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14 May

BRITAX Child Seat Material/padding

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BRITAX Child Seat Material/padding

ADVOCATE BRITAX ADVOCATE 2009 Cpsc#i1220486a. Britax Car Seat. consumer stated that his two year old daughter was chewing on polystyrene pellets. she had gotten them from
BRITAX BRITAX BRITAX 2003 Britax Model # E-9l06051835, the side of the seat made of plastic broke. *ak
BRITAX BRITAX BRITAX 2002 The Padding On The Infant child seat came apart( britax model# e900234). *nlm
CHILD SAFETY SEAT BRITAX CHILD SAFETY SEAT 1999 Had Received Repair Kit for recall part. repair kit failed to allow adjusting of harness straps in rear of child
CHILD SAFETY SEAT BRITAX CHILD SAFETY SEAT 9999 I Owned A Britax Advocate cs 70 manufactured in february, 2011. i took it apart for cleaning and the safety stryrofoam shock absorbent
CHILD SAFETY SEAT BRITAX CHILD SAFETY SEAT 9999 The Styrofoam That Pads The inside of the seat has broken in several pieces requiring the consumer to tape the pieces into place.
E9041 (PARKWAY) BRITAX E9041 (PARKWAY) 2007 I Purchased Two Britax Parkway booster seats a few years ago. the styrofoam foam in the top part of the seat continually breaks
E9041 (PARKWAY) BRITAX E9041 (PARKWAY) 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 britax e9041 (parkway) child safety seat. while removing the seat cover, the contact noticed that the foam
E9L06 (MARATHON) BRITAX E9L06 (MARATHON) 9999 Tl*the Contact Owns A Britax marathon model e9l06p9, manufactured date 1/5/2009 child safety seat. the contact stated that her son was chewing little
E9L07 (WIZARD) BRITAX E9L07 (WIZARD) 9999 I Was Driving On The highway when my 21 mo old son began choking and turning red. i pulled over, unbuckled him
E9L07-WIZARD BRITAX E9L07 WIZARD 2003 The Britax Wizard Car Seat is a choking hazzard! my 14 month old daughter is able to pull pieces of foam rubber from the
E9L69-CHAPERONE BRITAX E9L69 CHAPERONE 2011 The Warning Label On The inside of my britax chaperone infant carseat began to detach from the fabric, with some shredding of the warning
E9L69-CHAPERONE BRITAX E9L69 CHAPERONE 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A britax safety seat, model number e9l69p5, manufactured on 8/27/2009. the contact stated that there were small magnets
E9L72-BOULEVARD BRITAX E9L72 BOULEVARD 2010 Small (1x1.5 Inch) Piece of styrofoam padding broke off from around head support & fell into lap of 1 year old restrained in the
E9L73-ADVOCATE BRITAX E9L73 ADVOCATE 2010 One Of The Energy Absorbing side impact protection foam fell off my grandson's britax advocate cs car seat. there was no misuse of
MARATHON BRITAX MARATHON 9999 Nhtsa Recall Campaign 04c002000 on the a-lock webbing slippage. no parts available. *ak
MARATHON BRITAX MARATHON 9999 Recall 04c002000 Concerning A-lock Webbing slippage: consumer was informed by britax manufacturer consumer center representative that she should receive replacement part within 2 weeks as
MARATHON BRITAX MARATHON 9999 The Rubber Attached To The harness of the child seat has pointed edges. the child has started to bite them and the rubber
ROUNDABOUT BRITAX ROUNDABOUT 2003 I Am Writing Regarding The warning label sewn on the inside back of the britax roundabout car seat. i placed me child in
ROUNDABOUT BRITAX ROUNDABOUT 2003 On Britax Roundabout Car Seat manufactured mar 2002- impact foam padding has broken off twice during normal use. company indicates this is normal
ROUNDABOUT BRITAX ROUNDABOUT 9999 Remedy To Recall Campaign 00e034000 is not acceptable. the rubber pieces is a continous strain to infant's neck. also the range
WIZARD BRITAX WIZARD 9999 Britax Wizard Model # E9l0742, dom 10/01/2003. the child is able to reach back and pull the head rest foam padding off
WIZARD BRITAX WIZARD 9999 Foam Was Exposed Two Inches behind the headrest on both sides. the child was able to reach behind her left shoulder and pull

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