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16 Mar

CADILLAC SEVILLE 1993 The Wheels Are Unsafe Due to the interior in the walls of the wheels the crome is peeling, causing the tires to go flat
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1985 Consumer Wheels Bend And Tires wobbles all 4 of them. tt

CADILLAC ELDORADO 1995 Wheels Came Off In The street after making a screeching noise-while the car was in motion. tt
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1991 Right Front Wheel Locked Up vehicle went into a spin. no response from anti lock brakes. tt
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2000 While Traveling 35 Mph Rear end of vehicle 'fish-tailed' 360 degrees. upon visual inspection, consumer noticed that wheel had broken completletly
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1989 After Discovering That The Vehicle was not driving right owner checked the wheels and found the left front wheel to be cracked and coming apart.
CADILLAC BROUGHAM 1989 The Right Rear Wheel Is cracking, cause uknown. please provide details. *ak
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1990 Engine Stalled And Wheel Locked upon turning. diagnosis: computer chip causing engine idle speed to become low. *ak
CADILLAC ESCALADE 1999 While Driving 80 Mph, the front left wheel came off. the driver was able to maintain control of the truck and pulled
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2001 Consumer States While Driving The front right wheel spring broke, and the entire front of the vehicle lowered and rub on the tires.*jb
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2000 The Rear Wheel Failed, causing complete wheel separation from vehicle, three bolts where found to be completely sheared at hub. *yd
CADILLAC BROUGHAM 1993 I Am Sending You A copy of this letter and copies of my repairs. currently, i drive a 1993 cadillac fleetwood brougham,
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 Tires Were Checked During 3000 mile oil change and tire wear was reported as normal. 900 miles later we experienced a shimming when
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1995 Every Three To Four Months i have to take my car in to have the tires removed the aluminum wheels cleaned and buffed and a
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1990 Barrington Motor Works Had Made more excuses than fix problems, other problems exist, but too many to list. the barrington mw
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1998 The Two Rear Wheels Leaked air and the tires were repaired twice, the chrome from the tires was peeling and oxidizing. the consumer
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1995 Allow Wheels Failed Causing Leakage. mjs
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1997 Alloy Wheels Are A Possible cause for continued flat and damaged tires. mjs
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1991 Right Rear Wheel Broke/fell Off, causing loss of control/rollover/serious injury.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1974 Right Wheel Grinding And Pulling resulting in fire. (ohio traffic crash report).
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1985 Wheel Fell Off Of Vehicle causing damage to vehicle. (ohio state police report).
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1998 Rusting Of The Screws And rim of the spare tire in the tire well.
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1986 Left Rear Wheel Came Off, vehicle attempted to stop but slid off road into ditch. (ohio state police report)
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1984 Right Rear Wheel Detached From vehicle at axle causing loss of control and collision.(new jersey police accident report).
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1987 Solid Medal Part Inside The wheel cracked.
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1987 Front Wheel Fell Off Vehicle, causing accident.
CADILLAC BROUGHAM 1995 Noise From Right/rear Wheel When shifting from park to reverse gear.
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1985 Left Front Wheel Makes Noise.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2002 Driving On 85 And Ran into two big potholes. have pictures also.
CADILLAC CTS 2011 My Husband Was Driving In our community, about 15 mph. he made a right hand turn and the control arm snapped in half,
CADILLAC CTS 2008 I Was Driving And Heading on a curve i didn't see that it was 25 mph and i was going about 45 and i brake
CADILLAC STS 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 cadillac sts. the contact stated that while driving 75 mph, the steering wheel began to shake violently
CADILLAC CTS 2008 I Was Traveling At 25mph when there was a sudden very loud explosive/grinding noise(it brought people running out of adjacent buildings). i hit my
CADILLAC SRX 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 cadillac srx. the contact stated that he was driving approximately 50 mph when he noticed that the vehicle
CADILLAC CTS 2004 Multiple, Arbitrary Incidences Of the brakes shaking, kind of grinding and car not wanting to stop, generally when pulling into or out
CADILLAC STS 2002 Car Starts To Shakes In frontend of car at 50 to 70 mph. system stability notification comes on. have had it
CADILLAC CTS 2003 I Was Riding Down The street and i heard a scrubbing noise cumming from like behind my wheel when i would turn i tried to
