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Bmw Engine And Engine Cooling Cooling System Radiator Assembly Reports

30 Jun

BMW 325I 1993 Recall 98v178000; Vehicle has been repaired six times for engine cooling thermostat. please provide further information.*ak
BMW 325I 1993 Consumer Contacted Dealer For Recall 98v178000 repairs. dealership remedied vehicle as stated in recall, but consumer was experiencing the same

BMW 330I 2001 While Driving 55 Mph, saw smoke coming from under the hood, consumer pulled over and shut off engine. at that time she
BMW 328I 1997 Thermostat Malfunctioned, Causing Vehicle to overheat, and radiator to blow. *ak the battery light illuminated and trim under the rear
BMW X5 2001 Radiator Fan Had Shorted Out and caught on fire while driving 60mph. after stopping, had noticed smoke. electrical wires
BMW 535I 1989 Radiator Was Replaced Due To overheating. also, heating core was found to be cracked, and antifreeze was sprouting
BMW 525 1991 Temperature Gauge Went Up. took to mechanic, and they replaced water pump. currently, consumer is now having a problem with
BMW 735I 1988 Consumer Received A Recall Letter for radiator cap. took to dealer, and they told consumer that radiator needed to be replaced.*ak
BMW 535I 1989 Recall 98v178000, Consumer received recall letter in march of 2001, but replaced radiator cap in june of 1999, did not remedy
BMW 735I 1988 Recall 98v178000/ Radiator recall repairs performed in june 1999, but vehicle overheated again. *ak
BMW 735I 1989 Thermostat Broke And Blew A hose/heater developed a crack, and this fogged up the window. consumer couldn't see. also, antifreeze
BMW 328I 9999 Reporting Radiator Neck For Upper hose connection to the engine, disconnected from the radiator while traveling at 35040 mph; could have lead
BMW 325I 1993 Consumer Said Check Coolant Light cam on at 37,901 miles. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer replaced water pump
BMW 318I 1984 Consumer Contacted Dealer In Refernce to recall number 98v178000/ manufacturer's recall 93v015. dealer corrected recall problem. however, dealer neglected to
BMW 740 1997 While Traveling At Highway Speed of 75 mph radiator upper neck to which water hose connects broke from the weld. dealer notified.
BMW 325I 1993 Recall 98v178000; Dealer replaced radiator cap for the recall. however, heater core still leaks coolant, causing smell and
BMW 530I 1994 Water Pump Was Replaced. also, thermostat was causing the radiator to overheat. also needed a radiator cap. *ak
BMW 325I 1992 Radiator Cord Cracked, And the coolant light came on. also, windows fogged up due to defroster working in properly as
BMW 525I 1994 Radiator Blew Out While Driving at 55 mph, causing vehicle to overheat. also, heater core cracked. *ak
BMW 535 1991 Vehicle Was Under Recall 98178000. but owner was not notified. vehicle broke down.towed to dealer, and was informed by mechanic that
BMW 325 1994 Recall #98v-178.000/bmw/coolant System: Radiator cap malfunctioned, causing three hoses to blow. also, heater control valve failed and caused steam
BMW 750 1990 Recall 98v178000, Heater Core recall caused the heater core to crack, and manufacturer is only replacing the radiator cap and not the heater
BMW 525I 1991 Replaced The Radiator Cap But the new cap caused a hole in the radiator. *ak
BMW 318 1996 The Consumer Was Driving and water pump/fan belt and radiator failed. *ak
BMW 740 1993 Radiator Leaks Anti-freeze Fluid, problem related to a defective coolant system which was recalled. took vehicle to dealer, and he
BMW 735 1998 Vehicle Overheats Due To A crack within the engine head gasket. also, heater core leaked, and consumer had to
BMW 325I 1992 Recall 98v178000 Concerning Newly Designed radiator cap. a recall repairshad negative consequences, oter parts malfunctioned, including water
BMW 735I 1990 Recall 96v111000. Brake Lights computer has a readout that shows a defect in this system which occurred intermittently. dealer contacted many times and
BMW 318 1991 While Driving Vehicle The Consumer found out, vehicle was dripping coolin fluid. the consumer stopped and saw the cooling fluid was coming
BMW 735 1990 Consumer States That He Went to check the oil in the engine and the radiator hose exploded and gave him 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
BMW Z3 1997 While Driving, The Air bag light illuminateed on the dashboard, the airbag sensor was replaced. *ak. consumer stated the seat
BMW 325I 1992 While Traveling Vehicle Lost power. had vehicle towed to bmw, technician stated plastic cover to radiator had cracked, and had
BMW 328I 2000 Thermostat Failed Causing The Thermostat needle to swing from blue to red, eml and check engine light also illuminated. nlm
BMW 740IL 1996 This Problem W/ Radiator Is very common w/ this vehicle and manufacturer refuses any responsibility. *ak
BMW 740IL 1998 Radiator Blew At 70mph On the freeway. this is a known problem with this model and bmw noth america refuses to admit there is
BMW 735I 1992 Car Overheated, Causing The top radiator hose to fail and also the thermostat to fail as a direct result of the recall. the
BMW BMW 2001 One Month After Delivery Of brand new bmw 325 xi, it overheated and was towed due to a defective cooling fan. new
BMW 528 1997 Engine Overheated Suddenly At Expressway speed. suspect thermastat or water pump. caused major engine failure, "meltdown" of radiator assy.
