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Cadillac Tires Tread/belt Reports

16 Mar

CADILLAC ELDORADO 1986 Tire Not Treaded And Cupped prior to 20,000 miles.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1992 While Driving 60mph Heard Tire hit vehicle. stopped and checked vehicle. noticed left rear tire had lost majority of its tread.

CADILLAC CATERA 2000 Consumer Was Traveling Around 50mph on highway and felt a vibration inside of vehicle. was able to pull over onto shoulder.
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1998 Pe 00 040/ Tread Separation: left rear outer tire experienced a tread separation while still inflated and driving at 50-55 mph, original
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1987 P300 020 ; Consumer was traveling about 59mph on a highway and heard a poopying noise. she was able to pull
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 A Number Of Problems Was wrong with vehicle: fog lights burned out fast/ radiator lights came on/steering mechanism malfunctioned, and tires have
CADILLAC SEVILLE 2000 All 4 Goodyear Eagle Tires were replaced soon after the purchase of vehicle due to vibration, after replacement tires put on, right rear
CADILLAC CATERA 1999 All Four Tires Were Showing tread separation. metal was showing in front of tires. also, rear tires were
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1993 Consumerwas Traveling About 75mph On highway and heard a noise. he was able to pull over to the shoulders, and
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1995 Consumer Wastraveling 65mph On highway and heard a noise. he kept going until he saw the flaps of tire tread separated from
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 Whiile Driving About 25 Mph tread on rear passenger's side tire came off. driver was able to maintain control of a 1998,
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1990 While Driving, Right Rear firestone tire p205/70r15 dot vd080a1124 experienced tread separation, causing damage to the vehicle. *slc
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1990 Pe00020; Tire Tread Separation: while driving about 65-70 mph, tread on the rear passenger's side tire came off. driver managed to
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2000 While Traveling At 72 Mph and without any indication tire tread blew out. *ak
CADILLAC ESCALADE 1999 Pe-00-020; Original Equipment On a 1999, cadillac escalade, tire size 16 inch, dot number not available. two sets of
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Consumer States That Every Sixteen miles had to changes tires. dealer has been notified. please provide further information. mr
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1990 Michelin, Tpg Spec, p205/70h15, dot m3h3819x409, replacement tires with 10000 miles on a 1990, cadillac coupe deville. right front
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1964 While Driving 55-60 Mph The tread separated on the front left tire, tire size p235/75/r15, mileage 5,000. the tire was
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1979 I Have Had Eight (8) of this same brand of tire on two different vehicles. the tread has separated on all eight of
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1984 Tread Separation Without Warning @ 55 mph on 2-lane, undivided highway - causing driver to nearly (dot number: vdhlf7u434 tiresize: p235/75r15)
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1989 I Reported And Sent The failed tire (6/13 incident) to firestone. at their insistence and promise to reimburse me for replacement tires,
CADILLAC CATERA 1999 Two Of The Four Tires were showing tread separation. metal was showing on inside of tires. all tires were showing wear and tear.
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1998 First Incident Was On 9/1/99 pulling 5th wheel trailer at 55 mph. tire blew the tread. second incident was on 6/18/00
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1981 I Can E-mail Picture Of tread seperation on spair tire in trunk of car. *ak (dot number: vdhlv87438 tiresize: p235/75r15)
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1988 I Was Driving On A local side street doing approximately 35 mph. without any warning i heard a loud noise and my car veered
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1989 Lr Failure After Turnpike Driving x 4 hours--blowout, tread separation. 20,000 miles on tires at time. car spun out of control
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1970 Consumer Bought Kirkland Tire, size 235-75-r15, from costco and the two front tires, experienced tread separation, consumer wants the last two
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1970 Consumer Purchased 4 Kirkland Tires, size 235-75-r15, from costco and the two front tires experienced tread separation, consumer wants the last two
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1970 Consumer Purchased4 Kirkland Tire, size 235-75-r15, from costco and all the tires experienced treas separation, consumer wants the last two tires prorated
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1976 The Firestone 440 F/s Tires experienced several failures of the tread separating, causing damage to the vehicle. *mjs
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1991 Vogue P205/70r15955 Tire Separated. mjs
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1993 Vogue Tires Have Excessive Weathering.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1990 Right Front Michelin Tire Failed due to tread separation, resulting in loss of control.
CADILLAC CATERA 2001 Purchased 4 Pirellie Tires (pr00523457v) - pir p6 four seasons p235/45r17 on 2/18/05 with lifetime road hazard warranty. replaced 2 tres 04/08/05 -
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD BROUGHAM 1990 Driving On Fla. Turnpike, experienced tread separation on right rear passenger tire. had to change tire to small "doughnut" spare. went
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1995 Please Contact The National Highway traffic safety administration, sent: sunday, june 17, 2007 10:54 pm tires manufactured
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1996 On November 22 2006, i brought four tires (sumitomo 225 40z18 su htrii 8) from sears at fairlane town center in dearborn michigan.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 2000 On A Road Trip . tire's tread came off of tire during the ride, resulting in a tire failure and big damage to my
CADILLAC CADILLAC 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle's tires split on four separate occasions. on all four occasions, the tire that split was the
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated the inside treads of the tires were cracked. this was noticed under routine inspection of the vehicle.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving the vehicle going 70 mph the vehicle started to wobble and a noise could be heard coming from
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Replaced Tire Because Of Screw in tire. upon replacement i found out the tire only had 3/32 of tread life remaining.
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2004 Dt: The Contact Stated That the 2004 cadillac escalade had a puncture in the tire, the size of a pencil. the speed that
CADILLAC CTS 2004 April 2005, Notified Of tire deterioration - 12,000 miles on new vehicle. july 2005, dead battery with car.
CADILLAC CTS 2004 Excessive Tire Wear.
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1994 While Driving Rear Right tire exploded. this was the second time that tires had to be replaced. consumer contacted the dealer.
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2002 While Driving Approximately 65 Mph front driver's side tire blew out. after checking the tires consumer noticed that the tire on front
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2002 Tire Treads Separated From Tire while driving. tire size p225/60r16. *ak *sc
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 My Wife Was Traveling Northbound on interstate 5 pass buttonwillow when the car began to vibrate and the driver side rear tire came apart.
CADILLAC CADILLAC 2000 While Driving 75 Mph Tread separated on the tire, causing a blow out. consumer managed to pull over and change the
CADILLAC CTS 2003 Tires Are Cupping At 15, 000 miles. it's causing vibration and noise. i rotated them at 10,000. *ak
CADILLAC CATERA 2000 Tires Are Wearing Out from inside at 6,000 miles.*ak. heard noises and saw premature inner wearing of tires.
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 Numerous Issues With 1998 Catera. had timing belt tensioner-pulleys/cam drive replaced last year(3-2002) while under warranty. "service campaign" was issued by
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2003 Consumer States That It Is hard to tell when tire pressure is low due to heat that has fielded up inside the tire,
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2001 While Driving There Was A tread separation on the right front tire goodyear, model eagle, size p235/55r17. dealer notified. *ak
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1973 Consumer States Three Firestone Tires model fr721 ,size p23575r15 tread separates from the wheel. dealer notified. *ak
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1973 3 Of 4 Firestone Tires on my car have delaminated. the first tire had the tread delaminate from the tire. the
CADILLAC ESCALADE 1999 The Tread Separated On The right rear tire. firestone firehawk ls p265/70r16. *jb
CADILLAC CATERA 1999 I Have A 1998 And 1999 cadillac catera. both cars have goodyear eagle rs-a tires. the 1999 had to have all

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