles on three occasions. currently, at 90,000 rotors need replacement again.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 Consumer Was Traveling 40-45 Mph and steering wheel locked up. consumer couldn't straighten out wheel & vehicle spun around & hit concrete
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1998 Steering Wheel Turns Into The opposite direction. *ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Pe99-066, When Backing out of a parking space steering wheel locked up, causing loss of control. consumer contacted dealer.
CHEVROLET S10 1996 Bolt Which Holds The Steering shaft to another shaft in the steering column was improperly routed, causing a loss of steering control.
CHEVROLET S10 1996 The Bolt On The Steering shaft separated from one of the members, resulting in loss of control. vehicle has been repaired.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 When Starting Up Car Steering wheel was locked, consumer tried all gears, it still would not unlock . had to have car
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 Consumer Was Traveling 55mph On the highway went to make a slight turn, and the steering wheel was fighting with him.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 While Trying To Start Vehicle steering locked , making it difficult for consumer to start vehicle. also, indicator light
CHEVROLET LUMINA APV 1990 While Driving Consumer lost control of steering wheel. was forced to drive off the road, bolts broke off in frame area/steering.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 While Driving About Any Speed steering wheel won't keep vehicle straight, resulting in vibration and loss of control. *ak
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 Steering Column Stopped Functioning. also, bearings broke somewhere under driveshaft. *ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 Steering Column Locks Up Due to faulty steering wheel locking mechanism. problem still exists after several attempts by the dealer to repair.
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1998 While Driving In A mall parking lot, went to make a left hand turn into a parking spot, and steering wheel
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 While Driving Steering Wheel Felt as if vehicle was on ice. there was no control. when vehicle hit bumps vehicle could not
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 On 3-jan-2000, While Making a u turn power steering shaft broke in half. had the vehicle towed to dealership. they
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1995 Steering Column Wii Ll Not steer at all. when driving vehicle around 35 to 45 miles, the steering column is
CHEVROLET S10 1989 While Driving At 45 To 50 mph steering column broke, causing a loss of steering for a short period before coming to a
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 Vehicle Experiencing Problem With Steering wheel locking up whenever the brakes are applied, more so when brakes are applied in an emergency situation.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1996 Steering Wheel Locks Up For no reason. *ak
CHEVROLET PICKUP 1997 Steering Wheel Sticks When Turnning and then loosens and turns freely, resulting in an accident. *ak
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1999 Steering Wheel Locks Up, driver unable to steer vehicle. dealer has seen vehicle 2 times, and cant solve problem.
CHEVROLET K1500 1997 Steering Wheel Would Slip & then jerk out of driver's hand while driving. this happens at various speeds & is intermittent. taking vehicle
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 The Steering Wheel Column Locked up, causing a collision which resulted in injury. the vehicle was repaired severaltimes for steering locking
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1987 The Steering Column Is Loose. this causes the shift lever to malfunction and pop out of park and roll. vehicle has not
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 While Pulling Into A Parking lot, driving about 15 mph the steering wheel locked up and vehicle lost all power. the vehicle was
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 Steering Column Locked Up While driving, causing the vehicle to become undriveable. dealer has replaced the steering lock module and rocker
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2000 Driver's Side Shoulder Belt is over lapping and won't retract. a consumer had the vehicle in repair shop three times for repairs,
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1991 When Making Either Left Or right hand turn steering wheel locks up. then releases, causing loss of power steering control. consumer
CHEVROLET S10 1991 Nuts Wihtin The Steering Wheel loosened, causing the steering wheel to tilt. steering wheel is working intermittently, and sometime's steering wheel
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1997 Steering Wheel Is Defective. steering wheel will turn on its own. problem started three years ago, and it has happened
CHEVROLET S10 1994 Steering Column Coupling Became defective , causing steering wheel to lock up, which could result in a safety hazard. *ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1999 Was At Stop Position & started to accelerate. the steering wheel pped out of driver's hand. vehicle proceeded to jerk right or left
CHEVROLET PICKUP 1997 Whenever Driving Vehicle At Approximately 25-35mph steering wheel would start to twitch. it would then turn on its own. will be taking vehicle
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1992 Steering Column And Turn Signal became loose due to loose bolts within the steering column. dealer indicated bolts needed to be replaced.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 There Is An Unanticipated Steering wheel movement at highway speeds. the dealer has been notified. *ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1995 There Is Alot Of Play within the lower control arm/ball joint which causes vibration. also, when turning the steering wheel towards
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 While Driving Out Of A parking lot at a speed of 5-10 mph and trying to make a right turn, steering wheel locked up,
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1999 While Pulling Out Of A parking lot at a speed of 5-10 mph consumer began to make a right turn and steering wheel
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1997 While Consumer Was Driving and attempting to make a right turn, steering wheel turned on its on. *ak
CHEVROLET PICKUP 1999 The Bolts To The A frame broke, this is the bolt that holds the steering in place. when the bolts broke and the
CHEVROLET 1500 1999 While Driving The Steering Wheel was contacted and the problem has been fixed. *ak
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1998 While Driving Steering Wheel Locked up, causing the vehicle to go into a ditch. but when the investigator checked the vehicle
CHEVROLET K1500 1995 When Driving Steering Column shaft would make popping noises. it can be felt when going over bumps or up inclines. *ak
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 Engine Check Light comes on/ steering wheel column locks up, and vehicle stalls unexpectedly. currently at the dealers.
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 Steering Wheel Broke Of at 35mph, resulting in loss of control. the vehicle is being repaired by the dealer .
CHEVROLET IMPALA 1999 Steering Wheel Is Designed Without grips which is difficult to handle when driving because the steering just slides which could cause loss of steering control.
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 At Highway Speeds Steering Wheel slightly giggles back and forth. dealer has replaced the pitman arm. dealer has inspected vehicle
CHEVROLET 1500 1998 Steering Column Is Pulling To the left. *ak

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