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Bmw Vehicle Speed Control Cruise Control Reports

30 Jun

BMW 318I 1984 Vehicle Is Idling, And won't move. also, speedometer/odometer don't work, and consumer can't determine how fast the vehicle is going.
BMW Z3 2000 The Consumer States That There is a problem with the vehicle bucking, running rough, stability/control. *scc

BMW 530I 1994 Bmw Was Aware Of A problem where sulpher from us fuels was causing the cylinder walls of the m60 v8 motor to deteriorate.
BMW 325 1987 Vehicle Experienced Sudden Acceleration Due to failure of the idle control valve, on one occasion the surge occurred and the vehicle went onto a
BMW 850 1993 Multiple Failures Including Brake And speed sensor failures.
BMW 633 1984 Idle Valve Failure, Causing sudden acceleration. *sd
BMW X5 2006 1) Cruise Will Not Take into action when less then 15 mph--- and you have to be in accelerate to engage cruise- causes problems in
BMW 318IS 1997 While Driving The Vehicle With cruise control on consumer applied the brakes and cruise control won't release. also, air bag light
BMW X5 2001 Vehicle Experienced Unexpected Acceleration. causing the vehicle to accelerate like a rocket. consumer sustained burns vehicle crashed into wall.
BMW 325I 1990 A Month Ago, Resuming the cruise setting on the cruise control resulted in the speed just accelerating to way beyond the cruise speed.

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