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04 Mar

BMW X5 2008 I Was Driving My Car under normal conditions, around 40mph and all of a sudden i started to loose the power to my car
BMW 750LI 2006 Tl-the Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 750li. the contact stated that the exhaust system emitted white smoke while at a stop. the vehicle

BMW 3 SERIES 2008 Noticed An Unusual Engine Vibration. went to my mechanic who inspected vehicle. pointed out broken motor mount bolts. his
BMW 335 2010 Due To Premature Build Up of excessive soot and carbon in the egr, intake manifold, and intake valves of diesel engines, it
BMW 335I US 2011 I Have Had An Incident with my car where my car died whiling going on to my military base. after finding out the issue
BMW 745I 2004 Tl-the Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 7451. the contact stated that the vehicle stalled numerous times while driving at various speeds without warning.
BMW 535XI 2010 Injectors Fail At Just 59000; require all six injectors to be replaced
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 I Bought A Used Bmw from long island auto find. before picking it up i told nick certain things needed to be done there
BMW X3 2007 6 Out Of 8 Of my motor mount bolts were sheared or broken in half. this is a common bmw problem with the
BMW X5 2008 Car Was Driven At 25 mph. stopped at destination for approx 10 min. when restarted made loud blower sound but kept driving at
BMW 328I 2007 Owner Of 2007 Bmw 328i, start my car in the morning, but the car won't start it, it no sound when i
BMW 325I 2006 Transmission Oil Leak
BMW X5 SAV 2013 Engine Stalled While Vehicle At complete stop, with air conditioning on. the vehicle had been driven at various speeds for several miles
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 The Car Has Displayed "drivetrain malfunction, drive moderately" twice now in less than one year of ownership. when this display has occurred,
BMW 540I 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 bmw 540i. the contact stated that while driving 10 mph, she heard a loud noise as metal
BMW 750LI 2006 The Car Transmission Will Not engage. if you try to put the car in reverse or forward gear nothing happens. the gear goes
BMW 750LI 2006 When I Was In Park put car in reverse and car would not go in reverse went back into neutral on its own ,
BMW 328I 2007 At 65 Mph On Freeway, suddenly lost power. vehicle immediately slowed to about 10 mph as i pulled off the freeway.
BMW 5 SERIES 2003 I Was Driving Appx 40mph while on a local road slightly uphill, engine shut off without warning, lost power steering and brake assist.
BMW X5 SAV 2008 On February 15, 2014 at approximately 10:00 am, my 2008 x5 3.0si had an overheating engine problem in the middle of a
BMW C650 GT 2013 @ 1050 Miles: The Scooter started stalling at low speeds in stop and go traffic. i can never predict when it is going
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 Second Problem With Drivetrain malfunction, first problem back in nov 2013 bought the car in august 2013.
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 My Car Started Shaking Vigorously, and a message was displayed (drivetrain malfunction)
BMW C600 SPORT MAXI SCOOTER 2013 I Bought This Scooter In november 2012 & had quite a few stalling problems with it. after a few calls to bmw & my
BMW 740IL 1996 The Gas Tank Started To make popping noises and thumping sounds. then when i realized something is wrong when the gas gauge started reading
BMW 325XI 2004 While Driving In Normal Rush hour traffic my wife heard a loud pop from the engine compartment. the car lost power, brakes.
BMW X5 2011 My 2011 X5 35i Has an acceleration delay. bmw has recognized it as an issue in the 535i models, calling it an "acceleration
BMW 325I 2004 Total Engine Failure. air bag lights illuminated. air condition failure. several electrical component failures. incident occurred at
BMW Z4 2011 My Bmw Z4 2011 Stalled for the third time. this happened in a parking lot as my car was slowing down.
