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Bmw Engine And Engine Cooling Engine Gasoline Reports

30 Jun

BMW 325 1987 Parked Vehicle And Five Minutes later fire started followed by an explosion. please describe details. *ak
BMW 750 1988 The Vehicle Was In Motion and the engine cought fire ( engine compartment fire). *ak

BMW 740 1993 Conusmer Has Taken Car To dealer 3 times there is no resolution for under the hood clinging and banging noise he feels unsafe
BMW Z3 2001 M Series. Shortly After starting vehicle it will stall when slowing down. this happens about 75 % of the time. vehicle taken
BMW 325I 2001 When Traveling At 45 Mph and 70mph engine stalled out. once pulling over and waiting a bit vehicle will start
BMW 325IS 1994 After Taking Vehicle Through a carwash engine hydrolocked and caused fuel to inject into engine. dealer said engine has to be
BMW 740 1993 Consumer Has Multiple Problems With vehicle.speedometer gives a inaccurate reading, it gives a higher reading. engine was leaking fluid,
BMW 328I 1999 Consumer Has Problems with brakes and clutch. those problem have been fixed by dealership. vehicle shuts off
BMW 535I 1991 While Driving About 55 Mph vehicle stalled without prior warning. consumer had taken vehicle to dealer a few times for the
BMW 740 1994 While Traveling At Any Speed vehicle would stall without indication. dealer has been contacted. please provide further information. *ak
BMW 740IL 1998 Vehicle Stalled For No Reason while driving approximately 70 mph. happened once before. took to dealer, had entire computer system replaced.
BMW 525 1995 When Traveling 30 Mph Consumer smelled smoke odor. also noted smoke came from the right front passenger's side when the vehicle caught on
BMW 740 1998 Engine Dies Intermittently Without warning, causing a safety hazard. dealerindicated tha t computer showed no defect, and could not explain
BMW 525 1992 The Consumer Was Driving At 30 mph smelled smoke and saw smoke coming from the vehicle. consumer jumped out of vehicle, and
BMW 540I 1998 Consumer May Be Drving At any given speed. when he begins to slow down or if he downshifts and turns, engine will
BMW K1100 1996 While Driving Motorcycle Would leak oil. would cover rear tire. side window glass popped out. oil leaked out of engine.
BMW 740 1993 While Making A Stop The vehicle started to shake and the engine started to idle. please provide further information. *ak
BMW 325 1987 While Driving Engine Caught On fire, spreading to the exhaust . manufacturer has not been notified. *ak
BMW M3 2001 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problem with the vehicle stalling while driving the vehicle . dealer has been notified. mr. athary please
BMW 330I 2002 Consumer States While Drivng, vehicle stalled. checked by dealer who replaced a throttle component. vehicle stalled again while driving and
BMW 330CI 2001 While Traveling On The Highway and without prior warning the vehicle stalled. the dealership is aware of the problem. *mr
BMW X5 2001 Consumer States While In Reverse the vehicle unexpectantly accelerated and resulting into a vehicle collision. dealer has been notifed . vehicle was also
BMW R850 1997 When Making A Right Turn motorcycle cuts completely off.*ak
BMW 745I 2002 While Driving 20 Mph Consumer heard a loud clunking noise, then engine stalled. vehicle is still at dealership.*ak
BMW M3 2002 Engine Blew Up While Consumer was driving on highway. after pulling over consumer found a lot of pieces to engine
BMW 325I 2002 Door Locks Without Prior Warning. engine check light appears on dashboard. dealership is aware of problem.*ak the vehicle was damaged while
BMW 528I 1997 Vehicle Was Constantly Leaking Oil. consumer was told this was a design problem.*ak
BMW Z3 1997 While Driving, The Air bag light illuminateed on the dashboard, the airbag sensor was replaced. *ak. consumer stated the seat
BMW M3 2002 Crankshaft Bearings Are Starved Of engine oil causing a series of chain reactions that ultimately blows the engine, causing engine oil to spill everywhere
BMW 740IL 1994 This Engine Is A Nikasil engine that has not failed yet, but will fail due to the material used. mr
BMW 325I 1992 Took Car Through Car Wash. car came out dead. turns out that this is a common problem where water gets into
BMW M3 2002 Bmw Has Had A Rash of engine failures on their new e46 m3s. these failures usually(in my case and many others)has resulted in
BMW M3 2002 Replaced Under Warranty At No charge by don jacobs bmw. no safety defewct mentioned. *ak
BMW M3 2002 vehicle i am concerned by the safety, reliability and resale value issues raised by over 80 engine failures.
BMW 540I 1994 This Is The Second Engine for this car, the first was replaced at 38,228mi ... this engine was replaced with
BMW BMW 2002 While In Traffic On the highway, the engine died without any warning. dealer serviced the vehicle on 04/15/2002 because of difficulties
BMW 740IL 1993 My Car Started Missing And smoking on dec, 2001. i took it to my mechanic, and aftertairing down the engine, he
BMW M3 2001 Bmw M3 Enignes Are Blowing up at an alarming rate. manufc claims overrev. which is not true . too many failures.
BMW M3 1998 Vehicle Has Been Through At least four separate dealers with brake light failures. problem continues to remain unresloved. dealers cannot locate fault
BMW K1200RS 1997 The Seal That Holds One quart of 90wt oil failed and poured the contents on the rear tire. if we had not noticed the
BMW 320 2001 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
BMW 318IA 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
