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15 Mar

BUICK REGAL 1995 The Rotors Are Warping, causing the car to shake and vibrate. please describe. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1991 Excessive Wear Of Front Brake rotors. this is the nineth incident. *ak

BUICK REGAL 1989 Failure On The Front And rear brakes, corroded brakes, causing reduction in braking effectivenss and dragging pads pe94-063. *ak
BUICK SKYLARK 1994 The Front Rotors And Brake pads were totally worn (metal to metal)*ak
BUICK REGAL 1993 Ea94-041 Active, When Brakes were applied vibration,had repaired 12 months ago, need replacement of all four pads and rotors. tt
BUICK REGAL 1989 Ea94-041 Active, Rear Brake worn down, in for replacement rotors and disc pads and calipers. tt *jb
BUICK REGAL 1990 Ea94-041 Active, Brake Failure, pedal goes to the floor intermittently when applied, in for repair replacement slid kit and disc pads and
BUICK REGAL 1988 The Front Brake Was Replaced seven and four on the rear and had rotor and cailper replaced. tt
BUICK REGAL 1996 Rear Brakes Grind Excessively, rusting and warping rotors. owner has used emergency brakes for adjusting, no change. tt even
BUICK REGAL 1995 Rear Brakes Grind Excessively Rusting and warping rotors. owner has used emergency brakes for adjusting, no change. tt the
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Brakes Were Pulsating, Had to have rotors turned. pads were still good. tt
BUICK REGAL 1993 Rear Disc Brake Rotors Have rusted putting pressure onto front. please describe details. tt
BUICK REGAL 1988 Rear Barke Caliper Freezes Up, and then the rotor corroded, resulting in stopping problem, replace caliper/rotors/slider in calipers about 3 times.
BUICK REGAL 1990 Rear Brakes Lockup Without Prior warning, replace caliper and rotor. tt
BUICK REGAL 1992 Pe94-063 Brake Failure, Front brake overheating cause warp of rotors and disc pads, in for repair. tt
BUICK REGAL 1988 The Car Has Disc Brakes and the calipers and rotors keep failing and the brakes do not stop the car and has caused two accidents.
BUICK REGAL 1990 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes, replaced calipers, pads and rotors. tt
BUICK REGAL 1986 Having Problem With Disc Brakes caliper pins and rotors froze and rusted. tt
BUICK REGAL 1991 Resurfaced Brake Rotors. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1992 Front Brake Rotors Warp Continuously. brake pads are glazed due to excessive heat. please describe details. tt
BUICK REGAL 1993 Warped Front Brake Rotors. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1989 Installed Front Brake Rotors. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1991 Warped Front Brake Rotors. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1988 Had Brake Lining Change Found that rotors and disc brakes were completely rusted. tt
BUICK REGAL 1992 Rotors Worn Out. tt
BUICK SKYLARK 1992 Corrosion Of Rotors Led to failure of the rear disc brakes , abs. tt
BUICK REGAL 1989 Rear Corrosion Of Brake Rotors, hear a loud noise rusting of rotors, pe94-063 active. tt
BUICK CENTURY 1992 Premature Wear Of Rotors. 2nd time. tt
BUICK LESABRE 2000 Front Brake Rotors Badly Warped, replaced, notice vibration in steering wheel, steel worn through, front rotors warped again, replaced.
BUICK LESABRE 1999 When Driving Suspension Is Rough. when appling pressure vehicle shakes. dealership is aware of problem.*ak dealer
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1996 Vehicle Was Starting To Pulstate and shortly after in april i t started to make noise when brakes were applied. consumer took
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 Vehicle Has Extended Braking Distance, mostly in wet conditions. when coming from car wash, pedal goes amost to floor. also,
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 Brake Rotors Excessively Wear out while traveling on highway 95% of time. *ak rotors
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 When Applying Brakes Vehicle vibrates and grabs. dealer has turned rotors, but problem still exists. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1996 Premature Wear Of Brake rotors. intermittently when brakes are applied vehicle vibrates. dealer has replaced rotors twice,
BUICK REGAL 1995 Brake Rotors Prematurley Wear Out , consumer has already replaced 4 sets of rotors, twice in front and twice in rear.