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 When Starting From Idle To running state at a stop light the whole car started shaking. took the shop and they say it a
BMW 530I 2005 I Have Left My Car at the airport for a 2 day business trip. when i drove back from the airport, while on
BMW 335I 2013 "limp Mode" Is A Very well known issue affecting 2012-2014 bmw 335i models with the m sport package. after accelerating from a stop to
BMW 328I 2007 I Have Had Numerous Problems with over heating. every time i have taken it to the dealer for this problem they have found multiple
BMW 328XI 2007 The Car Has A Serious oil leak at the head gasket. this has been a very well maintained car, with all services being
BMW X5 2010 I Was Told By Bmw that it was the egr high pressure heater leaking, wherein the leak causes diesel exhaust fumes to enter the
BMW 750LI 2006 When Driving Down The Interstate the car lost power go from during 60mph to 20 mph and i was on the gas, the vehicle
BMW 535I 2010 I Purchased A Pre-owned 2010 bmw 535i on 12/31/2013. the next day (new year's day), and without any warning or indication, the
BMW 323I 2000 Bought My 2000 Bmw 323i brand new, i'm the first and only owner. i have had it only dealer serviced with all
BMW X5 2010 Exhaust Is Entering The Cabin through the venting filling the car with harmful gases. i brought it to the dealer and they diagnosed
BMW 535I 2010 Ignition Coil Malfunction Reoccurs After dealership repairs of the same problem. causes engine speed to vary and be outside the drivers control.
BMW X5 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bwi x5. the contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
BMW 330XI 2001 Car Had Not Been Driven all day until evening when i drove car 4-5 miles to one residence, continued with passenger for another
BMW 328XI 2013 I Received A Service Required light to bring in for service. after i received the first oil change within the next 3 months
BMW 745I 2004 I Have A 2004 Bmw 745i, i noticed a lot of smoke coming from tail pipe when the car is idling/driving. i took
BMW X5 2003 The Temperature Was About 5 degrees f. after driving a short distance, there was a large amount of smoke from tailpipes and
BMW 325XI 2002 Battery And Alternator Checked Good with various service providers yet vehicle had a persistant battery drain witch would only appear after car was onn the
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 The Car Would Shake At idle and slow speeds. the drivetrain malfunction indicator came on.
BMW 745I 2004 My Vehicle Is Displaying The exact symptoms described in your previous recalls (04v344000 and 03v240000). the car stalls and won't restart, check engine
BMW 335I 2013 The Car Goes Into "limp mode" while driving reducing power immediately. i was making a turn onto a street crossing a highway and my
BMW 535XI 2008 While Driving The 2008 Bmw 535xi, there was a loud sound from the engine. a message appeared "car overheated" and the car stopped
BMW X5 2005 On 1/6/14 I Went outside and started up vehicle and let it warm up for a bit and then i drove about 2miles and
BMW 335I 2008 Adaptive Head Light System Failure while driving down the interstate. this is the third time the unit had been replaced within 4 years and
BMW 525I 2006 Bought From Manager At Bmw service department w/89,920 on 10/25/13. 2 overheated broke down on 11/29/13 on january 7 rarely park
BMW 528I 2012 While Driving In Metro Detroit last night my 2012 bmw 528i xdrive suddenly flashed a "fuel system malfunction" message, lurched and came to a
BMW 740I US 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw 740i. the contact stated that while traveling various speeds, the vehicle suddenly stalled. the vehicle
BMW 528I 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 bmw 528i. the contact stated that while driving approximately 45 mph, the check engine light illuminated.
BMW 328I 2009 Tl* I Was Driving on when my car caught fire. the fire broke out inside the cabin, directly behind the rear passenger-side
BMW 328I 2012 Bought Brand New 2012 328i. within 2 months engine malfunction warning would show up and car would go into "limp mode" and barely drive
BMW 328I 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 328i. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the vehicle stalled without warning.
BMW 5 SERIES 2008 Water Pump Failure With Less than 50k miles, repair cost $1200, ridiculous! see nhtsa id number: 10472497, this gentleman had the same
BMW C650 GT 2013 Bike Stalls Suddenly And Completely at low speeds and in low speed turns. loss of power and stability if it happens at turns.