BMW 740IL 1993 Known Defect By Manufacturer & dealer. not disclosed upon sale. unwilling to fix now. no safety defect mentioned. *ak
BMW R1200C 1998 Low Idle/stalling/blue Smoke At Startup-original and bmw replaced motorcycle
BMW 525I 1993 Received Installation Of Recalled Radiator cap at vob bmw in 9/27/99 (98v178000) that was supposed to keep the bmw cars from overheating which causes the
BMW 328I 2000 Severe Engine Vibrations At Cold start, check engine light comes on
BMW Z3 1998 Bmw Z3 Is A Piece of crap. dealer now thinks that there is underlying problem with vehicle. 3 cd players,
BMW 525I 1994 Head Gasket Was Replaced Under warranty 3/31/98 due to oil leak. failed again on 4/28/99 at 55900 miles. white exhaust smoke and coolant
BMW 540I 1998 this problem is well documented on dealer has no knowledge.
BMW 328I 1998 Little Power Upon Acceleration, then car switch in ignition failed to release key when car was turned off and in park.
BMW 325 1987 Driving At 55 Mph, all instruments reading normal, heard a "bang" , lost all engine power and brakes,power steering. was
BMW 750 1996 Motor Failed Resulting In Leak.
BMW 530I 1994 Engine Failed.
BMW 750 1996 Engine Failed.
BMW 740IL 1994 The Consumer Is Concerned About the nikasil m60b40 4.0 l (3982cc) fuel injected, dohc, v-8 engines, that are prone to premature
BMW 740IL 9999 On 2 Occasions The Vehicle has stalled, almost causing consumer to have an accident.*jb
BMW X5 2001 Consumer Stated That The Vehicle shuts off intermittently while making turns. *yh
BMW M ROADSTER 2001 Consumer Stated That Engine Stalls after being warm or hot on initial start up, and engine goes to low rpm (50) or stalls out
BMW 325I 2001 While In The Process Of turning, the vehicle suddenly slowed down on its own and all the readings on the instrument panel went out,
BMW 318I 1998 The Vehicle Has Been Serviced continually for extended period of time for engine/throttle related problems, the vehicle would surge intermittently and experience no start
BMW 740I 1995 Consumer Was Traveling Over Water and the vehicle experienced hydrolock due to water entering the engine. *slc
BMW 540I 1998 Engine Entermittently Stalled When The clutch is depressed while driving and is related to an intermittent low rmp engine malfunction. yh
BMW 325 1991 Possible Engine Failure Resulted In vehicle fire.
BMW 328I 1996 My Engine Just Cut Out while driving on the highway with no explanation. my independent mechanic says that since my battery was disconnected
BMW 740I 1998 Vehicle Shuts Down Without Warning, all components fail including steering.
BMW 530IA 1994 Engine Vibrates Hard When Idle - dealer replaced engine, but vehicle now emits gas fumes as if not burning fuel efficiently. additionally,
BMW 318 1991 Four Cylinder-head Cover Failures.
BMW 525 1995 Severe Engine Drivability Problems, causing vehicle to spin out of control. also electronic climate control module failed, blows hot air on driver's
BMW 525 1995 Vehicle Stalls When Coming To a stop.
BMW 318I 1994 Vehicle Has Had Continued Problems with engine shutting down, unable to determine cause.
BMW 540 1995 Engine Fire. *dsh
BMW 325 1992 Vehicle Stalls On A Consistent basis, even while vehicle is moving/up to 60 mph. *dsh
BMW 325 1994 Vehicle Vibration. *tw
BMW 318 1991 Head Gasket Replaced.
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 9999 Vehicle Failed To Start. (2nd vehicle on 485435)
BMW 323I 2000 Engine Started Choking And Could not sustain above 30-40 mph. mechanic (after 2 wks) finally determined that one of the valves was warped,
BMW X3 2007 Bmw X3 Is Extremely Dangerous to drive it will not accelerate slowly . it hesitates in acceleration from a stop, on hills,
BMW E46 1993 Tl*- The Contact Smells gas coming from her engine on her 1993 525i. the contact states that when she cranks her vehicle on
BMW 325I 2006 Purchased New 2006 Bmw 325xi on 9/27/2006 and auto had engine failure on 10/2/2006. found to have defect in the spark plug which burned
BMW E46 1995 Problems Running The Vehicle And was told had oil leak due to failure of head gasket requiring $ 3000 repair. *jb
BMW 328IC 2000 Engine Would Not Start After it was started cold, then shut off within 15 - 20 seconds. car owner called bmw service
BMW 540IAT 2000 Radiator Failure At 42k Miles. after reading significant articles related to bmw e39 radiator failures, mine followed suit. there are
BMW X5 2001 Fuel Tank Leaking. took to dealership. needed fuel tank and lines replaced. over $4,000 in repairs for a 2001?
BMW X5 2002 Within 6 Weeks Of Driving in hot weather, the vehicle (2002 bmw x5 3.0 liter) stalled when turning left. most recent
BMW 330I 2003 2003 Bmw 330i, I have an issue where the engine stalls when the coasting to a stop, or sitting stationary, and with
BMW 528I 2000 2000 Bmw 528 Idles Rough in cold climates (2002/2003). this produces no check engine lights. the problem goes away once the
BMW 740I 1998 Engine Failed Entirely, While passing a vehicle. driver able to retain enough control to bring car to halt safely on shoulder.
BMW 528I 1998 After Having The Vehicle Serviced and a powersteering hose replaced, the vehicle was loosing a lot of fuel in the engine compartment (7 gallons
BMW R 1150 R 2003 Engine Surges At All Speeds below 4000 rpm. this is a well documented problem experienced by thousands of owners of this motorcycle.
BMW RT SERIES 2002 On A 2002 Bmw 1150rt there is a gasoline leak which drips directly on to the catalytic converter. it only leaks on the first

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