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Bmw Visibility Defroster/defogger System Windshield Heater Core Reports

30 Jun

BMW 325 1987 Heater Core Recall Repairs Refused due to vehicle being imported and manufactorer has no record of vin (93v-015). *ak
BMW 325 1986 Recall 93v015 Heater:defroster:defogger; Hot fluid entered compartment and burnt drivers lower leg. please describe details. tt

BMW 325 1987 Vehicle Not Included In Recall number 93v015000. coolant leaking into vehicle on driver's side due to a crack in heater
BMW 535I 1989 Radiator Was Replaced Due To overheating. also, heating core was found to be cracked, and antifreeze was sprouting
BMW 325 1989 Consumer Contacted Dealer In reference to recall 93v015000/heater core. dealer refused to correct recall problem. consumer's vehicle has already
BMW 325 1984 Recall 93v015 000/heater:water:defroster:heater Core:water: Received a recall notice, and was unable to get dealer to honor it. sam sowpe bmw, louisville,
BMW 733I 1984 Consumer Was Traveling About 65mph on highway and cooliant was leaking from heater core. it had vapor causing all windows
BMW 735I 1989 Thermostat Broke And Blew A hose/heater developed a crack, and this fogged up the window. consumer couldn't see. also, antifreeze
BMW 325 1987 While Driving Coolant Light came on. hose blew off coolant reservoir. vehicle was towed and hose was reattached.
BMW 325 1987 While Driving Window Got foggy and coolant was leaking on front seat floor. technician explained that clamps were too tight, forcing
BMW 325E 1985 Recall 93v015000;while Driving Consumer heard a loud noise coming from engine compartment. steam and smoke appeared, and hot fluid was
BMW 325 1989 Recall 93v015000/ Heater Core Recall. dealer is john robert bmw, 2537 forest lane, dallas, tx 75234, 972-247-7233.
BMW 325IS 1994 While Driving Engine Overheated. vehicle had to be towed to dealer, and technician told consumer that was caused by the
BMW 325I 1993 Recall 98v178000; Dealer replaced radiator cap for the recall. however, heater core still leaks coolant, causing smell and
BMW 525I 1989 Vehicle Parked In Garage. noticed leakage on floor of garage. contacted dealer & took vehicle in oct. was informed by mechanic the
BMW 318I 1985 While Driving Heard A Loud noise and the inside of the car filled up with steam. this caused the driver not to be able
BMW 325I 1992 Heater Core Is Leaking Anti-freeze into passenger's compartment. mechanic says the heater core and the plastic assembly around it has to be
BMW 325 1992 Heater Core Has Ruptured, causing windows to fog up. this condition makes it hard for the driver to see. *ak
BMW 525I 1994 Radiator Blew Out While Driving at 55 mph, causing vehicle to overheat. also, heater core cracked. *ak
BMW 730I 1991 Oolant Sprayed Out From The heater core which exploded. also, there was an odor coming from the vehicle , and
BMW 750 1990 Recall 98v178000, Heater Core recall caused the heater core to crack, and manufacturer is only replacing the radiator cap and not the heater
BMW 735 1998 Vehicle Overheats Due To A crack within the engine head gasket. also, heater core leaked, and consumer had to
BMW 535 1990 Vehicle Was Not Included In recall 98v178000. please give any further details. *ak
BMW 318 1984 After Having The Recall Repair work done on the heater core, there is a malfunction in the cooling system, causing increased pressure
BMW 325 1998 Consumer States That Water Is leaking on the inside of vehicle onto the carpet. consumer states vehicle has been over heating.
BMW 325 1986 Consumer States That Dealership Stated that they don't know if they can do consumers recall for free. mr
BMW 325 1990 Consumer Had Recall #93v015000, fixed a year ago, consumer was driving and the car engine cooling light came on and the car
BMW 750IL 1992 This Coolant Problem Could Become hazardous if the heater core goes. *ak
BMW 320 1978 Heater Core Ruptured While i was driving., causing coolant to b e expelled. resulted in severe scalding to my right foot
BMW 318I 1997 Heater Core Failed. *yc
BMW 325 1988 Prior To Recall 93v-015 The vehicle experienced numerous and constant problems and repairs regarding the coolant system, consumer asking for reimbursement. *yh
BMW BMW 9999 Consumer Is Having Trouble Obtaining recall repair for the cooling system, dealership wants the consumer to replace additional parts at the consumers expense.
BMW 318I 1985 Heater Core Failed Causing Hot water to hit consumer's legs and fogged windows resulting in no visibility and injury to consumer (2nd degree burns).
BMW 320I 1978 The Heater Core Ruptured Causing servere injury to driving which resulted in property damage. *yc
BMW 525I 1989 Heater Core Exploded Filling The car with suffocating steam, vapors, and hot liquid antifreeze which saturated both pant legs of 3 year old
BMW 525I 1990 Heater Core Failed.
BMW 320 1989 Heater Core Failed Prior To recall (93v-016). *ak
BMW 325I 1988 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1988 bmw 325i. the contact stated that a gasket failed in the vehicle. the heater was activated
BMW 320I 1979 While Traveling 35 Mph, the driver heard a noise. without any indication, the heater core exploded inside the vehicle. the driver
BMW 320I 1978 After Driving At 30 Mph and sitting at a stop sign heater core exploded. scalding hot water gushed from beneath the dash board.

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