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30 Jun

BMW 325I 1993 Steering Locks Up Intermittenly In the start position, windows and sunroof inoperative, gas intermittenly gives incorrect reading of fuel
BMW 850CIA 1996 The Headlight Adjuster Fell Off, consumer was unable to adjust headlights to see while driving .*ak. consumer stated the headlight adjuster was

BMW 525I 1998 Ash Tray.
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 A/c Stopped Working With The car's odometer at 65k miles (car is 6yrs old). dealer diagnosed as evaporator failure with estimated repair cost of
BMW 82110393954 9999 Bmw R1200gs Adventure Fuel Pump flange has multiple cracks around perimeter of flange. failure results in raw fuel being sprayed from connection when fuel
BMW 82110393954 9999 When I Purchased The 530i 2007 bmw i wasn't aware of the faulty rear middle seatbelt. i think it could have been defective.
BMW X3 2006 Air Conditioner Temperature Began To warm just on drivers side but remained cool on drivers side. based upon my many years or working with
BMW 335XI 2009 Hard Disk Drive In Entertainment system not functioning properly and creates distraction to drive. *tr
BMW 528I 1999 I Recently Used The Jack in my 1999 bmw 528i for the first time ever a few days ago. the jack is not
BMW R 1200 GS 2009 Fuel Gauge On My 2009 bmw r1200gs motorcycle was showing i had approximately 1/3 of a tank of fuel when i ran out of gas.
BMW 82110393954 9999 Windshield Wiper Blades Chatters And does not clear the rain! on 2010 bmw x6 vin #[xxx]. information redacted pursuant to the
BMW 335XI 2007 2007 Bmw 335xi Floor Mats are not anchored or attached to floor in any way. floor mats constantly slide back and forth, as
BMW 325I 2004 Just Paid $419.53 For repair on my 2004 bmw 3 series for tail lamp connections and grounds. i understand that this defect
BMW 82110393954 9999 The Sparkplug Has Blown Completely out the head of my 2003 mini cooper, i went on line and found out that this is becoming
BMW 82110393954 9999 2006 Bmw Mini Cooper, 2 door. car suddenly loses power, shudders and engine shuts down. occurs randomly. has occurred 6
BMW 5 SERIES 2011 2011 Bmw 335i Convertible. navigation system constantly almost always takes you to the wrong place. this is very dangerous in that
BMW Z4 2003 My 2003 Bmw Z4 Has sticky and/or binding electric power assisted steering control when the temperatures are 75 degrees or warmer, making the car
BMW 82110393954 9999 June, 2010 - I was driving my 2008 bmw 535 station wagon on the highway (long island expressway i-495, new york) at 65
BMW 7 SERIES 2008 Consumer Writes Regarding Consumer Fraud *tgw the consumer stated the purchase was a set of chrome wheels which was a mail order which turned
BMW 82110393954 9999 The Driver And Passenger Windows, front and rear, are defective. the double panes separate, causing a white film to gradually
BMW 745LI 2003 Manufacture Supplied Cell Phone Is obsolete within three years after buying the car. *tr
BMW X5 2001 This Is A Safety Complaint on the 2001 bmw x5. there are several defect, safety reports on the
BMW 82110393954 9999 Seat Heater On 2004 Bmw 530i (e60) overheated and became very hot. smell of burning. resulted in black charring to the leather seat.
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Have Been Encountering An ongoing problem with headlight glare. when i drive at night especially on the nj parkway or turnpike the
BMW 535I 2009 This Is An Enforcement Compliance request on a weekly continuum for the safety of the public on the following : tires: goodyear and
BMW 525I 2003 Upon Turning On The Manufacturer installed drivers seat heater, the drivers seat heater shorted out causing extreme heat and smoke to rise from the
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Own A 2003 745li, bought it certified used in 2006. i have so far had air conditioning problems, oil
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Have The Dct Transmission with my 2008 bmw m3 and the lag is very unsafe. dealer saying no fix and problem not unsafe.
BMW 82110393954 9999 Cars Rpm Will Not Stay stable . go up @down when idling. check engine light comes on goes out when accelerating. replace
BMW X5 2008 2008 Bmw X5 Has A faulty fuel injector pump and battery. *nj the consumer stated the vehicle suddenly stopped in the middle
BMW 82110393954 9999 Reverse In My 2000 323i bmw went out. transmission needs to be replaced. *tr
BMW 328I 2007 Bmw Auto Jack Part # 71 10 6 773 536 used with 2007 bmw 328i sport wagon. this floor
BMW 82110393954 9999 A Little While Back An error message came up on the dashboard of my car saying there was a malfunction with the tire pressure monitor.
BMW 82110393954 9999 Plastic Radiator Neck Broke During travel last week, causing vehicle to not be drivable. i purchased a new radiator and am having
BMW 82110393954 9999 My 1999 Bmw 540i Sport caught fire 12/19/08 while it was sitting in the driveway of my home. i noticed flames about 1:30
BMW 328I 2007 My 2007 Bmw Model 328i was delivered new with bridgestone run-flat-tires as original equipment but with no jack and spare tire included. the
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Own A 2003 Bmw z4 and have had two fuel pumps and filter replacements. the car has approximately 21,500 miles.
BMW 82110393954 9999 In Rush-hour Traffic, (clear weather, 45 degrees, sunny, dry) i was following behind a dump truck. he stopped, and
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Have A 2006 3 series with a malfunctioning air bag indicator system. this vehicle series was recalled under nhtsa action number ea08001.
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Have A Bmw 323 ci and i was making a run to the store and i come back out and try to reverse and
BMW 82110393954 9999 There Is A Significant Problem with the engine/transmissions on the bmw x3 model. i have had a 2007 and now a 2008,
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 Car Started Beeping Uncontrollably Than service light reported a malfunction in the air pages and seat belt restraints on the passenger side seats. dealer
BMW 6 SERIES 2005 I Bought A New 2005 bmw 645i.and it had computer problems. the dealer said the manufacturer usually fixed problems in 60-90 days.
BMW 525I 2004 The I-drive Software Obviously Has a lot of "bugs" the latest incident occurred on 12/13/05, when pressing the steering wheel control buttons, the
BMW 323I 2000 Tire. No Other Details were provided. *jb
BMW 740ILA 2001 While Driving, The Consumer heard a sound which was coming from the air conditioner. also, radiator had a crack.
BMW 745I 2003 Consumer Was Advised Of A software problem on vehicle after it was leased. (nar) *la *cb
BMW Z3 1999 Seatbelts Lock Tight, Pinning me down or doesn't work at all. bolt on driver's seat was replaced but the seat still moves.
BMW 740I 2000 The Windshield Wipers Failed As stated in recall 03 v 159 000, however the vehicle identification number was not included in the recall.
BMW 325I 2001 When A/c Is Turned Off, very bad smell coming out of vents. the dealer performed evaporator cleaning service 3x, still no
BMW M ROADSTER 2002 Speedometer On New Vehicle Reads excessivly high (7 mph at 65 mph). there was nospecific incident. i would like to know

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