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Cadillac Suspension Rear Reports

16 Mar

CADILLAC DEVILLE 1994 Model Concours Front And Rear suspension; any slight bump or disfigure in road vehicle become unstable. please describe details. tt
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2000 While Traveling At Approximately 25 mph vehicle dropped to the ground in the rear due to the rear axle breaking and disconnecting from vehicle,

CADILLAC SEVILLE 1997 When Traveling At a high speed vehicle wobbles up and down. also, slides when hitting a bump. rear
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1998 While Driving At Speeds Of 25 mph and up the rear end of vehicle will bounce from side to side, very unstable, potentiallycausing
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1996 While Traveling About 35mph & hit bump in road, vehicle's rear end would fish tail. was informed that suspension was the cause.
CADILLAC BROUGHAM 1993 The Consumer Stated That He was driving down the highway when he heard a loud noise and the vehicle was stopped. when the
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Tires Are Wearing Prematuraly. consumer feels cause is rear misalignment. vehicle has been to dealer numerous times for alignment, and problem keeps
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1998 Clunks, Squeeks And Rubbing noise from rear suspension. noise apparent when turning up a slope, starting forward from a standing stop,
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1998 Vehicle Vibrates Between 65 And 70 mph which sometimes causes the rear of the car to skip sideways. *ak
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 The Rear Wheels Will Not line up on the vehicle causing the rear tires to wear out. *cj consumer has taken
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1996 Rear Sway Bar Bushings Replaced due to squeak in rear of vehicle when going over bumps.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1995 Sway Bars Failed, Causing vehicle to rattle.
CADILLAC STS 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 cadillac sts. the contact stated that he heard a loud sound on the rear passenger side. the
CADILLAC CTS 2003 I Have A 2003 Cadillac cts. the rear axle assembly seized while driving appx 55mph causing the rear of the car to lock up
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 cadillac cts. the contact stated that when driving at any speed, the vehicle would exhibit an abnormal
CADILLAC SRX 2004 Frame Failure. Rear Sub frame was not welded on properly resulting in the car losing all directional control and going off the road.
CADILLAC CTS 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 cadillac cts. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds she noticed that the rear end of the
CADILLAC SRX 2004 My Rear Subframe Came Un-welded. car lost ability to control direction due to rear wheel pointing in different directions. there is a recall
CADILLAC DTS 2007 2007 Cadillac Dts With Leveling rear struts have a serious issue in wiring to the rear suspension. those operating in heavy road salt
CADILLAC SRX 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 cadillac srx. while the contact was driving approximately 25 mph, the vehicle unexpectedly spun out of control onto
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Defective Rear Differential Pinion Bushing resulting in a audible "clunk" when shifting gears. the automotive aftermarket offers a rear differential pinion brace to compensate
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1998 I Have A 1998 Cadillac seville sls and was going through left curve on road 40-45 mph right rear axle broke, causing car to
CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV 2007 I Just Like Inform To whom it may concern i am owner of cadilac escalade esv that i bought brand new back in december of
CADILLAC CTS 2005 I Have A 2005 Cadillac cts and have taken into the cadillac dealership for rear end loss of control and bouncing of rear end.
CADILLAC CTS 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 cadillac cts. whenever the vehicle was driven at various speeds, the contact would hear a grinding noise.
CADILLAC CTS 2006 My Car Started Making "clunking" sounds every time placed it in drive. after doing some research on line, i came up with
CADILLAC ELDORADO 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 cadillac eldorado. while driving 35 mph, the contact heard a banging noise coming from the rear of
CADILLAC SRX 2005 Lost Control Of Vehicle And went off the road. i believe the cause could be the recall#06v12500. dealership is checking the weld.
CADILLAC SRX 2005 Right Rear Weld Broke Due to incorrect weld making my tire inverted and un-drivable. i was not notified of this recall - was
CADILLAC SRX 2005 Right Rear Stabilizer Bar Broke - vehicle has 23,000 miles. *jb
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at various speeds the vehicle veers toward the left or right without warning. upon inspection the
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Events Leading To Failure: No abuse, no tire burning. vehicle used for commuting and job related purposes. problems &
CADILLAC CTS 2005 With Only About 3370 Miles on a brand new car, my rear differential internals were destroyed and the housing cracked due to the following
CADILLAC CTS 2005 4/11/05 - 8,367 Miles - 1 day out of service rear end failure 4/28/05 - 9,664 miles - 5 days out
CADILLAC CTS 2005 When Driving In Rain / poor weather, the car during take-off violently shakes when the rear wheels spin. this shaking has thrown
CADILLAC CTS 2004 Failure Of A Second Rear differential i was on the highway doing 55 mph in the center lane when the rear went. the
CADILLAC CTS 2004 I Own A 2004 Cadillac cts-v. after owning the vehicle for a few months, with approximately 6,000 miles on the car,
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Excessive Wheel Hop Frequently Under mild to heavy acceleration excessive tire wear, tires need to be replaced after 4000 to 6000 miles
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Excessive Wheel Hop Occurs Frequently under mild to heavy acceleration. in wet conditions, it happens much more frequently and can cause serious traction
CADILLAC CTS 2004 While Driving 40 Mph The rear end locked. as a result, the rear end began spinning out of control. *ak the
CADILLAC CTS 2004 Under Power The Rear Suspension rattles up against the floor. it sounds like its falling apart which prompts you to stab the brakes upon
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2000 Consumer Stated While Driving, there is a loud noise coming from the rear suspenion causing a distraction. please provide any additional.*jb

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