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BMW R1200C 9999 Safety Review #564481

BMW R1200C 9999 car safety problem was reported on .BMW R1200C 9999, manufactured by BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE had a problem with STRUCTURE:FRAME AND MEMBERS . CONSUMER RECEIVED RECALL NOTIFICATION (01V-217000) CONSUMER CALLED DEALERSHIP SEVERAL TIMES BUT WAS TOLD THE PARTS HAD NOT ARRIVED, CONSUMER STATES IT IS UNREASONABLE THAT BMW COULD NOT SUPPLY THE RECALL PARTS FOR 6 WEEKS. (BMW R1200C 1998)*JB .Bmw R1200c 9999 problem was reported in MESA, AZ. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control.
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shifting delays on 1994 bmw 740i

Question? My door lock do not work and my battery is dead. I was told there is a positive connection beneath the car by the passenger side, which will give enough power to unlock the doors if hook up to a power pack. I am a owner of a 2000 4.4i X5

This car cathes on fire!

2003 BMW 525 catches on fire, could kill you!

i turned my car on and the steering wheel is so hard to turn that i cant drive it...what could have caused this?, because it is also shutting off by itself.

there are more scencor problems with these cars than any other car in the think i would learn after five of them,BUT this time i'm done

what can cause a bmw 252i to shut down while driving at any speed?

hi there i have 730i 2003 bmw and today when i start the car and went to take of it dint go in gear its a automatic car and its givin a sign saying transmission fail safe can any one help me with this problem

My 90 525i automatic trans doesnt shift right when cold whats the problem

We brought our daughter a 2000 323i BMW, a few weeks after purchasing the car the car will not short into reverse. This was a gift and our daughter was so happy, we spent a good amount of money on this car, it is in excellant condition, only has 5

I have a 2004 BMW 330ci with 120K miles. All of a sudden the steering wheel is very hard to turn and I can't make 45 degree turns. Do you have any idea on what might be wrong? Thank you.

i had a bmw525i2002 it runs good but it happen sometimes when you down shift its stall can you give a good advise what wrong with it and how to fix it..

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