BUICK REGAL 1998 When Applying Brakes, brake caliper fell off, jamming front wheel causing it to freeze, resulting in loss
BUICK REGAL 1991 Brakes In The Rear Are corroded. rotors in the rear are not working at all. brakes would make noises when applied,
BUICK REGAL 1996 Rear Bearings Have Failed, and the rotors were warped. dealer has replaced the rear bearing.*ak
BUICK SKYLARK 1996 Rotors Had To Be Replace twice. the didn't turn them before stating they neeed to be replaced. since they have worked on
BUICK RIVIERA 1998 When Consumer Is Traveling About seventy mph the vehicle vibrates, and will automatically go into the other lane. vehicle had rotors
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Brakes Were Not Operable. when consumer applied brakes there was severe vibration. consumer took vehicle to dealership,
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 Brake Rotors Were Wearing Excessively and overheating which caused rotors to warp/out of round. dealer notified and informed consumer that vehicle was out of
BUICK RIVIERA 1997 Premature Wear/warping Of Front brake rotors. owner replaced the front brake rotors. dealer said that rotors were coming thin from
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Front Brake Rotors Rusted. the dealer has turned down the rotors; however, the problem has reoccurred. manufacturer ha been notified.
BUICK REGAL 1999 When Appyling Brakes They are noisy due to warped rear rotors which had to be grounded or quickly fixed. please give any further
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Reporting Faulty Brake Rotors; dealer notified and informed consumer that rotors could not be turned because of scaling and pitting / rotors never
BUICK RIVIERA 1989 When Applyng The Brakes At 35 to 40 mph, pedal goes to the floor and vehicle will not stop. dealer cut rotors
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1996 Rotors Pulsate And Extended Stopping distance occurs when brakes are applied. doesn't stop evenly. dealer contacted, and cannot remedy problem due to
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 While Driving 50 Mph Down a mountain hill and when appyling the abs brakes, the entire vehicle violently shuddered cause unknown.
BUICK SKYLARK 1997 Replaced 4 Set Of Brakes and rotors every 8 to 10 miles, when applying the braking system the steering column vibrates and also causes
BUICK CENTURY 1995 The Front Brake Rotors Have rusted after 8000 miles. dealer says not responsible. *ak
BUICK RIVIERA 1997 Brake Problems; When Traveling at high, the rotors were replaced because of warping. on 7/21/97 owner brought car back to
BUICK LESABRE 1994 When Applying The Abs Brakes in any type of weather or speed, the vehicle will vibrate when coming to stop. dealer replaced
BUICK REGAL 1995 Brakes/rotors : When Applying brakes the vehicle was jerking when attempting to stop. took vehicle in at 17000, miles. dealer
BUICK REGAL 1991 Brakes/rotors: Brakes Were Making A squeaky noise, took in for repair and they cut rotors, and put on new brake pads. one
BUICK REGAL 1988 The Front And Rear Brakes constantly go out and do not stop the car. the owner has replaced them every 15 months. he
BUICK REGAL 1993 When Braking, Heard Loud shattering noise, intermittent grabbing, extended stopping distance. according to dealer, brakes are normal, an
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1992 Anti-lock Braking System. rotors warped, dragged/ distorted and metalurgy soft, causing extended stopping distance. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1991 The Anti- Lock Brake Light is illuminated on the dashboard, consumer contacted the dealer, dealer replaced both abs relays. also,
BUICK REGAL 1989 Vehicle In For Checkup; brakes replaced twice for same problem; rotors had split; brake calipers replaced; taken to dealership, was
BUICK REGAL 1991 On Three Different Occasions The front brake rotors were replaced . *ak brakes would squeak when wet, dealer found
BUICK REGAL 1995 Machined Front Brake Rotors For pulsation, also replaced brake pads/rear caliper sliders. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1989 Rear Brake Rotors Warped, causing brakes to grind; also replaced rear brake pads/rear caliper slide kits and replaced left front power door window.
