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30 Jun

BMW 330I 2001 While Traveling At Approximately 45 to 50 mph vehicle went over a pothole that caused right front tire to blowout. however,
BMW 323I 2000 Vehicle Had A flat tire while moving at 10 mph or less, causing both driver's side overhead and side

BMW 330CI 2001 Tires Are Losing Pressure. there is recall oov303000o for same probelm, but consumer's vehicle is not included.
BMW 330I 2001 Tires Are Low Profile And cause bubbles to appear on tires which can lead to a blowout. dealer notified, and
BMW 735 1988 Rear Pirelli Tire Blew Blewout while going 65mph. there were no injuries & damages. tires were aftermarket & had only 1,000
BMW 735ILA 1989 While Traveling At Highway Speed of 65-70 mph driver front tire blew out. dot #dbwxa74477 / tire size p225/50zr16. tire was an aftermarket
BMW 318 1995 The Tires Are After Market tire s( bridgestone boizzoak) there is a rubber dust on the car from the tire . please describe .
BMW 328I 2000 While Driving 40mph Hit A curb tire blewout, and driver's side air bag deployed, causing injuries.*ak
BMW Z3 ROADSTER 1998 Negative Camber Caused Increase Wear on the inside of the rear tires, which caused 6 tire blow outs. *ak *jb
BMW Z3 2001 While Driving At Freeway Left rear tire blewout, causing consumer to pull over. dealer notified. size2255016, dotmxmxe. *ak
BMW 320I 1980 Firestone, Affinity,dot Vde8aia265 on a bmw 320i 1980. replacements tires. when driving could hear a noise like a flat tire makes.
BMW X5 2001 Ther Vehicle Cannot Be Safe in icy condition because snow chains cannot be fitted on the vehicle. the dealership is aware of
BMW R1150GS 2000 Consumer States That There Is a 3/4 inch split that appears at the base of eact of the smallest tread blocks on the left side
BMW 328I 2000 While Driving At 70 Mph on the highway the drivers side air bags deployed without any crash or any obvious reason. we drove through
BMW 325I 1987 After One Tire Blewout And the car lost controll the other tire blewout as well. *ak
BMW 330I 2002 While Driving At Approx. 55 mph, tire exploded. nothing left but the rim. no obvious road hazard.
BMW 323I 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak (tiresize: 20555r16)
BMW 330I 2001 At Around 5:30pm At The stop light of the bruckner blvd 138th st exit. i step on the gas ...and at
BMW 740IL 2000 Traveling At 65mph On Freeway, tire blew out on inner side. had to pull over on left side of freeway.
BMW 735I 1987 Chatrostropic Failure Leaving Sidewalls Only. complete tread/body separation. *ak (tiresize: 185r15)
BMW BMW 2001 Tires Did Not Fail, but cause abrupt steering jerks when slowing or stopping and at other times (dot number: dmdf10y tiresize: 225/45zr17)
BMW 325I 1995 On August 9,2001 A left rear tire disintegrated at 60mph. the bridgestone firestone representative(after contending that it was not a manufacturing defect)
BMW 3 SERIES 2001 I Previously Reported This. see file # 748060- i have never rec'd any response or acknowledgement. i experienced 2 flat tires simutaneously at
BMW 318IC 2001 The Tire Flew Out From the vehicle while the car was travelling at 50m/hr. the car is equipped with tire pressure control and
BMW 325 2001 I Discovered A 2-inch Bubble in the side of the rear driver's side tire. the problem has been identified as a snapped belt
BMW 328I 2001 While Driving, Tire Blewup and the whole outer wall of the tire fell apart at its entire circumference. the car became difficult to
BMW 318TI 1998 Car Has A Safety Design flaw. spare tire mount design allows the sidewall of the spare tire (mounted under the trunk) to rub
BMW 318I 2001 I Had 2 Tires Go suddenly flat on the same day. car had only 4500 miles at the time. no obvious punture or
BMW 318I 2001 I Had 2 Tires Go suddenly flat on the same day. car had only 4500 miles at the time. no obvious punture or
BMW 528I 1999 This Bmw Deployed The Passenger side air bag, driving down the highway at 70mph. at the same time both front tires went
