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Tuesday 18th of August 2015 01:32:35 AM

BUICK LESABRE 1992 The Vehicle Died On The owner for no reason.please describe. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1989 Engine Stalls. Please describe. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1996 While Driving, The Vehicle engine shuts down and has to be restarted again. please describe. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1989 While Driving, At Approx. 30mph, experienced engine shut down, for no apparent reason. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1991 Driving Vehicle, When Coming to a stop, vehicle just stalls and dies out, takes a while to start up, daily,
BUICK LESABRE 1995 Temperture Light Comes On With engine light then car stalls. dlr can't find the problems and has kept the car well over 26 days.
BUICK SKYLARK 1995 While Driving, Vehicle Looses power, as if not receiving gas, hesitates/stalls, vehicle does not completely shut down, however could cause
BUICK LESABRE 1996 Vechile Will Stall Without Warning while driving, loss of power. *ak
BUICK SKYLARK 1995 Vehicle Hesitates After Cold Start. owner has taken vehicle to (2) area dealers w/no change in condition. please describe details.
BUICK SKYLARK 1995 When Driving The Vehicle, the vehicle stalls/hesitation/stumbles. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1995 While Driving It Doesn't Matter the speed,the vehicle will just die for no reason. this has happened numeris times. have taken
BUICK LESABRE 1987 T-type Design Vehicle Has History of stalling w/no warning of failure. service bulletin issued. please describe details. tt
BUICK REGAL 1988 Consumer Was Driving The Vehicle and the engine cut off caused the consumer to have a near accident. tt
BUICK REATTA 1990 In All Around Weather It hard to start the car and when driving car stalls . tt
BUICK LESABRE 1989 Vehicle Stalls Out At Low speed, replaced air intake valve control kit, to no avail, now dealer saying there is no problem.
BUICK CENTURY 1991 While The Vehicle Is Being driven it cuts off at highway speeds. please describe. tt
BUICK CENTURY 1994 Vehicle Will Stall Between 40 to 45 mph, with cause unknown. dickenson buick, dodge had twice for (2) week period still unable
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1989 Vehicles Intermittently Stall Out With no warning in no particular pattern. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Intermittently Stalls When Driving A high speeds. tt brakes lock and do not function, vehicle was taken to dealer but unable
BUICK SKYLARK 1991 When Driving The Car Stalls took to dealer can't find the problem . tt
BUICK CENTURY 1988 The Vehicle Cuts Off While driving unexpectently. please describe. tt
BUICK REGAL 1995 Alternator Failure, Causing Engine stalling, loss of power steering. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1994 When Driving On The Highway car cut off . tt
BUICK LESABRE 1987 The Vehicle Stalls At Any speed. please descirbe. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Auto-tran: Engine Stalls; Loss of brakes and power steering; no problem restarting in neutral; cause unknown; never know when problem will
BUICK LESABRE 1987 Vehicle Stalls At Any Speed, install a recording computer in 1989/replace air mass sensor and other parts. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1987 Engine Quits Without Warning; cause loss of steering, brakes, all vehicle power. tt
BUICK SKYLARK 1991 It Stalls In The Middle of traffic for no reason. please describe. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1990 Vehicle Stalls Without Prior Warning. tt
BUICK SKYLARK 1990 Vehicle Stalls Out With No warning while driving at any speed intermittently. tt
BUICK CENTURY 1991 Vehicle Stalled Total Brake Failure. this is the fourth incident. tt
BUICK CENTURY 1989 Coming To A Stop Vehicle jerks and stalls. tt
BUICK REGAL 1994 While Driving, Engine Just shuts off. tt
BUICK RIVIERA 1995 While Driving, At Approx. 20mph suddenly engine shut down, for no aparent reason, without prior warning. tt
BUICK CENTURY 1995 Car Stalls Without Prior Warning. tt
BUICK REGAL 1989 Ignition Module Failed, Causing vehicle to stall. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1991 Ask For Ext 233. vehicle stalls in traffic. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1988 Vehicle Stalls Out At Any speed and when coming to stops, replace control module to no avail. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1990 Ignition Coil Defect, In extreme cold weather vehicle will not start, in for repair replace ignition coil. tt
BUICK REGAL 1994 Car Stalls While Driving, engine light comes on. replaced ecm to no avail. tt
BUICK CENTURY 1986 Vehicle Stalls Intermittently In Traffic. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Car Is Stalling, For no apparent reason. tt
BUICK LESABRE 1990 While Driving 55 Mph consumer took foot off accelerator pedal to slow down, suddenly vehicle stalled. also,
