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Cadillac Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Reports

Friday 3rd of July 2015 12:16:40 AM

CADILLAC SEVILLE 1992 Have Problem With Harsh Odor like old eggs inside of the cab of the vehicle. tt
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1995 Fumes Entering Passenger Compartment Causing driver to become violently ill. tt
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 A Fume Odor In passenger's comparment causing a hazard to occupants of vehicle. fume odor is coming from exhaust.
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2000 Consumer Stated That There Is a bad smelling inside of vehicle. vehicle has been to the dealership. also,
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1994 While Driving Down The Road engine check light came on. vehicle would accelerate. also, black smoke came out of exhaust.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1992 When Driving The Vehicle And sitting at a light the vapors are getting into the vehicle from the exhaust system.this problem has been here
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1994 When Driving There Is An odor coming up from the ducts(vents) because of an oil leak on the exhaust system.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 Engine Has Stalled Approximately ten times while driving at any speed. dealership has examined vehicle three times,
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Rear Brake Lights Not Working. $145 to repair this important safety item that should not fail. secondary air injection valve and
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2000 Onstar, Catalytic Onverter, brakes, exhaust, check engine light, tv/radio reception, seatbelt cover, reardoor hinge upper rack
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1994 Oil Pan Gasket, Transmission cover gasket air compressor, water pump gasket all failed within 50,000 miles. *ak
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1992 Transmission Stuck At 30 Mph lost all readings on instument panel but the car did not stall , transmission also slips at 25 to
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1998 Exhaust System Failed On Two occasions. *yc
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1996 Emissions System Evaporator Solenoid Failed.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1986 The Manifold Was Not Connected and holes were in the exhaust system causing fumes inside vehicle and resulted in consumer feeling ill. nlm
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1994 Because Of The Design Of the vehicle, 2 bolts sheared off causing the exhaust to leak. *slc
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1994 Exhaust System Repaired, Causing rotten egg smell. mjs
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1990 Engine Light Came On due to contamination of the air pump within the exhaust system.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 Emission Problem Recall Notice Not received.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 Emissions Recall Notice Not Received by consumer.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1989 Air Pump Noisy/failed.
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2003 engine, exhaust manifold bolts broken exhaust leak *tr
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 Upon Starting The Car First thing in the morning, the engine backfired through the induction system starting an engine fire. by the time
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2007 2007 Escalade Ext ,34k miles. heat shield on exh manifold rusted thru mounts , fell into steering column. steering locked in
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2003 Manifold Studs On Driver Side are broke!!! 03 escalade 6.0. *tr
CADILLAC CTS 2003 Driving Our 2003 Cts It will shut off without notice. it was put on a machine and nothing showed wrong since 2003.
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2003 Bolts Ended Up Coming Out of manifold on their own through time. *tr
CADILLAC ESCALADE 2005 I Have A 2005 Cadillac escalade 6.0l engine, with 88,000 miles on it. i had a ticking sound investigated by a
CADILLAC CTS 2003 Purchased 2003 Cts Used In 2007 with 54,000 miles. at 60,000 miles, the serpentine belt broke and destroyed engine in
CADILLAC CADILLAC TRUCK 2002 2002 Escalade, 6.0l, 120,000 miles. 2 broken exhaust manifold bolts creating an exhaust leak, check engine light on and
CADILLAC CATERA 2000 I Would Drive The Catera right on the main busy road my car made a suicidal stop! i panic! immediately put the emergency hazardous
CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV 2007 I Just Like Inform To whom it may concern i am owner of cadilac escalade esv that i bought brand new back in december of
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 Im Disable I Drive With hand control. as i was driven i notice a burning smell . and then my front window frog
CADILLAC SRX 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 cadillac srx. while exiting from the liftgate of the vehicle, the contact sustained a severe burn from
CADILLAC SEVILLE 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 cadillac seville. the contact stated that the vehicle leaked engine oil on the exhaust crossover pipe extensively from
CADILLAC SRX 2004 My 6 Year Old Daughter was getting her backpack out of the back and leaned up against the exhaust pipe and received 2nd degree burns
CADILLAC SRX 2004 2004 Cadillac Srx. 40, 000 miles, 3 years old. 1. 12-2006 - loud noises when vehicle was idling.
CADILLAC STS 2005 Tl*- The Contact was driving when she lost consciousness for about 30 seconds. the contact believed that loss of consciousness was
CADILLAC SRX 2004 Exhaust Pipe So Hot After driving that it burned my knee when brushed against it taking items out of rear storage area.
CADILLAC CTS 2005 The Consumer Was On The road, when suddenly smoke started to come from the front of the vehicle. the consumer made
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 Sensors Went Bad. oil currently in the engine, head gaskets gone. too much play in the steering column.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1998 There Is Some Bills I did not keep.bought the car sept 4th 1998. i had to have them make repairs everytime i took
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1997 Upon Starting The Vehicle It made a growling noise. consumer felt unsafe. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer,
CADILLAC ELDORADO 2000 When The Vehicle Was Parked or driven the consumer smelled fumes. the consumer had taken the vehicle to the dealership, but the
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1993 The Intake Manifold Blew Up in a puff of smoke when i turned the key, blew a hole right threw the end of the
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1999 Consumer Become Sick While Traveling due to an odor less fumes inside vehicle. manufacturer has been contacted. dealer cleaned air conditioner and
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2002 Something Was Coming Out Of the vehicle air conditioner vents that made the occupant sick. *nlm
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1995 The Date Reported Is The most recent (and fourth) episode of illness brought on after traveling in a 1995 cadillac eldorado. after every
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1996 Consumer States That While Driving at any speed and no warning the consumer can strongly smell chemical fumes inside the vehicle dealer notified. ts

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I have a 2001 cadillac catera. I love my car but i dont love the problems.

Right now the S light is flashing. My check engine light is on and bc of this I cannot pass inspection.
I have looked and looked online here, 12 hours today to be

2004 Cadillac SRX in park, engine goes from idle to racing 3,000 rpms. Also while driving and coming to a stop and then starting off car won't go any faster than 10 mph, gas pedal doesn't work at all when that happens. Even stopping and turning

Everytime I pump gas my 2004 cts won't start it will just crank and I have to recrank it several times till it starts but when it does. It starts with a faulty engine until I accelerate then it acts normal. I need help a.s.a.p please..

my 1999 cadillac deville starts and runs  but when engine gets warm the engine shuts off but  I can start the engine right back up and when stopped at a  stoplight the engine shuts off but will start right up.

I have a 2002deville sounds like I hear coolant inside my dash by heater splashing
around.There's no leaks ,but car does sligthly get hot after driving about 30minutes
yet when I check car underhood engine doesn't appear to be

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