BMW 323I 2000 Both Left Tires, Front and back failed after hitting a minor pothole at 35-40 miles per hour. both tires experienced sidewall failure with
BMW 328I 1997 Odi #740028. No Safety defect mentioned. *ak (dot number: actm2y7166 tiresize: 205/60r15)
BMW 328I 1997 It Happened At 3:50 Pm, pacific standard time, januray 26, 2001, freeway 91 heading east, passed freeyway 710, at
BMW 528I 2000 Bmw Is Claiming That It's a tire problem & not a system problem (tiresize: 235/45r-17)( dot number: tire size: 235/45r-17 )
BMW 328IC 1997 Tire Tread Came Off During highway driving causing damage to the rear bumper. the tire did not deflate. continental denied claim because the
BMW 540I 1997 Delamination/separation Of Tire Tread From caseing-3 of the 4 tires on the car, severe .( dot number: lmt8axbu tire size: 225/55r/16 )
BMW 328I 2000 Car Currently At Shop After noticed bubbles in each tire (all four)one consquently caused tire to flatten. this is the second time all tires
BMW 528 1997 In Just 32,000 Miles we are now having to replace another set of tires. the first 2 went at just 11.000 miles
BMW 318TI 1998 Michelin Tire (p205/r15 Mxv) Blew out on freeway. yh
BMW 318I 1997 Possible Design Of All Four tires experienced failure (michelin 185/65r15). *yc
BMW 528 1998 Left Rear Tire Blew Out on highway. yh
BMW X5 9999 While Driving Michelin Tire blewout causing damage on vehicle. both bmw and michelin stated that it was normal. *yh..
BMW 330CI 2001 Consumer States There Is Possible design flaw with the rims or continential tires, due to tires deflating at high speeds.*tt
BMW 328I 1999 Seven Months From The Purchase date of the car, the consumer has experienced several flat tires all of which were taken to a firestone
BMW 328I 1999 Seven Months From The Purchase date of the car, the consumer has experienced several flat tires all of which were taken to a firestone
BMW M3 1997 The Right Rear Tire Blewout while driving causing the driver to loose control of the vehicle and and caused the vehicle to spin around 3
BMW 528I 2000 After Approximately 8 To 9, 000 miles, noise and vibration very noticeable when vehicle is going between 20 & 25 mph, blowout on
BMW 323I 1999 All Continental General Tires Were replaced due to cracking and splitting, the consumer replaced all the tires and is requesting reimbursement.
BMW BMW 9999 The Rear Tire On the drivers side blewout, the tire had less than 1000 miles of travel, no specific tire info was
BMW BMW 9999 The Rear Tire On The driver's side suddenly went flat while driving, after inspection of the tire it was found that there was a
BMW 328I 2000 Rear Tires Made Screeching Noises when vehicle makes turns. *slc
BMW 318TI 1998 Tires And Suspension Of Vehicle are inadequate resulting in rear of vehicle sliding during turns and bumpy ride.
BMW M3 1997 Tire Blewout Prematurely. (dotf38aa17117, manufacturer- michelin, tire name- mxx3, tire size- 225/45zr17)
BMW M3 1997 Tires Failed Twice. In both cases the tires were worn through to the metal before stopping. another case led to an accident.
BMW Z3 2001 2001 Bmw Z3. consumer writes in regards to several vehicle problems and unsatisfactory customer service from dealership. *smd the
BMW 550I 2009 Michelin Pilot Sport A/s 3 size 245/35zr19 xl 93y bsw have unacceptable failure rate.
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 This Is The Third Tire, on my car, from this manufacturer where the sidewall has failed. side-wall separation.
BMW 535I 2012 I Have Purchase 5 Dunlop run flat tires do to side wall damage. sidewall damage caused me to purchase 3 275/35r19
BMW 535XI 2011 I Purchased A 2011 Bmw 535i xdrive vehicle with goodyear eagle ls runflats 245/40 r19. the car has only 19,000 miles and from
BMW 550I 2011 The Contact Stated That The passenger side front tire had 2 bubbles forming on the sidewall of the tire. the tire was not diagnosed.
