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Bmw Suspension Rear Reports

Sunday 25th of October 2015 02:31:14 PM

BMW X5 2001 Tires Were Wearing Out Prematurely. dealer noticed rear suspension control arm was bent, causing tires to wear out prematurely. dealer replaced
BMW 325 1992 When Shifting Gears front will make a crackling noise. *ak consumer states entire back end suspension (struts left and right) holding
BMW 323I 2000 Consumer States The Rear Suspension cradle is breaking away from the frame. manufacturer has been advised and sent out 2 different investigators
BMW K1200LT 1999 There Have Been Many Failures of this component registered with bmw but they refuse to issue a recall. having the rear end of
BMW K1200LT 2000 Known Rear End Failure Problem with this model. manufacturer has not recalled.*ak
BMW 325I 1995 No Summmary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
BMW 528 1988 Rear Crossmember Mounting Holes -top 2 - to rear axle failed
BMW Z3 1998 Rear Stabilizer Bar Repaired Several times with three replacements. mjs
BMW Z3 1996 Vehicle Is Difficult To Handle because the rear suspension is loose when turning or going over bumps at 50 mph.
BMW R1100 1995 Carbon Canister/brake Caliper/factory Bags Directly in path of swing arm, allowing canister/bags to be struck by swing arm/caliper to dislodge.
BMW 850I 1991 Shock Support Came Completely Out of the body of the vehicle on two occasions.
BMW 325 1994 Rear Lower Control Arm Broke, causing temporary loss of control of vehicle.
BMW 745I 2005 There Is A Recall On the rear suspension causing the bushings to go out. my vin number was not included. i am having
BMW M3 2003 Rear Vehicle Subframe Beginning To separate from chassis. sheet metal directly above subframe mounting point peeling away from rest of car.
BMW 328I 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 bmw 328. the contact stated the rear sub frame was separated from the vehicle. the vehicle was
BMW M ROADSTER 2000 Differential Mount Failure. Subframe separates from trunk floor. common in the z3m roadsters. subframe is just spot welded to the trunk floor
BMW 325CI 2001 2001 Bmw 325ci Rear Sub frame damage. *tr
BMW 328I 2000 Product Failure Of A 2000 bmw 328i. the rear sub-frame assembly of the car is separating from the car. i am
BMW 325XI 2005 I Have A 2005 Bmw 325xi with 65,000 miles on it. i am told both rear springs are broken. i
BMW Z4 2007 1. Rear Sway bar mount loosens over time. 2. rear sway bar mount may fall off if not tightened
BMW 330XI 2002 Both Rear Springs Have Cracked/broken at approx 55,000 miles. this is a known issue. bmw will not warranty a replacement set of
BMW 550I 2007 I Have A 550i With the sport package. both rear tires wore out the inner 1/4" of tire completely while the outer,
BMW Z3 ROADSTER 1998 Normal Driving Resulted In Frame failure at the differential mounting point. the entire differential mount broke loose from the frame and the cross frame
BMW X3 2004 Broken Rear Spring On 2004 bmw x3 with 50,000 miles. dealer stated this is a common problem on the 3 series and
BMW 325I 2003 Rear Springs On 2003 Bmw 325x1 both broken--yet shocks fully operational. mechanic at local bmw dealership said this a defect in
BMW K SERIES 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 bmw k 1200 lte . the contact stated while driving 75 mph the contact heard a noise
BMW M3 2001 Left Rear Suspension Spring Broke with only about 50k miles. resulted in noise, poor suspension control over bumps. repair shop is replacing
BMW 325XI 2006 I Was Driving My 2006 bmw 3-series (325xi sports wagon), with only 30,000 miles on it, yesterday. i heard something break
BMW Z3 1999 1999 Bmw Z M Roadster rear gearbox(diff) tearing from car. all welds are broken and support is torn in half in places and
BMW 325CI 2001 Passenger Side Gas Tank Strap comes unwelded form the car. *tr
BMW 328I 1999 Bmw 328i Year 1999. i have had vehicle inspected by a reputable technician who informed me that my car has problem with rear
BMW K1200 S 2005 Bmw Motorcycle Rear Drive Failure. i have had two failures of the rear drive unit on my 2005 bmw k1200s motorcycle over the past
BMW R1200 GS 2004 Stress Fracture On Bmw Gs1200 (2004) rear wheel attachment flange. this billet aluminum flange is the single component connecting the rear wheel with the
BMW 323I 2000 My 2000 Bmw 323i Has sub frame fractures as defined in a class action lawsuit against bmw. in the settlement, bmw has agreed
BMW M ROADSTER 1999 Differential Subframe Causes Weld Failures appearing in trunk and other body locations. i believe that this is caused by a defect that generates
BMW X3 2004 My Transmission/vehicle At 40mph On flat or slight decent will jerk back and forth when you take your foot off the accelerator. bmw
