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30 Jun

BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2006 Tl- The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw adventure 1200gs. the contact stated that there was a strong fuel smell while traveling 60 mph on
BMW 335 2010 Due To Premature Build Up of excessive soot and carbon in the egr, intake manifold, and intake valves of diesel engines, it

BMW R 1200 R 2011 The Motorcycle Has A "miles to empty" display to instruct the driver when to refuel. also a graph that displays how much fuel
BMW 335XI 2007 Was Traveling On I290, at about 70mph, when i needed more acceleration to pass a truck... the car started to
BMW K1200 R 2006 Fuel Strip Inside Fuel Tank that sends fuel level indications failed. this is the 4th strip in 3 years. this problem is
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 Upon Starting The Motorcycle Gas begin squirting out the right side of the gas tank - approximately 1 quart within a minute or two,
BMW 760I 2006 Vehicle Would Shift To Neutral on its on then shut off in the middle of traffic. it was also rough idling, loss
BMW R1200 GS 2007 The Fuel Pump Flange On the high-pressure side is cracking and leaking fuel due to a poor design. pipe-thread design is contributing to radial
BMW K 1200 R SPORT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw k 1200 r sport motorcycle. the contact stated that there was a strong gasoline oder coming from
BMW 740IL 1996 The Gas Tank Started To make popping noises and thumping sounds. then when i realized something is wrong when the gas gauge started reading
BMW 325XI 2004 While Driving In Normal Rush hour traffic my wife heard a loud pop from the engine compartment. the car lost power, brakes.
BMW R1200 GS 2010 The Motorcycle Ran Out Of fuel while attempting to cross a busy intersection involving a small side road and a divided 4 lane road.
BMW X5 2010 Ignition Failed To Restart Engine due to battery drain. in one instance, battery discharged despite car having been driven for >1hr and then
BMW K1200LT 1999 Started Engine, Noticed Smoke coming from under vehicle, turned engine to off, got off and saw fire on left side. grabbed
BMW 325I 2004 Total Engine Failure. air bag lights illuminated. air condition failure. several electrical component failures. incident occurred at
BMW 335I 2013 "limp Mode" Is A Very well known issue affecting 2012-2014 bmw 335i models with the m sport package. after accelerating from a stop to
BMW 535I 2010 I Purchased A Pre-owned 2010 bmw 535i on 12/31/2013. the next day (new year's day), and without any warning or indication, the
BMW 325XI 2003 I Have An Issue With my 2003 bmw 325xi. the fuel injectors are leaking/squirting gasoline out of the housing. i did some research
BMW X5 2010 Exhaust Is Entering The Cabin through the venting filling the car with harmful gases. i brought it to the dealer and they diagnosed
BMW X5 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bwi x5. the contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2009 The Gas Tank Has Quick disconnect fittings that screw into a plastic flange on each side of the tank. the fitting threads are similar
BMW F800 GS 2012 The Bike Would Not Start. the dealership tells me that while looking at it to repair there was evidence of a fire. the
BMW 535XI 2008 Fuel Injectors Were Replaced On this vehicle in 05/2011 due to a faulty design under a recall through bmw. the same injectors have
BMW 335I 2013 The Car Goes Into "limp mode" while driving reducing power immediately. i was making a turn onto a street crossing a highway and my
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 Fuel Level Indicator Showed Empty after refilling. flashing lights indicating problem with vehicle. filled up with 1/2 gallon of 91 octane gasoline to
BMW 330CI 2001 There Is A Metal Strap that runs under the right gas tank and holds the gas tank to the car. one end is
BMW 535I 2009 On An Early Cold Morning, i crank my car and after it started i noticed that my check engine light came on; it
BMW F800S 2007 After Refueling To A Full tank, fuel visible at top of filler neck, the motorcycle was driven home 1 mile and parked in
BMW X3 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw x3. the contact stated that the front passenger's seat belt warning chime activated independently without the seat
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 I Was Riding My Motorcycle on the interstate when i noticed the smell of gasoline. upon arrival home i determined that pressurized fuel
BMW X3 2008 Service Engine Soon Light Came on. diagnosed at dealership that it was the dmtl pump that senses and gas leaks. i was
BMW R1200 RT 2007 After Smelling Gas After A short stop i discovered that the fuel pump discharge flange had 7 cracks where fuel was leaking and filling the
BMW 3 SERIES 1999 The Bmw 323i ( Bmw e46 ) fuel tank strap, which holds the fuel tank in place, detached from the car body.
