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30 Jun

BMW Z3 2000 The Consumer States That Water leaks above the driver's window/door, the dealer ordered part, and the passenger's door started to leak again.
BMW 320 1999 My Son And I Were traveling south on the 405 freeway in the carpool lane in moderate/heavy traffic when without warning the right front plastic

BMW 540 1997 Structure Design Of The Vehicle (struts between windows) are too large causing poor visibilty. yh
BMW R1100 2000 2000 Bmw, R1100rl. the motorcycle contained a design flaw in the final drive gear lube seal within the chassis of the motorcycle.*ak
BMW 325IS 1992 Left Rear Strut And Mount cracked and tore away from sub-frame of vehicle. nlm
BMW 323I 1999 Vehicle Was Involved In An accident where it was struck by another vehicle, the impact resulted in vehicle being cut into two pieces,
BMW 3 SERIES 1986 10 Years Ago Consumers Children were involved in an accident in which they were hit by another vehicle when the vehicle they were driving spun
BMW 3 SERIES 1986 Vehicle Slid On An Icy road into another vehicle, leaving the front of the vehicle mangled, luckily there were no injuries, consumer
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 The Auc Sensor Under The hood is not well secured. the bracket securing the sensor is broken leaving the sensor loose under the
BMW X5 2003 Water Gets Inside Rear Lights, causing corrosion, as a result, the lights stop working and a warning light appears on the dashboard
BMW 525I 2004 There Is A Component Called mpm(micro power module) beneath the spare tire and is completely burnt due to some water in the trunk.
BMW 335I 2007 Driving Normally, About To make a turn onto a street my power steering fails and i get a light on the dashboard about battery
BMW 328I 2010 (incident #1) I Began Having issues with my 2010 328i replacement vehicle (initially purchased 2009, because of water leakage bmw replaced 2009 with current
BMW X3 2004 I Was Driving The 405 fwy s close to lax when all of a sudden i heard like wind blowing inside my car then
BMW M3 2004 I Inspected The Trunk Floorpan and noticed buckling, cracking of the trunk floor and welded seams coming apart. the rear subframe mounts
BMW 530I 2004 Idrive Is Totally Black, including all dashboard functions, no wipers or power to windows, only my engine runs.
BMW 330CI 2001 While Entering The Freeway I heard a pop from under my car and immediately began to hear a loud metallic scraping sound coming from under
BMW 325I 2006 Small Crack Has Developed In the mat on the passenger side of vehicle and the air bag warning lamp is on. nhtsa recall
BMW 530XI 2006 Bmw Is Recalling 200,000 my 2006 3 series sport seat, my 2004-2006 5 series standard and sport seat, and my 2004-2006 x3
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Discovered 12/9/2012. Extent of cracking indicates that the issue likely began a number of years earlier. my fuel tank
BMW 530XI 2006 A Recent Rain Storm Flooded the spare tire well compartment and fried all the electrical components stored underneath the tire. luckily i wasn't
BMW X6 2012 Cpsc#i1280311a. 2012 Bmw X6. consumer stated the vehicle does not have any audible or visual warnings that any of the doors or hatch
BMW F800 ST 2007 The Plastic Mounting Plate Holding the fuel pump and fuel gauge sending unit developed a hairline crack. this crack allowed fuel to escape
BMW 530XI 2006 This Bmw 530xi Wagon Suffered a complete electrical failure after the sunroof drainage system drained rain water into the compartments where the battery, fuses,
BMW 128I 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 bmw 128i. the contact stated that as she was entering the vehicle, she noticed film covering the
BMW X5 2005 Bought The My Car About 3 months ago, i noticed water leaking from the top console, i took it back the dealer
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Severe Deep Cracks All Around the plastic collar of the output port of the siemens high-pressure fuel pump. fuel leak imminent, which would
BMW R 1200 RT 2005 2005 Bmw R 1200 Rt real wheel flange cracked this flange supports the rear wheel brake disc and also the rear wheel itself
BMW X3 2004 On January 23, 2012 after a whole weekend of downpour rain, i get into my x3 to notice water on the center console
BMW 525 2001 Power Brake Servo Failure Due to water accumulation. driving the car and attempted to stop when there was suddenly no power brakes.
