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Cadillac Engine And Engine Cooling Cooling System Reports

16 Mar

CADILLAC DEVILLE 1988 Consumer Can't Start Car Due to anti freeze leaking to the cylinder. tt
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1993 Water Pump Went Out, lost power steering and had other problems (please give details). tt

CADILLAC CATERA 1999 All Four Tires Were Showing tread separation. metal was showing in front of tires. also, rear tires were
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1985 While Driving Vehicle Overheated. also, during vehicle inspection radiator cap blew completely off, causing boiling hot anti-freeze to splash onto
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1994 Consumer Experiencing On Going Problem with the engine; the engine was removed on three occasions for following reasons; 1. overheating, 2.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1994 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with water pump. water pump burned up and damaged other parts of the vehicle.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1992 While Driving At 40mph The pulley conected to the water pump broke and came out of the engine. consumer has had water pump replaced
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1994 Vehicle Would Overheat While Driving, vehicle taken to a repair shop, and they had to replace the water pump. dealer was not
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Without Any Indication Vehicle Stalled. consumer managed to pull vehicle over and noticed water leaking from water pump. dealer has been notified.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1996 Engine Check Light Has Been coming on occasionally since 1998. taken to dealer numerous times, could not find a cause. on
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Timing Belt Failed Due To faulty water pump, and resulted in extensive valve train damage. the consumer stated that the problem occurs frequently.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1992 The Water Pump, Front brake and rotors needs replacing, the rear cylinder is leaking, and there is a possible problem with the
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Repeated Engine Coolant Leaks
CADILLAC CTS 2003 8/13/02 Malformed Fuel Tank Inlet hose replaced; 8/28/02 low coolant sensor internal failure, replaced coolant reservois and added coolant; 9/17/02 red fluid
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2000 The Engine Block Sweats water through the block. mr
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1994 On 7/25/01, Engine Overheated as per engine screen. 255 degrees. replaced "failed thermostat" topped off coolant and rechecked.
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Purshased Car With 69961 Miles for $9935. second day of purshase in shop for overheating. 32 days after purshase in shop for waterpump
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 I Have Talked With A person a cole valley and he said that my car and other like mine had the same thing go wrong
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1990 Replaced The Water Pump Three times within the past two years. too many other problems to list. *ak
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1994 Oil Pan In The Northstar engins have defect the manufacturer is aware of and will fix in any unit under warenty or extended insurance programs.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1996 1. Engine Over Heat, the car has over 120 ticket repair, the water pump was replaced 3 times, engine was replaced
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1995 Water Pump Siezed. this caused the camshaft to break. either the belt should have slipped or bolts should have acted as
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1992 Water Pump Coming Loose At interstate speeds, causing fan belt to break, loosing power steering and power brakes. happened again at 115741
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1994 Oil Pan Gasket, Transmission cover gasket air compressor, water pump gasket all failed within 50,000 miles. *ak
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 Oil Cooling Line.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 Engine Oil Cooler Leaked. yh
CADILLAC CATERA 2001 There Was A Recall Regarding a defective water pump, timing belt and engine pulley, however the dealer only replaced the water pump.*jb
CADILLAC CTS 2003 The Vehicle Was In For repairs twice concerning a coolant problem. the dealership could not find the problem. the coolant reservoir
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 While Driving, The Water pump experienced an internal failure, causing damage to the valves. *slc
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1992 Water Pump Failures Since Purchase--water pump replaced six times
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1996 Consumer Noticed Small Puddles Of coolant under the engine area of vehicle. consumer had the water pump replaced. *jg
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 Consumer Stated That, During battery replacement dealer found water pump leaking and replaced water pump and thermostat and by pass hose. *yd