BMW 550I 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 bmw 550xi. the vehicle was equipped with goodyear tires, size 245/40/r19. the contact stated that the
BMW 550I 2013 I Have Goodyear 245/40r19 Run flats on my vehicle. a huge bubble came up and i took it to the dealership.
BMW 550I 2011 This Is The Second Occurrence of a sidewall bubble on my bmw goodyear excellence19" run flat tires 98 on my 2011 bmw 550i.
BMW 550I 2011 Goodyear Run On Flat 245/40/19 gets bubble on tire. i had to change the same tire within 10 days with no warranty coverage
BMW 325XI 2006 The Vehicle Was Used Under normal driving conditions. the tread of the tire began de-laminating from the tire after 40k miles. fortunately
BMW 5 SERIES 2012 Bmw 550xi, Normal Driving, tire pressure indicator came on, car became unstable. parked vehicle and observed large bubble in front
BMW 550I 2012 We Were Traveling On A highway, hit a small pothole and immediately our low tire pressure warning went off. my husband who was
BMW 535I 2013 Goodyear Eagle Ls2 rof tires. only 4700 miles on my 2013 bmw 535 activehybrid. bubble on rf tire, i
BMW 335XI 2013 New Car (2months), Bmw335xi (excellent), delivered by bmw france with 4 runflat 18' 225/45 goodyear (in france the client cannot choose the trade
BMW 535I US 2011 Three Goodyear Excellence 245/40r19xl Run-flat tires have failed with sidewall bubbles on my 2011 bmw 535i. the first was on 8-31-11 at 7,
BMW 128I 2007 Firestone / Bridgestone Turanza El 225/45rt - run flat tires - the tires are bulging on the side and there is no reason for this
BMW 5 SERIES 2012 Three Tire Bubbles, First at 11,000 miles, two more at 12,000. original tires on bmw 535xi sport.
BMW 535XI 2012 Three Tires Had Large Bubbles, first tire at 11,000, two more at 12,000. tires were original for a 2012
BMW 335I 2008 I Had To Replace Two tire, one front and one rear, for the same problem. the problem was that both
BMW 535XI 2012 2012 Bmw 535 Xdrive 27000 miles. 2.5 inch bubble on right front sidewall, crack on sidewall of rear tire.
BMW 328I 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 bmw 328i equipped with goodyear efficient grip run flats tires, line size 225/45r/18. the contact stated that
BMW 550I 2011 I Just Had My 4th goodyear run flat tire failure. the first two were replaced by goodyear as they said the tires were defective.
BMW 5 SERIES GRAN TURISMO 2011 The Inside Cords Of The rear passenger tire exploded while i was headed south bound on i75 from miramar to miami florida. when
BMW 535I US 2011 I Have A 2011 Bmw 535i is purchase nov 2010 from bmw military sales, three weeks after receiving car, my right front tire
BMW 535I 2011 The Goodyear Run Flat Tires on the vehicle continuously develop bubbles on the sidewall. i have had the tires replaced several times and bmw
BMW 535I 2011 While Driving My 2011 Bmw 535i on the interstate, on a construction zone, at 11:00 pm, i hit a pot hole with
BMW 550I 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 550x1 equipped with goodyear eagle ls2 run flat tires, size 245/40/19. the contact was driving
BMW 535XI 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 bmw 535 xi equipped with goodyear eagle ls2 tires, size 245/40/r19. the contact stated that while driving
BMW X6 2009 I Own A Bmwx6 2009 and under 30,000 miles i have to change tires under normal driving conditions. the owner manual indicated that
BMW 550I 2011 I Have Had 15 Tire defects requiring replacement of !! tires in 16,300 miles of driving. these defect result in unsafe driving
BMW 550I 2012 This Is The 3rd "run flat tire" within a 3 month period that could not run flat even a mile. *tr
BMW 535XI 2012 There Is A Bubble That has formed on my tires very often and has forced me to replace 4 tires in 10 months.