BMW Z4 2003 1.vehicle Unsafe To Drive; unable to maintain steering or keep vehicle on the road safely. 2.vibrations while driving vehicle
BMW 530XI 2006 Very Big Leak On My garage floor. no dashboard sensor alerted me to this leak. transmission mechatronics sleeve was leaking and had to
BMW 530XI 2006 The Bmw Vehicles With Panoramic moonroofs have a known failure (see in the water seals and drain channels associated with the sunroof.
BMW M3 2001 Normal Driving Has Weakened The sub-frame to the point where it has cracked and separated from the chassis. *tr
BMW 650I 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 650i. while the vehicle was parked the contact noticed a light on the instrument panel indicating the
BMW 525I 2007 I Was Driving Through A canyon area, and water spilled out of my ice chest into the trunk bay, where the spare tire
BMW 323I 2000 Rear Subframe Beginning To Tear. common problem that has been noted here before. *tr
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 Driving In The Rain Cause water to penetrate into an area where a fpc (fuel pressure controller) on the vehicle is positioned. the engine
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 I Purchased My 2011 550i in january of 2011. two weeks after actually getting the car on the road i noticed the vehicle veers
BMW X5 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw x5. the contact stated during rainy weather, water leaked into the satellite radio receiver module and
BMW X5 2007 This Is My Second Complaint of problems caused by water intrusion of my 2007 bmw x-5. first complaint was the passenger-side floorboard carpet getting
BMW 525I 2003 2003 Bmw 525i 11 Months ago brought in due to water and mold in rear floor dealer found mold, door panels crumbling from water
BMW Z4 2004 In The Fall, 2010, my bmw 2004 z4 stopped automatically opening and closing the convertible top. according to the mechanic there
BMW 3 SERIES 2010 I Have A 2010 Bmw 328i. the brake pedal and the gas pedal are too close together. when engaging the brake,
BMW X5 2007 Complaint Is Of A 2007 bmw x-5(purchased 6 months ago). i have experienced the carpet in the floor board(passenger side) gets wet. since
BMW 530I 2005 My 2005 Bmw 530i Has a microprocessor unit located in the spare tire sump in the trunk. water got into the trunk and
BMW 128I US 2011 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 128i. the contact stated that mice were eating through a cable that made the check engine light illuminate.
BMW 323I 2000 2000 Bmw 323 4 Door sedan inside fabric separating from windshield column frame, front and back windshields. glue is defective and bmw
BMW E36 SERIES 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 bmw e36. the contact stated that whenever it rains the water leaked into the electronic control module and caused
BMW X3 2005 Hatch Back Is Leaking Water into the hatchback of x3. water leakage in front of car from hood into bilateral sides of dash board
BMW 525I 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 bmw 525i. the contact stated that due to the way the tire was mounted on the vehicle, the
BMW 7 SERIES 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 bmw 7 series. the contact stated while driving 40 mph, the air bag warning light illuminated.
BMW R 1200 GS 2005 Bmw R1200gs Real Wheel Flange the flange is a billet part that connects the rear wheel and the rear brake disc to the motorcycle.
BMW 3 SERIES 2000 I Have A 2000 Bmw 323 ci convertible and have problems with the remote trunk release. neither the key fob nor the release button
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 330xi (na). while the vehicle was parked, the contact noticed that the paint on the leather was
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 530 xit. the contact noticed that when it rained the water penetrated the vehicle spare tire area causing
BMW 530I 2007 I Own A 2007 Bmw 530i. water can get below the trunk of the vehicle where a rdc modular is located and cause
BMW X3 2005 Water Leaving In The Rear passenger side. *tr
BMW 325CI 2001 2001 Bmw 325ci, Passenger side fuel tank strap failure at front weld site causing fuel tank to hang from the under body only several
BMW 3 SERIES 2009 Paint Defect On New Car, 2009 bmw , purchased on march 2010. the paint is pealing in 4 places. car purchased
BMW 528I 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 bmw 528i. the contact stated that the front of the vehicle was so low to the ground that it
