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Bmw Seat Belts Front Retractor Reports

14 Jan

BMW Z3 1999 Ongoing Seat Belt Problems And had to keep replacing seat belts. when unfastening seat belt, it will not retract back in holder.
BMW X5 2000 Vehicle Has Had Intermittent Brake failure at slow speeds. dealer replaced cracked master cylinder and rear abs sensor. then, stated there was

BMW 540IA 2001 Seat Belts On Passenger's and driver's sides are able to cut into consumer's neck. contacted dealer, and dealer was suppose
BMW Z3 2000 Eporting Driver Seat Belt Would not retract from the retractor; unable to seat belt, dealer notified and repairs are being made. feel
BMW 528I 2000 Passenger's Side Shoulder Belt Will get jammed in the retracter, causing loss of protection. dealer has replaced seatbelt mechanism, but defect keeps
BMW Z3 1999 Intermittently Seat Belts On The driver's and passenger's sides will not come out of retractor. sometimes when hitting a bump in
BMW 325IS 1993 Rear Seat Belts Will Not release from the retracting mechanism, causing the seat belts to become inoperable. please give any further details.
BMW 520IA 1989 Passenger's Seat Belt Will Not release while driving nor when vehicle is stopping. dealer had repaired seat belt three times. *ak
BMW Z3 1999 Ongoing Problem With Passenger's Seat belt retractor failing to release when needed. unable to use safety belt. dealer notified, and made
BMW Z3 2000 Passenger's Side Shoulder Retractor keeps jamming, causing a loss of protection. dealer only has unjammed shoulder strap, but will not replace
BMW Z3 1996 Vehicle In Motion, Passenger 's seat belt would lock up. would retract, but not release. worked on it for 5-10 minutes
BMW 325 1986 Daughter Driving, Passengers/driver Had on seat belts, clear/sunny day, another car tailgating fast. started slowing to make lane change, car
BMW 325I 1992 The Driver's Side Seat Belt is loose. the belt will not retract to the original starting position.*ak
BMW Z3 ROADSTER 2000 Bmw Has Failed To Repair the seat belt defects on this car. the seat belt retractors are frozen and cannot be used while
BMW 325I 1993 Drivers Seatbelt Will Not Retract always and the seatbelt with be loose and unsafe.*ak
BMW Z3 1996 This Is A Well Known problem that is happening frequently to numerous bmw owners and they know the problem exists in the seatbelt tensioners.
BMW 323I 2000 The Seatbelt Does Not Retract properly and gets squeezed between the seat and door upon closing the door. we are concerned that this affects
BMW 525I 1995 Seatbelt Is Jammed In Full extended position - seatbelt will not retract and take in slack to provide firm fit for passenger.*ak
BMW 525I 1995 Right Front Belt Retractor Failed.
BMW 323I 1999 The Seat Belt Does Not retract properly causing it to get stuck in the door when closed. nlm
BMW Z3 1997 Passenger's Sid Eseat Belt Locks up when extended out about 8-9 feet for a large person. once locked, it will not unlock
BMW Z3 2000 I Have Had Various Problems with my bmw z3 2000Ô┐┐internal water pump failure while on the freeway, rattling noises in the car because of
BMW Z4 2003 Seat Belt Locks And Will not release. *jb
BMW 328I 1999 The Vehicle Was Involved In a head on collision while driving 35 mph. the passenger side seat belt did not retract and as
BMW 318IC 1995 The Two Front Seat Belts and the two rear seat belts did not retract. dealer informed the consumer that the seat belt system
BMW Z3 1996 Passenger Seat Belt Locks Up while car is in motion and will not release. *ak
BMW Z3 1997 The Passenger Side Seat Belt locks up more often than normal and at un-needed times. this causes pain to the user with the

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