BUICK LESABRE 2000 While Traveling At Approximately Between 25 and 40 mph engine will stall, leaving the vehicle undriveable. dealership examined vehicle, and replaced
BUICK CENTURY 1998 Engine Check Light Started flashing on dashboard. consumer parked vehicle, and dealership determined that 5th fuel injector was
BUICK SKYLARK 1995 Ignition Was Turned To off position, but car was still running.*ak
BUICK LESABRE 1990 While Driving At Any Speed and without prior warning vehicle cuts off which causes loss of all power. also, dashboard lights
BUICK LESABRE 1995 While Driving Vehicle Completely shutdown without warning, cause unknown. *ak consumer states that if brakes would not have worked,
BUICK SKYLARK 1992 Vehicle Stalls At Slow Speeds. this has happened numerous times.*ak
BUICK SKYLARK 1997 Abs Light Would Flash While traveling. when making turns vehicle would also stall. also, when depressing brakes vehicle
BUICK SKYHAWK 1987 While Traveling Abs Indicator Light would flash when making a turn, vehicle would stall when depressing brakes. please provide further information.*ak
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Vehicle Stalled Between 25-65mph. it has happened 5-6 times. dealer had vehicle twice, each time for a week. they
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Vehicle Will Stall When Turning a corner or pulling into traffic. then, a few seconds vehicle will take off again. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1997 While Driving At 25 Mph vehicle will stall. then, consumer could start car again. about 4 days later, it stalled
BUICK SKYLARK 1991 While Driving For An Extend period of time and at highway speeds, vehicle stalls unexpectedly which may cause a crash. occurred
BUICK LESABRE 1999 While Driving 20- 35 mph on four occaisions engine completely shut down without warning. dealer replaced crankshaft positioning sensor and faulty
BUICK LESABRE 1997 While Driving At Highway Speed engine will stall out on this vehicle, but vehicle will start right back up. dealer has
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 Intermittently Vehicle Stalled and die without warning. dealer has not been able to duplicate or correct the problem.*ak
BUICK LESABRE 1990 When Traveling On The Highway vehicle will shutdown without prior warning. he has to put it in neutral in order to start
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1995 Control And Ignition Module Malfunctioned, causing vehicle to stall and die.*ak
BUICK CENTURY 1997 Ongoing Problem With Odometer Light in the instrument panel intermittently blinking, and vehicle would not start. vehicle has been to two different
BUICK RIVIERA 1992 While Driving Smoke Came Out of the ignition. the dealer has been notified. *ak
BUICK ROADMASTER 1994 While Driving Over A Puddle, and due to the location of distributor cap which is underneath the vehicle, it cracked and vehicle
BUICK REGAL 1998 When Applying Gas After Making a complete stop, engine will shut itself off,consumer must restart vehicle .this defect could result in an
BUICK CENTURY 1996 The Consumer Is Experiencing Problems with the ignition system. when starting vehicle it vibrates. the consumer has contacted t manufacturer twice,
BUICK LESABRE 1997 While Driving The Vehicle Will stall without indications. dealer has been contacted. dealer also replaced battry/alternator/ignition and computer. however, vehicle
BUICK LESABRE 1997 While Driving Vehicle At Night the headlights go dim for no reason. owner has taken vehicle to dealer, and was told its the
BUICK LESABRE 1996 While Driving Vehicle Engine Dies out without warning, owner took vehicle to dealers with unsatisfactory results. *ak
BUICK SKYLARK 1988 During Vehicle Operation The Vehicle stalls without warning. this has been a continuous problem and the dealer is unable to find the problem.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1991 Vehicle Stalls In Traffic Intermittently. resuling in a crash. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1991 Vehicle Stalls In Traffic Intermittently, once resulting in a crash. *ak
BUICK SKYLARK 1993 Owner States Vehicle Shuts Off in traffic for unknown reason, he also notes that once engine shuts off vehicle is hard to start again.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 From Time To Time When slowing down the vehicle loses power/ stalls. please describe in detail. *ak
BUICK SKYLARK 1995 During Vehicle Operation The Vehicle stalls without warning. this has been a continuous problem and the dealer is unable to find the problem or
BUICK CENTURY 1995 While Driving The Engine Continues to die. please give more details. *ak
BUICK SOMERSET 1986 The Electric Ignition Module Keeps going out. replaced (4) times in the last (5) years.*ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1997 Problems With Starting Up Vehicle. please provide information. mr consumer also states that the car wouldn't start after getting gas
