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Bmw Fuel System, Gasoline Reports

Monday 7th of September 2015 11:04:57 PM

BMW 325I 1993 Steering Locks Up Intermittenly In the start position, windows and sunroof inoperative, gas intermittenly gives incorrect reading of fuel
BMW 318TI 1995 Consumer Purchased A Certified Preowned car. consumer cannot drive vehicle because gas fumes leak out; but, are so
BMW 328I 1996 While Driving Vehicle Began To smoke. after coming to a stop, hot oil splattered on the passenger's side of
BMW 325I 1992 While Vehicle Was Parked, a fire started inside of vehicle. local fire department arrived, extinguished the fire, and informed consumer
BMW 325IS 1992 Gas Fumes Filled Passenger Compartment. *ak
BMW 740 1997 Hi, I Am Not sure if this is a safety defect or not. i had a sound like an expanding and contracting
BMW X5 2001 Consumer States Both Fuel Sensors were replaced to correct false readings. *tt
BMW 325I 1992 Consumer States That The Accelerator pedal was attached incorrectly, the gas tank top seals and the rear gas tank sender were replaced due to
BMW X5 2001 Consumer Stated The Fuel Gauge was inoperative, the dealer replaced the fuel sending unit.*yh
BMW 740IL 9999 The Vehicle, Upon Starting and putting in reverse, makes booming or thud noise from the rear end followed by the sevice engine soon
BMW 528I 1980 Fuel System Failure.
BMW 318 1991 Gasoline Leak Under Vehicle.
BMW 335XI 2008 2008 Bmw 335xi Failure Of fuel injectors *cn the consumer was informed, it would cost 2,000 to replace the defective fuel injector,
BMW 740LI 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 bmw 740li. while driving approximately 50 mph, the fuel compromised warning light illuminated, the vehicle shut
BMW 328XI 2007 I Have A Complaint/situation With my 2007 bmw 328ix sedan. bmw refuses to repair at their cost a significant life safety fuel problem.
BMW 335I 2007 While I Was Driving In a highway traffic, without any warning the car started vibrating severely, smoke coming out of the tail pipe,
BMW X5 2012 2012 Bmw X5. consumer writes in regards to vehicle stalled several times. *smd the last dealer, told the consumer
BMW 328I 2010 I Was Traveling On The pa turnpike near the quakertown exit at 75 mph in the left hand lane when my car shut down and
BMW X5 2012 Shortly After Starting The Car it went into safe mode when i was on a busy road with a 55 mph speed limit which was
BMW 330CI 2001 Gas Tank Metal Strap/brace Weld came loose causing it to hang from bolt toward rear of the car located on the passenger side.
BMW X5 2006 Complete Bmw Diagnostic Done In october 2013, repairs done except brakes. while stopped at red light at northside dr. & 8th street(approx.
BMW X5 SAV 2008 When I Was Driving Around 30 mph and about to merge onto the highway, an orange warning sign came up that the engine was
BMW K1200 S 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw k1200 s. the contact stated that the fuel was empty and the vehicle stalled. the contact
BMW 328I 2009 My Vehicle Suddenly Stopped In the roadway at approximately 10:30pm. i was unable to restart the car and vehicle had to be towed.
BMW 528I 2011 Purchased A Brand New 528i bmw and within months i had a coolant signal indicating low coolant. subsequently, the coolant signal came
BMW K1200 S 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 bmw k1200s motorcycle. the contact stated that he was concerned for his safety since the dealer was taking
BMW 335I 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2007 bmw 335i. while driving 50 mph, the vehicle began to hesitate and the check engine
BMW R 1200 RT 2005 Report Receipt Date: Dec 12, 2013 nhtsa campaign number: 13v617000 component(s): fuel system, gasoline my complaint :
BMW 550I 2011 I Was Driving On A residential street and shifted into 3rd gear. the car began to buck violently. i pushed in
BMW 745LI 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 bmw 745 li. the contact stated that the fuel level indicator displayed that the fuel tank was one
BMW 5 SERIES 2009 The Vehicle Stalled While I was driving on the freeway. the stall is related to the camshaft sensor not properly working and the fuel
BMW K 1300 GT 2009 For A Few Weeks Prior to the incident, i could smell fuel when i parked the bike. there were no visible leaks.