BMW 550I 2011 Bulge In Sidewall Of Goodyear tire many complaints online. *tr
BMW 323I 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 bmw 323i. the contact stated that while traveling 65 mph, the vehicle traveled over a pot hole
BMW 330XI 2003 2003 Bmw 330xi. Consumer writes in regards to spontaneous catastrophic tire failure *tgw the consumer stated the tire failure occurred on his daughter's
BMW 535XI 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 bmw 535xi equipped with goodyear eagle ls-2 tires, size 245/40r19. the contact stated that he took the
BMW 550I 2012 Front Tire Buldge After Driving over a recessed man whole cover-this is the 3rd tire i replaced . the tires are goodyear 245/40
BMW Z4 9999 Cpsc# I1280503a. Bmw Z4. consumer stated the brakes went bad with less than 29000 miles. also, the tires only lasted one
BMW 128I 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 128i equipped with michelin energy lx4 run-flat tires, size: p225/60r17. the contact stated that the tires
BMW 335I 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw 335i equipped with michelin energy lx4 run-flat tires, size: p225/60r17. the contact stated that the tires
BMW 535XI 2011 The Automobile Has The Stock wheels/tires that came with the m535 xi (goodyear eagle ls runflats 245/40 r19). after receiving the vehicle back from
BMW 328I 2007 My Vehicle Displayed A Code, "tpm", which means, tire pressure monitor, which is to detect tire pressure issues from the "run
BMW 535I US 2011 I Have A 2011 Bmw 535i with 16,300 miles which developed a bubble on the outside sidewall of the 19" goodyear excellence run flat
BMW 550I 2011 Tire Bubble On Sidewall Front right tire. this has happened to my tires 3 times. the tires are goodyear run flat excellence
BMW R1100RT P 1999 This Is The Same Failure as described in odi no. 10439549, and currently being investigated under campaign dp12001. i rode 75
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Goodyear Eagle Ls Tires Sidewall bubbles after driving just a few thousand miles. this is the second tire with a defect that was not
BMW 550I GRAN TURISMO 2010 This Is A 2010 Bmw 550i gt with the sport package. it has the star spoke wheels and run flat tires.
BMW 550I 2012 1. New 2012 Bmw 550xi m sport package w/approx. 6,700 miles on four oem goodyear eagle ls2 rof 245/40r19 98v (dot ne66
BMW 550I 2011 Automobile Was Purchased In May 2011, and i have had to replace my goodyear p245/40r19 run flat tires six (6) times. i have
BMW 328I 2009 2009 Bmw 328i. Consumer writes in regards to issues with vehicle tires *tgw the consumer stated the vehicle came equipped with the extra
BMW 330CI 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw 330ci equipped with michelin pilot sport tires. the front tires were size 225/40/18 and the rear tires
BMW 550I 2011 My 2011 Bmw 550i X gran turismo was purchased in 3/11. in 10/11 i had the tires checked and topped off with nitrogen.
