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30 Jun

BMW 82110393954 9999 The Door Actuator System On my 2007 bmw 3281 has failed twice, once locking me in and the other time immobilizing the car and
BMW 525I 2004 My Navigation And Radio System just stopped working and i had taken it to the dealership and they said that it was common for the

BMW 82110393954 9999 2007 Bmw 525xi Model Not limited to or exclusive of this make/model but has a known issue where a red light indicator appears on the
BMW 82110393954 9999 On 2003-2004 Bmw 3 Series e46 sedans with oem zkw manufactured xenon (hid) headlights, the reflective bowl for the headlights will become discolored and
BMW 82110393954 9999 On Feb 8/9, 2011, my wife was coming back from work in 2004 bmw 530 when she smell something burning and a tinged on
BMW 82110393954 9999 2009 Bmw R1200gs Fuel Strip failure. *tr
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Own A 2002 Bmw 530i ,i have replaced the key 3 times since purchasing the car and now the dealer said its time
BMW 328I 9999 Consumer States A Serious Design flaw and safety issue in bmw 328i *tgw the consumer stated the electronic key suddenly stopped working.
BMW 82110393954 9999 2006 Bmw X3 .heated seats burned a hole on the left side of the driver seat causing burns to my left thigh. *tr
BMW 82110393954 9999 2009 Bmw Series 1 - tail lights don't work - replaced once and failed again. bmw knows there's a problem and stated that it
BMW 82110393954 9999 Purchased Used 2006 Bmw 325i nov 2009. condensation left front headlight. june - july 2010 took car in to replace left front turn
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Purchased 2011 Model Bmw 535i in august 2010. there are 3 cigarette lighter power outlets inside the car and electricity is supplying all
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Purchased My Bmw 325i in august of 2006. since that purchase i have only driven it approximately 9-12 months collectively. the car
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Experienced A Failure Of my pdc(parking distance control) system. the system failed to operate and i scraped a wooden pole as a result
BMW 82110393954 9999 Greeting, I Have Been in possession of my 1999 bmw 323i for 11 years. i made the purchase oversees through the military bmw
BMW 82110393954 9999 Fuel Pump On Bmw 535i-2010 has failed twice in 60 days on low mileage car. safety issue occurs because car immediately loses power
BMW 82110393954 9999 Hid Headlights Should Be Banned. whenever i am approached or followed by a vehicle with this "feature", i have to avert my eyes
BMW 82110393954 9999 My 1996 Bmw 318ti - driver side front window has 3 times in last 5 years fallen into the door interior while driving.
BMW 82110393954 9999 My 2007 328i Has Been in the service department a total of 4 times (that i have paperwork on, it might be more).
BMW 82110393954 9999 I Notice It More On hot days, my key button does not open the doors, i have to manually open the door.
BMW X5 2004 2004 Bmw X5 Steering Vibrates and pulls slightly to the left, cigarette lighter came apart,center console opens on its own. *ts
BMW 7 SERIES 2004 Consumer 2004 Bmw 745 Li car phone did not register when in the cradle. navigation did not function properly. *** nar received
BMW F650 CS 2003 I Love My Bmw F650csa when it is working. repeat the word : when! the 2003 model has had a serious brake fluid leak
BMW 3 SERIES 1996 Car Sitting In Drive At a fence enclosure and it surged ahead on its own, driving into the fence. no action possible
BMW 3 SERIES 2002 Bmw 325 Ci: i have experienced so many problems with my 325ci bmw, i bought the car in november, the
BMW X5 2002 What Women Should Know What all bmw x5 owners should fear, and why bmw should recall their suv. i am a 36-year-old
BMW 325CI 2003 The Computer First Failed On my 2003 bmw 325i on june 15, 2003, (three weeks after i picked it up from the dealership,
BMW 325CI 2003 June 9, 2003 dear bmw, i bought a brand new 2003 bmw 325ci on november 8, 2002 from assael bmw
BMW X5 2002 Several Computer Related Malfunction Occurred. the abs failure warning, dsc warning, check engine warning, engine fail safe mode warning light
BMW BMW 2002 My Bmw M3ci Is Again in the shop. in the last 23k miles, the car has seen the shop more than anyone's imagination.
BMW 325CI 2001 The Entire Navigation System Malfunctions as well as the air conditioner. the vehicle has not been to the dealer. owner thinks the body
BMW 525I 2002 While Driving And Without Warning the consumer had to drive a certain speed in order for the ajar indicator light or the alarm sound to
BMW 745LI 2002 Nar 04/10/2003 The Consumers has experienced numerous problems with there vehicle. the transmission has caused the vehicle to skid to a stop when
BMW M ROADSTER 2000 The Consumer Has Experienced The following problems: fire resulting in a total loss, due to design flaw/ or misrouting of wires due to

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