BMW 535I 2010 My 3 Kids And I had left the bmw dealer after i had parts serviced/parts replaced, and jumped on the interstate. i was
BMW 335I 2013 Driving The Vehicle On A highway with normal speed limit. vehicle started to sputter and drivetrain malfunction warning light came on. vehicle was
BMW 740IL 1997 My Wife And I Purchased this vehicle at a certified used dealership. we fueled it up and drove it around that night and parked
BMW X5 2004 While I Was Driving With my small child inside the suv, all sudden i smell gas and then the suv shut off and
BMW 328XI 2008 - February 18th, Bmw 328xi, on/parked, began to shake/rock roughly/powered off. the lift/car icon came on. car would crank,
BMW R1150 R 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw r1150r. the contact stated while driving 25 mph he began to smell fuel. the contact also
BMW 335XI 2007 Was Traveling On I290, at about 70mph, when i needed more acceleration to pass a truck... the car started to
BMW 760I 2006 Vehicle Would Shift To Neutral on its on then shut off in the middle of traffic. it was also rough idling, loss
BMW 740IL 1996 The Gas Tank Started To make popping noises and thumping sounds. then when i realized something is wrong when the gas gauge started reading
BMW 740I 1995 Thumping Noises From Under Rear seat of car while driving. fuel tank imploding sucking itself inwards then cracking causing fuel to leak on to
BMW 325I 2004 Total Engine Failure. air bag lights illuminated. air condition failure. several electrical component failures. incident occurred at
BMW 335I 2013 "limp Mode" Is A Very well known issue affecting 2012-2014 bmw 335i models with the m sport package. after accelerating from a stop to
BMW 535I 2010 I Purchased A Pre-owned 2010 bmw 535i on 12/31/2013. the next day (new year's day), and without any warning or indication, the
BMW 325XI 2003 I Have An Issue With my 2003 bmw 325xi. the fuel injectors are leaking/squirting gasoline out of the housing. i did some research
BMW X5 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bwi x5. the contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
BMW 535XI 2008 Fuel Injectors Were Replaced On this vehicle in 05/2011 due to a faulty design under a recall through bmw. the same injectors have
BMW X5 2005 On 1/6/14 I Went outside and started up vehicle and let it warm up for a bit and then i drove about 2miles and
BMW 330CI 2001 There Is A Metal Strap that runs under the right gas tank and holds the gas tank to the car. one end is
BMW 528I 2012 While Driving In Metro Detroit last night my 2012 bmw 528i xdrive suddenly flashed a "fuel system malfunction" message, lurched and came to a
BMW 535I 2009 On An Early Cold Morning, i crank my car and after it started i noticed that my check engine light came on; it
BMW X3 2008 Service Engine Soon Light Came on. diagnosed at dealership that it was the dmtl pump that senses and gas leaks. i was
BMW 530I 2006 We Have A 2006 Bmw 530i in january of 2013 we had a ignition coil go out with around 75000 miles which was
BMW 330CI 2001 Arriving To My House Driveway i started to hear a metal sound against the pavement. immediately i looked under the car and on the
BMW 135I 2011 When Moving Slowly And Then rapidly accelerating, such as when attempting to turn onto a busy road, the car seems to shut off
BMW 335XI 2008 My Model Car Has A recall on the fuel injectors. my vehicle's fuel injectors have misfired and have cause the check engine light
BMW 535I 2008 Driving On Highway, Panel indicates that the temperature is high, and advises to drive moderately. pulled over one lane. before
BMW X3 2013 My Complaint Is Similar To the following: quote nhtsa id number: 10546733 the issue is when you step on the brake the engine
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 On Top Of The Fuel tank of a bmw r1200 gs adventure is a pump where the fittings crack from the factory spraying gas over
BMW 535I 2008 While Driving On The Highway, the car indicated an engine malfunction and within seconds the message changed to engine overheating and that engine is
BMW 328XI 2008 Car Shutoff Completely In The middle of traffic. got it towed to the dealership and they stated that the fuel line came off which
BMW R 1200 R 2010 Fuel Strip Failed For 3rd time. computer no longer displays miles to empty and low fuel warning light stays on. manufacturer