BMW 528I 2000 New Tires Eagle F1 Asymmetric bought and installed in may 2011 ( unknowingly rec'd 2007 production tires ) and then removed my tires for winter
BMW 535I US 2011 Air Bubbles In The Side of 3 tires put out goodyear 2011 535i i only have 17000 miles on the car i had
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Last April I Purchased A bmw 550ix. in march of this year while on the freeway i developed a flat tire. i was
BMW 535XI 2011 <12,000 miles later one of those replaced had a "sidewall bubble" which again was replaced at my cost. i fear there is a dangero"> At 6000 Miles Car Displayed three tires with "sidewall bubbles" in them. dealer replaced three tires at cost to me. at
BMW X3 2008 I Was Driving My Vehicle when all four tires indicated a major malfunction of tire pressure warning. i immediately went to my local
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Goodyear Eagle Ls-2 Tire Failure- bubble in sidewall with less than 3,000 miles on it. *js
BMW 550I 2012 After Driving Only A Few thousand miles the tires on the car failed. the two front tires "bubbled. within one month
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 550i with goodyear eagle ls-2 tires, line sizes p245/40/r19. the contact stated that both of the
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Tires Are Extremely Susceptible To bubbles in the sidewall caused by routing driving. i've replaced two tires in less than 6 months on
BMW 750LI 2010 I Have A Bmw, 7 series 2010 with oem run flat tires. during the first year of the lease two of the run
BMW 535XI 2011 I Bought This 2011 model bmw 535ix in march 2011, and it came with goodyear eagle ls/2 rof tires. the front tire
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Run-flat Tires Bmw Sports Package tire bulge sidewall - unacceptable the bmw dealer wants to charge close to $500 for replacement! we are taking
BMW 750LI 2010 2010 Bmw 750 Li. consumer states problem with vehicle tires and believes bmw has faulty design on their tire selection and would like an
BMW 535XI 2011 Have A 2011 Bmw 535xi with 5,000 miles on it. bumped a small pot hole and my front goodyear 245/40/19 eagle ls2 run
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Creation Of Bubble In Sidewall of goodyear run flat 19inch all season tire. *tr
BMW 535I US 2011 I Have A 2011 Bmw 535i with run flat tires. after hitting a small pot hole i noticed bubbles on the outside of both
BMW X3 2009 Pirelli Scorpion Tire 235/55hr17 99h blow-outs in side walls. *tr
BMW 535XI 2011 My 2011 Bmw 550ix Has goodyear eagle ls 2 run flats, 245/40. i took delivery of the car in july 2011 and had
BMW 325XI 2002 While Driving On Highway, rf tire separated (sidewall from tread) instantaneously. tire was changed with spare. 10 minutes later lf tire blew
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 My 2011 Bmw 550xi Has goodyear eagle ls 2 run flats, 245/40. i took delivery of the car in june 2011 and have
BMW 335I 2007 I Purchased These General Tires from several years ago they are rated tread life of approx 40k miles. a few weeks
BMW 535I US 2011 I Took My 2011, 5351 bmw in for it's first service and was told by the service department that the 2 front tires (goodyear
BMW 323I 2000 Firestone Firehawk Gt Tire Failed under normal driving conditions. tire tread separated from interior sidewall. tire was less than 2 years
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Repeated Sidewall Bubbles On My goodyear eagle ls 2 tires, 245/40 r19, and need for replacement, both front tires in two seperate
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Original Tires On Bmw 550i xdrive with m sport package have failed due to bubbles in the sidewalls. these are good year eagle
BMW 535XI 2011 My 2011 Bmw 535xi Tire (245/40r-19 goodyear eagle ls-2 runonflat bmw runflat x) needed to be changed twice in one year due to bubble on
BMW 3 SERIES 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 bmw 328i equipped with continental contipro contact tires, size 205/55/r16, dot number: 1lt4 bxh62711. the
BMW 535XI 2011 The Goodyear 245/40/19 Ls2 Tire on my 2011 bmw blistered then lost all air after hitting a minor pothole at less than 5 mph.
BMW 535XI 2011 2011 Bmw 535xi With M sport package developed bubble on front driver side tire. the tire is a goodyear ls-2 run flat tire.
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 I Have A 2011 Bmw x5 with the bridgestone dueler h/l 400 255/50r19 107 h. the tires are 8 months old and has driven
BMW R1150 RT 2004 Shinko Raven 009 Size 120/70 zr 17 developed blisters around 75% of the circumferance of the tread. the blisters range from 1
BMW 535I US 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 535i. the contact stated that the tires exhibited bubbles due to the rims. the contact had
BMW X5 DIESEL SAV 2011 07/31/2011: 2011 Bmw X5d, with 10,500 miles, all 4 tires were inflated by dealer at 40psi; four weeks later the rear
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Original Vehicle Equipment On Vehicles equipped with sport package or m-package; tire size: 245/40/19 failure of multiple tires manufactured by good year.