BMW 1 SERIES 2008 Was Driving On Highway And engine lost all power. *tr
BMW 530I 2006 We Have A 2006 Bmw 530i in january of 2013 we had a ignition coil go out with around 75000 miles which was
BMW 540I 2002 After Starting Up My Car, there was a slight whine under the hood. i gave the car a little bit of throttle to
BMW 330I 2006 My 2006 Bmw 330i Began leaking oil. after inspection it was determined to be broken bolts. this vehicle has been properly
BMW 325CI 2006 I Am Writing This Department in hopes to resolve ongoing major manufacturing defects on the bmw 2006 325i's. the 325i motor is well known
BMW 325I 2006 There Is A Clear Manufacturer defect concerning the aluminum bolts associated with the valve cover gasket on the bmw 2006 325i's. the national highway
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 Broken Cylinder Head Bolts At the front timing cover. symptom was oil leak at timing cover. upon inspection, the heads
BMW 530XI 2006 When I Drive My Car back to home, sudden noise from the front of the engine and found out the power steering pump and
BMW X3 2008 I Noticed Water On The garage floor about a week ago and that the coolant was low. i took it to bmw dealer
BMW 328I 2013 2013 Bmw 328i X-drive, driving @ 40 mph the drivetrain malfunction light came on, car went into reduced power mode (no higher than
BMW 550I 2011 I Have Prepared A Pdf document that i would like to submit as well. i can supply it at any time. here
BMW 550I 2010 From A Very Slow Roll there is a delay in engine response of 1-2 seconds. there is also a delay in engine response
BMW X5 2009 On 10/28/13, I Was on a two lane county road, speed limit 45, travelling at 45mph, when the engine overheating light
BMW 3 SERIES 2008 As An Example, When attempting to accelerate the vehicle onto a moving traffic situation the car hesitates/lags/delays before the engine catches, then
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 My Car Started Having A massive oil leak at around 79,000 miles. the motor seals started to fail once the car had about
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 Transmission Problem Resulting In Violent shuddering of the vehicle body and abrupt engine stops resulting in dangerous driving conditions. fluctuations in the tachometer when
BMW 135I 2012 From The Time Of Ownership (march 16, 2012) to now, the vehicle shuts off during operation while in idle rpm speed. the
BMW C650 GT 2013 I Was 2nd In Line at a stop sign. the truck ahead of me pulled out and i advanced. as i released the
BMW X5 DIESEL SAV 2011 This Car Has Been Taken in 3 times now for the same issues. engine light came on and smell of exhaust in cabin.
BMW 535I 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw 535i. the contact stated that while driving approximately 15 mph, smoke emitted from the outside rear
BMW C650 GT 2013 Vehicle Stalling At Slow Speeds. *tr
BMW X5 DIESEL SAV 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw x5 diesel. the contact stated that while driving approximately 55 mph, the engine malfunction reduced power
BMW 335I 2008 ## Vin Passed ## Bmw 335 2008 ## purchased car w/ 18000 miles and my 2nd fuel pump is on its way
BMW M3 US 2011 Driving In 60/mph Speed. when overtaking a truck; 'engine fault' warning light came-up. vehicle transmission automatically turned to neutral. engine was
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 As I Was Approaching The on ramp for the highway, i sped up in order to merge into oncoming traffic. i depressed the
BMW 535I 2009 Fan Ran Too Fast, engine hot message, reduce speed message, car limped to a stop. over heated. *tr
BMW 328I 2008 I Was Pressing On My brake to slow down for a red light and i heard a loud thump from under the hood near the
BMW 328XI 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 328xi. the contact stated while having an oil change performed at a local mechanic, the mechanic
BMW K1300 GT 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 bmw k1300gt motorcycle. the contact stated that while driving 40 mph, he began to down shift but
BMW X5 2008 I Was Driving On The highway at 65mph suddenly the vehicle display the message that the engine temperature was too hot and advise me to
BMW 530XI 2006 Bmw Over-torqued The Four Cylinder head bolts on all n52 engines during manufacture, including my car. the bolt heads are popping off
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 I Was Driving My Vehicle on the highway in the left lane, trying to pass a car in the middle lane. after getting
BMW 535I 2008 While Driving On The Highway, the car indicated an engine malfunction and within seconds the message changed to engine overheating and that engine is
BMW 530I 2006 While Changing My Oil, notice that oil has been slowly leaking around the valve cover. looked on online forums and found that there
BMW F700 GS 2013 Plastic Gas Tank Cracked On right side of motorcycle (reported to bmw motorrad); this is apparently a commonly reported defect for which no part
BMW 328XI 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 328xi. the contact stated while driving 30 mph, the vehicle stalled and the check engine light
BMW X5 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw x5. the contact stated the windshield wipers continued to move while the engine was off, and