BMW 645CI 2005 2005 Bmw 645ci. Consumer has leaking problems from the convertible top *gr the consumer stated rain leak inside the vehicle and destroyed all
BMW X3 2006 Experienced A Wet Floor Board in backseat on the driver side along with a puddle in the front driver side. dealership said it
BMW 745LI 2003 Paint On Indoor Trim Peels off. any low end toy car indoor paint sticks longer than this car. big money waste. *tr
BMW 330CI 2001 While Driving Down A Local road, the fuel tank strap of my 2001 bmw 330ci suddenly broke off. it failed at the weld
BMW M3 1999 The Distance Between The Brake pedal and the gas pedal is too close and poses a danger when moving from the gas pedal to the
BMW 740IL 1998 This Is About My 1998 740il bmw. two times since owning this vehicle the engine reveved up when i was pushing the brake
BMW X3 2005 Bmw X3 2005. purchased last december with 43,115 miles. currently has 48,000+. car has been in shop
BMW 5 SERIES 2001 Bmw X5 With 15,000 miles had such extensive rust in the front end parts that the repair cost over $2,000. *tr
BMW M3 2009 I Was Driving On A side road at the allotted speed limit., i was on a single lane road. i then went
BMW F650GS 2001 2001 Bmw F650gs Front Fork failure - while riding on smooth asphalt my motorcycle suffered a catastrophic fork failure during deceleration - braking causing the
BMW 325XI 2002 Never Contacted By Bmw About bmw 325xi recall #02v088000. also, both front axles have gone out at 77,000 miles. *tr
BMW 540IA 2000 After A Couple Times Using my cup holders in my 2000 bmw 540 i they broke. they are made of cheap plastic and are
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 The Sunroof Drain Clogged In my 2006 bmw 530xi station wagon causing water to pool in the car and short out the electrical system while
BMW M6 2007 This Is A 2007 Bmw m6 convertible. the door windows drop 1/2" when the doors are opened and they raise up 1/2" when the
BMW X3 2007 Bmw X3 Needs New Computer system due to water damage allegedly emanating from a clogged drain in the sunroof. new computer costs appx
BMW 323I 2000 While Jacking Up The Car on the front-drivers-side the jack point on the vehicle failed. the metal where the jack goes bent inwards into
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 Go Here For The Entire story: i purchased a brand new 2008 bmw 328i for $38,000 from sonnen
BMW 745LI 2004 Vehicle:2004 Bmw 745li defective equipment: sevas s-10 wheels after traveling about two hours going 65mph all of the sudden i hear a
BMW 325I 2002 Sunroof Tabs Broke, Leaving the shade to get stuck almost always leading to the window to jam. i know this is a constant
BMW 318IS 1995 Passenger Window Falls Off The tracks - results in high bills to get it fixed. numerous incidents. i am unable
BMW 550I 2008 Bmw 528i - If You carry liquids which spill in your trunk, the liquid can seep through and burn the wires, or the
BMW X3 2005 Interior Door Rattles/creaks From Seals/door sill. extremely noisy when driving. sounds as if the car is going to cave in or
BMW X5 2004 Our 2004, Bmw X-5 door jammed on the front passenger side. i have contacted bmw, but they denied any problems concerning doors
BMW 325I 2002 The Plastic Clips That Operate the sunshade on my 2002 325i have broken four times since i purchased the vehicle in 2003 requiring replacement.
BMW M3 2008 Car = Bmw 328 Convertible with comfort access option year = 2008 and 2007 (hard top convertible required option = comfort access for
BMW Z3 1999 I Noticed A Squeaking Noise coming from the back of my 1999 bmw z3 coupe. when i had it checked i found it
BMW 325I 2003 Four Times Since I Buy a 2003 bmw 325i , i have to get the auto to guarantee service for replacement of the
BMW E36 2002 The Windshield Molding Is Susceptible to breaking up and the whole windshield has to be removed to reinstall the molding. pretty bizarre for such
BMW X3 2004 I Purchased A 'certified" Bmw 330i in december of 2006 and have had the fuel pump replaced, instrument carrier replaced, both passenger window
BMW 328IC 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 bmw 328ic. the contact stated that the rear differential detached from the vehicle and caused the sub-frame to
BMW 530I 2004 I Purchased A Certified Car from bmw on 11-17-06 with 49,761 miles. in addition i purchased the extended warranty on the vehicle for
BMW 323I 2000 Drivers Side Rear Subframe Is tearing away from body. this has been noted several times on this website already. *tr
BMW E46 2000 At About 106k Miles I noticed a creaking noise coming from the rear suspension. upon inspection, the drivers side rear differential mount has
