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30 Jun

BMW 525I 2002 Gas Gauge Did Not Work. vehicle ran out of gas while indicator showed 1/8 of a tank. gas indicator light never came
BMW Z3 1996 Fuel Gauge Will Not give the correct level of fuel. contacted dealer. *ak

BMW 325 2001 A Bmwxi Sports Wagon With one month service developed a fuel overflow onto the cement floor of a garage attached to a single
BMW 328I 1998 Fuel Sensors Failed. gas gauge showed fuel but car ran out of gas at freeway speed in rushhour traffic. fues sensors have
BMW 323I 1998 Electronic System--low Coolant And Gas measure level.
BMW 328I 1998 Gas Indicator Failed. *yc
BMW R1200 GS 2008 2008 Bmw Gs Motorcycle Ran out gas while at a stop light. gas gage showed a range of 50 miles left in the tank
BMW X5 2005 I Am Reporting A Design flaw with bmw and a major safety issue. i have had 2 oil separators go
BMW 7 SERIES 1997 I Have A 1997 740il bmw third owner 228,000. i start to notice in april of 2011 that when i fuel the car
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 Fuel Gauge Sensor Displays Inaccurate readings (no/low fuel when tank is full or worse, displays full tank when there is low/no fuel). this
BMW R 1200 GS 2009 Riding Motorcycle With Fuel Gauge displaying 3/4 full tank and then suddenly the bike ran out of fuel while driving down the road.
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 I Bought A 2011 Bmw 535i on november 30, 2010. on december 4, 2010, i experienced car trouble. the engine
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 My Bmw 535xi Started Having fuel pump issues starting around 14 months after purchase, at 12,000 miles. the first time it
BMW 335I 2008 High Pressure Fuel Pump Failed in parking lot. not driving at the time. it was replaced and 2 weeks later started having problems
BMW 330CI 2001 On My 2001 Bmw 330ci the passenger fuel tank trap has broken off. my fuel tank was hanging half way down almost touching
BMW 335I 2008 I Purchased A 2008 Bmw 335i. since 2008 it has been serviced at least twice for engine service light which resulted in replacing hpfp.
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 2008 Bmw 535i - Car has had 3 fuel pumps, 3 separate visits for plugs / injectors, last visit for replaced fuel pump
BMW 335I 2007 I Own A 2007 Bmw 335i. a few months ago after a service issue for an unrelated problem, my vehicle dash display
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 I Bought A 2011 Bmw 535i 3 weeks ago. upon driving on local streets, the car stopped abruptly from 30mph to 0mph.
BMW 335I 2008 Engine Malfunction. Loss Of power. *tr
BMW 3 SERIES 2009 Bmw 328i Stalls- No Power upon take off and while driving. *tr
BMW 335I 2008 High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure. failure starts off with long starts, followed by rough idle followed by reduced power and failed pump.
BMW 335XI 2008 While Driving Around 65-70mph, i experienced a complete loss of engine power, and had to pull over to the shoulder of the highway.
BMW 325I 2001 Bmw 325i 2001 I was driving on the freeway when i started to hear the sound of metal dragging. i pulled over
BMW 323I 2000 I Have A 2000 Bmw 323i the car suddenly de accelerate in highway speed this already happens twice the car is already in the service
BMW 330CI 2001 An Accident Occurred When I was driving on the highway. the metal strap that supports the passenger side of the fuel tank failed;
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 1. Vehicle Loses Power 2. engine malfunction light comes one. 11/2008, 2/2009 & 4/2010 3. gas
BMW 135I 2010 Tl* The Contact Has A 2010 bmw 135. the contact stated that the vehicle is losing power in the high pressure fuel pump.
BMW 335I 2008 This Is The Second Failure of the hpfp in my 2008 bmw 335i. it occurred when i left work and started car and the
BMW 335XI 2008 My Bmw 335xi Has Repeatedly had fuel pump issues. the engine will malfunction when i am in the middle of the road (often times
BMW 335XI 2008 2008 Bmw 335xi High pressure fuel pump failure. dealer replaced. failed in traffic and went into limp mode. *tr
BMW 535I 2009 2009 Bmw 335ix With 10,400 miles. sudden high pressure fuel pump failure, causing immediate decrease in power, rough idle,
BMW 335I 2008 2008 Bmw 335i, Failing high pressure fuel pump. bmw was reluctant to replace part. *tr
BMW 135I 2009 While Driving, My Car all of a sudden lost power and began to shake. the check engine light went on and the
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 The Vehicle Has Been Hard starting; most recently the engine stopped completely and suddenly while driving at high speeds during morning traffic
BMW 135I 2008 My 2008 Bmw 135i Started taking 10-20 seconds for the vehicle to start. the problem has been ongoing for a couple of months
BMW K1300 S 2009 1. The Motorcycle Stalls during low idle operations,ie: slow parking lot traffic, slowing down and downshifting coming to a stop light,
BMW K1300 S 2009 Bmw K 1300 S. the bike stalled out 6 times today. one of the stalls caused the bike to shut off at about
BMW F 650 GS US 2009 1. Riding Motorcycle On clear warm day. 2009 bmwf650gs 2. after about 100 miles, and upon down-shifting the engine died.
BMW K1300 S 2009 I Own A Bmw K1300s motorcycle and the motor die at slow speeds. it cause several close incidents with cars because of it
BMW K1300 S 2009 Brand New {demo 567 Miles} 2009 bmw k1300s stalling 80% of the time coming to a stop while pulling in clutch. happened at least
BMW 745LI 2003 I Own A 2003 745li, bought it certified used in 2006. i have so far had air conditioning problems, oil
BMW 335I 2007 2007 335i Coupe - Car experiences a sudden loss of power while driving at normal speeds. car omits malfunction warning lights on the
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 Fuel Indicator Bad For The second time in 6 months. ran out of fuel the first time when it said i had plenty.
BMW 335I 2007 I Purchased A New 2007 bmw 335i from bmw of honolulu in jan 2007. 4 months later the car stalled with my wife
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 Purchased New 535i 8/22/08. with less than 400 mile, received engine malfunction-power reduced warning while driving at interstate speed. limped to dealer,
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 Gas Door Of The 2007 bmw 328xi (and others) can become open & ejected at highway speeds, or during car wash. the door
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 I Drive A 2007 Bmw xi and it is less than 1.5 years. this is all about a week apart from each
BMW 335I 2007 I Have Had Two Fuel pumps replaced for my bmw 335i and it is very annoying. the events leading up to the failure
BMW 525XI 2007 This Complaint Is The Request for monthly compliance, analysis, inspections in order to keep all defective, unsafe vehicles off the streets.
BMW K1200 GT 2006 Engine Will Not Idle Properly, it should idle at 1,000 rpm. at least part of every ride it will go up to
BMW K1200 GT 2006 (1) Events Leading Up To the failure: bmw motorcycle 06 k1200gt. driving motorcycle at highway speeds. engine fully warmed
BMW X5 2001 After Experiencing Previous Hesitation When accelerating and after dealer inspection, no faults were found and no corrective action was taken by the bmw dealer.
BMW F650GS 2001 I Bought A Bmw Motorcycle about 3 1/2 years ago. it has been nothing but trouble. it was recalled for faulty

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