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 2011 Bmw 535i 12,000 miles. multiple bubbles on left front sidewall. tire have been replace two times. goodyear excellence 245\40 r19
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 2011 Bmw 550i Xdrive 6000 miles. 2.5 inch bubble on left front sidewall. *tt
BMW 535I US 2011 After Routine Driving I Found a large "bubble" or blister on the sidewalk of my goodyear eagle ls 245 40r19 tire.. i have
BMW 535I US 2011 I Have Had My Bmw for 6 months and each of the front tires have developed "bubbles" on the sidewall. i live in
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 In The Past 5 Months of owning my bmw 535xi, i had to change my goodyear eagle ls2 size 245/40r19 run flats 3 times
BMW 7 SERIES 2008 Michelin 245/35 21 Tires, sidewall bubbles after less then 2500 miles weakening tire potential crash caus. *tt
BMW 7 SERIES 2003 Tires Uneven Wear. *tt
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw 535i with michelin pilot sport ps2 run flat tires, size 275/35/r18. the contact stated that the
BMW 330XI 2006 I Have A 2006 Bmw 330xi with 28,000 miles. it came with bridgestone potenza re050a run flat tires. i have had 6
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Sidewall Bubble On Right Front goodyear run flat excellence 245/40r19 94y. dot ne66 jf1r 1510 only 8400 miles! vehicle is 2011 bmw
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 I Owned A 2011 535i bmw with sport package and i purchased it on october 2010 within 9 months from date of purchase 4 of
BMW 525XI 2011 I Have Had 8 Bent rims and had to replace 5 tires due to multiple bubbles in each tire since i purchased this vehicle in
BMW 535I US 2011 Tire Failure (sidewall Bubbling) On 2011 bmw 5-series with 19" goodyear run-flat tires. *tr
BMW 535I US 2011 Front Passenger Side Tire Developed a bubble after going over a small pothole at under 30mph. this is the second time this has happened
BMW 535I US 2011 While Driving My 2011 Bmw 535xi, i hit a small pothole while driving at about 25mph. a large bubble in the sidewall of
BMW 528I 1997 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1997 bmw 528i equipped with nankang sport ns-1 (255/40/17) dot u8uy1264906 tires. the contact stated that while
BMW K1200LT 2004 Tire On Motorcycle Separated On highway. resulted in loss of control, injured both riders, bike was totaled. *tr
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Minor Pothole Hit Twice With < 1000 miles on odometer, second tire now with side wall bubble. due to back order for
BMW 535I US 2011 Normal Driving Of Bmw. only 2 months old. noticed 2 large bubbles in sidewall. went online to find
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 I Have A 2011 Bmw 550i xdrive and have had four of my tires go bust within the last few months. the car has
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Air Bubbles On Goodyear Eagle ls2 (made in germany) run flat tire 245/40r19 94y installed on bmw 535xi. ! tire replaced following a bubble
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 550xi equipped with goodyear eagle ls-2 245/40/19 tires. the contact stated the vehicle was parked when he
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 2011 Bmw 550i Xdrive With m-sport package has goodyear eagle ls-2 245/40r19 98v tires. the right front tire developed 3 minor bubbles on
BMW 535I US 2011 Good Year Run Flat Tires are very unsafe. apparently bmw and goodyear have some kind of deal. i bought a 2011 bmw 535i
BMW 3 SERIES 2010 Bridgestone Potenza Run Flat Tires cause noise and vibration after 7000km on a 2010 bmw 328ix. *tr
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Drove Car For Only 350 miles from new. left front tire developed sidewall blister. no significant impact. noticed damage
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Major Issues With A Specific tire. new 5 series from bmw, if get 19" wheels come with substandard tires - goodyear eagle
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Bmw Goodyear Issues Run-flat Tires installed on 5 series cars are defective. the tires cause bubbles in the side wall even over minor bumps.
BMW X3 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw x3. the contact stated the vehicle would abnormally veer towards the right while driving at various speeds.
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Replaced 3 Tires Of Bmw 19inch rft. bubbles on all tires. 6k miles. we need a recall here before injury occurs.