BMW 545I 2004 Custom Ordered 545i In 2004 as still original/existing owner. have had repeated electrical errors on i drive "dynamic drive failure proceed with caution
BMW M3 2004 Vehicle Drops Out Of Gear randomly. as i was taking a left turn, the vehicle dropped into 0 gear and on coming traffic
BMW 335 2011 Defective Swirl Flap Actuator. dealer replace intake manifold with swirl flap motor. *jb
BMW 328I 2007 On August 31st, I was driving on the freeway in the number 2 lane at 70 mph when the temperature overheat light came on
BMW X3 2011 A Quick Acceleration From Zero, at about 25 mph there was a loud noise from the engine. it sounded like a spring being
BMW 750LI 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 750lil. the contact stated that while driving 65 mph, the driver and passenger's side air bags
BMW 525I 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2001 bmw 525i. the contact stated that while driving approximately 25 mph, she smelled a burning odor
BMW X5 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 bmw x5. the contact stated while traveling approximately 45 mph, the vehicle suddenly stalled. the vehicle
BMW 135I US 2011 I Purchased My Car With 2 years of use and 16,000 miles on it, back in december 2012. since then, i've
BMW 7 SERIES 2003 Car Does Not Start Correctly and stalls while sitting at lights. it also cuts off while driving. *tr
BMW X5 2008 This Morning When I Started the vehicle i noticed a loud sound coming from the bottom of the engine near the pulleys. it sounded
BMW F 650 GS 2010 Three Incidents On The Same day within 35 miles. the ambient air temperature was 95 degrees for the first incident, and in the
BMW K 1600 GTL 2012 I Was Riding Down The highway and the engine suddenly quit. this happened eight times within 400 miles. *tr
BMW 328I 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 328i. the contact stated that while driving 10 mph, the vehicle stalled. the failure recurred
BMW Z4 2011 My Car Stalled Again On july 26th. in this instance, i was on the freeway driving on the on-ramp between 5-10 mph.
BMW Z4 2011 The Car Stalled For The first time. i was driving for about 5 minutes at around 25-35 mph and made a stop at
BMW 328XI 2008 Heard A Loud Bang From engine compartment, passenger side. subsequent left turns resulted in a thud with each revolution of the tire
BMW 550I 2013 Engine Continues To Burn Through oil approximately every 1,500 miles, which could leave the vehicle stranded and inoperable. it's unacceptable in
BMW X3 2008 I Brought My Car Into the dealership because it stalled and the check engine light came on briefly and shut off. the car was
BMW 325CI 2002 2002 Bmw 325ci. Consumer writes in regards to vehicle engine problems. *smd the consumer stated the engine would stall, when
BMW 335I 2008 I Was Driving Vehicle On 295 near hamilton nj and while accelerating the car lost power. the car was not responses and when i
BMW 745I 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 bmw 745i. the contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph, there was a sudden loss of
BMW 328I 2007 Car Has Horrible Lifter Ticking noise. started around 58k miles, now up to 61k. bmw knows about this issue and have even
BMW 328I 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 328i. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the vehicle stalled. the vehicle
BMW 530I 2006 My 530i Bmw Has At least one broken cylinder head bolt. this is a very common problem with the bmw n52 engines. i
BMW M3 2008 The Engine In My Bmw died at 74,598 miles, no warning lights and no weird noises. it died when i was driving
BMW 535I 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 bmw 535i. the contact stated that while driving 3 mph through two inches of water, the vehicle
BMW 328I 2013 While Slowly Coming To A stop, the brake pedal became hard yet the car would not stop and seemed to glide for 10-15 feet
BMW 328I 2009 I Had A Low Battery issue on my 2009 bmw 328i about 3 months after i had it serviced for a battery cable recall at
BMW X5 2005 I Bought This Suv Last week for my kids to drive after researching and test-driving various makes and models for months: bmw x5 4,
BMW X5 2011 While Driving My Engine Suddenly shut off along with power steering and power brakes. it started again and i took it to a
BMW X3 2007 Low Coolant Light Came On, and bmw dealer found a crack on the water pump. upon further inspection, the engine was
BMW 325I 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 325i. the contact stated that while driving 65 mph, the low coolant light illuminated as the
BMW 335XI 2008 Noticed The Water Coolant Light come on. after taking it to bmw, they said the water pump was leaking. wanted to replace
BMW R1200 GS 2007 The Plastic Fuel Pump Flange (plate that seals the top of the fuel tank and is the connections for the fuel pump) has developed cracks
BMW X5 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw x5. the contact stated that the engine failed and exhibited excessive oil consumption. in addition,
BMW 328I 2012 Went To Start Car And got a drive train malfunction message. had it towed to a bmw dealer to diagnose the problem.