BUICK LESABRE 1994 When Driving On Highway And got off the exit the car stalled .*ak
BUICK REGAL 1995 Intermittently Vehicle Dies Out, and this is happening more often. main computer module link to ignition can only be repaired by
BUICK REGAL 1988 Front End Frame Snapped, causing it to be too much weight on engine and transmission.*ak front cradle bolts broke prior to receiving
BUICK REGAL 1996 While Making Right Turns The vehicle expeiences a loss of power. *ak
BUICK RIVIERA 1987 When Driving The Vehicle Cut off/stalls, cauising loss of power steering.*ak
BUICK REGAL 2000 Steering Wheel Gets Extremely Stiff after a couple of miles of driving. also, constant stalling while driving vehicle. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1993 While Driving Neighborhood Speeds vehicle will stall and cut off on an intermittent basis. dealer has replaced ingition module, but that has
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Engine Would Not Start. car had to be towed to dealership for repair. r&r upper intake, clean water of of
BUICK SKYLARK 1996 Vehicle Had Nhtsa Recall Campaign number 02v070000 performed by the dealer, sam taylor buick cadillac, on 9&10 may 2002. since this
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1993 Smoke Coming From The Steering wheel. *ak
BUICK REGAL 1989 After Traveling 35 Miles, on freeway, stalled out going down off ramp,on ramp, aprox 20 mph.was to towed to garage.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 I Believe I Have A problem with the vats . the system has failed preventing me from starting the car. i
BUICK REGAL 1994 Car Wont Start, Then after a time it will start. it has been in for service on this matter numerous times.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 I Had Taken This Vehicle back to the buick dealership where i purchased it at 34k miles and told them it had a "miss" and
BUICK LESABRE 2001 The Wiring That Controls All the electronics; air bags, battery, instruments, alternator, and lights failed while driving on a highway
BUICK REGAL 1994 Vehicle Stalled Out Without Warning, all electrical components are inoperable when vehicle stalls, dealer has not been able to duplicate prob. *ak
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1996 While Driving Car Will Stall out. i must put it in neutral to restart, which it always does. but, it stalls
BUICK LESABRE 2000 Engine Stalled Going Into Sharp curve. total loss of power without warning. dealer could not duplicate problem. neither dealer
BUICK SKYLARK 2000 This Car Dies Out While driving. i have almost been in numours accidents because i lose all power, brakes and steering.
BUICK REGAL 1998 Vehicle Has Stalled On Five occurrences now. each time has been below 20 mph. the last time it stalled, it took
BUICK SKYLARK 1997 This Car Has Been Stalling out almost from the beginning of our purchase. it was a used vehicle but it was under warranty.
BUICK SKYLARK 1996 Since I Bought The Car 01/17/97, i have had numerous problems: emergenchy/parking brake pops out when parking the car and putting parking brake
BUICK SKYLARK 1994 Fire Caused By A Short in the electrical system (wireharness) in steering column & ignition system, melted the entire steering column, dash area,
BUICK REGAL 1989 When Car Decelerates On The exit ramp of the highway, the car dies. there is a complete loss of power brakes and
BUICK REGAL 1990 Not Starting (engine Tries To start but just won't catch) and stalling while idling. #1 of 6: took car from home,
BUICK CENTURY 1997 Ignition Relay Failed.
BUICK LESABRE 1997 Ignition Would Not Start. *yc
BUICK LESABRE 1997 On Two Occasions The Ignition failed to start. *yc
BUICK LESABRE 1991 Ignition Coil And Computer Failed causing vehicle not to start.
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1986 Electronic Ignition Failed.
BUICK REGAL 1996 Ignition Failure.
BUICK RIVIERA 1997 The Consumer Says That The vehicle began to not start, except after turning the key to start, then wait exactly 3 minutes and
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1998 Right After Putting The Key in the ignition, there was a loud noise and the vehicle caught on fire, fire was put out
BUICK LESABRE 1991 Ignition Coil Module Shorted Out burning spark plug wires. *mjs
BUICK REGAL 1991 Vehicle Failed Emissions Inspection Due to faulty spark plugs, plug wires, fuel and air filter, o2 sensor and catalytic converter.
BUICK LESABRE 1994 Coil On Wires #52 Had to be replaced. *mjs
BUICK REGAL 1996 Spark Plug Wires Failed. yh
BUICK CENTURY 1983 Plugs Separated On Three Occasions. *yc
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Ignition Lock Cylinder Failed.
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Spark Plugs Failed.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Engine Failed Due To Spark plugs burning and computer malfunction.
BUICK LESABRE 1998 Ignition Coil Failure Causing Vehicle to stall and backfire.
BUICK REGAL 1996 When Ignition Was Turned On the consumer noticed a burning smell.