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 Fuel Pumps Were Found Cracked with broken seals and leaking during normal service
BMW 528I 2010 I Noticed A Smell Of fuel each time my wife parked her car inside our garage. her car for due a service so
BMW K1200 S 2005 Fuel Tank Started Leaking Fuel enough to drip all over engine and exhaust. was able to stop bike before fire started.
BMW C650 GT 2013 Bike Stalls Suddenly And Completely at low speeds and in low speed turns. loss of power and stability if it happens at turns.
BMW K1200 R 2006 When I Was Stopped At an intersection i noticed a very strong fuel smell coming from my motorcycle. i looked for liquid fuel leaking
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Riding My 40 Miles Home, i kept smelling gasoline but it was congested so i dismissed it. got home and drove into
BMW K 1200 GT 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 bmw k1200 gt motorcycle. the contact stated that while attempting to accelerate at 3 mph, the vehicle
BMW R1200 GS 2013 After About 20-30 Minutes Of riding the bike at highway speeds, this motorcycle's fuel system starts to have trouble idling. for example,
BMW S 1000 RR 2010 I Have Radial Crack On the fuel tank flange causing the motorcycle to leak fuel on to the motor. i quick internet search show
BMW R1200 RT 2007 The Plastic Connection For The fuel pump cracked and started to leak fuel. this is a fire hazard. i
BMW R1200 GS 2008 I Smelled Gas And Found gas leaking from the fuel pump attached to the gas tank. i found cracks on the periphery of the
BMW X5 SAV 2009 Since July 2013 I'm Having problem with my 2009 bmw x5 where there is raw fuel smell inside of the car cabin, i have
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 Arbitrary Failure Of The Fuel level sensor. it occurred at 2,200 miles. operation of the motorcycle was uninhibited except for a false
BMW R 1200 RT US 2009 Fuel Gauge Failure Due To defective sending strip. first strip failed approx. 52,000 miles; second strip failed within one tankful of
BMW R1200 RT 2005 After Filling My Bmw Motorcycle with gas i parked it to visit with some other riders. after a short time returned to my bike
BMW 550I 2011 I Have Prepared A Pdf document that i would like to submit as well. i can supply it at any time. here
BMW R1200 RT 2006 In-tank Fuel Pump Leaks Fuel at threaded connection to outlet quick-release fitting. i purchased and installed a reinforcement clamp made by a third-party supplier
BMW R1200 GS 2009 Traveling Approx 60 Mph During rush hour in middle lane of three lane divided highway. fuel gauge showed two bars and display indicated approx
BMW R1200 RT 2006 I Smelled Fuel (on And off) on the highway on the way to work. when i came to my parking space, then i
BMW R1200 GS 2007 Fuel Started Leaking On Hot exhaust while riding on the freeway. further inspection revealed fuel leaking from the fuel pump area. gas appears
BMW K1200 S 2005 Fuel Flange Leak... please see complaint # 10549250 for details. thank you *tr
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 Bike Started Leaking Fuel.. was getting on to rider clothing. when disassembled it was discovered that the fuel was coming from
BMW C650 GT 2013 Vehicle Stalling At Slow Speeds. *tr
BMW F700 GS 2013 Cracks In Right And Left sides of the fuel tank. 12 inch cracks run under the body panels along the corner seam of the
BMW R 1200 GS 2005 Fuel Is Leaking From The high pressure output fitting of the gas tank. fuel leaks when fuel pump is on, visibly dripping.
