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30 Jun

BMW Z4 2004 The Steering Wheel Gets Stuck while driving and car doesn't stay in lane infact needs constant significant adjustments to keep it from accidentally getting
BMW X3 2011 Safety Recall Campaign 11v-341: electric power steering (eps) assist the above recall covered vehicles manufactured between feb 25, 2011 and

BMW Z4 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw z4. while attempting to reverse from a parking space at approximately 5 mph, the steering wheel
BMW X3 2011 Car Reports Steering Malfunction And electrical power steering assist is not provided. appears similar to issue with power steering system covered by recall
BMW Z4 2005 2005 Bmw Z4 With Sticking steering problems. very dangerous to drive. you have to make constant corrections to the steering wheel. have
BMW 525XI 2007 2007 Bmw 525xi Model Not limited to or exclusive of this make/model but has a known issue where a red light indicator appears on the
BMW Z4 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw z4. while driving approximately between 45-50 mph on normal road conditions. the steering wheel exhibited
BMW Z4 2004 The Steering Locks Up In hot weather forcing me to over compensate when driving. once the car cools down steering feedback returns to normal.
BMW Z4 2003 2003 Bmw Z4 With Power steering failure. consumer states that the power steering was going out intermittently but the dealer did not see any
BMW Z4 2003 Steering Locks, Resist, jerks, and stiffens up on hot days. this day my steering almost completely locked while changing lanes
BMW X3 2004 Steering Is Extremely Difficult During very hot weather. it is very difficult to make any kind of steering adjustment. *jb
BMW Z4 2003 During Hot Weather (90 Degrees and above) the steering becomes very heavy a sticky making it difficult to accurately steer the vehicle. the dealer
BMW Z4 2004 When The Car Sits In direct sunlight for an extended period of time the steering becomes difficult to control with no center balance. the
BMW 530I 2004 On April 16, 2006, while driving my 2004 bmw 645ci on a highway with only my 13-year-old son with me, the assisted
BMW Z4 2004 In Hot Weather Or After vehicle has been left in sun for a few hours steering becomes sticky and jerky. must apply excessive
BMW Z4 2004 While Driving With Top Down in cold weather with heat on high, steering became sticky/notchy. i couldn't make smooth steering corrections,
BMW Z4 2004 My Bmw Z4 Yr. 2004 during hot weather seems to have a steering problem. yhe steering sticks and feel notchy, on the
BMW Z4 2003 2003 Bmw Z4. The steering binds when the outside temperature is above 80 degrees. this is dangerous when i have to overcorrect to
BMW Z4 2004 In Very Hot Hot Weather the steering becomes dangerously off-center.
BMW Z4 2003 We Have A 2003 Bmw z4, 3.0l, auto. ever since it was new, it has exhibited an irregularity in the
BMW Z4 2004 Problem: Eps Steering Gets very sticky after car has sat in direct sunlight for a few hours. minor steering corrections are nearly
BMW Z4 2003 1. Steering Defect occurs during high ambient temperatures. 2. steering wheel becomes heavy to turn and has a "locked
BMW Z4 2003 Steering Problem - steering binds and locks requiring excess effort to maintain direction resulting in overcorrection and loss of control of vehicle.
BMW Z4 2003 When My Vehicle Is Parked in ambient temperatures exceeding roughly 85 degrees, for periods of an hour or more, the car's power steering
BMW Z4 2003 During Exposure To High Temperatures in the mid 1990's farenheit the steering becomes stiff, unresponsive with a tendency to "stick" where it is set.
BMW Z4 2003 When My Vehicle Has Sat out in the 90f+ temperature for a few hours, the steering becomes almost uncontrollable in that the steering "sticks"
BMW 5 SERIES 2004 Bmw 545i System failure 1. braking and dynamic-response 2. passenger restraint system. *ak

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