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27 Jun

CHEVROLET S10 1996 The Tie Rod Broke Causing an accident. plus air bag didn't deploy. please describe. tt
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1995 The Tie Rod Broke Off the car while driving causing driver off the road. tt
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1994 The Horn Will Not Sound when depressed, bearing in steering had to be replaced. tt
CHEVROLET C15 1995 Steering Linkage Bolt Failed Which held upper to lower linkage. as a result truck in accident. please describe details. tt
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1992 Tie Rod Bolts Were Under sized coming from the factory. tt
CHEVROLET G25 1994 The Pitman Arm Came Off the steering box while driving and vehicle lost control, resulting in injuries. tt
CHEVROLET K25 1989 Replaced Idler Arm. *ak
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1991 Tie Rods Came Completely Off at 46,000 miles. tt
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2000 The Acceletator Is To Close to the brake pedal.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1997 Pittman Arm/ Idler Arm, and upper and lower ball joints have corroded. a recall has been issued on vehicles make and model,
CHEVROLET S10 1999 Pitman Joint On Front Passenger's side is loose. there is a difference between driver's and passenger side. contacted dealer, and
CHEVROLET TRACKER 2000 Starting To Accelerate To Make a right hand turn when linkage in steering system failed, causing total loss of steering in
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1998 There Is A Delay When turning steering wheel,nothing happens. but, eventually it will kick in. dealer replaced ilder arm
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1999 Vehicle Is Experiencing Ongoing Brake problems, front rotors have warped several times and have been replaced, brake pads and the caliper mounting sleeves
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 When Pulling Into Driveway at 5-10 mph there was movement in steering wheel, steering wheel moving from left to right,
CHEVROLET K3500 1999 Vehicle Pulled To The Left when the brakes were applied. dealer has replaced the brake pads and shoes/calipers and idler pitman
CHEVROLET S10 1998 Front Tie Rods And Stabilizer bar and everthing in between broke which may have caused a loss of vehicle control and result in a crash.
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1993 Brakes Pads/rotors Have Been Replaced seven times. when applying the brakes the pedal is soft, and when going down hill there is alot
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1996 While Making A Right Turn the tie rod bolt that connects to the u-joint slipped out, causing loss of steering, wheel was
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 At Highway Speeds Steering Wheel slightly giggles back and forth. dealer has replaced the pitman arm. dealer has inspected vehicle
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1998 Tie Rods Snapped, Causing vehicle to roll end over end. *ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 While Driving About 30 Mph was involved in an accident due to loss of control. consumer received a recall notice in mid
CHEVROLET S10 1996 While Driving Experiences Vibration And shimmy in front and rear suspension, causing malfunctioning of idler/arm pitman and rear axel, upon braking vehicle pulls
CHEVROLET LUMINA APV 1993 While Driving Vehicle Wanders and all four tie rods had to be replaced and the replacement ties were bad from the factory.
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2003 The Owner Heard A "clunking" sound when backing out of driveway. while traveling on freeway, the owner noticed some play in the
CHEVROLET JIMMY 2000 Vehicle Serviced Because Front Wheels were shaking. mechanic replaced wheel bearing; however, problem continued to occur. consumer took vehicle
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 2002 At 15-20 Mph Vehicle Started bucking. was towed to dealer, who stated that tie rod had broken. please indicate inner or end
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1999 Pitman And Idle Arms are starting to vibrate again within 30,000 miles. first time dealer stated it was normal.
