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Chevrolet Service Brakes, Air Reports

28 Jun

CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1999 Air Brakes Abs Motor Continues to run, and over time drains battery and reduces operating ability of braking system.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 1999 No Summary( Dot Number: tire size: 214/60r15 )
CHEVROLET S10 1995 It Appears To Me That brake fluid is leaking out of the unit the brake fluid reservoir is attached to. also, the
CHEVROLET S10 1996 Have Had Problems With The windshield wipers from the beginning. i would be driving in pouring-down rain and the wipers would go out
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1995 Brakes: Felt Like Stop distance was too long, replaced rear brakes, still not right, went to replace front brakes and discovered
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1997 Power Brakes Went Out And vehicle was very hard to stop. manufacturer acknowledged ongoing problem with suburban brakes, would not compensate owner
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1996 The Brakes System Has Been worked on 13 different times and they still do not operate correctly.
CHEVROLET BERETTA 1996 Chevrolet Has Also Replaced My left front mount assemblywith the front strut bearing twice. the problem has not been fixed and they seem to
CHEVROLET BLAZER 1995 Possible Poor Material And Design flaws may be the cause of continued brake problems that can not be rectified. nlm
CHEVROLET 1500 2003 Brakes Are Soft And Brake pedal travels almost to the floor when is pushed requiring a substantial amount of foot pressure to get the vehicle
CHEVROLET MALIBU MAXX 2005 Subject: Nhtsa Item Number 10032206 brake lights comments: my 2005 malibu maxx has intermittent problems with brake lights. they go on without putting on
CHEVROLET COBALT SS 2009 I Had Extremely Premature Back brake wear on my 2009 cobalt ss turbocharged. *tr
CHEVROLET HHR 2007 I Bought A 2007 Chevy hhr new at the end of 2006 and it now has 80,000 miles and i am having the rotors
CHEVROLET HHR 2006 I Have A 2006 Chevy hhr lt with just 30k. drove it off the lot with 3 miles and at 200 miles it had
CHEVROLET COBALT SS 2009 With Just Over Five Thousand miles on the car the rear brake pads are grinding. the of the rear rotors has deep grooves.
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2010 Very Delayed Response To Braking. i was about four cars away when i applied the brake. i was going about 40mph
CHEVROLET COBALT SS 2009 Brakes Squeak Hard When Coming to a stop and continue to squeal until car is fully stopped. took car to dealership under warranty and
CHEVROLET W SERIES 2003 Was Driving To My Dealer motorhome superstore ,vero bch. fl. 78 miles away i smelled something hot and fluid smell. i
CHEVROLET COBALT 2007 Tl-contact Stated She Was Driving at 45mph and her brakes locked on her. this has happen over eight times. contact took the vehicle
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2003 I Had To Replace The brakes on this car at 6,000 miles. since then, i have had to replace them on
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2002 No Incidents, Crashes Or injury's while in my possession. the 2002 chevy malibu i bought used in 2004 only had 11,000 miles
CHEVROLET TAHOE 2002 My Wife And I Own a 2002 chevrolet tahoe. on april 9, 2005 my wife and young daughter were approaching a stop
CHEVROLET TOPKICK 2002 The Truck Is Experiencing Failure in the air brake system. when the brake pedal is depressed the brakes is losing air pressure. the
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2003 When The Brakes Were Applied there was a grinding noise and metal scraping against metal sound. took vehicle to mechanic, and
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2003 The Breaks On My 2003 malibu sedan seem to not be as responsive as other vehicles i have owned. you have to press the
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2000 Braking System Fails. Have the car repaired 3 times for same problem. just bought the car one week ago. spoke to other
CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2000 The Vehicle Has Been In the shop three times for problems with brake failure and brake related problems. it results in failure of
CHEVROLET MALIBU 2000 Consumer States When Applying Brakes the vehicle jerks. dealer notified. please provide additional information. ts
CHEVROLET ASTRO 2001 Consumer Is Having Trouble with his braking system. his left front brake pulls to the left when he brakes. he has had
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1997 While Driving The Vehicle The front brake pad broke. dealer was not contacted at the time of this call.
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 1998 While Driving Consumer Tried To brake, but her brakes did not work. she realized that her front brake pads was gone. dealer
CHEVROLET LUMINA 1992 Consumer Staed That When Applying the brakes the brake pedal would go to the floor causing the vehicle to have extended stopping distance. dealer

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I´m from Brazil and I would like to post here a problem in my Camaro 2010 in the air bag:
- It has message air bag service in the panel view, ini the scanner appears the following 3 failure code: B 101 D Actual

i have Tahoe 2008 and the indicator in dashboeard askes toservice brake syatem? , the light goes off and on.Is this somthing i need to worry about .i need urgent answer befor taking it to dealer . also the engin indicator goeas on and off.

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