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 Reference Nhtsa Campaign: 13v044000 my vehicle has been experiencing issues as exactly outlined in this recall notice such as the starting rough,
BMW C650 GT 2013 Scooter Stalled 7 Times Between june 21 and june 23. air temp above 90 each day. all happened while bike was
BMW 545I 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 bmw 545i. the contact stated that while at a complete stop, he attempted to accelerate and a
BMW 535I 2008 I Just Had To Have my water pump and thermostat replaced on my 2008 535i. i was told that it happens so often,
BMW C650 GT 2013 Motorcycle Stalls (engine Ceases Operating) at low speed primarily when stopping. it does not do this at every attempted stop but more often
BMW 530I 2007 My 2007 Bmw 530i Engine caught fire on april 15 the moment car was ignited in the early morning. i was with my wife
BMW K 1600 GTL 2012 Three (3) K1600 Gtl Sudden engine cutoff events that i experienced on june 14, and june 16, 2013. this
BMW 335XI 2010 Oil Pump Pressure Went out on 36,000 miles after a recall was done on my car by bmw on may 2013. the
BMW 325I 2006 My Car Was Having An oil leak when i sent my car to get check they found out the bolts are broken which i
BMW 335XI 2013 Auto Start Stop Failure On automatic trans vehicle. second time the engine has stalled and dropped into neutral in traffic while
BMW 7 SERIES 2006 Vehicle Smokes At Idle And at take off. *tr
BMW 540I 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 bmw 540i. the contact stated that after shifting into reverse, the engine seized without warning. the
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 My Vehicle Did Not Have a recall on the following items: hpfp, fuel injectors, wastegate. failure-
BMW X3 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw x3. the contact stated that while driving approximately 55 mph, there was a severe vibration felt
BMW 535XI 2011 When Accelerating From A Stop there is a very noticeable throttle response lag of over 1 second before the vehicle starts moving . if
BMW 7 SERIES 2007 The Oil Cooler Adapter Plate is defective the o ring is defective and leaks oil all over everything including wires. if your car
BMW 335I 2007 I Drove To The Gas station left car alone for no more than 5 minutes. and when i come back i try to start
BMW X5 2008 Was Driving About 65 Miles when the warning light came engine malfunction notification, engine overheated ... to drive moderately.
BMW X5 2008 While Driving The Vehicle At apx 65 mph, check engine light came on, red indicator light came on, and engine overheating notification
BMW 325I 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 bmw 325i. the contact stated that there was a loud noise coming from the engine. the vehicle
BMW 530XI 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 bmw 530xi. the contact stated that the temperature warning light illuminated. the vehicle was taken to the
BMW X5 2008 2008 Bmw X5 With 49k miles was traveling at 65 mph on freeway when yellow engine overheat warning came on along with instruction to drive
BMW C650 GT 2013 Scooter Has Been Stalling At very low speeds. it sometimes stalls when i come to a stop. it often stalls when
BMW 335I 2007 My Vehicle Displayed A Yellow warning that the engine temperature was high, and that the car needed to be driven at moderate speeds because
BMW 328I 2007 I'm A Retired U.s. naval officer who currently works in fort detrick, maryland. i was on my way to work when
BMW 545I 2004 When I Got Up Out the seat the airbag and seat belt indicator came on and is still on. it says passenger restraint system
BMW C650 GT 2013 Vehicle Stalled Out Three Times within ten minutes. vehicle is new and is utilizing proper octane fuel. vehicle stalled in the
BMW 328I 2007 The Vehicle Engine Shut-offs In motion. the first occurrence, the vehicle was going 15mph & the engine failed while turning into
BMW 325XI 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 bmw 325xi. the contact stated while driving approximately 45 mph, the engine stalled without warning. the
BMW 545I 2004 Vehicle Slips In An Out of 5th and 6th gear when traveling at constant 35 to 40 mph in auto mode and around 60 mph
BMW C650 GT 2013 3 Engine Stalls At Low speed on three consecutive days. luckily not at an intersection or around other vehicles. many reports
BMW 328I 2012 April 2013, A Warning signal on my vehicle notified me there was a need for coolant. i scheduled maintenance for 4/18/13.
BMW 335I 2007 Car Went Into Limp Mode due to excessive engine temperature detected. cause of engine overheating was a faulty electric water pump.