CHEVROLET C/K 3500 1998 Injector Pump Failure Cause Loss of engine running, near total loss of steering and brakes. dt
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1997 Gm Won't Reimburse Ball Joints due to replacement not by gm dealer. dt
CHEVROLET C/K PICKUPS 2001 The Stud Coming Out Of the ball joint of the tie rod snapped at the ball joint. dt
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2001 Automatic Transmission Failed, Dealer only "reconditioned" the transmission, i have taken the vehicle back to the dealer for transmission repairs;rubbing ,
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2002 While Making A Left Turn, the front left wheel fell off. although minimal impact (if any) was sustained, the tie rod
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1992 I Had This Steering Component ( forged part ) break on left side last year and now the right side. if i had been
CHEVROLET TRACKER 2001 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET S10 1995 When Pulling Out From Intersection, right front inner and outer tie rods and sleeve broke. *ak
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1993 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
CHEVROLET LUMINA APV 1991 I Was Driving 25 To 30 mph when the carriage dropped out of the vehicle causing the steering to also be pulled out. the
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1998 Failure Found During Yearly Safety inspection. no safety defect listed. *ak
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1996 No Major Safety Problems. however, signficant mechanical problems with very moderate mileage. mechanical problems include steering linkage, water pump,
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 The 2000 Silverado Has To be a blunder by general motors. the truck has bad tires, the engine has used oil since day
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1998 Dealer Has Been Very Helpful, however second set of lower ball joints only lasted 11,000 to 12,000 miles. when getting
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2000 Continued Intermittent Popping Noise With steering, loss control twice, involved in accident 04/22/00, popping was evident prior to accident but not
CHEVROLET K2500 2000 On 09/27/2000 I Was Slowing down for a dip,with my foot on the brake. as i crossed the hit the dip and/or just
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2000 Brand New 2000 Tahoe Z71 4wd suv with 7000 miles on it. at approximetaly 35 miles per hour, the tie rod fell
CHEVROLET S10 1986 Steering Linkage Has Very Bad squeaking problem. i had been informed by an individual that there was a recall on the 1986 s10
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1997 Upon Ma State Inspection The 2 front idler arms were found to be completely gone "typical of blazers and astros" they said. independant garage
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 Overall Vehicle Is A Step back in time. many components of this "improved truck" fail to impress or even operate as they should,
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1996 Ball Joint And Tie Rod + front brakes replaced at 1st alternator - parts corroded and fused together 75k on orignial tires
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1997 I Have Heard Hundreds Of these same problems on the corvette and nothing is being done about it. this could be a
CHEVROLET K1500 1997 I Have Had Numerous Problems with my chevrolet truck. at 31,000, miles the rear leaf springs went bad. at
CHEVROLET VENTURE 1997 #1. It Is Very heavy to push up the tailgate without the use of the hydraulics. it goes up easily
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1995 Excessive Brake System Failure, pulling and wear is still an ongoing problem since the first day the vehicle was purchased. brakes and
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1990 Same Problem As Recall In issued for lumina in wisconsin. i should be paid for repairs that i had to pay for due
CHEVROLET G30 1995 Brake System Components Replaced Prior to m/c assembly. parts replaced included padsand shoes/rear cylinder,drag link, pitman arm. *ak
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1995 Intermediate Link Missing Grease Fitting although the hole was drilled.. location for fitting not visually accessible unless mirror used. missing
CHEVROLET CAMARO 1998 No Summary Listed For This vehicle.
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1998 I Am Very Concerned About the listed vehicle and loose hardware, especially nuts or fasteners in steering or control areas that come loose or
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 Lost Steering Control Of 1998 chevy malibu at about 45 mph and had a spin-out at a major intersection, hitting the median curve and
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1998 The Lumina Steering Is Very loose at the center. it wonders when driving sraight. dealer won't fix the problem. i have
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 Have Had A Total Of 6 complaints dierctly connected with front steering, controlability, poor handling characteristics and 2 instances of total loss of
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 1991 Steering Stiffened/locked As Driver Was pulling into parking space, causing minor contact with adjacent parked vehicle. following contact, vehicle stopped and
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1995 Heard A Loud Clunking Noice in front end mostlly when braking. took it to 2 chevrolet dealers several times. they said
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1996 Slip Yoke/ Drive Shaft Failed.
CHEVROLET TRACKER 1996 Consumer States Vehicle Steering System is not stability controllable, while making a turn the vehicle failed to respond to steering and kept moving to
CHEVROLET TAHOE 1999 Pitman Arm Fell Off Of vehicle causing loss to steering ability. mjs
CHEVROLET K10 1998 Bolt That Holds Split Steering shaft came out causing loss of control.
CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1991 The Tie Rods Failed.
CHEVROLET S10 1997 Bolt On The Pitman Arm came off, separating it from steering shaft, causing vehicle to lose control.