BUICK REGAL 1989 The Rear Disc Brake Rotors get hot and while trying to stop vehicle the brakes went all the way to the floor, sometimes need
BUICK REGAL 1990 Abs Brake Failure, Corrosion of disc calipers on the rear, causing brake lockup and excessive wear of the front brakes,
BUICK LESABRE 2000 The Rotors On The Vehicle warped excessively causing vibrations while braking. the dealer could not determine the cause.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1995 As Consumer Depressed The Accelerator, the vehicle down shifted and the engine revved and no drive motion was occurring, consumer had to coast
BUICK LESABRE 2001 The Rear Rotors Were Hanging up, make noise, pulsate, and the front end of the vehicle vibrates. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1996 Brake Rotors Wear In The rear with low mileage accumulation. when brakes are applied they drag, screech and perform poorly. owner is
BUICK REGAL 1992 Having Excessive Braking Problems. having to replace calipers, rotors, and pads over and over again in less than a year's time.
BUICK REGAL 1992 Brake Failure, Front Disc brake overhauled, replaced rotors and rear guide pin set, also due to corrision replaced calipers.
BUICK CENTURY 1996 In July 1996, Owner began having problems w/high idle. area dealership replaced computer but vehicle still experiences same condition, also, front
BUICK CENTURY 1999 While Driving Vehicle And Applying on brakes vehicle would vibrate. dealer has stated that rotors were bad and needed to be replaced.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 When Pressing Down On Brakes front end rotors started to wobble.*ak
BUICK CENTURY 2000 When Applying Brake There Is a squealing sound and vibration. dealer replaced right front rotor,. at this time left front rotor were
BUICK REGAL 1996 Brake Rotors Are Rusting and prematurely wearing, cause unknown. please give any further details.*ak
BUICK REGAL 1995 While Driving 60 Mph Vehicle would not accelerate due to brakes grabbing. vehicle was towed to a dealer who determined that rotors on
BUICK SKYLARK 1995 The Front Brakes Have Been replaced 3 times in the last 2 years, the rotors have also been replaced. nlm
BUICK LESABRE 1995 Vehicle Front Rotors Failed. *et
BUICK CENTURY 2001 On May 29,2002 We purchased a 2001 buick century from lloyd buick. this car was purchased because the van we owned had been
BUICK REGAL 2000 Severe Brake Rotor Distortion (all four wheels). resurface of rotors failed to correct. dealer replaced all four rotors and all brake linings at
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Have Had Rotors Resurfaced 3x and replaced 2x. 1st time was at 5877 mi last one 27626. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1997 I Had Taken This Vehicle back to the buick dealership where i purchased it at 34k miles and told them it had a "miss" and
BUICK REGAL 1998 Date Of Purchase Was Sept 2000 used. reported rotor brake warpage and transmission slippage. rotors were turned but problem not completly gone.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Severe Vibration When Braking. vibrations felt in steering and passenger seating. this 3 year old vehicle has only 25,000 miles. the
BUICK REGAL 1998 Brake Problems, Pulsation In brake pedal. replaced front rotors-blue from overheating at 707 miles. brakes vibrate, turned rotors &
BUICK REGAL 1999 Brakes Pulsated: Dealer Turned Rotors @15,200 mi.(no charge) the vehicle is 9 months old and i've had the rotors turned. the pulsation
BUICK REGAL 1998 Front Brake Rotors Warped Soon after delivery,dealer would only turn them at my cost,after 40,000 different dealer advised rotors so badly
BUICK RIVIERA 1998 Rotors On Disc Brakes Are rusting and warping causing improper brake action and caused one near accident incident where my wife was unable to bring
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 The Front Disc Pads, rear brake rotors and rear calipers had to be replaced on a two-year-old car with only 38,500 miles on
