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Bmw Seats Front Assembly Power Adjust Reports

30 Jun

BMW BMW 9999 While In Bmw Vehicle In a show room, child was in the front and adult in the rear seat, the child was playing
BMW 740I 1993 While Driving Power Seat on the driver's side kept moving forward, pinning the driver against the steering wheel. vehicle was taken to

BMW 740 1998 Driver's Seat Adjustment; When turning on the vehicle driver's seat won't go back to its proper return which may cause difficulty in driving,
BMW 525 1991 Power Adjustable Seats Shorted Out and caught on fire, turned off vehicle to put out fire. *ak
BMW Z3 2001 All Interior And Exterior Lights dim in brightness unexpectedly when air conditioning system cycles. dealership has examined vehicle and informed consumer this
BMW 750IL 1990 Vehicle Was Rear Ended, drivers seat was slightly twisted and the power adjuster failed causing the seat to rock backwards on the rear mounts,
BMW 528 1998 Power Seat Position Memory Computer failed. *yc
BMW Z3 1998 Power Seat Switch Failed. yh
BMW 740IL 9999 The Front Drivers Seat Was adjusted too far forward to drive, consumer could not reverse seat, it would not actuate, consumer located
BMW 740I 1993 Consumer Experienced Problems With The electronic operators seat, it would completely recline to a horizontal position, on one occasion while driving, the
BMW 740I 1993 The Drivers Side Seat Would adjust and drop to the full recline position, with the lower part moving to the extreme foward positon,
BMW 525 1991 Seat Wiring Failed Resulting In melting of the plastic casing.
BMW 330I 2002 Tl*the Contact Called In Reference to a 2002 bmw 330i. as the insurance estimator was estimating damage done to the vehicle, the
BMW 540I 1994 When Shifting Into Reverse, there is a hesitation before transmission shifts in. hesitation time is increasing. also, when stepping on pedal
BMW 528IA 2000 Yesterday I Paid My Bmw dealer $262.43 to fix a problem which resulted directly from a poor engineering design. specifically,
BMW 540I 1997 The Driver Seat Creates A clicking noise and moves out of place (very minor movement) at numerous times (as in not in locked position) while
BMW 7 SERIES 2003 Brand New Bmw 760li , seat memory does not operate and move the seats properly when car is remotely unlocked as per the cars
BMW Z3 2001 The Seat Motor Did Not work, dealer replaced the motor. *jb

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