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw r1200 gs adventure motorcycle. the contact stated that while driving 45 mph, the abs warning light
BMW R1200 R 2013 The Fuel Gauge Indicated A full tank, but wasn't correct. when the tank ran dry, i lost all power on the expressway
BMW R1200 RT 2006 While Riding Motorcycle Noted Fuel smell and discovered leaking fuel from cracks in the fuel pump assembly top plate where the plastic high pressure line
BMW R1200 RT 2005 While Riding My Bmw R1200rt today i started smelling gas. i returned home and put the motorcycle in the garage.
BMW F800 GS 2009 The Gas Tank Is Cracked on the right side of the bike. this is a known problem that is happening on many bmw f800's.
BMW 335I 2008 ## Vin Passed ## Bmw 335 2008 ## purchased car w/ 18000 miles and my 2nd fuel pump is on its way
BMW M3 US 2011 Driving In 60/mph Speed. when overtaking a truck; 'engine fault' warning light came-up. vehicle transmission automatically turned to neutral. engine was
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 I Was Driving On Local. all of sudden, there was no response when stepping on the gas. i had to pull over
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Fuel Leaking At The Fuel pump flange as well as at the suction pump flange around the base of the quick disconnect fitting.
BMW R1200 R 2013 Three Months And 400+ Miles into my ownership of a new bmw r1200r motorcycle, the fuel strip failed completely. upon engine start
BMW R1200 S 2007 Fuel Leak At Housing On left side of fuel tank. is cracked around flange that holds the quick disconnect on the pressure line.
BMW F 800 GS 2013 Stress, Cracking On Right side of fuel tank. *tr
BMW R1200 ST 2005 Fuel Leaks From The Front left side of the motorcycle dripping onto the cylinder head and exhaust pipe. the source of the leak is
BMW R 1200 RT 2009 Fuel Strip Failed, Going from approximately 150 miles to empty to --- miles to empty immediately. fuel strip was replaced 5 times in
BMW R 1200 GS 2008 High Pressure Fuel Leak At hose connection to fuel pump housing. plastic fitting cracked and cracks in boss on fuel pump housing. noticed
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 Cracked Fuel Pump Flange,leaking gas and spraying on rider. this is the fourth bmw bike i have owned and have had no previous
BMW F700 GS 2013 Plastic Gas Tank Cracked On right side of motorcycle (reported to bmw motorrad); this is apparently a commonly reported defect for which no part
BMW R1200 RT 2008 The Fuel Gauge Showed 1/4 tank of fuel, but the motorcycle had actually run out of fuel on a very busy section of interstate
BMW F800 GS 2013 The Gas Tank Cover Is stressed cracked on both sides on the rear tail fairing section. it is a black molded plastic.
BMW K1200 S 2007 I Could Smell A Very slight hint of raw fuel, first thought it was a fouled spark plug, so i decided to limit
BMW R 1200 GS 2007 After Riding The Vehicle And putting it back in my garage, i could smell a strong gasoline odor. on detailed inspection i
BMW M3 2004 Vehicle Drops Out Of Gear randomly. as i was taking a left turn, the vehicle dropped into 0 gear and on coming traffic
BMW X5 2008 After The Check Engine Light came on we took our vehicle to a local shop conway motors in everett, wa. conway motors
BMW R 1200 RT 2009 After Starting The Motorcyle And allowing for a brief period of warming up, i headed to the gas station to fuel up in preparation
BMW K1200 S 2006 My Motorcycle Started Leaking Gas in the middle of a day ride and progressively got worse, so that by the end of the day,
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Fitting At Top Of Fuel pump assembly was leaking (stream of gas) gas onto the gas tank and down onto the left cylinder.
