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Bmw Service Brakes, Hydraulic Antilock Reports

30 Jun

BMW 325 1992 Abs, Brake Calipers On the front lockup at hwy speed while driving 50 mph,also loss of brake pedal went to the floor.
BMW 540 1994 Vehicles Abs Braking System At no given time car will not stop dealership is aware of problem. tt

BMW 325 1989 Anti Lock Brake System Sometime grabs and other times shoot forward. tt
BMW 325I 1995 Abs Braking System Failed 5 months after warranty expired. please provide further details.*ak
BMW X5 2000 Vehicle Has Had Intermittent Brake failure at slow speeds. dealer replaced cracked master cylinder and rear abs sensor. then, stated there was
BMW 328I 2000 Pads/ Disc, And Rotors will rust if vehicle is not driven frequently, causing system to malfunction. consumer has owned this vehicle
BMW X5 2001 Abs Light Has Been On, braking action normal. dealer cannot remedy problem. vehicle at dealer since 25 mar 2001.*ak
BMW 328I 1999 Consumer Has Problems with brakes and clutch. those problem have been fixed by dealership. vehicle shuts off
BMW R1100RSL 1996 While Riding At 10 Mph had to make a sudden stop and brakes locked up.*ak the abs was not reset. the
BMW 540I 1997 While Driving At 55 Mph engine compartment caught on fire. insurance investigators claimed fire was due to brake fluid being expelled from abs
BMW 323I 1999 While Depressing Brake Pedal Steering wheel would shake out of control. dealer has been contacted. *ak
BMW 740IL 1996 Vehicle Was Involed In sudden acceleration while traveling on the highway with cruise control engaged at approximately 55 mph. consumer was approaching oncoming
BMW 325 1999 Brake Rotors Warp Very 3000 miles, causing vibration and pulsation. dealer has replaced rotors twice. *ak
BMW R1200C 1998 Motorcycle Bursted Into Flames While driving at approximately 10 mph or less. motorcycle inspected by dealer, and informed consumer that the
BMW 325 1992 Was Pulling From Stop Light, had applied brakes suddenly and brakes failed to stop vehicle. rearended another vehicle. driver's air bag deployed
BMW 328I 1998 When Pulling Out A Parking space with both feet depressed on the brake pedal the vehicle started moving forward, causing a near accident.
BMW 535 1990 While Driving Vehicle About 60 mph on the highway when the consumer steps on the brakes, the computer shows the brakes lights are
BMW M3 1995 Abs System Fails, Locking up the back up system with uneven braking, resulting in both right front and right rear tires locking up,
BMW 528 1997 The Abs Brakes Failed To operate when applied upon slowing down to make a turn, causing the vehicle to go down a 6
BMW 535 1987 Abs Pressure Accumulator Failure: during panic stops, brake pedal resists being pushed quickly, causes decrease in ability to quickly stop;
BMW 530 2002 Brakes Apply Too Quickly, stops suddenly. *ak
BMW R1150GS 2002 Bmwna Has Issued A Tsb. they have made a correction for models after a certain vin. they are not repairing earlier models affected
BMW R1150GS 2002 Reference Bmw Service Bulletin, dated march 2002, bulletin no: 34 001002 (012). my motorcycle is early vin which has
BMW R1150GS 2002 Abs Activates Under Normal Braking on rough surface- the modulator senses incorrect information. potentially life threatening situation on a motorcycle. bmw has
BMW R1150GS 2002 While Going Over A Series of bumps, the abs system is causing the brakes to release. this causes an extremely unsafe situation.
BMW 323I 1999 Abs Is Not Activated Even though wheels are locked up and tires are sliding on wet pavement. abs may activate if extreme pressure
BMW R1150R 9999 Abs System Is 'linked' Front and rear. when appplying rear brake on uneven road surface, the abs misreads the traction loss as
BMW 740IL 1998 While Driving On A Higway and taking a turn over a curved portion of the highway i found the power in the steering was not
BMW 740I 2000 Warning Lights Did Not Appear until about 4th episode of brake problem. computer found it necessary to activate abs because of rotor failure.