BUICK SKYLARK 1992 Key Intermittently Fails To Turn in ignition switch, must turn steering wheel several times before vehicle will start.
BUICK REGAL 1991 The Key Would Not Turn in the ignition.
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Spark Plugs Replaced Due To vehicle jerking and bucking.
BUICK LESABRE 1991 Spark Plugs Replaced.
BUICK SKYLARK 1989 Spark Plugs Replaced. *sd
BUICK CENTURY 1990 Spark Plugs Replaced. *sd
BUICK CENTURY 1990 Intermittent Stalling.
BUICK REGAL 1989 Ignition Coil Module Failed, causing vehicle to stall. *dsh
BUICK REGAL 1995 Intermittent Stalling. *aw
BUICK SKYLARK 1992 Intermittent Stalling. *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Intermittent Stalling When When Tank was below one half or below a quartwer full. *ak
BUICK ROADMASTER 1992 Vehicle Stalled, Starting Instantly after stall. *tw
BUICK LESABRE 1990 Intermittent Stalling (other Vehicle On 468583). *ak
BUICK LESABRE 1993 Engine Stalled While Making A wide-radius turn to right at 40 mph. *ak
BUICK SOMERSET 1985 Intermittent Stalling When Vehicle At operating temperature, restarts after cooling. *skd
BUICK LESABRE 1992 Ignition Module Shorted Out, causing intermittent stalling, also replaced out of range coils. *ak
BUICK CENTURY 1986 Continuous Intermittent Stalling After Many repairs. (other vehicle on 489266) *skd
BUICK CENTURY 1994 Intermittent Stalling. *skd
BUICK ENCLAVE 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 buick enclave. the contact stated that the key became lodged in the ignition switch, which made it
BUICK LACROSSE 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 buick lacrosse. while driving various speeds, the contact heard an abnormal noise coming from the ignition and
BUICK LESABRE 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 buick lesabre. the contact stated that while having maintenance performed for an oil leak, the technician
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 buick rendezvous. the contact could not turn off the vehicle because the key became stuck in the ignition.
BUICK TERRAZA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2005 buick terraza. the contact stated that the key was bumped as the contact drove over a speed
BUICK REGAL 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 buick regal. the contact stated that while driving approximately 45 mph, the vehicle stalled. the
BUICK REGAL 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2004 buick regal. the contact stated that while driving 10 mph, the engine, steering wheel
BUICK REGAL 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 buick regal. the contact stated that the key could not be removed from the ignition to shut
BUICK REGAL 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 buick regal. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 35 mph, the vehicle stalled and no
BUICK REGAL 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2003 buick regal. the contact stated that while traveling 50 mph, the engine stalled and the
BUICK REGAL 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2000 buick regal. the contact stated that the key became lodged in the ignition. the vehicle was
BUICK ENCORE 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 buick encore. the contact stated that upon starting the vehicle, the ignition key failed to turn which
BUICK RAINIER 2006 Driving Back To Findlay Ohio from lima ohio on interstate 75 and the car just stopped, nothing worked - no lights, nothing.
BUICK REGAL 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 buick regal. the contact stated that the vehicle stalled without warning. the vehicle was taken to an
BUICK LUCERNE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 buick lucerne. the contact stated that while driving approximately 15 mph,h the vehicle suddenly stalled. the
BUICK ENCLAVE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 buick enclave. the contact stated that while driving 15 mph, the steering wheel seized. the contact
BUICK REGAL 2002 While Turning Vehicle Off I was unable to remove key from the ignition cylinder. despite attempts to lubricate the ignition key cylinder
BUICK LUCERNE 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 buick lucerne. while the vehicle was parked the contact was unable to remove the key from the ignition.
BUICK LACROSSE 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 buick lacrosse. the contact was driving approximately 55 mph as he attempted to locate the dashboard dimmer
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 buick rendezvous. after parking the vehicle, the contact was able to remove the key from the ignition
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 A Complete Electrical System Failure occurs periodically without any warning on my 2004 buick rendezvous. this is the exact same problem in the recall
BUICK REGAL 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 buick regal. the contact stated that the headlights would shut off without warning. in addition,
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 2004 Buick Rendezvous Engine Stalls while driving. consumer states that he was driving around 65 mph when the engine shut off without warning.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Bearings And Sensor On Anti lock went out. car stopping, locking up, not re-starting. *tr
BUICK REGAL 2000 While Driving My 2000 Buick regal i turned on the turn signal and the instrument panel lights flashed and the engine turned off.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated while decelerating from 30 mph, the engine stalled. the vehicle was restarted immediately, and taken to
BUICK SKYLARK 1994 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 25 mph, the vehicle engine hesitated, then stalled completely. the vehicle lost power assist
BUICK REGAL 1998 Car Completely Lost Power On 3 separate left-hand turns. had to have the vehicle towed to my mechanic. *jb
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1993 Dt*:the Contact Stated There Was smoke coming out of the steering column and the ignition smell of electrical wires burning. this occurred several
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Dt: The Contact Stated while driving there was flickering and clicking coming from the dashboard. all of the lights went
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Dt: The Contact had problems with the rear hatchback opening while driving since the vehicle was purchased. after multiple attempts to
BUICK REGAL 2002 Dt: The Contact Stated The driver's seat heating elements were not working properly. he had not noticed any problems with the passenger's side.