CHEVROLET S10507 1987 Bolt On Pitman Arm Came off, separating it from steering shaft, causing vehicle to lose steering control.
CHEVROLET C1500 1988 Pitman Arm Failed.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1996 Idle Arm/pittman Arm/left Axle Malfunctioned, causing loss of steering/accident.
CHEVROLET CITATION 1981 Steering Line Failed.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1995 Steering Mechanism Failure, Also keyless entry system appears to be poorly designed, and rear window is frequently inadvertently unlocked when using front door
CHEVROLET S10 1994 Vehicle Required Alignment Several Times. *tw
CHEVROLET ASTRO 1994 Tie Rods, Ball Joints and idler arms failed, causing bald tires and vehicle to sway under windy conditions.
CHEVROLET COBALT 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 chevrolet cobalt. she stated that while driving 25 mph she heard a grinding noise and the steering wheel was
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2004 Steering Column Clanks. *tr
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 2005 Speedometer Went Crazy And Clunking in steering. *tr
CHEVROLET AVALANCHE 1500 2002 I Have A Chevrolet 2002 avalanche. there was a lot of clicking and clacking in my steering. i had the front
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2004 There Is A Clicking Sound coming from the steering column when turning ...started after about 25,000 miles.....
CHEVROLET P1500 1978 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1978 chevrolet p1500. while driving 5-60 mph, the steering became loose. when shifting the gear into
CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 2002 My Family And Self Were returning from a same day trip when with out warning, our 2002 chevy trailblazer ls steering locked up and
CHEVROLET C/K 2500 2004 My 2004 Chevy 2500 Instrument cluster has issues. on 12-24-07 on a family christmas trip my speedometer stopped working. i received a letter
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2005 Gm Continues To Ignore The fact that certain model vehicles have a intermediate steering shaft problem. it is a well known and fairly
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2004 Steering Yoke Has Been Fix twice would like it fixed dealers aware of the problem but has no answer all that is said to me
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2003 Steering Column-i Have Been Driving my 2003 z71 for about 15 months and there is a terrible clunk from the steering shaft. i went
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2000 Intermediate Steering Link Replacement. *jb
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2004 My 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 has a failure in the steering column linkage where it makes a clunking & whining noise, primarily when turning
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2000 2000 Blazer Transmission Failed, cost $3000 to repair. left ball joint failed and replaced all $500, pitman arm,
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 HD 2004 After Having The Intermediate Steering shaft replaced twice because of steering clunk, the 3rd replacement was a newly designed shaft, and the problem
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2006 My 2006 Silverado And 2002 gmc yukon are both making a clunking sound when turning the steering wheel either left or right and also when
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 chevrolet silverado 2500 extended cab. on april 18, 2007 the pitman arm snapped while making a left
CHEVROLET CHEVROLET TRUCK 2003 Thumping In Steering Since purchase of the vehicle steering has been making noise and shakes and has been getting progressivley worse. the
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 HD 2002 I Have A 2002 Chevy silverado 2500 hd truck. the steering wheel column, steering shaft. and intermediate shaft make clunking noises
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2003 The Fuel Gauge Quit First, then the speedometer. there is a knocking sound in the steering column when a turn is made.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2003 I Have Been Driving my 2003 silverado for four years now and have had the following problem: with 53000 miles at 10,000
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1500 2002 I Purchased A New 2002 suburban. my intermediate steering shaft has been replaced/repaired at least 5 times since i drove it off the showroom
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2005 For Several Months, I have both heard and felt a "creaking" in the front end of my vehicle as though metal parts are loose
CHEVROLET MALIBU MAXX 2005 My Vehicle Is A 2005 chevy malibu maxx. the vehicle doesn't always turn over. i have had my vehicle in the
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 15 mph and making a turn, a clanking noise came from the steering wheel column. the
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2003 Since January Of 2006, the speedometer has failed numerous times. while standing still it will register any speed above 30 or while
CHEVROLET MALIBU MAXX 2005 Steering Pop When Turning Car, on 2005 malibu maxx. *jb
CHEVROLET AVALANCHE 1500 2003 After Only 26k Miles Had a clunking noise in the front end and especially when making a hard turning motion. evidently this was a
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2003 I Have A 2003 Chevy tahoe. the steering linkage is making a noise when you turn. the dealership told me it was a
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2004 Loose Steering Components On 3 gm vehicles i own. dealer replaced once at 7000 miles. problem occurred again at 14,000 miles.