BMW R1200 GS 2007 Fuel Pump Flange On Top of pump cracked and gas sprayed out and ran down on to the hot exhaust pipe. *tr
BMW K1200 S 2008 Failure Of The Fuel Level sending unit inside the gasoline tank caused the fuel gauge to report inaccurate fuel level. gauge said tank
BMW K 1200 GT 2007 Fuel Pump Mounting Boss For fuel line connection cracked. fuel sprays onto back of engine and flows on to the exhaust system,
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Riding To Work I Noticed the smell of gas - i parked the bike and noticed a steady of gasoline dripping out from under the
BMW R1200 GS 2008 Fuel Tank Is Leaking At the plastic flanges where the fuel pump resides. this appears to be a recurring problem for this model year
BMW R1200 R 2008 Fuel Gauge Failure, Suddenly stopped working and reads empty at all times. *tr
BMW F 650 GS 2010 Three Incidents On The Same day within 35 miles. the ambient air temperature was 95 degrees for the first incident, and in the
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Riding At About 50 Mph, my passenger asked to pull over, "we are leaking something". i pulled over and inspected the bike,
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Sirs, I Am the original purchaser/owner of a bmw r1200rt motorcycle, vin# [xxx]. i have had to replace
BMW R 1200 R 2010 Fuel Strip Failure (measures The amount of fuel in the gas tank). fuel gage was either off or incorrect. computer could not calculate
BMW R 1200 GS 2006 With Turning On The Key, fuel leaked out of the left side of the motorcycle. the leak comes from the fuel line attachment
BMW R1200 RT 2008 The Fuel Strip Indicator Has now failed 3 times, twice leaving me stranded with an empty fuel tank. *tr
BMW K1200 S 2006 Fuel Leak From Fuel Tank flange. this complaint is the same as the others, namely the fuel tank flange cracks and allows
BMW R1200 GS 2007 The Fuel Pump Outlet Quick connector cracked, causing gasoline to leak out and spill all over the motorcycle creating a fire hazard and potential
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Yet Another Fuel Level Sensor strip [fuel gauge] failure. this is number 6. now no longer covered and cost $350 to
BMW R1200 GS 2009 Bike Fuel Meter Does Not function. replaced under warranty 8/12/11 and 8/10/13. fuel meter relies on sensor strip inside fuel tank. sensor
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Gas Leaking From Left Side fairing after riding with small spill of gas on garage floor. taken to mortons bmw dealer today where
BMW R1200 R 2013 The Fuel Gauge Ceased Working and registers empty all the time. the "low fuel" light is illuminated despite having gone only 50 miles
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Fuel Smell On Clothing And leaking fuel found dripping on hot exhaust during stop at gas station to refuel. immediately push motorcycle to safe
BMW C650 GT 2013 I Just Purchased A Lightly used c650gt with 992 miles on july 23rd, 2013. eleven days later with about 200 miles on the
BMW R1200 R 2012 Motorcycle Ran Out Of Gas. fuel gauge showed full. display said i had 226 miles to go to empty.
BMW R1200 GS 2009 The Fuel Gauge Stopped Working and there was a yellow warning light appeared on the display. prior to the outright failure, the
BMW R1200 GS 2007 The Fuel Pump Casing/flange Is cracked and is leaking fuel. i think it has been going on for a while longer but i previously
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 First, My Motorcycle Is titled a 2009 but manufactured in 2008. the flange where the female fuel line quick-disconnect cracked (on the
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 Gas Tank Cracking At Fuel sensor electronics. fuel leak causing fuel to pool at the top of the tank and run down the
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Fuel Pump Flange Cracked At fuel pump output connector and fuel sprayed out under pressure. pressurized fuel sprayed on leg and hit hot engine
BMW R1150 RT 2004 Fuel Line Quick Disconnects On both supply and return failed causing fuel leak on to engine and exhaust. extreme fire potential.
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Faulty Fuel Strip gas gauge will show 1/2 tank, but tank may be full or empty, or somewhere in between.