BMW 535I US 2011 Tire Blister. This is one of four blisters on this brand of tires. *tr
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Blister In Tire. this is one of four blisters. *tr
BMW 535I US 2011 Goodyear Eagle Ls2 Tire Developed bubble after less than 2000 miles. tire is on national backorder and is the only tire approved for this
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Goodyear Ls2 Run Flat Tire developed a bubble after only 170 miles. *tr
BMW 535I 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 535i (na) equipped with good year eagle ls-2 tires, tire size 245/45/18. the contact noticed a
BMW 325CI 2001 Severe Damage To Front Bumper of car and damage to 2 tires. resulting in an unnecessary purchase of new tires. *tr
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Driving My Commute, That i previously had traveled on low profile tires in my previous bmw for 3 years without incident, i got
BMW 535I US 2011 Air Bubbles On Goodyear Ecellence (made in germany) run flat tire 245/40r19 94y installed on bmw 535i . these are the code on the
BMW 535I US 2011 Over A Period Of 5 weeks and 2300 miles i have experienced sidewall degradation (blister) four different times on three tires after traversing broken pavement/pot
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Side Wall Bubbles On goodyear eagle ls2 run on flats supplied with 2011 bmw 550xi sport package when driving over small potholes or road
BMW X6 2011 I Was Driving My Brand new bmw x6 on i78 headed west. at approximately exit 4, the tire pressure management system indicated
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 Serious Problem, I Can not drive and can not replace blowout, broken run flat tires from bridgestone on my '08 bmw 328i.
BMW 6 SERIES 2008 Bridgestone Potenza 245-40-r19 94w major sidewall failure, 3 inch section of tire from bead of tire at rim surface looks as if
BMW 323I 1999 Tl*the Driver Owned A 1999 bmw 323i. the contact was representing a law firm for the driver who was killed in a crash three
BMW X5 2007 The Dealer Atlantic Subaru (124 waterhouse rd bourne, ma 02532). sold me a used 2007 bmw x5 with tires below 2/32.
BMW 5 SERIES 2003 Installed Two New Bridgestone Potenza pole position re 960as in july 2010(purchased from thetire rack),on my 2003 bmw 540i(at bridgestone tire dealer).rear,275r1835.
BMW 7 SERIES 2006 I Purchased 2 Pirelli Rosso tires for the rear of my 2006 bmw 760li. i was driving on i-24w in nashville, tn on
BMW 550I 2007 I Have A 550i With the sport package. both rear tires wore out the inner 1/4" of tire completely while the outer,
BMW 3 SERIES 2009 I Lessee A Bmw 2009 3 series vehicle equipped with bridgestone turanza el42 rft 225/45r17 run-flat tires. i have 9,000 miles
BMW 545I 2005 I Am The Second Owner of a certified pre-owned 2005 bmw 545i. i purchased the car in jan 2009 from bmw of pleasant
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2009 Shinko E705 Rear Tire, size 150/70/17,approximately 4k miles (all highway) mounted on oem wheel of a 2009 bmw r1200gs adventure, tire tread
BMW K1300 S 2009 I Was Traveling West On an interstate for about 10 miles when a slight vibration started which at first thought was the road then i
BMW 335I 2008 The Front Oe Tires On my 2008 bmw have developed sidewall bubbles. the tires are bridgestone potenza re050a, 225/40 r18. this
BMW 335I 2008 Sidewall Separation (right Front) On bridgestone size 225/40r18 reo50a original equipment run flat tire at 20,000 miles. these tires seem prone to
BMW 328I 2007 Bridgestone Turanza Tires 225/45r17 dot 4906 - very noisy tires at 9, 131 miles. *tr
BMW 328XI 2007 My Car Failed A Vehicle inspection today for "safety reasons" because i'm told the 2 front tires are worn out.
BMW 330CI 2002 The Incident Occurred Just After merging onto the inner-loop 495 north-bound from west-bound highway 50, between highway 50 and 66, in fairfax,
BMW 135I 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw 135i. while the contact was having his vehicle inspected he was informed all 4 run-flat tires
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 I Purchased A Set Of kumho escta spt, size 245/35-19 tires from my retailer on jan.12 2009. on march 28,

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