CHEVROLET AVEO 2004 First, I Have An 2004 chevrolet aveo. i have had to replace two tires due to flats. it's suppose to be some
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2000 I Own A 2000 Chevy silverado. the upper intermediate steering shaft is defective and was replaced per service bulletin 00-02-35-003j in jan.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2004 Dt*:the Contact Stated While Driving on an interstate highway at 70mph, there was stinging/burning sensation to the contact's foot. when the foot
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2005 Vehicle Steering Shakes When Turning or breaking. *nm
CHEVROLET MALIBU MAXX 2005 My Chevrolet Malibu Maxx (2005, 17k miles) frequently has a clunking noise that appears to be coming from the left front suspension. the
CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated while making a left hand turn out of a parking lot at 10 mph, the contact lost control of
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2004 Prominent Noise In Steering System. dealer tried to order defective party, but gm said none would be furnished until a new part
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2000 1. Child Climbed Into front seat and pulled gear shift from park into neutral. 2. the gear shift lock malfunctioned or
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 While Parking At Very Slow speed, very loud cracking noise from front of car while slightly turning steering wheel. happening often.
CHEVROLET CHEVROLET 2002 A Very Unnerving Condition Is present in our 2002 tahoe. there is a loose/ unstable feeling in the steering when turning. my mechanic
CHEVROLET BLAZER 2000 Problems That Are Not Saftey issues: air conditioning doesn't work; door hinge pin needs to be replaced; driver's window slips off track
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2002 Owner - 02 Chev Silverado pickup - vin [xxx]. recently, i begin to detect a clunking noise coming from the steering column.
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2003 I Drive A 2003 Silverado, & when i turn the wheel to the left, i can hear a knocking noise & also feel the
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2002 I Recently Took My 2002 chevy tahoe in to the dealer for a long over due repair. after describing my problem to the
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2003 A Dull Thumping Noise Was heard starting a couple months ago. it occurred any time the steering wheel was turned, even the
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1998 All My Anti-freeze Leaked Out and the low coolant light never came on but i did not have any heat. i did notice
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2000 Popping Noise Coming From Front, always hear this noise when turning ,left or right.noise started when vehicle had about 38,000 miles
CHEVROLET IMPALA 2001 Want To Add My Complaint to the list of complaints about noisey, poorly lubricated steering coupling shaft, on my 2001 chevrolet impala.
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1998 I Recently Had To Replace the ball joints and idler arm on my 1998 chevrolet blazer. i was advised by the dealership that this
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1999 1999 Chevrolet Suburban. as of 4/28/04 with only 47k miles, a/c compressor defective & dealer will not replace in spite of several
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2004 Was Having Trouble With Truck pulling from right to left and back. took back to dealer to check and dealer repair shop said
CHEVROLET CHEVROLET 1998 Re: 1998 Chevy Lumina-ls - recall, vin# [xxx], steering problems. *ak updated 07/30/2012 *js information redacted
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2003 When Vehicle Is Traveling Straight or in a turn there is a slight bump in the steering wheel almost like the steering wheel is lose.
CHEVROLET K3500 2000 The Steering Linkages Failed While driving. as a result, vehicle produced a violent shaking motion. recal 00v054000 was issued;
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1996 Lower Ball Joint Failure/ Right & left side idler. also idler arm & pitman arm loose. *mr *scc
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2001 Mileage 34000 Popping Noise Heard when turning. found steering intermediate shaft not lubed well enough. removed shaft lubed. power steering pump
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2002 After 3 Weeks Of Ownership we started experiencing several problems with the steering and braking of this vehicle. steering wheel would "catch" and
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1998 After Hearing A "clicking/creaking" Sound coming from the steering (on full lock)when maneuvering at slow speeds, i.e. parking, i had the