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Bmw Visibility Defroster/defogger System Reports

01 Jul

BMW 325 1989 The Windows On The Car stick and sometimes you can't roll them down. also the window fogs up and defrost doesn't work so you
BMW 325I 1992 Windows Fogged Up Due To deffoger/defroster operating improperly as a result of an electrical short. *ak

BMW 325I 1992 Radiator Cord Cracked, And the coolant light came on. also, windows fogged up due to defroster working in properly as
BMW 325 1992 Consumer Contacted Manufacturer In reference to recall number 98v178000, consumer noted there was no dealer within a 500 mile radius.
BMW 528 2000 Breathing Bacteria In Vehicle From heater/ air conditioner. *ak
BMW 735I 1987 While Driving 35mph The Drivers seat collapsed. the heating system is malfunctioning, it runs contineously and cannot be shut off, and it
BMW 535I 1989 Vehicle Recalled For Coolant Cap replacement to prevent rupture of heater core and injuries to passengers. heater core on vehicle is currently leaking.
BMW 525 1998 Heater.
BMW 740IL 9999 Consumer Stated The Windshield All of a sudden fogged up, almost causing an accident due to poor visiblity.*jb
BMW 525 1995 The Heater Failed.
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1992 Heater Inoperative. *sd
BMW 325 1986 Heater Is Not Powerful Enough.
BMW 318 1991 Heater Emitted Fumes Inside Vehicle.
BMW 318 1991 Heat From Rear Window Defroster caused rear window to shatter. *aw
BMW 525IA 1994 Vehicle In Motion With Defrost on, smoke came from defrost vent on dashboard, filling car instantly with smoke. pulled off highway,
BMW 335I 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 335i. the contact stated that while driving 40 mph with the heat on, the center control panel
BMW 1 SERIES 2011 The Radio Display In The car has its polarizing filter off-set so that when wearing polarized glasses you cannot see the display. when
BMW X5 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 bmw x5. the contact noticed that the air bag warning light consistently illuminated on the instrument panel,
BMW X5 2003 I Was Driving To Work when i got a foul burning smell in the car. i had the heat and defoggers cranking so i
BMW X3 2005 2005 Bmwx3 Is Making Me sick. i turned the heat on & i started to feel ill. my symptoms got worse
BMW X3 2004 Dt: The Contact Turned the defogger on to defrost the windows in vehicle. fifteen minutes later he was driving down the road
BMW 325I 1989 Problem With Cooling System Began within approximately one month of purchase date (. car bought used, from mechanic/bmw authorized repair service (same mechanic
BMW M3 1998 Problem1: Rear Defogger Not Working. checked the system, fuses okay, voltage correctly supplied to rear window heating contacts. heating elements in

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