CADILLAC DTS 2007 We Have A Severe vibration in our 2007 cadillac dts that starts at 55mph and also repeats itself as we come to a
CADILLAC SRX 2010 I Purchased My 2010 Srx (used) in oct 2011 from king acura in birmingham, al. it had 23,000 miles on it
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 cadillac cts. the contact was driving 40 mph when a loud rumbling was heard from the front
CADILLAC ESCALADE EXT 2007 Failure Of The Wheel Hub and bearing assembly. caused loss of vehicle control, loss of abs, wheel detachment and wheel fire.
CADILLAC CTS 2007 Spare Tire Doesn't Fit On cts sport. *tr
CADILLAC V SERIES 2006 As I Was Turning Into my driveway at a very low speed, i applied the brakes and immediately there was a rubbing, crunching
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2004 Bad Rims Cause Low Tire pressure, tire dealers (multiple) state that this is known problem with gm rims. occurs constantly and can lead
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 I Own A 1999 Cadillac deville with alloy wheels. two of the four wheels have stress cracks in them. this vehicle has not
CADILLAC CTS 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 cadillac cts. the contact stated that she heard a squeaking noise while driving at any speed. the vehicle
CADILLAC STS 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 cadillac sts. the contact stated that the tires were leaking air. the vehicle was taken to a local
CADILLAC ESCALADE EXT 2007 All 4 Factory Rims Are deteriorating and are causing the tries to loose air and go flat in traffic. *tr
CADILLAC CTS 2006 I Purchased A Used Cadillac cts from bill jacobs in joliet, il (jefferson st.) i paid for the car with my trade a
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 cadillac deville. the contact properly inflated the rear driver side tire and within one week, the
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 I Had A Tire Blowout at 11:00 pm while driving on a freeway. i was unable to remove the wheel lug nuts using
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 cadillac deville. while driving at approximately 55 mph, the passenger front wheel split in two pieces.
CADILLAC CTS 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 cadillac cts. the contact stated that while driving approximately 40 mph, the vehicle struck an object on the
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1996 Tires Leaking At Rim. first noticed in 2008. repaired by walmart by "gluing tire to rim" (my words). lasted
CADILLAC STS 2008 Purchased 2008 Cadillac Sts In december 2008, since purchased i have replaced 6 rims due to cracking. damages have been because of potholes
CADILLAC STS 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 cadillac sts. the contact stated that while he was driving into a parking space the driver side wheel feel
CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV 2004 My 2004 Cadillac Escalade Esv, the factory chrome wheels have rusted and peeled and interferes with safety sensors associated with tires. this has
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1998 Two Tires Continue To Lose air. i finally went to replace the tires and the service center said that the rim was leaking
CADILLAC SRX 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 cadillac srx. the contact stated that the tpms warning indicator would illuminate on the instrument control panel.
CADILLAC CTS 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 cadillac cts. while driving approximately 15 mph, the wheels locked causing the vehicle to spin completely around
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Dt: The Contact Stated new vehicle did not have any transmission fluid in it when he bought it. the transmission failed and
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 Dt: The Aluminum Wheels corroded on the inner seal of the tire rim. this was discovered by a tire dealer when the
CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV 2004 First Occurance: 3/05 Noticed tire pressure gauge light up in vehicle, went to gas station checked all tires and filled front passenger tire.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 The Wheel Cracked. the consumer discovered it while placing air into the tire. the vehicle was taken to the dealer,
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 Sensors Went Bad. oil currently in the engine, head gaskets gone. too much play in the steering column.
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1997 While Driving At Low speeds front driver side wheel came off the vehicle. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1996 Consumer Received No Satisfactory Service to date regarding loss of tire pressure due to corrosion of aluminum wheels. (nar) *ph
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1996 Repeated And Frequent Loss Of air from tires mounted on cadillac original equipment wheels. (nar) *ph *cb
CADILLAC CATERA 2001 The Design Of The Front wheels was causing premature wear of the tires because the tires came in contact with the road at an angle
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1995 The Driver's Side Chrome Wheel cracked and allowed air to seep out. this could possibly result in an accident, according to the

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