BMW M3 1999 Sept 00 Abs Dash Light on, took to dealer for repair, parts ordered, continued to drive with light on, repaired oct
BMW 525I 1995 On Several Occasions We Tried depressing the brake pedal, turning off the cruise control switch, and finally even turning off the ignition for
BMW 328I 1998 Check Engine Light Came On 4 times all of the 4 times same problem, fuel expension tank problem. i had the same
BMW X5 2001 My Husband And I Have both experienced total brake failure with our brand new bmw x5. i experienced the brake failure two and
BMW 323I 2000 Transmission Problem, Unable To put manual stick in 1st, 3rd and 4th gear; 2nd manual shift pops out of gear.
BMW 528 2000 Bmw States It Is Normal operation to get a rock stuck in the brake. however, they also stated to get use to
BMW 325 1994 On Certain Stretches Of California freeways having a long downgrade with car travelling at 55 mph, brakes fade, emit a smell,
BMW 325I 1988 No Sumary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
BMW 323I 2000 I Brought My Vehicle In to have a problem fixed with the sun roof and mentioned that i had a problem with steering the vehicle
BMW 325IX 1991 Our Problem Appears To Be similiar to odi nos. 402200 and 404275. we bought the car used (private sale). the abs
BMW 525 1995 Electrical Connections Are Unprotected From water, dirt, etc., and may induce failure. *ak
BMW 525 1993 Throttle Stuck Wide-open After Full-throttle acceleration on to expressway. was unable to slow the vehicle without switching-off ignition. brakes were damaged due to
BMW BMW 1996 Abs Relay Failed.
BMW R1100 R 1995 Abs Failed During Start-up.
BMW 850I 1991 Brakes Continue To Fail Almost resulting in an accident.
BMW 525 1995 Anitlock Brakes Failed. *sd
BMW 318 1994 Antilock Brakes Failed, Causing accident. *aw
BMW R 1200 R 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw r1200r motorcycle. the contact stated that traveling 55 mph, the brake warning light illuminated on the
BMW R1150RA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 bmw r1150ra motorcycle. the contact was traveling at approximately 20 mph. when the brake was
BMW K1200LT 2001 Service Brakes, Hydraulic: Antilock on a 2001 bmw. *tr
BMW 325I 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 bmw 325i. while driving 65 mph, the abs light illuminated and the speedometer stopped functioning. the contact
BMW 540I 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 bmw 540i. when the brakes were depressed, the traction did not hold or control the vehicle. the
BMW X5 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 bmw x5. the computer in the vehicle has displayed various codes regarding the abs brakes after being diagnosed by
BMW K1200 R 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 bmw k1200 r motorcycle. the brakes failed while the vehicle was in motion. the manufacturer stated
BMW Z3 ROADSTER 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 bmw z3 roadster. while driving 2-3 mph, there was a loss of steering when she attempted to
BMW 3 SERIES 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 330i. the contact stated that the steering wheel vibrates, the vehicle shakes during acceleration and braking,
BMW G 650 X US MOTO 2007 I Recently Purchased A 2007 bmw f800st motorcycle with abs. on two separate instances, on dry roads, the abs has "failed" in
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1998 Three Hundred Miles From Home a grinding sound started being audible from the rear of the bike. i stopped after it continued and failed
BMW K1200LT 2002 Bmw K1200lt-c Motorcycle: Heard Some grinding from final drive, then felt the vibration and about 10 miles later the rear wheel was wobbling uncontrollably.