BMW K1200 R 2006 There Are Several Cracks On the flange where fuel line has a connection. these cracks are causing fuel to leak onto the motor and
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Cracks Have Been Found In the fuel line input flange @ fuel pump and the return fuel flange. *tr
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Stopped After Riding To Work, noticed fuel smell, looked closer, gas was dripping on hot exhaust pipe. turns out the
BMW R1200 GS 2007 The Plastic Fuel Pump Flange (plate that seals the top of the fuel tank and is the connections for the fuel pump) has developed cracks
BMW R1200 GS 2008 While Cruising At Moderate Speed on paved surface road first noticed strong gasoline smell, followed in few minutes by soaking of the left leg
BMW K1200LT 2004 Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Failed as vehicle slowed for stopping at intersection. fuel under pressure from running engine was released onto the engine,
BMW R1200 RT 2007 While I Was Backing My motorcycle into the garage i smelled a strong odor of gasoline. as i dismounted i noticed a liquid dripping
BMW K1200LT 2002 I Was Riding Down The interstate at 75 mph. i started smelling a strong odor of gas. when i got home i had
BMW R1200 GS 2005 The Fuel Pump Fitting Cracked while i was riding on the highway. this resulted in fuel spraying on me and dripping onto the engine
BMW C650 GT 2013 Scooter Stalled 7 Times Between june 21 and june 23. air temp above 90 each day. all happened while bike was
BMW 335I 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 335i. the contact stated while driving 65 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning with the illumination
BMW F800 GS 2012 This Is For A Bmw f800gs 2012 trophy edition motorcycle gas tank. i just discovered cracks in the fuel tank just underneath the seat.
BMW K1200 GT 2003 I Found A 4 Ft diameter puddle of gasoline on my garage floor. the air in the garage was also very thick with gasoline
BMW 135I 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw 135 i. the contact stated that the vehicle stalled without warning. the vehicle was taken to
BMW K1200 GT 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw k1200gt motorcycle. the contact stated that although there was not a visible fuel leak, he detected
BMW K1200RS 2002 This Is A Follow-up To my first report of this date. bmw apparently conducted a recall (04v-028) for leaks with this coupling, however
BMW K1200RS 2002 Started My Bmw K1200rs And backed it out of the garage. noticed a spray emanating from the right side of the engine above the
BMW C650 GT 2013 3 Engine Stalls At Low speed on three consecutive days. luckily not at an intersection or around other vehicles. many reports
BMW 328I 2008 While Driving, Attempting To pass a vehicle, i press the accelerator and the pedal had no response and the rpms dropped. after
BMW C650 GT 2013 Stalling And Complete Shut Down of all components. has stalled out now six additional times. now at 500 miles and scheduled for service.
BMW C650 GT 2013 Approaching Stop Sign At Low speed approximately 10 mph, encountered engine shut down, no warning lights came on. engine restarted,
BMW R1200 GS 2007 Noticed The Smell Of Gasoline while riding. took the motorcycle the bmw dealership the next day and they found cracking in the top flange
BMW 760LI 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 760li. the contact stated that the vehicle idled abnormally high and would drive roughly. the contact
BMW 760LI 2006 Hard To Start, Cranks for a while till it builds up pressure then starts. idles rough and sometimes dies when sitting at stop
BMW 328I 2009 I Was Driving South On rte 495 in ma in the left lane and had just passed the exit ramp to rte 3 when the
BMW R1200 GS 2009 While Operating The Motorcycle At approximately 50 mph it suddenly stopped running. after coasting to a stop i observed fuel steadily leaking from the
BMW R1200 GS 2010 While Riding At 25mph, with a one-third full tank of fuel, the fuel warning and caution warning lamps illuminated and the fuel quantity
BMW R1200 GS 2006 Smell Of Gasoline While Riding. discoverd fuel leak from cracks in plastic flange where fuel line attaches to fuel tank. found out this
BMW X3 2013 On The First Occurrence I braked smoothly at a traffic light that was red as i approached. the vehicle stopped and then the engine
BMW 1 SERIES 2008 Bmw Hfpf Failure, Has been replaced twice along with various software updates. now it appears to be having issues again. *tr
BMW R1150 R 2004 I Purchased This Bike Last october, and upon getting it home smelled gas, i did get a report from the dealer who originally