BMW K1200 R SPORT 2007 My Fuel Gauge Is Once again reading completely empty even though i've only gone 40 miles on the current tank which has a range of
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 I Have A 2006 Bmw 325i the vehicle is leaking fuel and from what i think it is the breather pipe. i am
BMW 7 SERIES 2003 Car Does Not Start Correctly and stalls while sitting at lights. it also cuts off while driving. *tr
BMW R 1200 GS 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw r 1200 gs motorcycle. the contact stated that the fuel pump was leaking. the manufacturer was
BMW F650 CS 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 bmw f650 cs motorcycle. the contact stated that the battery was replaced and the rpm reading became erratic
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 Fuel Injectors Constantly Need Replacement every 15,000 miles or so. all 6 were initially replaced on recall at 35,000 miles and
BMW 335I 2008 I Was Driving Vehicle On 295 near hamilton nj and while accelerating the car lost power. the car was not responses and when i
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 I Have A 2007 Bmw 335i with 25k miles. as i was driving getting on the highway my car has lost power engine was
BMW 528I 2011 As My Car Was Stopped at a red light, i felt a quick jerk forward and thought i was rear-ended. i looked
BMW X3 2006 Every Time I Fill Up my car, the check gas cap light comes on. as i drive, it goes off but
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 My Vehicle Did Not Have a recall on the following items: hpfp, fuel injectors, wastegate. failure-
BMW 528I 2011 Vehicle Did Not Accelerate As i was pulling out of a gas station. this is normal for this car (throttle delay). i usually
BMW 330CI 2001 While Entering The Freeway I heard a pop from under my car and immediately began to hear a loud metallic scraping sound coming from under
BMW 745LI 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 bmw 760li. the contact stated that while driving 10 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. the
BMW R1200 RT 2009 Motorcycle Ran Out Of Fuel due to fuel sensor failure. both analog and digital gauges showed 40+ miles remaining in the fuel tank.
BMW 330CI 2001 Fuel Tank Retaining Strap Bracket broke free from under body leaving the tank hanging from the car on the passenger side. this is the
BMW R 1200 R US 2009 Fuel Sensor Strip Failure. inaccurate fuel level displayed. low fuel light inoperative. unexpected no fuel and engine stops at highway speed.
BMW R1200 CL 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw r1200 cl. the contact stated that he noticed an abnormal substance on the ground near the motorcycle.
BMW 335I 2007 I Have Owned This 2007 335i for 2 1/2 years. i am a 59 year old female that drives very conservatively.
BMW X6 2010 Without Any Warning, My late model 2010 bmw x6m burst into flames, exploded and was completely totaled. i picked the car up
BMW 528I 2008 I Smell Gas And Its strong i don't see any leaks of any kind and when i put gas in the car i don't
BMW 535XI 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 bmw 535xi. the contact was traveling 50 mph when the vehicle stalled without warning. the contact took
BMW K1300 GT 2009 2009 Bmw K1300 Gt. consumer states incorrect miles per gallon reading *tgw the consumer stated the needle was reading 63-67 mpg, when
BMW 330I 2001 The Metal Strap That Supports the passenger side of the fuel tank just broke off. i was driving down the street and heard a
BMW R 1200 GS ADV US 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 bmw r1200gs adventure motorcycle. the contact stated that the fuel strip sensor failed. the fuel gauge would
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 The Plastic Flange On The top of the fuel pump /hose coupler area was found to have one radial crack which possibly could have resulted
BMW R 1200 R 2009 Fuel Strip (fuel Level Sensor) fails rendering a false "empty" reading on my fuel gauge. this is due to a defective fuel sensor
BMW K1300 GT 2010 Engine Has Stalled Numerous Times since new. third time in for this problem in a year. this
BMW 330CI 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 330ci. while driving approximately 55 mph, the engine stalled and the entire instrument panel illuminated.