BMW 545I 2005 2005 Bmw 545i Steering Malfunction light illuminated, stalled without warning, windshield wipers didn't work when it rained, headlights shut off at night
BMW 330CI 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated There was a temperature sensor under the right side of the front bumper. when pulling into parking spaces with
BMW 3 SERIES 2000 The Rear Differential Is Completely torn away from the sub-frame caused either by weak sheet metal used or poor design. as a result
BMW 3 SERIES 2000 Vehicle Started Making Strange Noises from the rear suspension while driving. took it to a mechanic who confirmed this was the subframe of
BMW 3 SERIES 1997 Rear Suspension Failure On E36 bmw.. i have read about this on every bmw forum.. the rear subframe mounts tear the
BMW Z8 2001 My Vehicle Is A Bmw z8. it has come to the attention of the bmw z8 owners and myself that there is an inherent
BMW X5 2004 2004 Bmw X5 Steering Vibrates and pulls slightly to the left, cigarette lighter came apart,center console opens on its own. *ts
BMW 530I 2004 Both Electric Windows Had To be replaced because the motors died within weeks of each other. i was unable to open the doors properly
BMW 323I 2000 body failure at left rear subframe mount point. the following is a few other ppl who had same
BMW X5 2001 Purchased New X5 In Sept. 2001 - and that's when my problems began! luckily the car was under warranty in the beginning,
BMW X5 2001 1. Had Car serviced at 60,000 miles, only 3 weeks later the green dashes started appearing again and staying on,
BMW M COUPE 2000 My Model Year 2000 Bmw z3 m coupe has suffered from the problem of failed welds in the rear floor area of the hatch.
BMW M ROADSTER 1998 1998 Bmw M Roadster Rear sub-frame failure (1) normal driving (non-racing) led to a torn rear differential mount and sub-frame crack. (2)
BMW X3 2004 Sidestand For Motorcycle Is Bent so far that you can't get the bike off of the stand it leans over so far. it has
BMW 330CI 2001 Subframe Failure In 2001 E46 330ci, rear subframe tearing near spare tire storage and mounts. nothing was done to correct the problem and
BMW X3 2004 Multiple Electronic Problems From Day of purchase. fuel gauge problems/air conditioning shut down and slowing/dashboard malfunctioned, cumulating in failure of ignition.
BMW 325I 2004 Sand Color Strip That Meets the dashboard is in consumer's line of vision.*mr the consumer lives in an area where the temperature is
BMW 325IS 1993 The Rear Subframe Mount Points have ripped in at least one place from the unibody resulting in not being able to safely drive the car.
BMW 3 SERIES 2002 Bmw 325 Ci: i have experienced so many problems with my 325ci bmw, i bought the car in november, the
BMW 3 SERIES 2001 The Engine Of My Car shut off, and upon being towed to the dealer, they got back to me to say that the
BMW 528I 1998 The Front Driver Side Inside plastic door handle snapped. this caused the consumer to roll the window down to use the outside door
BMW 323I 1999 Numerous Ball Joint Replacements. *ph the clock bulb, thermostat, convertible top tensioner and power steering intake were replaced.
BMW 325I 2002 Water Leaks Into The Rear driver's side passenger compartment, flooding the carpet underneath the floor mat. happens nearly every time it rains
BMW F650 CS 2003 My Bmw F650cs Has Had several integral pieces of the bike shake loose or even fall completely off in the 18 months i have had
BMW 325I 2001 I Am Writing With Regards to file# 0304924 a complaint with bmw north america. as you received copies of all bmw's communications with me
BMW 328I 2000 Dashboard Reflects Into Windshield, causing an obstructive view. *ak
BMW R1200C 2003 Bmw R1200clc Motorcycle Sufficiently Misbalanced (i.e. center of gravity).he right of center line, such that a right counter steer is continuously
BMW 745LI 2002 Problems With Vehicle's Bumper Protection moldings, step plates, numerous blind spots while driving. *mr the step plate in
BMW Z3 1999 The Abs Light Illuminated On the dashboard, the driver side seat belt buckle needed to be replaced, and the convertible top did not
BMW K1200LT 2002 This Complaint Is About A bmw k1200lts: it is top heavy and will get away from the operator and roll over (standing still
BMW 328I 1999 The Unibody Had Tore In half and the left rear suspension disconnected. *jb
BMW M ROADSTER 2000 The Consumer Has Experienced The following problems: fire resulting in a total loss, due to design flaw/ or misrouting of wires due to