BMW R1200 RT 2005 Plastic Female Fitting On Top of fuel pump has several cracks which will eventually result in fuel leakage. *tr
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Fuel Gauge Showed 1/3 Of tank of fuel remaining and 110 miles left before running out of gas. bike ran out of gas
BMW R1200 CL 2004 My Bike Was Sputtering & backfiring, i brought it into the local bmw dealer who diagnosed the problem as "throttle body system" he told
BMW 3 SERIES 2001 The Welds On The Front (passenger side) fuel tank support strap fitting (welded to the under side of the body) broke away allowing the support
BMW X5 SAV 2011 On December 26, 2012, while driving north at a high speed in heavy traffic in the second lane on a four lane segment
BMW R1200 GS 2009 Fuel Gauge Frequently Indicates Plenty of fuel in tank when tank runs empty. gauge will also occasionally show empty when several gallons of fuel
BMW 335I 2007 While Sitting Still At The first incident the car stalled for no reason. over the next two weeks the car started to run
BMW R 1200 RT 2006 Plastic Fuel Connector Broke While riding on expressway - fuel spewed while riding at 55 mph all over rider's leg - soaked pants leg and
BMW 528I 2011 The Vehicle Has A Significant delay in acceleration that occurs primarily after (i) the vehicle has slowed down to a speed between 18 mph and
BMW R 1200 RT 2005 Fuel Leak From Threads On tank. *tr
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 Fuel Pump Assembly Started Leaking and fuel started running down the left side of the motorcycle. the pump assembly was leaking badly and
BMW 760I 2004 Driving At 45mph When Car stalled. difficult to start. drove 6 to 6.5 miles to home via i-85 where car
BMW 535I 2013 Once Again Nearly A Month after my 2013 535i had its high pressure fuel pump replaced by bmw. the car decides to lose all
BMW R1200 GS 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw r1200 motorcycle. the contact stated that there was fuel leaking from the vehicle. the vehicle was
BMW 335I 2007 While Accelerating On A Highway, the car lost power and started to shake. i had to pull off on the shoulder while
BMW R1200 GS 2007 Fuel Gauge/fuel Strip Stopped Working properly. it started showing a full tank even when the tank was almost empty. sometimes will show an
BMW X3 2006 2006 Bmw X3 "check Gas cap" warning light comes on intermittently after refueling. check the gas gap and everything seems ok. happens consistently
BMW X5 SAV 2009 I Have A Bmw X5 2009. i bought this thing brand new 0 miles. recently has 39000 miles since i both i having
BMW R1200 R 2012 The Fuel Gauge Stopped Working. this happened twice. the second time it led to running out of gas while under operation. the
BMW R1200 R 2007 Fuel Gauge Failed Resulting In running out of fuel when at speed on a highway, creating an unsafe condition. being stalled on a
BMW X5 2012 Same Thing As Last Time. started up the car, got it out of the driveway and the engine failed. tried to start
BMW X5 2012 I Tried To Start Up the car, it started, i drove a few feet, and then failed. i received a warning
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 Heard Noise And The Car starting shaking and then car died on me and service on middle of nowhere and i starts
BMW 5 SERIES GRAN TURISMO 2010 While Driving, Approximate Speed of 30 miles per hour my car slowed down and showed a signal on the dash board saying a reduction
BMW 328XI 2007 The Engine Stalled While Driving on freeway and would not start after that. dealer replaced fuel pump but it happened again after a week.
BMW R1200 R 2011 The Fuel Gauge Showed A rapid loss of fuel, indicating a nearly full tank one moment and then changing to indicate an empty tank
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 My Motorcycle Ran Out Of fuel while indicating 1/2 full on the fuel gauge. i was on a busy us highway and had
BMW R1200 GS 2007 As I Was Riding The fuel gauge went from showing full to showing empty in less than 10 miles. the fuel gauge continued to
BMW R 1200 R 2009 The Fuel Gauge Displayed That i had 40 miles left and was on reserve and the low fuel light illuminated. two miles later,
BMW R1200 RT 2005 The Fuel Strip Failed On the motorcycle. this is a well known issue with these motorcycle, even by bmw. this
BMW R1200 RT 2008 Fuel Gauge Failed, Again, causing potential stalling in traffic creating dangerous situation. *tr
BMW R 1200 RT 2008 Fuel Gauge Failed, Warning light constantly on. bike could run out of fuel in traffic with no warning causing dangerous situation.
