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01 Jul

BMW R100 1993 Spring Kickstand Load Will Not lock in the down position, causing the kickstand to retract without warning and fell over. *ak
BMW R1200C 2000 2000 Model. support brace for the back rest separated from motorcycle. dealer has been notified.*ak

BMW 328I 1996 Engine Check Light Continued To come on, even though vehicle has been serviced by the dealership for this prolbem 3 times in the
BMW 318I 1998 There Isn't Any Cover For the luggage that goes over the trunk lid which vapors are getting into the vehicle, and making the consumer
BMW 318I 1993 Vehicle Had Blown An Engine head gasket at 46,000 miles.also, ignition was not working. had no warning prior to seeing
BMW 740 1998 Consumer Was Getting Out Of the car when she dropped remote control key. thinking it dropped within the vehicle closed the door,
BMW 318I 1995 While Driving All The Lights willl go off and the vehicle will shut off. driver would have to start the vehicle up again.
BMW X5 2002 Due To Floor Mat Having movement mat slid against gas pedal. owner was in reverse and accelerated backwards into a concrete garage.
BMW 528I 1997 While Trying To Open passenger door the with the key door latch and keyless entry remote, was unable to open door.*ak
BMW 540I 2002 There Is A Constant Fuel leak under the vehicle causing engine check light to illuminate.*ak
BMW Z3 1997 While Driving, The Air bag light illuminateed on the dashboard, the airbag sensor was replaced. *ak. consumer stated the seat
BMW 540I 1997 No Summary. Dt
BMW 7 SERIES 2002 Bmw Is Aware Of The 745 problems. dt
BMW 323I 2000 Contacted Manufacturer, Couldn't Properly correct problems, car is defective, attorney general notified as well as bbb, attorney general's office recommended
BMW 325I 1995 Leaking Gas Tanks , air bag system failure and transmission failure should not be routine problems on a car.
BMW Z3 2000 The Consumer States Per Invoice the engine(non specific), abs(non specific), and service lights(popped on). also the dashboard is loud and rattles
BMW 328I 1996 Vehicle Self Diagnoistics Provides engine check light warning. diagnoistic code indicates "low emissions efficiency". dealer read code and reported the
BMW 540I 1997 Driver Uses Remote Key To lock auto from distance away sealing passenger in car: outside temp. 114 degrees. car design has no escape
BMW 328I 2001 Ambient Temp Was 75 Degrees. traffic was stop and go. steam was streaming from under the hood. service engine light and
BMW 328I 1998 Check Engine Light Came On 4 times all of the 4 times same problem, fuel expension tank problem. i had the same
BMW 325I 1992 Indicator Light For Electronic Shift control has failed when wheather gets wet. *ak
BMW X5 2000 Engine Check Light Came On and runs rough(rattles). already sent to bmw dealership 3 times without any progress. *ak
BMW 540I 2000 Cup Holders Do Not Hold cups. cups go flying and spill hot coffee on passengers or driver. this could cause an
BMW 528E 1987 No Summary Listed For Abovevehicle. *ak
BMW 318I 1991 I Have Recently Discovered How many other vehicles of this type (bmw e30 m42) have been plaqued with this exact failure. with so many
BMW 528I 1979 N0 Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
BMW 525I 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
BMW 323I 2000 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
BMW Z3 1998 Bmw Z3 Is A Piece of crap. dealer now thinks that there is underlying problem with vehicle. 3 cd players,
BMW 320 1998 Car Dealer/manufacturer Will Not Supply a shop manual. the one aftermarket manual available is limited and has incorrect information. i need
BMW 530 1997 Interior Multifunction Display Not Functioning correctly. car 2.5 yrs old. dealer diagnoses, moisture getting into unit, replacement cost $650.
BMW 323I 1998 Electronic System--low Coolant And Gas measure level.
BMW 850 1997 Ash Tray Malfunctioned. *yc
BMW 740I 1998 Cup Holder Failed. *yc
BMW 528I 1997 Cup Holder Failed. yh
BMW 528I 1998 Check Engine Light Goes On. yh
BMW 7 SERIES 1997 Cup Holder Malfunctioning. *yc
BMW 740 1998 Cup Holder Failed. yh
BMW 740 1995 Transmission Light Came On. *dsh
BMW 325 1995 Defective Dash. *skd
BMW 740IL 9999 Consumer States There Is A red light on and a clicking noise in the dashboard air conditioner.*jb
BMW 740I 1993 Consumer States The Dash Electronics in the cluster are inoperative.*jb
BMW M3 1997 The Floor Panel Cracked. nlm
BMW 328I 2000 Mpg Gauge Is Inoperable. *slc
BMW 528I 1999 Sevice The Engine Light Remained on. yh
BMW 735I 1988 No Information Provided.
BMW 740ILA 1998 While Driving Vehicle Shuts Down and everything lock ups - steering included.
BMW 325 1987 The Coolant Light Came On.
BMW Z3 1997 Design Of The Dashboard Contains a plastic shroud mounted, location is causing the left foot to hit when engaging clutch, design hazard.