BMW 760I 2004 I Bought A 2004 Bmw 760i on 4,23,2013 with a 132530 miles from a used car dealer in reno nv ,
BMW C650 GT 2013 Stalling And Complete Shut Down of all components. has stalled out now six additional times. now at 500 miles and scheduled for service.
BMW 325I 2006 1. Seat Occupancy Sensors are broken. the indicator shows up on the dashboard even when the driver and the passenger have their seat
BMW 328XI 2008 Noticed A Loud Rapid Noise from right front tire area when taking a left car was fine infact days before was in the
BMW 325I 2006 I Took My Car To richmond bmw and they told me they discovered i had broken head gasket bolts ! i've been doing a lot
BMW C650 GT 2013 Slow Speed Stalling, Repetitive problem. taken to dealer. has happened at least twice since. *tr
BMW 335XI 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 bmw 335xi. the contact stated that while driving approximately 50 mph, the vehicle stalled. the vehicle
BMW 745LI 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw 745li. the contact stated that while driving 10 mph and attempting a turn, the front driver's
BMW X5 2008 Will In The Middle Lane of 3 lanes of traffic, the yellow engine overheat light appeared. within a few minutes that yellow light
BMW 328I 2008 As I Was Driving Home from work one evening, my 2008 bmw 328i coupe began acting strange. the interior overhead lights as well
BMW 750LI 2010 I Was Driving A Bmw 750li 2010 on the freeway 70mph. without warning, the engine stopped and the entire electrical system went off.
BMW Z4 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 bmw z4. the contact stated that while driving 25 mph, the vehicle stalled. the failure recurred
BMW 328XI 2007 At Approximately 4:15 Pm On 4/18/13 i was driving on a busy roadway at approx 35mph in my 2007 bmw 328xi coupe, 65540 miles.
BMW 3 SERIES 2013 Auto Start/stop Function Has Malfunctioned before where when i take my foot off the brake, the car doesn't start again. normally i can
BMW 335IS 2013 As Per Bmw, 5140 read fault memory, connected battery charger fault code 2a9a,31002a9b, ran test plan,
BMW X3 2012 We Stopped For A Light and the car started to accelerate while your foot is on the brake. the rpm gauge went up to
BMW 335D 2010 This 335d Had A History of engine light-on events prior to potential catastrophic uncommented engine runaway. on jan 13, 2013 customer was
BMW X3 2008 While Driving At About 25 mph on residential street, felt an unusual "bump", continued driving home with no apparent problem. started
BMW 530I 2006 All 3 Aluminum Head Bolts were broken causing an oil leak which could result in a fire. bolts were found in oil pan
BMW 335I 2007 The Thermostat Was Failing To cool the vehicle under extreme heat conditions (over 100 degree days), took vehicle in to check the thermostat,
BMW K1200 GT 2006 I Have Experienced A Recurring problem with high engine idle speed, unresponsive decelaeration when the throttle is closed and rough or "bucking" at constant
BMW X3 2007 3 Out Of 4 Engine mount bolts sheared off while driving. this caused the engine to drop 2 inches and damage the cooling system.
BMW 135I 2011 The Vehicle Hesitated When The light turned green and i was hit in the rear. starting to believe this is what cause the accident
BMW R1200 CL 2004 My Bike Was Sputtering & backfiring, i brought it into the local bmw dealer who diagnosed the problem as "throttle body system" he told
BMW F 650 GS 2009 Engine Stopped (but Did Not seize) and vehicle started rapid deceleration. the loss of power was instantaneous, but approximately 1 minute earlier the
BMW X5 SAV 2011 On December 26, 2012, while driving north at a high speed in heavy traffic in the second lane on a four lane segment
BMW 323I 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 bmw 323i. the contact stated that the vehicle was parked when he noticed that a fire had erupted
BMW 530I 2006 We Have Owned This Vehicle since 2007 and have not had too many issues with it. however, recently it developed an oil
BMW 335I 2007 While Sitting Still At The first incident the car stalled for no reason. over the next two weeks the car started to run
BMW Z4 2005 Bought The 2005 Z-4 Bmw used from a dealer in high point nc. drove it and enjoy driving until the warm weather. the
BMW 528I 2011 The Vehicle Has A Significant delay in acceleration that occurs primarily after (i) the vehicle has slowed down to a speed between 18 mph and
BMW 528I 2011 After Purchasing My 2011 528i i noticed the car would not accelerate smoothly from a stop or after slowing down to make a turn,