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Bmw Seat Belts Front Buckle Assembly Reports

30 Jun

BMW 318 1993 Seat Belt Buckle Will Not lock, very hard to snap the buckle. tt
BMW 525 1992 Passenger Side Seat Belt Failure, belt buckle will not latch properly. tt

BMW 325I 1987 The Driver And Passenger Side seat belt buckle broke . tt
BMW 525 1990 Driver's Shoulder/lap Belt Buckles Inoperative, plastic pieces have fallen into latch mechanism from release button, male won't go into female portion.
BMW 735 1989 Rear Seat Belt Buckle Unlatched upon impact; child safety seat went forward leaving child unrestrained; rearended by another vehicle while at standstill.
BMW 328I 1997 Passenger's Side Seat Belt Buckle housing portion does not hold latch plate in buckle housing mechanism. latch plate pops out of
BMW 525 1990 Driver's Seat Belt Failed To unlock after use. locking mechanism broke. also, seat adjuster rail had collapsed, causing
BMW 328I 1999 Upon Braking Abruptly Driver's Seatbelt latch came loose, causing loss of protection. driver was thrown forward, hitting steering wheel. *ak
BMW 325 1991 Vehicle Was In Use When driver's side seat belt popped out of buckle and would not go back in, causing loss of protection.
BMW 535I 1994 Driver's Side Seat Belt Does not buckle properly. the manufacturer has been notified. seat belt will be repaired at the
BMW 325IS 1993 The Passenger Side Seat Belt will not latch properly. the locking mechanisim is not catching so the latch fails to lock. *ak
BMW 318 1985 The Female Part Of The buckle on the driver's side completely disintegrates. both plastic sides fall off which caused the buckle not to latch.
BMW 325 1996 Consumer Says When Driving Vehicle the seat belt unlatches, sometimes if he taps on machanism it would release the restraint belts. *ak
BMW 325I 1992 Owner States While Unlatching Seat belt on driver's side it fell apart. she notes a concern for her safety. *ak
BMW 318I 1991 Driver's Side Seat Belt Buckle will not latch and passenger's side seat belt will latch intermittently. dealer and manufacturer were notified. *ak
BMW Z3 1997 Both Seat Belts Will Not latch properly. dealer and manufacturer were notified. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
BMW Z3 1996 Front Passenger Seatbelt Locks- Sometimes unusable -ratchett assembly- dealer replaced 3 x - still not working -dealer &bmw manuf claim nothing they can
BMW 535I 1988 Driver's Side Seat Belt Opens without warning. the buckle holds securely, and then opens withwithout being touched. *ak
BMW Z3 1997 Seat Belt Locking Device Failed, sticking, new unit performs the same. yh
BMW 525I 1995 Left Rear Seat Belt Receptacle failed.
BMW 325 1989 Very Small Pieces Of The plastic portion of the latch break off and fall into latch, causing it to jam. *ak
BMW 325I 1992 Seat Belt Buckle Fell Apart.
BMW 318 1991 Driver's Seat Belt Came Off during above accident.
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1994 Right Rear Seat Belt Buckle attachment broke off, preventing seat belt from buckling. *skd
BMW 325 1994 Seat Belt Buckle Fails To latch. *ak
BMW 325 1987 Seat Belt Latch Plastic Part broke off inside of latch, causing latch to fail. *ak
BMW 320 1989 Replaced Both Seat Belt Holders/locks.
BMW 318IC 1996 Repeated Instance Of Seat Belt lock failure as relating to air bag. drivers side bracket has been replaced 4 times. it seems the
BMW E36 2002 The Buckle Assembly That The driver's side seat belt buckle is inserted into doesn't hold the buckle any longer. the driver's side seat
BMW M3 1995 I Owed This 1995 Bmw m3 since new and abs and airbag light comes on very frequently. abs: need to replace abs pump
BMW 745LI 2003 Drivers Side Seat Belt Buckle would not release. required sliding out from underneath of the seat belt. dealer had to replace
BMW 328I 1999 I Was Charged For The replacement of the lower seat belt buckle. my vehicle just reached the 50,171 miles. this
BMW 540I 1997 Buckle On The Seat Belt is in a depressed position, preventing the latch from locking. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer,
BMW 325I 1987 Driver Seatbelt Appears To Latch and makes latching sound and feel, but releases with very little force (about one pound or less).
BMW 325I 1989 Front Seat Belt Laches Are difficult to latch. they also come unlatched by themselves periodically while driving. i have two bmw's
BMW 320I 1978 After Driving At 30 Mph and sitting at a stop sign heater core exploded. scalding hot water gushed from beneath the dash board.
BMW X5 2002 Rear Seat Belt Buckle Failed and caused the child safety seat to flip over.*ak
BMW Z3 1999 The Abs Light Illuminated On the dashboard, the driver side seat belt buckle needed to be replaced, and the convertible top did not

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