BMW 325 1992 Driver's Floor Mat Detached From its winged screw moorings, causing mat to move forward over the accelerator pedal, resulting in sudden acceleration.
BMW M3 2008 Bmw M3 Experiencing Sos Failure. consumer states that the sos failure warning and radio did not work. she states that it was unintelligible
BMW K1200 GT 2007 Sir, i purchased a bmw 2007 k1200gt motorcycle last september--i understand this to be the third year of this model's
BMW 550I 2008 2008 Bmw 545i With Damage due to towing company. consumer states that she would like reimbursement of the repairs to fix the vehicle after
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 I Was Driving My 2006 bmw m3 convertible with the top down and secured on the highway. when, all of a sudden the
BMW R1200 GS 2004 I Have A 2007 Bmw r1150 gs motorcycle with a failing sight glass. it has not melted, but has a white halo
BMW 3 SERIES 2000 The Mechanism In Power Windows ( mechanical mechanism in the doors which raise and lower the windows ) appear to be faulty. after
BMW 550I 2007 2007 550i Bmw Sedan Jerky transmission***cc the transmission would act erratic at anytime. the vehicle would lurch while at intersections and stop
BMW X3 2004 Se Ha Danado El Carro 5 veces porque cada cierto tiempo el carro no quiere prender, se ha llevado en grua al servicio de
BMW 325 1990 Regarding My 1990 Bmw 325 convertible. the covering under the steering wheel above the pedals will fall on my feet when i am
BMW 325I 2006 While Driving My 2006 Bmw 325i on the freeway at about 50 mph a small object such as a bottled water bottle or something similar
BMW 525I 2004 The I-drive Software Obviously Has a lot of "bugs" the latest incident occurred on 12/13/05, when pressing the steering wheel control buttons, the
BMW 750LI 2006 Consumer Complaint Regarding Daytime Running lights on 2006 bmw 750li. *ts the consumer believed bmw should be required to make daytime running
BMW R1200 CL 2004 While Riding Consumers Bike Caught fire.*ts while riding in a parking lot flame started coming from the left side of the bike.
BMW 530I 2001 Complaint Regarding The Cup Holders in the 2001 bmw 530i.*mr the consumer stated he has been burned several times by the spilling of
BMW X5 2001 1. Had Car serviced at 60,000 miles, only 3 weeks later the green dashes started appearing again and staying on,
BMW 323I 2000 I Own A Bmw 323i sedan 2000. all of 4 window regulators have broken and required replacement. once the window shattered
BMW X3 2004 I Purchased A Bmw X3 last april. i did not immediately notice that the car did not have any audible or visual warning
BMW X3 2004 Copy Of Email Sent To bmw usa re: x3 i learned today that my new x3 has no display panel warning light
BMW 528I 1999 Complaint Regarding The 1999 Bmw 528i. *mr in re to late payments on the behalf of the consumers.
BMW 3 SERIES 1996 Car Sitting In Drive At a fence enclosure and it surged ahead on its own, driving into the fence. no action possible
BMW X5 2002 What Women Should Know What all bmw x5 owners should fear, and why bmw should recall their suv. i am a 36-year-old
BMW 3 SERIES 2002 I Purchased This Vehicle 2 weeks ago. one night while driving on the beltway about 70 mph the car started losing power.
BMW X5 2001 I Took Delivery Of My new x5 4.4, on august 28, 2000. there were light brown spots on the
BMW 3 SERIES 2001 The Engine Of My Car shut off, and upon being towed to the dealer, they got back to me to say that the
BMW 3 SERIES 1995 I Have Been Sold A used car that has had the odometer rolled back. i have had the vehicle for under a year and
BMW Z3 1999 Seatbelts Lock Tight, Pinning me down or doesn't work at all. bolt on driver's seat was replaced but the seat still moves.
BMW 323I 2000 Bmw Not Honoring Full Term of new car warranty. although i bought the car new at a dealer in august 25 2000 and the
BMW K1200LT 2003 The Shift Linkage Broke On my 2003 bmw k1200lt motorcycle. please note that model is k1200lt - your drop down menu below
BMW K1200LT 2003 Note- Actual Model Not Available in your database. model is: 2003 bmw k1200lt custom motorcycle shift linkage failed causing
BMW 323I 1999 Entire Transmission For 1999 Bmw 323 ic needs to be replaced (estimated charge is $4600.00) - after only 60,000 miles. the onboard
BMW Z3 1997 First Failure, Driver And passenger seats are coming loose from the track that the seats move back and forth on. the seats
BMW 740IL 2000 Speedometer Reads 10% Too High - dealer can not fix - dot standard 2.5%. *ph *nlm
BMW 325 1998 The Dealer Switched The Price of the car after i gave him cash money. the dealer misrepresented the condition of the car after
BMW 528I 1997 It Wasn't A Very Cold day about 17 degrees,i went to pull my door handle open on the passenger side and the entire door
BMW M ROADSTER 2002 Speedometer On New Vehicle Reads excessivly high (7 mph at 65 mph). there was nospecific incident. i would like to know