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 2000 The Front And Rear Brakes totally failed when the abs was used on a dirt road. standing on the rear brake foot peddle and
BMW K1200LT 2001 Component Failure, Hydraulic Brakes: antilock final drive failure bmw k1200lt motorcycle
BMW F650 GS 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 bmw f650 gs. while downshifting, the engine shut off and locked up the abs. the
BMW 540I 1999 The Driver Owns A 1999 bmw 540i with 72,579 miles. over the past two months the disc bmw electronic stability
BMW K1200 S 2004 Tl* -the Contact Stated That there was a loud noise coming from the back of his motorcycle a 2004 bmw k1200 s. the contact
BMW 330CI 2002 Struck A Vehicle In Front of me. the abs did not engage when i tried to stop in the rain. the vehicle in
BMW RT SERIES 2002 Event Occurred On October 1, 2006. motorcycle was heading northbound on 202 north near the town of flemington. upon approaching a yellow
BMW 325I 2006 2006 Bmw 325i, Approx. 2400 miles. returning to office from lunch, slowed to approach speed bumps that align parking stall
BMW 325I 2006 2006 Bmw 325i Miles: 5k on july 19th, 2006 approx 9:00 am, while i was parking at my office parking lot going
BMW 525I 2004 I Also Have The Following problem on my 525i bmw. i took it in a couple of times and
BMW K1200LT 2000 First Indication Of Failure Was massive leaking of oil on rear wheel and tire, causing instability and reduced braking power. stopped at
BMW R1200 GS 2005 2005 Bmw R1200gs. abs off, blinking brake failure, only residual braking. dealer reset the abs computer, but came back
BMW K1200LT 1999 Final Drive On My 1999 bmw k1200lt failed at 52,000 miles. parts and labor are over $1400. *nm
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 Computer Locked Key, All lights inside car and outside flickered out of control, then 2 weeks later brake did not engage while trying
BMW K1200LT 2001 Vibration In Footpegs And Rumbling noise from rear drive unit. crown wheel bearing failed. caught in time before serious damage was done.
BMW K1200LT 2002 Sudden Final Drive Failure On motorcycle @ 14079 miles no warning i was fortunate as i slowed for a toll booth, suddenly
BMW M5 2000 Possible Brake And / or "dynamic stability control" failure resulted in impact with utility pole with rupture of fuel tank and resultant fire and
BMW 540I 1999 Abs Warning And Dsc Light is on indicating failure of abs electronic module. abs and dsc is no longer operable. this is a
BMW K1200LT 1999 Riding On Residential Street Approx. 25-30 mph. no warning or indication of failure, prior to incident. rubbing sound followed by
BMW K1200LT 2001 reports of bmw k1200 lt motorcycles on the nhtsa website as well as directly to bmw and at the bmw
BMW 740IL 1999 Several Months Ago The Abs light came on during a hard stop. the light comes on and off at will now.
BMW R1100 RT 2000 I Purchased A Used 2000 bmw r 1100 rt motorcycle which is equipped with abs-2 brakes and soon thereafter recognized there was a fault with
BMW 7 SERIES 2000 Brakes Were Not Working Properly. consumer was informed that the vehicle should not be driven more than 1 mile. had to floor
BMW 325CI 2004 Brake Failure ( Delayed Brake engagement) once upon leaving the dealer ship. again 24 hours later( resulting in a crash) and one week later
BMW 528I 1999 I Have Had Failures Of the braking system on my 1999 bmw where the system locks up and causes the car to go out of
BMW R1150GS 2002 This Motorcycle Is Equipped With a linked abs brake system. the rear wheel and front wheel work together. the motorcycle was without
BMW 318I 1995 Electrical Components For Abs And airbags failed at 124,000 miles. *la *jb
BMW 330XI 2001 In Snowy Conditions The Anti-lockbrakes failed, causing vehicle to skid. *ak the tires had 1/2 tread life.
BMW 328I 1999 The Right Rear Brakes Pulsate while driving without the brakes being applied by the driver. this occurs on an intermittent basis (once or twice
BMW R1150GS 2002 Final Drive Failure On Bmw r1150gs motorcycle at 28,200 miles resulting in loss of oil and requiring complete final drive and abs sensor replacement.
BMW X5 2001 Abs Brake System Problem. while driving a noise was heard when braking. abs light illuminated even after the vehicle
BMW 740I 1999 Traction Control, Brake And abs light are all indicating failure. dealer is unable to determine cause. brakes appear to work ok but
BMW 3 SERIES 1995 Abs Brakes Failed. the abs brakes failed to work. indicator light now on. brake relays ok. bmw dealer unable