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2006 Fuel Gauge Displaying 1/2 Tank of fuel when tank was actually empty. motorcycle ran out of fuel on busy freeway with limited shoulder access.
BMW K 1200 GT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw k1200 gt. the contact stated that he noticed adhesive leaking from the vehicle while driving 65 mph.
BMW K1200RS 1998 Recall 14401 From Oct. 14, 1988. this vehicle was fixed under warranty in 2001 under this recall. it failed
BMW R 1200 RT 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw r 1200 rt. while parked with the engine running, fuel began to spill onto the engine
BMW 325I 1994 The Brace Holding One Of the fuel tank straps broke off. it seems if broke off at the welds. the strap was just
BMW R 1200 GS 2007 Fuel Pressure Control Module Failed without warning leaving me stranded in the middle of the freeway. part was replaced under warranty but failed again,
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Repeated Fuel Pump Failure From electronic (failure) due to the design that allows water to collect in a "well" where the pump's module is located.
BMW R1200 GS 2007 I Was Driving Down The highway coming home from work, i smelled something burning, i wasn't sure if it was me or another
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 Fuel Gauge Read 3/4 Tank of gas and vehicle fuel tank was empty - had to walk home. *tr
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 There Is A Very Strong fuel odor when the motorcycle is parked and when in motion. the fuel pump flange housing has cracked and
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 Fuel Pump Unit Flange Cracked where pressure fitting screws in. potential gross fuel leak as reported by many other owners. *tr
BMW 335I 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 bmw 335i. the contact stated that while driving at speeds between 5 and 25 mph, the vehicle
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 The Plastic Electric Fuel Pump has developed cracks around a high pressure output fitting that carries fuel to the fuel injection system. it is
BMW K1200 S 2006 My Garage Interior Was Found to have a strong odor of gasoline. on inspection of my motorcycle (2006, bmw k1200s) it was found
BMW 3 SERIES 2001 Drove Through A Parking Lot earlier today when i heard something that sounded like scraping metal coming from the rear of my car.
BMW 325I 2003 The Fuel Pump Went Bad ,and left me stranded on a busy street,it suppose to have a manufacturer warranty for 15years or 150,
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2009 This Vehicle Has Failed To start several times and has had to be towed to dealer and repaired three times for fuel system related problems.
BMW K1200 S 2008 Crack Observed In Fuel Pump flange (plastic boss) on female fitting. the crack may eventually leak, causing a fire, injury,
BMW 3 SERIES 2010 I Was Exiting A Freeway and was attempting to pass a slow moving vehicle in front of me. i passed the vehicle and accelerated
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 Fuel Pump Housing Split At the discharge port connection. four cracks of equal length at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Output Pressure Bung (plastic) In fuel pump assembly where quick disconnect fitting is screwed in. the bung developed small radial cracks that began
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Severe Deep Cracks All Around the plastic collar of the output port of the siemens high-pressure fuel pump. fuel leak imminent, which would
BMW R1200 R 2007 This Is The Well-known Bmw motorcycle fuel strip sensor problem. the gas gauge sensor goes defective and will read that you have more
BMW 745LI 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 bmw 745li. the contact stated the vehicle stalled without warning. if the vehicle had a half
BMW X5 2011 Vehicle Caught On Fire On 02/06/12 at 0300 while parked in garage. according to miami's fire department this was not deemed arson/vandalism, no
BMW R 1200 GS 2005 A Plastic Fuel Line Quick disconnect failed as the fuel line was being removed from the fuel tank to perform normal maintenance. as a
BMW X5 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw x5. the contact observed excessive rust and corrosion within the fuel tank, exhaust system and the
BMW 740I 2001 The Evaporative Canister Purge Line is blocked and is causing the fuel tank to collapse. *kb
BMW R 1200 RT 2008 Cracked Fuel Pump Inlet Bushing. *tt
BMW R1200 RT 2005 Cracks On The High Pressure side of fuel pump at the fitting. this will cause fuel to leak under operation with possible fire.
