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30 Jun

BMW 525 1995 Vehicle Pulls To The Right, causing vehicle to go out of control while traveling at 50 mph. *ak
BMW 850 1995 The Vehicle Constantly Pulls To the left causing the driver to loss control of the vehicle. please describe. tt

BMW 328I 1999 While Braking Steering Wheel vibrates hard which may result in a loss of vehicle con, when manufacturer finds have a remedy he
BMW 3 SERIES 1998 The Consumer Is Experiencing Problems with front end suspension. every time that vehicle is driven over a bump, a
BMW 740I 1995 While Driving At Any Speed and with no warning if consumer hits a bump in the road front suspension will make a clunking loud noise.
BMW 525I 2001 Re: Bmw 525i Wagon With sports package. caster in front wheels permanently maladjusted such that at about 8,000miles severe cupping is caused on
BMW R1200C 1998 Leaving Workplace, About 200 yards @ approx 35 mph, front left telescope disengaged and separated from the crossbar mechanism. instantly the
BMW 328I 1998 Dealer Picked Up Car For oil change and performed an alignment without request or authorization. since then car pulls to right. after.
BMW M3 1997 The Vehicle Was Out Of alignment. nlm
BMW 323I 1999 The Vehicle Pulls To The left and right intermittently. nlm
BMW 735I 1988 Vehicle Vibration Constantly In The front end causing damage to tires.
BMW 750 1992 Premature Driveshaft/u-joint Failure; Also, premature and poor quality of intake manifold gaskets/front end vibration/premature fuel pump failures. *ak
BMW 750 9999 Front Suspension Produces A Noise every time driven over bumpy road, no problem found.
BMW 750IL 1996 Front End Suspension Experiences Noise on bumpy road surfaces, ten attempts to fix noise problem, however still continues to exhibit noise. mjs
BMW 525 1992 Vehicle Wanders/jumps.
BMW 325 9999 Vehicle Experiences Excessive Vibration. *ak
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 The Front Suspension Makes Loud noises when the car goes over bumps. i also find that i have to perform wheel balancing every 2-3
BMW F650GS DAKAR 2002 The Front Axle Detached From the rhs fork leg while traveling at approx 50 kmh down a washboard section of a gravel road. i
BMW X3 2004 Frontal Differential And Window Motor went bad at the same time. the suv only has 80, 000 miles and is having all kinds
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 The Vehicle Makes A Grinding noise at low speeds on right turns. this happens both in cold and warm weather and is heard
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 550i. while driving approximately 40 mph, the contact heard a rattling noise coming from the passenger side
BMW 330CI 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 330 ci. the contact was attempting a right turn when the steering wheel exhibited an unusual clicking
BMW F650GS 2002 1. "wobble" In The front forks of my f650gs for about 1 week. then a catastrophic failure of the fork casting from the
BMW 330CI 2002 The Incident Occurred Just After merging onto the inner-loop 495 north-bound from west-bound highway 50, between highway 50 and 66, in fairfax,
BMW F650GS 2001 2001 Bmw F650gs Front Fork failure - while riding on smooth asphalt my motorcycle suffered a catastrophic fork failure during deceleration - braking causing the
BMW 335I 2007 Tire Cupping On 3 Series bmws. cause unknown. dealer states its a tire issue. if one looks on any of the car
BMW F650GS 2001 I Was Involved In A low speed <=45 mph motorcycle crash with a medium sized dog (approx 50 lbs) back in the fall of 2005.
BMW 528I 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 bmw 528i. while driving 60 mph, the contact heard a clunking noise and noticed smoke coming from
BMW X3 2005 Auto Type: 2005 Bmw x3 sav. the vehicle has had a history of failures with the operation system with regard to the
BMW F650GS 2001 -motorcycle -bmw 2001 F650gs -sunny day -straight, rural city street -35mph -crossed railroad tracks -60ft later felt braking
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 2000 Evidence Of Cracking To Lower aluminum fork legs on bmw f650 gs motorcycle manufactured in 2000 with potential severe consequences if total failure occurs whilst
BMW F650 CS 2003 I Was On A Motorcycle trip to banff, ab. about 50k north of crowsnest pass, ab on gravel highway 40 i had
BMW F650GS DAKAR 2002 The Front Axle Detached From the rhs fork leg whilst traveling at approx 40kms/hr down a grassy lane way in a vineyard.
BMW F650GS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 bmw f650gs. while riding at 65 mph, the motorcycle, wobbled, and proceeded to throw the
BMW K1200RS 2000 1) I Hit 2 Potholes in the road, one right after the other. 2) the front wheel fender got lodged between the
BMW 528I 1997 Bmw Customer States That Strut plate failed in feb 2007 and discovered there had been a recall on this vehicle for exactly this defect**cc *jb
BMW 528I 1997 While Driving At Night On interstate 5, southbound north of los angeles in vicinity of sun valley, my 1997 bmw 528i struck a
BMW X5 2001 2001 Bmw X5 Right Front axel boot discovered leaking after 5-1/2 years light duty (57k miles). left front one was found to be
BMW 323I 2000 While Driving 30 Mph Consumer heard a loud squeaking noise coming from the front. vehicle jerked and vibrated uncontrollably. it was taken
BMW 328I 1999 Camber, Toe And Suspension problems with my vehicle. *ak
BMW R1200C 2003 The Bmw "cruiser" Family Of motorcycles exhibits a large proportion of units that have a "pull to the right" issue, in varying degrees.
BMW BMW 9999 Request For Reimbursement For 2 front struts, 4 front tires, and 2 front alignments. *mr the vehicle was
BMW 540I 1997 Dealership Was Unable To Perform the front spring strut recall 04v183000 repairs within a reasonable time. the consumer contacted customer service and received

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