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 Water Valve Failed Resulting In coolant leak, the dealer replaced valve and refilled system, oil cooler line leaking, dealer resealed housing and
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1992 Water Pump Failed Causing Whinning noise to come from engine. nlm
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1994 Serpenting Belt/tension Arm, Water pump and oil pan gasket failed. mjs
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1994 Air Conditioner Failed,consumer Never recieved recall on auxiliary engine oil cooler oulet hose which was too close to the a/c clutch. consumer
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1990 Water Pump Failed Causing Noise.
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Engine Coolant Leak.
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1996 Water Pump Leaking On Serpentine belt causing steering to lock up.
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1998 Engine Gasket Blew Out Due to poor workmanship. in addition, replaced water pump. *ak
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1985 Water Pump Failed Twice.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1988 Replaced Leaking Water Pump.
CADILLAC FLEETWOOD 1987 Water Pump Failure. *aw
CADILLAC CADILLAC 1983 Water Pump Replaced. *sd
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1991 Water Pump Failed, Causing water leak/heater to fail. *ak
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1985 Water Pump Pulley Fell Off, causing loss of power steering . *sd
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 cadillac eldorado. while driving 55 mph, the vehicle started to overheat. the vehicle was taken to
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 My Car Was Overheating. i had the water pump replaced and the radiator and it continued to over heat. i took
CADILLAC CTS 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 cadillac cts. the contact was driving 10 mph when fluid began leaking from the vehicle abnormally and the
CADILLAC CTS 2003 I've Had Numerous Problems Ever since i bought my 2003 cadillac cts. my engine starts smoking under the hood when i turn on my
CADILLAC CTS 2003 2003 Cts - Service Tracking system began to display and engage frequently. took to local dealer and was told nothing was wrong with vehicle.
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 The Water Pump Gave Out. *tr
CADILLAC CATERA 2000 I Would Drive The Catera right on the main busy road my car made a suicidal stop! i panic! immediately put the emergency hazardous
CADILLAC CTS 2003 Engine Oil Leaks Into The coolant system through the oil cooler located in under the intake manifold. the coolant will then turn into a
CADILLAC STS 2006 Car Stopped Running While Traveling on a freeway doing 70 mph with no warning. total loss of power, a/c, brakes,
CADILLAC SEVILLE 2000 Car Was Overheating Kept Saying check cooling level i would check and had to add coolant. took to mechanic found my radiator cap was
CADILLAC SLS 2000 Good Morning;i Had Purchased a 2000 cadillac seville(sls)used and the car shut off as i was driving on a major highway. the instrument
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 cadillac seville. the contact stated that the vehicle was losing coolant (manufacturer recommended) at a vast rate.
CADILLAC CATERA 2001 Chronic Failure Of Gm Pn# 90566947 causing loss of coolant and possible fire damage due to proximity of exhaust manifold and catalytic converter. there
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2001 I Have A 2001 Cadillac dts the engine take excessive amounts of oil and a coolant absorption that cause overheating and constant engine work.
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 I Bought A Used 1997 cadillac from a cadillac dealership, before i bought the car i took it for a test drive,
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 I Have A 1998 Cadillac deville that i am putting the 3rd engine into the car due to a head gasket problem. my parents
CADILLAC CTS 2003 V6 Engine With Coolant Leaks. 3rd time something dealing with a leak reason for service. this time a water pump that lead
CADILLAC CATERA 2000 Radiator, Oil Leaks, transmission, tires..all bad...worst car maker in this world (cadillac) all parts have had to
CADILLAC CATERA 2001 The Purpose Of This Memo is to request nhtsa to evaluate and take appropriate action to have the manufacturer correct design defect in the
CADILLAC CATERA 2000 I Have Had Problem With my 2000 catera every since i bough it, first the seat would not heat ,put the key in
CADILLAC CATERA 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 cadillac catera. while driving at any speed the vehicle overheated. the contact noticed smoke coming
CADILLAC CATERA 1999 Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light comes on
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 Attention: Ms. Denise Mcnair@dot. gov after reviewing the information service bulletin sent to me i am under more convinced that this engine is
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2001 $3440.72 Of Repairs From jan 05 to aug 06, includes air bags, computer problems, electric windows, air conditioner,fuel pump,
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2004 2004 Cadillac Deville. As second owner of this car vibration of front end over 60 mph continued. rotation of tires did not fix