BMW M3 2002 After 2.5 Years Of ownership of vehicle a slight "clunk" coming from the rear of the vehicle is noticed when moving forward from a
BMW 325CI 2002 Today, After Filling Up gas for the first time in 2 months, since i purchased this new used 2002 bmw 325ci, model
BMW 325I 2003 Four Times Since I Buy a 2003 bmw 325i , i have to get the auto to guarantee service for replacement of the
BMW 745LI 2003 Family & I Had Been in vancouver bc for vacation. we began our return trip home, crossed the canadian peace arch border into
BMW K1200LT 2001 Failure Of Rear Drive Bearing on k1200lt bmw. *ak
BMW 328I 2000 I Had Been Hearing A noise for a couple of months and thought it was the clutch, i took the car into a
BMW 323I 2000 On My 2000 Bmw 323i with about 100k miles i noticed a creaking noise coming from the rear suspension. upon inspection, the drivers
BMW 325IS 1995 Dt*: The Contact Stated While backing up out of a driveway at 5 mph, a noise was heard. the contact inspected the
BMW E36 2002 I Was Hearing Noises Coming from the rear of the car took it into bmw, and they said the rear subframe was cracking.
BMW R1100 RS 1998 Bmw Motorcycle - Failure Of the 'big' bearing in the rear drive. noise from the rear drive - followed by the wheel cocking
BMW Z3 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 70 mph during clear conditions, the front driver side air bag deployed without warning or impact to
BMW M3 1998 1) Normal Vehicle Operation 2) left rear strut-tower failure resulting in penetration of strut and spring and failure of rear suspension. could have
BMW R1100 RT 1999 The Rear Drive Bearing Failed on my motorcycle. if this had happened on the highway, who knows how serious it might have
BMW K1200LT 2003 Bmw 0703 K1200ltc Motorcycle Rear end failed at less than 19,000 miles creating a hazard to my safety. however by hearing the
BMW K1200LT 2000 Rear Drive Bearing Failure Twice now. 2000 bmw k1200lt reporting second incident below. *jb
BMW 3 SERIES 1997 Rear Suspension Failure On E36 bmw.. i have read about this on every bmw forum.. the rear subframe mounts tear the
BMW 740I 2001 Driving On The Interstate, clear weather, average traffic, and during a lane change there was an unusual feel to the steering response.
BMW 325IT 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at 35 mph on normal road conditions the service engine light illuminated. the vehicle was taken
BMW X5 2003 Premature Wear Of Rear Tires: the factory set angle of camber leads to severe cupping of the rear tires on a 2003 bmw x5
BMW 328I 1999 1999 Bmw 328i (e46) - design defect in the rear suspension leading to a crack in the chassis floor where the rear sub-frame attaches to
BMW 3 SERIES 2000 While Driving On A Smooth road, the rear wheels locked up - without any warning. car came to a sudden unexpected halt
BMW E46 2000 1) Normal Street And Highway driving 2) rear subframe failure 3)currently being repaired, replaced cross member
BMW M3 1998 The Shock Wells Rusted And cracked making shocks protrude out of it's mounts.
BMW 325IS 1994 I Am A Member Of the bmwcca and a bmw automtive enthusiast. i have notice for many years the occurannce of a common
BMW 328I 1999 Rear Subframe Torn Away From chassis causing noisy and misaligned suspension parts and a definite safety concern for complete failure. common enough problem
BMW 328IC 2000 Vehicle Shook And Made Noises from the rear. consumer took vehicle to dealer for check up, and results showed that the suspension
BMW 328IC 2000 Consumer Heard A Squeaking Noise coming from the rear while driving. consumer drove vehicle to the dealer, and mechanic determined
BMW 328IC 2000 While Driving 25 Mph, the consumer heard a loud knocking noise coming from the rear. suddenly, the vehicle vibrated.
BMW 3 SERIES 1994 Sub Frame Rips Apart From under body of car. this is a common problem with 92-98 3 series of bmw cars.
BMW 330I 2002 Problems With Left Rear Wheel bearing and window operating mechanism. *mr the a/c was not cool enough in hot weather
BMW 323I 1999 While Driving Consumer Noticed A thumping sound. consumer had the vehicle serviced by a technician, who noticed that rear suspension cross member mount
BMW M3 1995 Passenger Side Rear Shock Torn out from the shock tower. stress cracks in the driver side rear shock tower with failure imminent.
BMW K1200LT 1999 Failure Of A Rear End bearing and oil seal on my 1999 bmw k1200lti motorcycle. this failure caused an oil spill and a
BMW K1200RS 2002 Rear End Failure. *ak
BMW Z3 1999 Sway Bar End Links Came loose. *ak
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 2000 Rear Drive Bearing - Dealer found the bearing bad at scheduled service. *nlm
BMW 740IL 1998 Advised To Replace Rear Control arms (suspenion) due to excessive squeaking noise. three different repair shops attempted to lubricate to reduce noise but

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