BMW 735I 1992 I Ended Up To Replace every component in the cooling sistem of a total cost aprox. $ 2500 and later on i found here
BMW 735I 1987 While Driving 35mph The Drivers seat collapsed. the heating system is malfunctioning, it runs contineously and cannot be shut off, and it
BMW 528 1997 While Getting Routine Service Check the sevice representative reported the car had run hot. i had noticed no previous problems, however they
BMW 525I 1993 Received Installation Of Recalled Radiator cap at vob bmw in 9/27/99 (98v178000) that was supposed to keep the bmw cars from overheating which causes the
BMW 535I 1992 Bmw Acknowledged Defect In Radiator cap on this specific vehicle saying it can cause excessive pressure to build up in system, but will not
BMW 535I 1990 There Was A Recall In 1997 of the same problem on the similar, bmw 525i. nhtsa # 97v131000 concerning radiator cap. also,
BMW 328I 1997 Thermostat Stuck.
BMW X5 2001 Coolant Level Warning Light Came on due to coolant leaking from the thermostat. *yh
BMW 325IS 9999 Prior To Recall Notifiaction, consumer was informed that vehicle needed hoses, and belts replaced with regard to the coolant system, in december
BMW BMW 9999 The Vehicle Experienced The Symptoms of recall 98v-178 prior to notification, the consumer request reimbursement. nlm
BMW BMW 9999 The Consumer Has Replaced The engine and other component but the vehicle continues to overheat an will not hold antifreeze, the vehicle has been
BMW 740IL 1998 Thermostat Was Replaced. *slc
BMW 525I 1991 Radiator Failed Prematurely. nlm
BMW 525I 1990 Radiator Cap Failed, Causing complete failure to radiator. however radiator is not covered under recall notice (98v-178). *yc
BMW 325 1992 Radiator Heater Core Exploded, filling vehicle with steam and smoke, causing poor visibility.
BMW 318 1991 Radiator Connection Separated/failed.
BMW 318 1991 Thermostat Failed.
BMW 525I 1990 Radiator Leaked.
BMW 525I 1990 Thermostat Failed.
BMW 318 1991 Radiator Failed.
BMW 325 1987 The Radiator Was Leaking.
BMW 525I 1990 Radiator Leaks.
BMW 525I 1990 Thermostat Failed.
BMW 318 1992 Timing Case Profile Gasket Failed, allowing a sudden and immediate release of most or all of the coolant (radiator) while traveling.
BMW 318 1985 Radiator Cap Failed After Recall work performed (93v-015), causing vehicle to overheat. *skd
BMW 318 1991 Thermostat Replaced Due To Leak.