BMW R1200 CL 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw r1200 cl motorcycle. the contact stated while driving fuel began to leak onto the exhaust pipe
BMW R1200 RT 2005 Cracks Have Developed In The fuel quick disconnect reinforcement flange on the fuel pump housing. this could lead to a fuel leak (and has
BMW R1200 RT 2007 A Single Crack Has Appeared in the plastic, threaded boss on the fuel pump assembly into which a quick-disconnect fuel supply component screws.
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 The Fuel Pump (siemens) Collar on the fuel line has multiple cracks around the quick connect/quick disconnect at the fuel pump assembly where the fuel
BMW 335I 2007 Car Started To Rattle Especially upon pressing gas pedal while running at around 50mph in a freeway. significant reduced power was noticed. soon
BMW R1200 GS 2007 Failure Of The Fuel Pump housing high-pressure fuel quick disconnect reinforcement flange cracks under high pressure cycling and leaks, sending raw fuel down the
BMW R1200 RT 2005 Multiple Cracks In Fuel Pump housing at flange where fuel line connects. odor and gas leakage. *tr
BMW K1200 GT 2008 Cracks Developed In The Plastic fuel pump assembly on my motorcycle. i started smelling raw fuel in my garage. i pulled
BMW R 1200 RT 2008 Fuel Control Housing Cracked And leaked fuel all over the place including my leg. while under pressure. *tr
BMW R 1200 RT 2005 Fuel Pump Flange Cracked In at least four places that i can photograph. for how long this has been i cannot determine.
BMW 330I 2001 Upon Exiting The Freeway A horrible, continuous metallic scraping noise began. i had heard this periodically on my drive, but until
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 The Fuel Tank Flanges Have developed cracks and now gasoline leaks onto the motor while driving. the motorcycle has flanges on both the
BMW 335I 2008 Bmw 335i 2008. Vehicle malfunction during highway cruising. loss of engine power due to fuel pump failure. possible cause for accident
BMW R 1200 GS 2005 The Fuel Gauge Stopped Working because of a failure of the "fuel strip" sender in the gas tank. even though there have been multiple
BMW 328I 2009 Make : 2009 Bmw 328i sedan e36 problem : 11/11 : engine stop running, lose power assist for steering and brakes.
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 Crack Fuel Pump Flange- Leaking gas; fuel pump assembly replaced under extended warranty plan by local dealership. *tr
BMW 328I 2007 Sensor In Fuel Tank Did not report amount of gas in tank to dash. car did not have any gas but reported a quarter
BMW 335XI 2009 Vehicle Oil Temp Was Just under 250. vehicle shakes when accelerating on the highway or on an incline. engine light comes on and
BMW K1200 R 2006 While Riding The Vehicle, a strong fuel smell was detected. while stopping to investigate, the rear tire locked up, but a
BMW X5 2011 Engine Stalled While Driving. warning lamps indicated reduced power. several occurrences were at speed on the interstate. car would restart
BMW K 1600 GTL 2012 On Turning On The Ignition key in my garage, the fuel pump was audible, and the bike failed to start when the starter
BMW X3 2006 The Intake Boot Between The mass air sensor and the throttle body cracks over time. this causes the check engine light to come on.
