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28 Jun

CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1986 Replacement Of Steering Rack Due to fluid leak. this is the second incident. tt
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1989 Rack In The Steering Broke, which caused the vehicle to not be turned off once placed in park. tt
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1991 Steering Is Very Difficult, it turns very hard. also, car makes a lot of loud noises. *ak dealer stated problem
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2001 Rack & Pinion Steering Kept going out. this causes vehicle to jerk left. this was second time it has happened. had
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 While Driving At Low Speeds, the right side inner and outer tie rod broke, causing wheel to separate from the vehicle, the
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 When Vehicle Is Being Driven and a right or left turn is made, a thumping noise occurs within steering rack.
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 While Going Around A Curve steering wheel completely locked up, resulting in loss of control. van had to be towed
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1987 Consumer Took Vehicle In For inspection. inspector noticed coolant and oil leaking from intake manifold. and also steering rack
CHEVROLET PRIZM 1999 Consumer Hears A Rubbing noise in steering rack when vehicle goes over rough pavement. dealer notified. *ak
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 Consumer Purchased Vehicle 7-29-97/ 8-04-97, the steering rack was determined defective. whenever turning a curve the rigt front tire rattles, otherwise any
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1999 Power Steering Rack Needs Replacing with less than 14 months ownership. the car was purchased new in tennessee. the diagnostic and estimate
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Power Steering--steering Rack Assembly Is somehow losing power steering fluid--no visible leaks...yet power steering reservoir is dry, needing almost a
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1991 I Have Also Had To replace my transmission at 36021miles,window motors,power locks,alternator generator,had them replace back appliques( which still leak)drive axle
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 This Vechile Was Been In the shop a minimum of 9 times.this is the 2nd malibu that i have owned the first one was
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 Steering--steering Rack, Gear Assembly, gear kit, ball joint and both lower control arms.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 The Steering Gear Rack Has failed several times. *mjs
CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1988 Steering Rack Leaks.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1988 Due To The Aluminum Construction of the steering rack and its internal components, the steering fails on left turns in cold weather.
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1995 Power Steering Rack Leaks. *sd
CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1987 Steering Rack Failure. *ak
CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1984 Steering Gear Rack Failure,causing steering difficulty. *sd
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1990 Power Steering Rack Failed. *dh
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1991 Problems With Power Steering Rack made it extremely difficult to turn wheel to the left.
CHEVROLET CORSICA 1989 Rack Plate Replaced Due To ignition switch malfunctioning. *sd
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 chevrolet malibu. while driving 35 mph the steering wheel began pulling to the right. the dealer inspected the
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2006 At 46,500 Miles , my steering started making a clicking noise. the chevrolet dealer diagnosed it as a bad rack and pinion
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2004 Steering Rack Failure. causing steering wheel to lock up. *tr
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2006 At Approximately 35,000 Miles and replacement of front tires twice, took vehicle to dealership and found that the steering rack and leftside outer
CHEVROLET COBALT 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 chevrolet cobalt. after purchasing the vehicle, the contact heard a rattling noise. the rattling sound
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2005 Purchased Vehicle In Oct, 2006 at which time we found the steering rack needed replacement, the replacement lasted until june of 2007.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2005 I Bought A 2005 Chevrolet malibu april 6, 2006 with 17,000 miles. in october of 2006 with 31,500 miles the
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 chevrolet monte carlo. while pulling into a driveway at 4 mph, the vehicle became impossible to steer.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2004 I Own A 2004 Malibu sedan lt (80k) and a 2004 malibu maxx lt (50k). both cars have the clunking noise in the
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 chevrolet cavalier. while driving 10 mph, the power steering locked and the contact was unable to turn
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1998 Steering Makes Noticeable Thumping When you turn the steering wheel at times, especially when backing up and turning the steering mechanic told
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2006 Tl*- The Contact Stated That every once in a while when she drove the 2006 chevrolet impala with(11718 failure mileage she heard a
CHEVROLET MALIBU MAXX 2005 Steering Pop When Turning Car, on 2005 malibu maxx. *jb
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1998 A Recall Repair On The steering mechanism was performed in 2003; less than four years later, the same repair was needed at an
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2003 1. Vehicle Made A moaning noise when turning at approximately 55,000 kms (and 3 years old). replaced power steering pump and steering
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated that the vehicle veered extremely to the right during right lane change. when vehicle was immediately pulled over,
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2000 Very Hard Turning Especially When cold. loud wining noises when turning wheel. was unable to check fluid level due to pump being
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 Chevrolet Malibu Ls 1999, front end loose, replaced 2 bolts. *bf while driving the entire steering rack cracked for
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 Defective Steering Column In 97 cavalier, caused an accident resulting in extreme injuries. *bf nhtsa campaign id number : 02v286000.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2001 While Driving 30 Mph Vehicle vibrated uncontrollably. consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and drove it to the
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2000 While Driving On The Freeway at 70 mph the driver would put the vehicle on cruise control and the vehicle would stall without incident.
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 Power Steering Rack Had To be replaced on vehicle.*mr the consumer feels the vehicle rack should not have failed since the vehicle only
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 Reimbursement For Recall Repairs Made to 1997 chevrolet lumina.*mr while attempting to turn into a parking lot the steering wheel locked.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 Consumer Denied Reimbursement For Power steering rack assembly replacement. *ph also, as consumer received recall notice dealership refused
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 The Vehicle's Steering Rack Malfunctioned at 64,000 miles. the part was repaired twice, however the problem still exist. the cause has
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 My Car Made A Whining noise while moving and makes a loud noise when the steering wheel is turned. i took it to a
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1997 After Having The Vehicle For 4 days dealership failed to replace the lower pinion bearing, but indicated they performed steering gear bearings
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 Knocking Noise & Jolt In steering wheel of 2001 chev. impala at approximately 40,000 mi.. this problem continued and worsened.
CHEVROLET VENTURE 2002 Broken Tie Rod + Rack and pinion failure causing total steering loss and costly repairs! * cb
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 2000 Chevrolet Impala Has A leaking or seeping power steering rack at under 48,000 miles. failure is very premature and costly,
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 While Driving Consumer Noticed that the steering wheel became stiff and very difficult to turn. vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic,
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 Safety Recall And Reimbursement. *mr certain passenger vehicles and mini vans have lower pinion bearing in the power rack and pinion assembly in
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 1997 Chevrolet Lumina. power steering fails intermittently, and steering locks up while making a left turn. problem occurred suddenly in
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2001 At 500 Miles It Was found that rack and pinion steering system was not properly installed at the factory. rack and pinion system failed
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2002 Bought My 2002 Chevrolet Ls sport cavailer on 5/27/02. since then the rack and pinion went in march 2003--which they did not discover until
CHEVROLET 1500 2002 The Consumer Stated The Steering wheel was difficult to turn to the right. *ak the dealer found an internal failure with the power
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 The Consumers Vehicle, A 1997 lumina, experienced a failure related to a recall issued for the 1996 lumina. the consumer had
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 The Consumer Took The Vehicle in for recall repair 02v286000 on 03/31/03. the dealer replaced the lower pinion bearings but advised the consumer
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 The Recall Which Was Performed on the consumer's vehicle failed. recall # 02 v 286 000. *jb *tt
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 Rack And Pinion Steering Gear failed at 65,000 miles, causing a loss of power steering and a near accident. this is the
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1997 Consumer Received A Recall Regarding the rack and pinion however no parts were available.*jb
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1997 While Making Right Turn Onto the highway the steering column locked due to steering rack failure. *ph *nlm

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