BMW 530XI 2007 This Vehicle, Unlike All other bmw automobiles has no rock guard in place on the lower front bumper protecting the radiator, etc from
BMW 740ILA 1988 Faulty Radiators That Have A design flaw that allows for the radiator neck to break off without notice and spray hot coolant everywhere. this
BMW 740IL 2001 In March 2007 Low Coolant warning caused me open hood and add coolant three times before i took car to bmw dealer ,who diagnosed
BMW E46 1995 In 1995 I Purchased A bmw 318ti. i have just learned that there had been three recalls on this bmw model. i did
BMW 525I 1992 Dt*: The Contact Stated the engine overheated while driving various speeds. the vehicle was seen by a dealer. the
BMW 540I 1999 Without Warning A Crack Appeared in the radiator housing causing a loss of antifreeze. car was out of warranty. had to replace the
BMW 328I 1997 Plastic Radiator Broke At Upper hose connection, causing sudden total loss of coolant and engine stopping in heavy freeway traffic. this led to
BMW 540IA 1999 Radiator Cracked At Top Hose inlet causing loss of coolant
BMW 528I 1998 Driving On Entrance Ramp To the freeway at about 10mph and saw white smoke coming from the driver's side of the hood. pulled over
BMW 7 SERIES 2001 I Need To Have A new engine put in for my 2001 740i bmw due to a cracked radiator which led to the
BMW 740IL 1998 No Warning Other Than A slight anit-freeze smell. upon checking out the odor, upper radiator neck between hose clamp and radiator just
BMW 540I 1997 The Radiator Neck Broke Off while driving at highway speed on my 1997 540i. it is a common problem with bmw by all accounts,
BMW 540IA 2001 Radiator Cracked, Disabling Car on highway. also caused xenon lamp failure. replaced by dealer under warranty. this is
BMW 540I 1998 White Steam Was Coming From under the hood onto the front windshield. the steam was fogging the windshield, and causing poor visibility while
BMW 540IA 1999 1) Check Coolant Level Warning light came on twice in 1 week. kuni bmw conducted my factory inspection ii service only 2 months before
BMW 540I 1998 2nd Catastrophic Radiator Failure. not a leak, the neck breaks off causing immediate loss of cooling. 1st radiator at 45k, 2nd
BMW X5 2001 Bmw X-5 Coolant System Failure with only 26,800 miles. the coolant reservoir and tubes to the radiator burned out. also 3
BMW 540IA 1999 Radiator Failed On My 1999 bmw 540 at 54,700 miles. i believe this to be a safety problem that bmw needs to
BMW 540IA 2001 Water Pump Failure. Coolant leaking from shaft. radiator failure, drivers side top radiator nipple inlet cracked. *ak
BMW 528I 2000 Engine Overheated/radiator Failed (after Only 53000 miles), causing catastrophic damage to engine block and cylinder head. no instrument cluster indication of overheating.
BMW 540 1999 1. No Symptoms; 2. cracked radiator neck, that was fortunatly caught just prior to a catastrophic failure. the
BMW 540IA 2001 2001 Bmw 540i Automatic Transmission; approximately 57,000 miles; radiator cracked spontaneously under normal driving conditions; significant steam resulting in obscurred view
BMW 540I 1997 (1) Replaced Water Pump And accessory belts. on a forum that i read, many suggest replacing the radiator when replacing the water
BMW 540IA 1999 Crack In Radiator - Needs replacement. *ak
BMW X5 2001 Normal Driving, Radiator reservoir cracked during normal driving, leaking very hot radiator fluid, causing smoking, stopped vehicle, and
BMW 740ILA 2001 While Driving, The Consumer heard a sound which was coming from the air conditioner. also, radiator had a crack.
BMW 528I 2000 Radiator Neck Failure.*ak
BMW 540IA 2000 Radiator Failure In 2000 Bmw 540i at 57,000 miles.*ak
BMW 540IA 1998 Various Problems Involving 1998 Bmw 540ia which was brought used. *mr bmw had been importing vehicles for sale, fitted
BMW 318 1984 While Driving, The Consumer noticed smoke coming from the vents. the consumer was able to pull over and lift up the hood.
BMW 540I 1999 (1) Normal Driving Conditions; noticed "steam" coming from under hood. 2) radiator's upper hose inlet cracked (plastic); car disabled (3)
BMW 540I 1998 I Was Driving Down A busy street one evening and as i came to a light, smoke started coming out of my hood.
BMW 540I 2000 While Driving Coolant Was Leaking from the radiator. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
BMW 540IAT 2000 Check Coolant Level Light Comes on. radiator leaks, almost over heated and left me stranded. part replaced at owners
BMW 540IA 1997 A Faulty Radiator Design (plastic neck?) caused my 97 bmw 540ia to break down on the freeway during rush hour. *nm
BMW 540I 1998 Plastic Neck Of Radiator On my '98 bmw 540ia broke completely and suddenly on highway. white smoke came out under the hood. saw
BMW 740IL 1997 There's A Major Flaw Design in the bmw 740i and 740il fgrom years 1995-200. i was just driving and it failed without hesitation.