BMW K1200 LT 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw k1200lt motorcycle. the contact stated that the vehicle was leaking gasoline. the vehicle was taken to
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 Noticed Fuel Residual On Left side fairing of motorcycle. removed fairing to find source of fuel leak. found the outlet flange on the
BMW F650 GS 2005 Fuel Cap Under Seat Where fuel pickup enters fuel tank has developed a hairline crack and weeps substantial amounts of fuel when the tank is
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 My 335i 2008 Has Had three recalls all related to the fuel system. with 24,000 miles it now has issues with starting.i
BMW K1200 GT 2008 The Bike As Developed A low speed low rpm hesitation and stalling, it is a real danger when it suddenly clears and the bike
BMW R1200 RT 2005 Fuel Was Leaking From The flange around the female quick-disconnect fitting. plastic flange is located on top of fuel tank. replaced
BMW R1200 RT 2006 High Pressure Fuel Leak Where threaded plastic quick disconnect mates with plastic flange on top of the fuel pump. plastic flange is molded
BMW X5 2009 The Fuel Gauge Does Not register "full" when the tank is indeed full. the needle will creep towards "full", but stops short
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 Three Cracks In The Plastic flange around the high pressure quick disconnect on top of the fuel pump. the engine was started and within
BMW K SERIES 2002 Hi, I Have A bmw k1200rs and it has a fuel line quick disconnect.. this was already a recall, the number
BMW 740 1995 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1995 bmw 740i. the contact stated that the fuel leaked while refueling the vehicle. the fuel also leaked
BMW R 1200 GS 2005 The Flange On The Fuel tank, crack, leaking fuel everywhere, this happens to others. *tr
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 Riding Down Hwy 87a In az,,felt my left leg getting wet and smelled fuel,,pulled over on the side of the road
BMW R1200 RT 2006 While Riding Motorcycle Noted Fuel smell, then discovered leaking fuel from cracks in the fuel pump assembly top plate where the high pressure line
BMW X5 2012 I Leased My 2012 Bmw x5 35i in may 2011. i was driving on the interstate with 2 toddlers at around 65 mph,
BMW 335I 2007 The Car Stalled And Lost power on highway. engine light came on . rough idling. first incident occurred september 2011.
BMW 330I 2001 The Fuel Pump/tank Sending Unit behind passenger's seat is leaking fuel when the tank is full. strong gasoline vapors are present in the cabin
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Fuel Tank Flange Cracked Where gas line connects. i have another bmw that did the exact same thing. this has happened to many
BMW K1200 S 2006 The Bike Had Been Serviced about 3 weeks before. i was riding a 3 mile trip into town and noticed a strong gasoline smell,
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 Fuel Pump At Fuel Line connectors developed cracks, fuel leaking all over exhaust pipes, engine and rider. extreme fire danger
BMW 335I 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 335i. the contact stated that when starting the vehicle, the check engine warning light would
BMW 325I 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 325i. the contact stated that when sitting idle for a few hours, the vehicle would
BMW 760LI 2004 Hard To Start, Cranks for a while till it builds up pressure then starts. idles rough and sometimes dies when sitting at stop
BMW 3 SERIES 2001 Fuel Tank Sending Unit Behind driver's seat leaking fuel in a stream only when tank is full. when viewed from the top, there
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Detected Fuel Leaking From Left side of motorcycle. left shin was covered in gasoline. removed side covers and detected gas spraying
BMW K1200 GT 2007 Fuel Line Connection Failed Causing gas to spill all over the inside of the motorcycle and on the ground. in my opinion this could
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 My Motorcycle Started Smelling Like gas while running, and leaked gas onto the ground. the failure is where the quick-connect fuel line connector
BMW F 650 GS 2009 This Component Had Failed Multiple times on this vehicle (about twice per year) since new. the component that is replaced each time has been
BMW 3 SERIES 2009 On Thursday, August 18, 2011, my 2009 328i shut down without notice in the middle lane of i-90 at mile marker 80.