BUICK REGAL 1994 Excessive Rotor Corrosion Required Replacement. this is the second or third time i've had problems with rotor corrosion. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Factory Replacement Of Defective Seat belt retractor sept 1998 same as before. this dangerous problem persists; service manager told me that buick
BUICK REGAL 1998 Front Rotors Were Warped At 25,000 miles and required surfacing. the second dealer surfaced rotors correctly. when the rotors are
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Rotors Resurfaced At 14,000 miles due to failure. *yc
BUICK REGAL 1998 Front Rotors Warped. Mjs
BUICK REGAL 2001 Rusted Rotors Caused Clunking Noise at the rear end while braking. nlm
BUICK REGAL 2001 Rear Rotors Rusted. *slc
BUICK REGAL 1995 The Rear Rotors Were Rusted and crakced, the calipers were froze open, this was causing all of the braking to be made with
BUICK REGAL 1993 Consumer Experiencing Continuous Problems With the abs rotors on 4 wheel disc brakes. nlm
BUICK REGAL 1988 Brake Rotors And Pads Failed. yh
BUICK ROADMASTER 1996 Rotors Turned Due To Wear. yh
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Brakes Pulsated When Braking, steering wheel shakes and brake pedal vibrated violently due to front brake rotors were out of spec.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Front Brakes And Rotors Failed. yh
BUICK CENTURY 1994 Brake Pads And Rotors Failed. yh
BUICK REGAL 1996 Brake Rotors Failed Causing Consumer to hear a loud noise from the front and rear brakes. nlm
BUICK REGAL 1995 Defective Front Brake Rotors Failed prematurely. nlm
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 The Front Brake Rotors Were replaced five times and the rear brake rotors were replaced three times. however, vehicle still experience shaking of
BUICK REGAL 1993 Brake Pads And Rotors Replaced several times, however near accidents due to defective components. mjs
BUICK REGAL 1995 Brake Pads And Rotors Repaired two times.
BUICK RIVIERA 1995 Brake Calipers Stuck Causing Brakes to overheat and damage rotors and pads.
BUICK LESABRE 1995 Brakes Continually Failing Causing Extreme vibration, replacement of faulty pads and rotors did not rectify intermittent failures.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Rotors Warped Resulting In Vibration.
BUICK REGAL 1996 Anti Lock Brakes And Rotors failed.
BUICK REGAL 1998 Both Right And Left Rotors warped. violent shaking in the steering wheel and vibration occurs after being on highway, causing poor steering
BUICK CENTURY 1994 Brake Pads And Rotors Replaced several times.
BUICK CENTURY 1995 Front Brake Rotors Failed Twice prematurely.
BUICK REGAL 1989 Brake Rotors Failed.
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Studs On Front Rotors Are too short.
BUICK REGAL 1991 Brake Rotors Failed, Causing pedal to go to the floor.
BUICK REGAL 1989 Brake Rotors And Calipers Rusted, resulting in pad falling off.
BUICK REGAL 1991 Brake Rotors Failed.
BUICK LESABRE 1995 Brake Rotors Failed.
BUICK REGAL 1996 Brake Rotors Heavily Rusted, causing vibration.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1991 Brake Rotors Turned.
BUICK SKYLARK 1993 Continuous Problem With Brake Rotors warping, have been replaced three times, tires also relaced due to cupping(from warped rotors) and pads replaced once.
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Brake Rotor Warped.
BUICK REGAL 1993 Rear Brake Rotors Failed And replaced.
BUICK REGAL 1990 Rear Brake Rotors Failed And replaced.
BUICK REGAL 1992 Front Brake Rotors Rusted/pitted.
BUICK REGAL 1988 Premature Wear Of Front Brake pads, causing vibration; also, front brkes warped caused by overheating and calipers failed. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1995 Brake Rotors Resurfaced.
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Front Brakes/rotors Replaced.
BUICK REGAL 1993 Front/rear Rotors Failed.
BUICK REGAL 1991 Brakes Repaired/replaced Twice.
BUICK REGAL 1994 Rear Brake Calipers Seized Open/rotors rusted and warped.
BUICK REGAL 1989 Brake Rotors, Pads And calipers replaced several times prior to recall brake notice.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1994 Rotors Warped, Causing Vibration when braking.