BMW R1200 RT 2008 Motorcycle Gas Gauge Showed Half full when it stopped running, had to cross two lanes of traffic during rush hour to get to the
BMW R1200 RT 2005 I Was Riding My Motorcycle in the right hand lane in a 50mph residential zone in fairly heavy evening traffic when the engine started to
BMW R1200 R 2008 Low Fuel Warning Lamp Did not come on leading to me running out of fuel on interstate highway. fuel gauge indicated approximately 1/4 tank
BMW R 1200 RT 2009 Riding On The Interstate With traffic, the fuel gauge began acting erratically, showing more fuel, then less fuel for a few miles
BMW R1200 R 2008 From The Dealer's Repair Order description: "the customer reports the fuel gauge reads low (light on) when full and reads full when empty. also
BMW R1200 GS 2010 Fuel Strip Failed. Replaced again in 6/2012. failure results in false gauge reading which can lead to running out of fuel at
BMW R 1200 R 2007 Fuel Gauge Stopped Responding, leading to running out of fuel while moving. this is a common failure on many bike models from bmw
BMW R1200 R 2011 The Bmw R1200r Motorcycles Is equipped with a fuel gauge. the gauge very commonly fails, allowing the operator to believe he/she has
BMW 3 SERIES 2001 1) Car Would Not Start, fuse blown on fuel pump. (no. 1 original) towed to mechanic. 2) mechanic replaces
BMW R1200 R 2013 Purchased A Brand New 2013 bmw r1200r motorcycle and within 10 miles of riding away from dealer low fuel warning comes on and fuel gauges
BMW R1200 GS 2005 During Service, Tech Noticed a crack in the fuel pump housing. bike is unsafe to drive due to risk of fuel leak
BMW 535I 2013 While Driving On The Free way my brand new 535i had a drivetrain malfunction and the check engine light came on while losing power and
BMW 535XI 2012 It Was 530am And We were traveling on the interstate. my husband was driving, and i was in the passenger seat.
BMW K1200 S 2008 The Bmw K-series Motorcycles Have the same problem with cracks in the fuel pump housing that nhtsa is investigating for the r-series bikes (investigation: pe
BMW X6 2011 We Leased Our 2011 Bmw x6 3.5i in august 2010 from bmw of tenafly. the first high fuel pressure pump malfunction occurred
BMW K1200 S 2006 The Gas Tank Started Leaking fuel. there are small cracks around a plastic fitting that is attached to the fuel tank. the fitting
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 Park On Side Stand, engine running in neutral, gas started leaking from the left side fairing : one drop every 3 seconds.
BMW R1200 RT 2007 During Routine Systems Check, discovered that the top of the fuel pump housing (specifically the ridge at the base of fuel line disconnect) had
BMW 535I 2008 Smell Of Gas Fumes In car when started car. gas and fumes increased as car idled. infant also in car. began feeling
BMW R1200 GS 2007 After Smelling Gasoline While Vehicle was parked in my garage, i removed the outer body parts and discovered that the flange where the high
BMW 760LI 2003 My Bmw Has Been Having issues since around 40,000 miles and i finally just found out that the high pressure fuel pumps needed to
BMW R 1200 GS 2006 After Stopping At Local Gas station to fill up with gas as per normal, noticed gas smell, but could not detect any visible
BMW 535I 2010 On January 12, 2013, while driving with my family on a southern california highway at speeds of roughly 70 mph, our 2010
BMW R1200 RT 2007 Cracked Boss/molded Fitting On Fuel pump/sending unit on fuel tank, leaking fuel. *tr
BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2007 Cracks Developed In The Fuel pump flange causing fuel to leak on the engine. *tr