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30 Jun

BMW 330I 2001 While Driving Engine Check Light would appear and remain on. vehicle would then pull from left to right. had vehicle towed
BMW 325I 2001 The Service Engine Soon Light had come on intermittent. *tt the asc + t light and the park brake light had come

BMW X3 2004 Door Locks Work Intermittently - key fob and central lock button work normallyl at times. other times all will fail, causing all doors
BMW 535I 2013 At The Time Of Purchase i was told that the first tune up would be due at 10,000 miles. therefore i schedule an
BMW R1200 GS 2012 I Own A Touratech Zega pro aluminium pannier set on my bmw r1200gs 2012 bike for a couple of years on march 3rd 2014,
BMW K1300 GT 2010 Center Stand Bent While Trying to stand up my bike on it. i rarely used it, never abused it. poor engineering suggested
BMW 323I 2000 I Just Got Home And tried to put my 2000 bmw 323i in reverse to park but nothing happened! it was as if the car
BMW 335I US 2011 I Have Had An Incident with my car where my car died whiling going on to my military base. after finding out the issue
BMW X5 2014 My Vehicle Has Soft-close Doors, after closing the doors they popped open while driving, not fully open, only about a half-inch,
BMW X5 SAV 2008 My Car Has A Recall repair about the brake vacuum pump leak. the dealer found the leak from the brake vacuum pump before did
BMW 525I 2005 I Popped The Hood And removed the enclosure cap for the passenger side daytime running lamp and discovered that the wiring on the harness to
BMW 325I 2006 Windshield Molding Disintegrating Into Pieces , defective material - can cause the windshield to break or come loose
BMW 750LI 2007 Driver Door Opened While Driving down the highway.
BMW 535XI 2013 Both Front Tires Developed A bubble after going over a small pothole/bump at under 30mph. this is the second time this has happened with
BMW 740IL 1996 The Gas Tank Started To make popping noises and thumping sounds. then when i realized something is wrong when the gas gauge started reading
BMW M5 2007 I Was Stopped At A red light. the car had numerous safety malfunctions on at the time of the incident. the i-drive screen
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 Tire Sidewall Separation, Just below the tire bead. the make of the tire was a michellin pilot sp, ps2, zp.
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 White Smoke Coming Though Ac ducts. when taken to shop they said it was coolant leak in heater core. replacement would cost me
BMW 528I 2008 My 2008 528i Has A delay in acceleration when making a turn into traffic. the car will start to shake and jerk as
BMW 328I 2007 Steering Wheel Lock Sign Keeps appearing and locking me out of the car. this has happened 4 times in the last two weeks and
BMW K1300 GT 2010 Center Stand Bent While Trying to stand up my bike on it. i rarely used it, never abused it. poor engineering suggested
BMW K1300 GT 2010 Appalled To Discover That Even the reputable bmw no longer stands behind its products! about 3 years after the initial purchase (brand new) from an
BMW 335I 2013 Rattle Noise Coming From Engine compartment or inside of dash upon acceleration (2000-2500rpm) on cold starts. can change noise based upon acceleration.
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 Vehicle Electric Door Locks (actuators) do not operate properly. unable to exit driver's door from inside of vehicle by pulling handle.
BMW 330XI 2001 Car Had Not Been Driven all day until evening when i drove car 4-5 miles to one residence, continued with passenger for another
BMW X5 2005 On 1/6/14 I Went outside and started up vehicle and let it warm up for a bit and then i drove about 2miles and
BMW 525I 2006 Bought From Manager At Bmw service department w/89,920 on 10/25/13. 2 overheated broke down on 11/29/13 on january 7 rarely park
BMW X5 2012 I Pulled Into A Gas station, and as i approached the pump and put on breaks, i heard a crack. after
BMW X1 2013 After Replace Brand New Tire from bmw of rockville md, everyday i drove to work the car variation will increment little by little.
BMW 328I 2011 This Vehicle Was Purchased Used and before the maufacuterer's 50,000 mile warranty period expired. since 1/2013, this vehicle has been in
BMW 325I 2006 Front Passenger Occupancy Seat Sensor mat/pad failure. initial inquire with dealer resulted in no coverage of repairs due to vin break. as
BMW 535XI 2008 I Discovered Multiple Severed Wires in the tailgate/rear window wiring harnesses. through research online i have found this is a common problem with this
BMW 3 SERIES 2009 2009 Bmw 328i, The directional light at times blinks rapidly and a warning of light problem illuminates. the directional blinks fast and light
BMW 328I 2007 Several Times Throughout The Day after the car was parked, it was difficult to start and he battery indicator came on a few
BMW 1 SERIES 2006 Auto Locks Fail. Severe danger. locked inside of car. *tr
BMW 335I 2010 The Rubber Seal Around The frond windshield cracks and falls/flies off. i have had this happen on 2 different (2006, and 2010 with
BMW 7 SERIES 2012 On Or About The Above date, i tried to drive my new car in 2 inches of snow,up a moderate grade.
BMW 325CI 2006 To Whom It May Concern: i am very frustrated with a current problem involving our 2004 bmw 325 ci (convertible)
BMW 525I 2007 Transmission Jerks When Vehicle Is about to stop, downshifting transmission issue from 2 to 1 speed. *tr
BMW X3 2006 Repeated Flooding In Driver-side Back and passenger front. it has been the vapor seal along the door, top part of door near window,
BMW 328I 2013 The Bmw 328 2013 has a tech design flaw which will lead to a possible fatal accident. the screen which shows telephone numbers
BMW 323I 2000 Vehicle Appears To Be Stolen and abandon in front of my house. it has not moved in 2 weeks. there is no
BMW X5 2009 When Let Go Of Brake after stopping at red light, very often that this vehicle makes a suddent jump. this happens so often
BMW 328XI 2008 Traveling At Approximately 60 Mph when a loud noise was heard. car initially appeared to run correctly, however, a loud thumping
BMW 325I 2006 Car Only Has 63,000 miles. the aluminum bolts for the valve cover and the head bolts sheared off while driving.