BUICK REGAL 1992 Brakes Rotors Replaced. *sd
BUICK REGAL 1988 Rotors Resurfaced.
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Brakes Vibrate When Stopping, due to warped brake rotors.
BUICK SKYLARK 1989 Brake Rotors Turned. *sd
BUICK REGAL 1988 Rotors Warped/rusted. *sd
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1991 Front Rotors Rusted, Causing brake pedal to sink to floor/make noise. *skd
BUICK REGAL 1991 Front Rotors Replaced.
BUICK REGAL 1988 Front Brake Pads/rotors Replaced.
BUICK REGAL 1989 Front Brake Rotors Rusted. *dh
BUICK REGAL 1993 Brake Rotors Groved, Causing pulsation. *aw
BUICK REGAL 1988 Brakes Pulsate/rotors Replaced.*sd
BUICK REGAL 1990 Rotors Replaced. *sd
BUICK REGAL 1992 Left Rear Rotor Warped, causing vehicle to chatter. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1991 Brake Rotors Replaced 3 Times.
BUICK REGAL 1993 Front/rear Rotors Pitted. *aw
BUICK REGAL 1991 Brake Rotors Too Soft, causing them to warp easily, also brakes wear excessively. *aw
BUICK REGAL 1988 Rear Brakes Frozen Due To rust. *skd
BUICK REGAL 1988 Brake Rotors/pads/calipers Replaced. *skd
BUICK SKYLARK 1990 Warped Front Brake Rotors/pads/calipers, causing front end noise.
BUICK CENTURY 1993 Brake Rotors Failed.
BUICK REGAL 1991 Front/rear Rotors Corroded, Causing roughness in brake pedal/noise. *skd
BUICK SKYLARK 1993 Brake Rotors Turned. *sd
BUICK REGAL 1992 Pitted Rotors, Causing Brake failure, resulting in loss of control/accident/injury. *ak
BUICK LUCERNE 2008 While Driving At 55 M. p.h. going downhill at a 6% grade vehicle's front end and steering column started vibrating violently. pulled
BUICK CENTURY 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 buick century. the contact stated that the headlight bulbs were positioned too close to the plastic cover lens
BUICK LESABRE 1983 Tl* The Contact Owns A dura last (na) rotor. the rotor was purchased as an aftermarket part from a local auto supplies store.
BUICK TERRAZA 2005 Every Time The Wheels Are removed from my 2005 buick terraza, the rotors go out of round, and need to be replaced.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2003 2003 Buick Rendezvous Wheel Bearing noise. consumer states that the mechanic replaced the brake rotors with the wrong kind. this caused the brake
BUICK LESABRE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 buick lesabre. the contact stated that her vehicle passed inspection. three months later, she took
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 buick rendezvous. while at the dealer for regularly scheduled maintenance, the contact was informed that the vehicle
BUICK RAINIER 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 buick rainier. while driving and applying the brakes, the contact heard a loud noise coming from the
BUICK RAINIER 2005 Brakes Failed Due To Defective brake rotors. *tr
BUICK TERRAZA 2006 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 2006 buick terraza. while driving the driver's side sliding door opened without warning. both the
BUICK TERRAZA 2005 Where To Start! The Horn is very hard to work, the power sliding passenger door opens randomly and has been worked on countless times,
BUICK LACROSSE 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle stalled while stopped at an intersection. the vehicle was taken to the service dealer who changed the
BUICK LACROSSE 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 10 mph toward an intersection on normal road conditions, the vehicle started shaking when brakes were applied.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2003 I Have An 03 Buick rendezvous and the intake manifold gasket ($875) was identify by the dealership as the source of the problem at the
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Two Complete Sets Of Brakes since october 2005 intake manifold leaks, both very costly. *nm
BUICK LESABRE 2003 Brake Pedal Pulsation Caused By severely warped rear brake rotors. vehicle has 27,400 miles. *jb
BUICK LACROSSE 2005 Dt: The Brakes On the 2005 lacrosse were making erratic noises. the vehicle was repaired every week for last 30 days.
