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Bmw Fuel System, Gasoline Storage Tank Assembly Reports

01 Feb

BMW 318 1990 The Fumes Of Gasoline Seem to be degrading the plastic membrane of the plastic fuel tank (fuel tank is bubling)*ak
BMW RT SERIES 1996 Fuel System, After Motor cycle is driving and filled and parked loss of fuel coming out of tank out of the over board vent

BMW 740IL 1996 Gas Tank Imploded Sucking Itself in and causing gas to leak and spill. tank was replaced in september of 2000. however,
BMW 540I 2000 While Driving On The Freeway ran over a piece tire. consumer heard tire strike vehicle. consumer proceeded to drive.
BMW X5 2001 Fuel Leaking From Fuel pump seal into passenger's compartment and outside . prior to the problem, dealer replaced fuel
BMW 740 1996 Plastic Fuel Tank Experienced A crack in center , causing fuel leakage. dealer / manufacturer were not notified at this
BMW 325IS 1992 Left Gas Tank Fuel Sending unit has gone bad/is cracked underneith the rear seat, causing fumes/odor to enter into the passenger compartment.
BMW 525I 1992 Consumer Was Rearended While traveling abou 30-40mph. upon impact, vehicle caught on fire, totaling the vehicle, fire departement unable to
BMW M3 1995 Vehicle Is Leaking Fuel And there are smells of gas vapors when parked in the garage. dealer has fixed vehicle for same problem
BMW 528I 1997 While Driving The Fuel Tank imploded and collapsed, causing the car to stop instantly. dealer has seen 4 times. no solution.
BMW Z3 1997 June 2, 1997 Consumer has taken vehicle to have repairs done on fuel gauge for second time. tiis happens when starting vehicle sometimes.
BMW BMW 2002 Bmw, R1150r, 2002; gas leak coming from vehicle. consumer can smell gas, and gas is all over the garage floor.
BMW 528I 1998 Consumer Smelled Gas While Driving, .took vehicle to mechanic ,and they stated that consumer hit something and it punctured gas tank,
BMW 323I 2000 While Driving At 30 Mph the fuel tank disconnected from vehicle because one of the straps separated due to improper welding. dealer has
BMW 540I 2002 There Is A Constant Fuel leak under the vehicle causing engine check light to illuminate.*ak
BMW K1200RS 1998 Motorcycle Parked In 90 Degree garare after ride. one half hour later gas puddle 3' in diameter under bike dripping from tank onto
BMW 740I 1995 I Had To Replace All the items mentioned, however i don't have the car anymore it was reopened on dec. 3, 2002
BMW F650GS 2002 The Fuel Tank Problem Is a defect or small crack in the plastic. fuel seeps out and puddles under the seat.
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1988 Alumumin Fuel Tank Has Developed spider cracks on bottom of tank and leaks. various bmw dealers have told me this is a common
BMW K1 1990 Fuel Tank Developed Very Large leak and drained completely in less than 2 hours. according to dealer this is not an unusual occurrence for
BMW 740IL 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
BMW 325 2001 A Bmwxi Sports Wagon With one month service developed a fuel overflow onto the cement floor of a garage attached to a single
BMW M3 1996 I Own A 1996 Bmw m3. four times since it was new the fuel gauge has failed, and each time fuel senders were
BMW 318I 1995 No Summary Listed Fvor Above vehicle. *ak
BMW 318 1994 I Have Experienced The Same problem for many times ( repeatable ). i am really hoping that you can help me to investigate
BMW Z3 1998 Bmw Z3 Is A Piece of crap. dealer now thinks that there is underlying problem with vehicle. 3 cd players,
BMW 325IC 1994 I Will Take The Car to the dealer and inform you what was done.
BMW 325 1992 Gas Tanks Leaks If The vehicle is filled over the 1/2 full mark, possibly due to a seal failure. *ak
BMW Z3 1996 Fuel Gauge Failed.
BMW BMW 9999 Consumer States Gas Tank Leaks. bmw dealer claimed this was a common problem, spiders crawled up the air hose causing it to
BMW BMW 2000 After Filling Up Tank, consumer could smell gas, so he bent down to check underneath and saw gasoline rapidly dripping, consumer is
BMW K1200RS 1998 Massive Leaking Of Gasoline From tank appears to be related to hot weather and expansion of gasket interface between tank bladder and fuel pump,
BMW K1200RS 1998 Motorcycle Had The Original And replaced gas tanks develop leaks. about one gallon per hour. no accident, but close. almost caught
BMW 325 1984 Intermittent Failure Of Speedometer/odometer, also cruise control/fuel gauge failures. *ak
BMW 325 1993 Gasoline Odor Persists Even After replacement of gas tank/fuel lines as per recall. (94v066000) *dsh
BMW BMW 1982 Rear Mounted Gas Tank Caught fire during collision. *sd
BMW 735 1992 Fuel Tank Ruptured And Caught fire during accident, resulting in injuries/death due to poor design. *skd
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 9999 Poor Location Of Gas Tank results in gas tank eruption during side impact accident, causing fire/death/injuries. *skd
BMW 740IL 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 bmw 740il. while refueling he noticed gas was leaking form underneath the vehicle. once he stopped pumping gas
BMW 740I 1993 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1993 bmw 740i. while the vehicle was parked the contact noticed gas leaking out of the gas tank on the
BMW 335I 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 bmw 335i. while driving at any speed, the vehicle stalls. the radio and instrument panel
BMW 740IL 1998 Notice A Bumping Sound For rear of car when stopped and running. fuel tank is imploding!! also, noticed that gas
BMW E46 1995 My Fuel Tank Sucked Itself inward due to a defective vent hose. bmw knows about this problem and issued a service flash in 1998.
BMW 325IT 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at 35 mph on normal road conditions the service engine light illuminated. the vehicle was taken
BMW 325CI 2004 Dt*: The Contact Owns a 2004 bmw 325ci. while pumping gas into the vehicle the gas tank caught fire. it
BMW 740IL 1998 Dt: The Consumer States Approximately 4 days ago the cluster on the dash went out the turn signal stopped working on the inside of the
BMW X5 2001 Consumer Noticed Fuel Leaking From underneath the fuel tank. dealer notified. *ak
BMW F650 CS 2003 While Driving Or Parked, the consumer noticed gas fumes. the consumer inspected the vehicle and noticed a puddle of fuel underneath the vehicle.
BMW 740I 2000 My Car Was Leaking Gas from the tank on the way home and when i got home i noticed that the gas tank was wet
BMW 750IL 1998 Hairline Crack In Fuel Tank caused fuel leakage. report from repair shop that this is common defect on 1997 & 1998 bmw740 &750
BMW 740I 1997 There Seems To Be A common defect in the '1995-'01 bmw 740 series gas tank. there is a problem that occurs that creates
BMW 318 1996 The Vehicle Had A Gas leak in the tank. the dealer was notified. *ak the consumer filled

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