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Bmw Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Reports

30 Jun

BMW 318 1992 M/trans: Accelerator Sticks During Cold weather; engine speeds up, even with brakes applied;nearly caused rear end accident;not included under recall #91v219000
BMW 525I 1995 While Driving Down The Road, noticed a vibration in the right passenger's seat, which felt as if it was coming from one of

BMW 328I 1999 While Driving Braking System malfunctioned, causing the brakes to pulsate, and resulting in extended stopping distance and a
BMW 323I 2000 When Applying The Brakes In wet conditions pedal becomes stiff and vehicle makes a loud noise, causing extended stopping distance. dealer
BMW 325 1994 Sudden Acceleration At 30 To 40 mph when steering and brakes went bad. dealer can't find problem. *ak
BMW 325 1986 Daughter Driving, Passengers/driver Had on seat belts, clear/sunny day, another car tailgating fast. started slowing to make lane change, car
BMW 750IL 1992 Brakes Operating Without Problem Or any indication of problem until a quick and firm pressure is applied. then "brake pressure" warning is indicated and
BMW 325 1995 Leak In Brake System.
BMW 325I 1992 Front Brake Pads And Rotors have been replaced twice, front rotors have been replaced twice, once due to noise, brake sensors have
BMW 740IL 9999 Consumer States The Vehicles Brakes were replaced.*jb
BMW 328I 9999 Consumer Returns Car To Service station because of a sensation of shimmying while braking and pulling to the right.*jg
BMW M3 1997 The Brakes Grind And Squeal when the consumer is attempting to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, the vehicle does not stop immediately
BMW 740IL 1998 Pads And Rotors Were Replaced due to them being worn. *slc
BMW 323I 1999 Vehicles Brakes Are Squeaking Upon braking, design characteristic. nlm
BMW 325IA 1990 Consumer Experienced Brake Failure After repair resulting in accident. nlm
BMW 525I 1990 Front And Rear Brakes Failed.
BMW 525I 1990 Front Brakes Failed.
BMW M3 1995 When A Slower Vehicle Cut in front of car, driver hit brakes, but vehicle spinned, lost control and smashe dinto concrete
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1994 Noisy Brakes Cause Vehicle To pull when applied.
BMW 745I 2003 Facsimile From Senator On Behalf of constituent, regarding brake failure of his 2003 bmw 745i. constituent is asking for review/investigation of bmw of
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated While traveling 40 mph on normal road conditions, the brake and steering lights illuminated and the vehicle jerked violently.
BMW 6 SERIES 2005 Dt: The Contact Stated the brakes failed while driving . the pedal went to the floor, resulting in an accident.

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