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1998 Sudden Erratic Readings Such As engine hot, ac off, and service engine soon light on. engine reduced cylinder operation to 4 cylinders,
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 Mysterious Coolant Leak, Have had a pressure test on system, passed, head test, passed, and have put in over 9
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 On November 21, 2005, i payed working man's auto in austin, tx two thousand dollars as down payment for an "as is"
CADILLAC ESCALADE EXT 2002 Dt: The Contact Stated the abs activated at less than 30 mph. when applying the brakes there was a chattering sound coming
CADILLAC CATERA 2001 On 8/20/05, I Have filed a complaint (file # 1-357-445-124) with cadillac customer relations, in order to request full reimbursement for repair of
CADILLAC CTS 2005 Purchased 2005 Cadillac Cts May 30, 2005. at first new owner check up i complained of a knocking noise under the drivers front
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1994 1994 Cadillac Seville Had Hot coolant pour onto the driver's foot causing severe burns.*mr the vehicle was towed to the dealer.
CADILLAC CADILLAC 2000 Engine Block Crankcase Anti Freeze leak have to keep adding coolant. want to know if any reacalls. mechanics estimate is 3,000.00
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 While Driving On The Highway motor overheated causing a stall..was told by dealer that the head bolts strip out of all northstar motors.
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1996 While Applying The Brake Pedal vehicle failed to stop. vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic replaced the
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2003 Multiple Failures With 2003 Cadillac. the check engine light illuminated, cruise control ceased and the transmission had to be repaired. *bf
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 Purchased 1998 Cadillac Catera 2/06/04. 64,546 miles. water pump failed as we arrived home with vehicle. selling dealer sent
CADILLAC SEVILLE 1996 While Driving Check Engine Lightappeared on the dashboard and remained on. consumer noticed that the temperature gauge registered hot, and
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1999 While Driving Vehicle Reached high temperatures. i n june, 2004 independent shop replaced the radiator. i n july, 2004 they
CADILLAC CATERA 1998 Water Keeps Leaking From The engine. i have had the heater control valve replaced 3 weeks ago and now the water pump is
CADILLAC SEVILLE 2001 While Driving Vehicle Shut Down, and consumer lost control of vehicle. consumer was concerned that he will be involved in an
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1997 I January 2004 I Took my 97 cadillac deville to be serviced due to an indicator light on to check the coolant system.
CADILLAC SEVILLE 2003 The Vehicle Burned A Quart of oil every 1500 miles. the consumer was concerned that gmc is fraudulently misinforming the public of this
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1995 Severe Vibration Between 50 to 80 mi. per hour. have spent over $1000.00 to try to remedy problem. dealership said
CADILLAC DEVILLE 2000 While Driving At Highway Speed driver heard a loud click noise and the vehicle shut down. steering wheel was very stiff and brake
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1998 Vehicle Overheated While Driving At 45mph. dealer notified. *ak
CADILLAC DEVILLE 1996 Dex Cool Complaint Sludge Build up waterpump and transmission cannot afford to fix put new waterpump on but i have still problems. *ak
CADILLAC ELDORADO 1997 While Driving The Check Engine light illuminated and the vehicle started to overheat. *nlm
CADILLAC CADILLAC 2000 When The Brakes Were Applied, the vehicle vibrated. also replaced mass air flow due to intermittent engine rough idle/transmission: control pmodule,
CADILLAC CTS 2003 Low Coolant Message Three Times in my cadillac cts dic. dealer found nothing wrong, but added antifreeze every time. antifreeze under the

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I have a 2001 cadillac catera. I love my car but i dont love the problems.

Right now the S light is flashing. My check engine light is on and bc of this I cannot pass inspection.
I have looked and looked online here, 12 hours today to be

2004 Cadillac SRX in park, engine goes from idle to racing 3,000 rpms. Also while driving and coming to a stop and then starting off car won't go any faster than 10 mph, gas pedal doesn't work at all when that happens. Even stopping and turning

Everytime I pump gas my 2004 cts won't start it will just crank and I have to recrank it several times till it starts but when it does. It starts with a faulty engine until I accelerate then it acts normal. I need help a.s.a.p please..

my 1999 cadillac deville starts and runs  but when engine gets warm the engine shuts off but  I can start the engine right back up and when stopped at a  stoplight the engine shuts off but will start right up.

I have a 2002deville sounds like I hear coolant inside my dash by heater splashing
around.There's no leaks ,but car does sligthly get hot after driving about 30minutes
yet when I check car underhood engine doesn't appear to be

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