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14 May

BRITAX Child Seat Shell Convertible

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BRITAX Child Seat Shell Convertible

BRITAX BRITAX BRITAX 2003 There Is A Seller On ebay selling two "new" britax car seats. these have visible damage and are obviously not safe to be used
CHILD SAFETY SEAT BRITAX CHILD SAFETY SEAT 9999 A Brand New Britax Boulevard 70 had a screw missing. the screw was one of two responsible for holding the main part of
CHILD SAFETY SEAT BRITAX CHILD SAFETY SEAT 9999 Britax Roundabout Model # 161 09s, dom 01- january-1998; reclining mechanism will no longer stay locked.*ak
E9002 (ROUNDABOUT) BRITAX E9002 (ROUNDABOUT) 2002 Car Seat Base Cracked Without incident. nothing in particular happened, i just noticed a significant crack.
E9B54-FRONTIER BRITAX E9B54 FRONTIER 2010 I Have Britax Frontier Carseat and i have noticed cracks and stress marks along the bottom of the shell. *tr
E9L06-MARATHON BRITAX E9L06 MARATHON 2010 Britax Marathon 70 Car Seat partially detached from base which manufacturer stated should not happen under any circumstances. *tr
E9L07-WIZARD BRITAX E9L07 WIZARD 2003 After Being Installed In My 2000 ford ranger, i noticed that the nuts holding the latch bars onto the child restraint were loose.
E9L57 (BOULEVARD) BRITAX E9L57 (BOULEVARD) 2007 Convertible Seat, Not Locking in upright position. *tr
E9L57 (BOULEVARD) BRITAX E9L57 (BOULEVARD) 2007 I Bought A Britax Boulevard a few weeks ago for my 12 month old daughter. i was driving on 3/24/09 around 7am and all
E9L74-BOULEVARD BRITAX E9L74 BOULEVARD 2010 I Was Trying To Install the car seat forward facing since the child has outgrown it rear facing. the car seat will not lock
MARATHON BRITAX MARATHON 9999 Child Seat Was Recalled Previously. consumer contacted manufacturer, who then sent a repair kit. recently, the base of the child seat
ROUNDABOUT BRITAX ROUNDABOUT 2003 After Buying A Britax Roundabout convertable car seat the base started seperating, when contacting britax i was told it was due to not being
ROUNDABOUT BRITAX ROUNDABOUT 1999 Complaint Against: Britax Child safety. inc. 13501 south ridge drive charlotte, nc usa 28273 our britax
ROUNDABOUT BRITAX ROUNDABOUT 9999 Crack In The Base Of the child seat. seat is only 4 mths old. contacted maufacturer. consumer states seat was installed

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