BUICK REGAL 2002 Dt: Caller Complained About rotor problem. the rotors began pitting and started to rust. caller could feel the
BUICK REGAL 1998 Have 1998 Buick Rega Gs. only 55000 miles. have had several rotors and brake pads replaced over life of vehicle.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 2002 Dt: The Dealership Has told her she needs new brakes. last year on 4-20-04 she brought it in to have the oil changed
BUICK REGAL 2004 The Inside Of The Rear rotors rusted and as a result the car wouldn't stop. this is the consumers fifth vehicle from gm.
BUICK BUICK 2000 Front Brakes Pads And Rotors replaced due to failure of components at 34000 miles.*ak
BUICK LESABRE 1995 1995 Buick Lesabre With Repeated intermittent headlamp failure in the past 8 months. excessive brake/rotor replacements with minimal miles in between. buick
BUICK LESABRE 2004 The Rotors Were Defective. consumer experienced the same problem with another buick with low mileage. consumer stated the rotors needed to be
BUICK CENTURY 2002 There Was No Failure, but could have been. i replaced the front brakes for the first time. the mechanic informed me that
BUICK LESABRE 2001 Rotors Were Badly Rusted Before car had 30000 miles on it causing poor braking and extreme vibration of car while driving. needed to replace
BUICK REGAL 1995 I Own A 1995 Buick regal and for all the trouble i have had with it, i still like it. first, the
BUICK PARK AVENUE 2000 While Driving Front Left wheel was smoking. vehicle was towed to an automobile repair shop where they determined that antilock
BUICK ROADMASTER 1993 Consumer Noticed That While Applying brakes vehicle went into extended stopping distance. technician serviced vehicle, replaced the brake system due to corrosion.
BUICK CENTURY 2001 Consumer Had Her automobile for a short period of time, and a lot of things had gone wrong. electrical
BUICK LESABRE 2001 Consumer States That Brake Rotors are wearing. when applying the brakes, the vehicle will have a heavy vibration and extended stopping distance.
BUICK REGAL 1998 I Purchased Vehicle New Around december 23, 1997. the vehicle had approximately 500 miles on it. i noticed that when
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Loose Bolt Stuck In Transmission. nar 07/09/2003*mr the consumers vehicle would not go into reverse, because the bolts
BUICK REGAL 1991 Rear Disc And Calipers Frozen, rust pitted on rotor, no parking brake. *ak
BUICK REGAL 2001 Front Brake Rotors Rusted At only 17,000 mi.was told car not driven enough.*ak
BUICK LESABRE 2001 Brake Rotors Are Wearing Out and when applied vehicle will have a heavy vibration and extended stopping distance. dealer notified.*ak
BUICK LESABRE 2000 The Fuel Tank Sending Unit shorted out on both of the consumer 2000 buick lesabre's which resulted in inaccurate fuel reading. the rotors
BUICK REGAL 2001 Rotors Needed To Be Ground @ 21000 miles and then again @43000 miles, front end shakes badly when braking, make control difficult.
BUICK LESABRE 2002 I Have A 2002 Buick lasabre, with 49000 miles on it. the transmission has gone bad on it, the tie rods are

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I took the 2010 Buick Lacrosse that I spoke of above into the dealership. It was interesting that although it was a brand new battery it was already reading as moderately good! The service department found a technical bulletin that addressed bot

massive electrical issues. Car runs fine ! issues-security,windows,doors,gages,a/c,seat memory, warnings -air bag lit, security lit, sometimes service engine soon. Found loose positive at battery. Now connections are clean and tight. Secondary neg

BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 technical service bulletin was issued Jan 01,


I took my instrument cluster out of the car, took the white b


BUICK LACROSSE 2008 Safety Report #PIC-4343B
BUICK LACROSSE 2008 technical service bulletin was issued June 01, 2008.BUICK LACROSSE 2008 had a failed ENGINE AND ENGINE COOLING:ENGINE

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