BMW 325I 2001 I Own A 2001 Bmw 325i. the ground wires for the tail light assembly burned out, causing the lights to become inoperable.
BMW 540I 2000 Wiring Harness In Loom At connection between body and trunk lid is showing cracked wires which can lead to a variety of symptoms when wires
BMW BMW 9999 Email From Congressman Kind On behalf of constituent, re outstanding recalls on his bmw. *smd the consumer stated he was
BMW 335I 2008 To Whom It May Concern: i am writing this letter in effort to make a formal complaint regarding a known safety issue
BMW 525I 2004 Dealer Is Telling Me A new transmission is needed.
BMW X3 2004 Faulty Oil Seperator - Chronic problems. *tt
BMW R1200 RT 2005 Cracks Have Developed In The fuel quick disconnect reinforcement flange on the fuel pump housing. this could lead to a fuel leak (and has
BMW 330I 2001 Upon Exiting The Freeway A horrible, continuous metallic scraping noise began. i had heard this periodically on my drive, but until
BMW X5 2012 I Leased My 2012 Bmw x5 35i in may 2011. i was driving on the interstate with 2 toddlers at around 65 mph,
BMW 328XI 2007 I Have A 2007 328xi that currently has 51,000 miles. it is the second time that my locks in the vehicle have failed.
BMW 745I 2003 I Have Noticed That When decelerating into a stop sign or red light, the transmission at times will violently kick the car forward as
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 There Are 3 Major Issues. 1. vehicle tends to veer to the right. feeling is quite like a vehicle
BMW M ROADSTER 1999 Car Was Purchased New It now has a broken subframe. it began as a thumping noise in the rear of the car. i
BMW 5 SERIES 2010 When The Temperature Hits 100 degrees as it does in the desert 5 months or so per year, the interior cabin fills up with
BMW X3 2005 Airbag Warning Light Illuminated And will not turn off. bmw diagnosed problem as failure of passenger seat mat sensor. now passenger
BMW M3 2003 Re: Smg Pump Failure I have contacted bmwna in the past in regards to the smg (sequential manual gearshift) pump failure in some bmw e46
BMW 325I 2006 Doors Lock, But Only driver door unlocks. used key only unlocked drivers door, used button on dash only unlocked drivers door,
BMW X5 2007 Passenger Side Floorboard Gets Wet. has occurred twice in six months of ownership of vehicle. updated 03/10/11 *bf
BMW 328XI 2008 the key fob or central locking button situation one or more of
BMW 330I 2006 When There Is A Power failure in the 2006 bmw 330i, in this case caused by a blown fuse, the doors will not
BMW 325XI 2006 Front Passenger Seat Belt Light and airbag light stay on even when a passenger is seated in car. bmw diagnosed a problem with the
BMW X5 2007 In Mar 2007, I purchased a new bmw 2007 x5. since then we have had two major issues. 1) emergency
BMW Z3 1997 I Turned The Key To start the vehicle. it started normally. i put the car in neutral (5 speed trans.) to allow
BMW X5 2011 Can I Get Listing Of any open recall campaign on 2011 bmw x5 35d manufactured on september 26, 2010. thanks
BMW X3 2005 I Was In A Unsafe area so i locked the doors an closed all the windows with my keys inside with me to wait for
BMW 328I 9999 Bmw 328i Has No Spare tire. the consumer also stated that bmw told him that he had run flat tires on the vehicle and
BMW 328I 9999 Ltr Fm (ca) Re Possible safety defect re "run flat" tires that came standard with his recently purchased 328i bmw. *tgw after
BMW M5 2006 On June 24, 2006, a-united leased the m5 through bmw of monrovia, formerly assael bmw. during the duration of the
BMW 330I 2001 Windows Will Not Function, neither up nor down. the regulators plastic fails prematurely due to fatigue.
BMW 335I 2007 I Purchased A New 2007 bmw 335i from bmw of honolulu in jan 2007. 4 months later the car stalled with my wife
BMW 325CI 2001 I Purchased A Used Bmw 325ci 18 months ago. in the first six months of driving the car the ac/heater worked fine. however,
BMW K1200 GT 2008 Bmw K1200gt (motorcycle) - Surging idle - potential hazard - bike will be running fine and then, for no apparent reason, begin idling
BMW 318TI 1999 Consumer Reimbursement For A 1999 bmw 318ti. consumer is requesting reimbursement for the damages done to her vehicle after it was repossessed.
BMW 330I 2001 Separation And Delamination Of interior cloth on interior header and interior support pillars cloth in rear was obstructing rear view do to dropping
BMW 525I 2003 While Changing The Tire On my 2003 bmw 525 car jack slipped out causing car to drop on my arm, breaking my arm.
BMW 745I 2002 Consumer Parked The Vehicle In the garage and about three hours later smoke was coming from the garage. vehicle caught on fire,
BMW 525I 2002 While Driving And Without Warning the consumer had to drive a certain speed in order for the ajar indicator light or the alarm sound to
BMW 330I 2001 Since The Purchase Of My car in may 2001, the gas pedal seems to have a problem when shifting from first gear to second