BUICK REGAL 1997 Dt: The Consumer's Vehicle was stalling while going down a hill. the consumer had the crank shaft sensor and the
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 After Running For A While if you shut the vehicle down and try to restart it within minutes it doesn't always want to start.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Dt: The Problem Was Ignition continued to crank even after letting go of key. this problem was looked at by mechanic, and
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 2004 Buick Rendezvous Has Stalled twice while driving. (car is 10 months old) 1st incidence occured while turning into a parking space at a
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 While Vacationing Vehicle Stalled And they could not restart it. vehicle was towed to a nearby dealer, and consumer was told after
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 My 2004 Rendezvous Stalled 3 times. took it to dealer who said some codes were stored and they said some wires were stretched.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2005 While Backing Our Of My driveway the vehicle started vibrating due to engine ignition malfunction but did not stall. at the same time
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Stalls Slowing Down At Red lights,corners or driving through parking lots could result in being struck from behind with resultant serious injuries. visited
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Vehicle Stalled In Traffic sometimes with cruise control on and sometimes with cruise control off. while on the highway at
BUICK REGAL 1998 Engine Failed While Driving Down the street. it cut off numerous times while trying to get to my destination each time i turned
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 I Travel From Michigan To florida every year and in june 2004 bought a buick rendezvous. it intermittently does not want to start.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 The Vehicle Stalled When Driving on the highway. the vehicle would sometimes cut completely off. the vehicle was taken to the
BUICK CENTURY 1995 While Driving 25 Mph Consumer heard a loud knocking noise coming from the front. suddenly, the vehicle stalled.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Vehicle Stalls Intermittantly While In motion. could be dangerous on busy road. was checked by dealer twice but no cause found.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2004 Vehicle Stalls Intermittantly While Vehicle is in motion,so far, at slow speeds. vehicle could be dangerous if stalling persists on busy roads.
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 2002 Buick Rendezvous 3.4 engine would not start after travelling approximately 200 miles and ignition was turned off. check engine light
BUICK LESABRE 2002 Upon Starting The Vehicle Engine turns over approximately 3 times before the vehicle starts. this failure has almost caused an accident while attempting to
BUICK PARK AVENUE 1999 It Would Take 7-10 Seconds before ignition would start. dealership was notified, but did not repair the problem. *ak
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2002 Consumer Complained About An Ignition problem. ignition turned over but won't start. computer showed there was no problem.
BUICK LESABRE 2000 Weather Was Below Zero (-20 to -30) for several days before and including january 30, 2004. my 2000 buick lesabre custom refused
BUICK SKYLARK 1998 Sometimes When Starting The Vehicle driver has to hold the key in the crank position until the vehicle will start. there is a
BUICK CENTURY 1994 Consumer Experienced Engine Shutdown When making right hand turn while driving at 35 mph. *la
BUICK LESABRE 1999 Failure Of Car To Start when ignition key turned. still had lights & dashboard. this occured 9:00 at night and could have
BUICK REGAL 1994 While Driving, The Car just shut off. not only the engine, but everything went dead. no power at the ignition switch
BUICK CENTURY 1998 Ignition Would Not Turn, causing the vehicle not to start. vehicle was towed to the dealer, where the ignition was replaced.
BUICK REGAL 1996 While Driving On The Highway vehicle lost power and the lights went out. then, vehicle will continued to drive without being
BUICK SKYLARK 1990 1990 Buick Skylark (quad 4 engine)-chronic stalling due to faulty lockup torque converter.coil housing was replaced 3x in six years .alldata lists tech.
BUICK REGAL 2001 Ignition Key Hangs Up Cant get it out, it will com out if you wait several minutes after you turn key off the key
BUICK LESABRE 2000 When Gas Pedal Was Depressed, vehicle jerked forward and the speed decreased. the dealership indicated that this was caused by the

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