BMW K1200 LT 2005 Major Gas Leak While Driving - sprayed gas on right leg and foot. my pants leg, sock, and shoe on the right
BMW X5 2011 2012 Bmw X5. Upon engine start up when cold, the engine surges excessively. if the transmission is engaged during the surging
BMW 740IL 1998 Fuel Tank "tin Cans" When lower on fuel. fear degradation of fuel tank. from other sources, this is a known
BMW 7 SERIES 2004 Hard To Start, Cranks for a while till it builds up pressure then starts. idles rough and sometimes dies when sitting at stop
BMW R 1200 GS 2008 A Plastic Flange On The fuel pump cracked allowing fuel to leak. the flange contains an internal thread that secures one of the fuel
BMW F 800 ST 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 bmw f 800 st. the contact stated that she was unable to start the vehicle.
BMW R SERIES 2004 While Driving On The Highway (in a work zone), fuel began spraying from the right side of the motorcycle and the vehicle lost power.
BMW 5 SERIES 2010 When The Temperature Hits 100 degrees as it does in the desert 5 months or so per year, the interior cabin fills up with
BMW 535I 2009 Vehicle Had Loss Of Power, shaky at start up. vehicle had a loss power to only go about 5mph. vehicle was towed
BMW R 1200 GS ADV US 2010 The Fuel Gauge Sensor Has failed 4 times on two new bmw motorcycles(08, r1200gsa and 10, r1200rt. the bike ran out
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 Fuel Level Sensor Strip Has failed for the fourth time in the last two years. this causes a warning light to illuminate on
BMW 3 SERIES 2009 2009 Bmw 328i With 17k miles malfunctioned caught fire and exploded. i was injured by the fire getting out. it was a
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 Driving In The Rain Cause water to penetrate into an area where a fpc (fuel pressure controller) on the vehicle is positioned. the engine
BMW F 800 GS 2009 Throttle Response Is Too Sharp and takes you by surprise without warning during normal operation. this response can be rapid acceleration or deceleration
BMW 5 SERIES GRAN TURISMO 2010 Campaign Id Number: 10v331000 Our 2010 bmw 5 series gran turismo was purchased on december 28 from bmw of encinitas california while this recall was
BMW R 1200 R 2008 My 2008 Bmw R1200r Motorcycle fuel gauge continues to malfunction or does not work. it has been replaced by the dealer multiple occasions.
BMW K1300 GT 2011 2009 Bmw 1200 Gs, fuel gauge not working correctly, indicates that it has fuel but it runs out, very dangerous on a
BMW 7 SERIES 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 760li. while driving approximately 70 mph the vehicle suddenly stalled. the contact was able to merge to
BMW R 1200 GS 2009 2009 Bmw R1200gs Fuel Strip failure. *tr
BMW R1200 CL 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw r1200 cl motorcycle. the contact stated that there was a defect in the quick connect fuel
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 New Bmw Motorcycle, 2007 gs adv. fuel gauge failed with in weeks. repaired twice. 3 months out of
BMW R 1200 ST 2005 1) Smelled Fuel While Riding, saw fuel leaking onto hot motor, stopped immediately. 2) a plastic quick-disconnect coupler had
BMW R 1200 GS ADV US 2010 Motorcycle Fuel Gauge Displayed Approx half a tank for fuel but motorcycle unexpectedly ran out of gas leaving me in a dangerous situation to avoid
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 Three Wks Ago My 08 528i was making a rattling sound in the engine, tin-can sounding. took the car for service & they
BMW 328I 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 328i. the contact stated that while driving approximately 55 mph the vehicle would suddenly stall without warning.
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 The Fuel Sensor On My 2007 bmw r 1200 rt failed while i was riding it causing the fuel gauge to read empty. this
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 When I Parked After A ride i smelled fuel and had some dripping on the floor from the lh fairing. pulled the cowling and

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