BMW 540I 2000 Radiator Failure (blocked). *la
BMW 540I 2000 Radiator Failure. *ak
BMW 540I 1997 The Radiator In My 1997 bmw 540i has failed twice since i have owned it. i see this as a safety issue.
BMW 540I 1998 Multiple Coolant Defects On The 1998 540. the car has now had 3 radiators, 3 thermastats, water tube seals replaced twice,
BMW 540IAT 1999 Radiator Failure On 1999 540 touring - disables the vehicle no matter where you are from rush hour traffic where the panic could endanger
BMW 540IA 1997 Radiator/overflow Tank On My 1997 bmws 540ia cracked and needed replacement at 85,000 miles. the radiators in bmws are known as a
BMW 540IA 2000 At 71888 Miles The Radiator of my bmw 540i broke because of a crack in the plastic housing around the outlet.i had read about
BMW 740IL 1998 Faulty Radiators That Have A design flaw that allows for the radiator neck to break off without notice and spray hot coolant everywhere. this
BMW 540I 1998 Engine Cooling Radiator Hose Fitting broke off. lost all coolant on highway. dealer replaced radiator under warranty and stated it is common
BMW 540IA 1997 The Radiator Hose Connection At the top of the radiator failed completely. it is made of plastic, and split under cool weather
BMW 540I 1997 My 1997 Bmw 540i 6-speed had a radiator failure at 77,500 miles. the plastic radiator connection point for the top hose snapped
BMW 540IA 1997 Radiator Defect -- Plastic Neck of radiator connecting to upper hose broke at point of connection while at moderate speed, spraying coolant onto engine
BMW 540 2001 Radiator Failed At 40k Miles in middle of rush hour traffic,obscuring vision while driving between many cars and then stranding car fat dangerous
BMW 540I 1999 Radiator Failure At 54,000 miles. *ak
BMW 540IA 1997 1997 Bmw 540ia Radiator Failure. upper hose connection cracked off unexpectedly, causing catastrophic dump of engine coolant. vehicle was immediately
BMW 540I 2000 Bmw 2000 540i, V8, failure (cracked, loss of coolant) of upper radiator hose connector. i had 3 1/2 yrs/45,000
BMW 540I 2000 Radiator Failure. *ak
BMW 740I 2000 The Windshield Wipers Failed As stated in recall 03 v 159 000, however the vehicle identification number was not included in the recall.
BMW 325IS 1995 The Radiator Malfunctioned About a month ago. it was fixed by an independent mechanic. consumer noticed that this has
BMW 540I 1997 I Own A 1997 Bmw 540i. radiator broke at plastic attachment point. coolant leaked all over the windshield and engine.
BMW 540I 1997 My 1997 Bmw 540i6 Radiator broke on me while driving on a highway on 5/30/03. *ak
BMW 540I 1997 1997, Bmw, 540i radiator failure @ 77,500 miles (detected by bmw dealer during routine service inspection); radiator replaced at my cost.
BMW 740I 1997 Upper Nipple With Hose Connector on radiator is made of plastic and breaks off with fragments left in the hose. this really should
BMW 740IL 1997 I Have Had Three Separate failures of plastic radiator components in my 1997 bmw 740il in the space of 5 months. at first
BMW 540IA 1997 At The Precise Moment I fully depressed the accelerator to pass a slow-moving vehicle, causing the automatic transmission to down shift, the radiator
BMW 320I 9999 The Radiator Plastic Spout, which was connected to the hose, sheared off, which caused fluid to leak out onto the engine,
BMW 540IA 2000 Common Radiator Failures. all at usually below 50k miles.
BMW 540IA 1998 Radiator Failure. *jb
BMW 540IA 1997 Radiator And Cooling System Failed on my 1997 bmw 540i. car quickly overheated severely and shut down on interstate 5 in stockton,
BMW 528I 1997 Radiator Failure At The Top hose connection point. later learned that the material used is quite unreliable -- so i replaced all the
BMW 540I 1998 Radiator Neck Sheared Off Without warning while my wife was driving on freeway. caused immediate loss of coolant and emergency stop. car had
BMW 540I 1997 Radiator Failure On Bmw 540i with only 51k miles, causing loss of traction and almost a wreck
BMW 540IA 1997 While Driving On The Highway, steam started coming from the engine, obstructing consumers vision. consumer pulled over and check under the hood,
BMW 540I 1997 The Upper Radiator Hose Unexpectly separated from the radiator. inspection showed that the plastic radiator had broken at the hose fitting.

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