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04 Mar

BMW 335I 2008 I Was Warming Up The car in the morning for work, it was on for about ten minutes; as i sat down put
BMW 535XI 2010 After Hitting A Bump When entering a driveway, water spilled in the rear cargo area of the station wagon, water drained into spare

BMW 325I 2002 02/19/2014 On A Dry Day, while driving in the center lane on i-4 around lakeland-fl, with 70mph a fedex vehicle's right rear tire blew
BMW 320I 2012 Head Lights For Newer Cars are too bright and blind drivers approaching from the opposite direction.
BMW 550I 2011 I Was Rear Ended On the left side exiting the freeway when my car spun to the right into a guardrail head on and
BMW 545I 2004 Main Problem: Vehicle Exhibits Highly unsafe tendencies of turning off randomly, leaving the driver with no power, no functioning gauges, no functioning
BMW 335I 2008 Complete Failure Of Abs Pump and stability control with only 29000 miles. cost to repair this basic safety system over $2900.
BMW 3 SERIES 2002 I Listed The Wrong Date on complaint # 10546920, the date should be 8/10/2013 not 2011. *tr
BMW 3 SERIES 2002 I Was Driving Along And 3 dash lights came on indicating a problem. i checked and the lights meant the stability control wasn't
BMW 328I 1998 Brake Lights Warning "brake Light failure" keeps being displayed across the control panel. i clean the tail lights and brakes lights and the lights
BMW 3 SERIES 2007 Car Continues To Have Intermittent abs brake failure after more than a year. bmw won't repair unless i pay for it.
BMW Z4 2002 But Bought With Less Than 12,500 miles, they found turned unstable situation, has been unable to find what the reason, at
BMW 335XI 2010 Oil Pump Pressure Went out on 36,000 miles after a recall was done on my car by bmw on may 2013. the
BMW 750LI 2007 Crank Case Vent Valve Failure caused damage to engine. low brake pedal. *tr
BMW Z4 2004 Loss Of Electrical Assisted Steering/steering wheel very sluggish. *tr
BMW 335I 2008 Dashboard Warning Indicator Shows That stability control is not functioning. *tr
BMW 325I 2003 My Vehicle Has The Same incident about a dozen of times in the last 4-5 years. the vehicle suddenly had check engine light,
BMW 328I 2007 Abs System Light Went Off - no traction control system. *tr
BMW 530XI 2007 Steering Angle Sensor Problem. *tr
BMW Z4 2004 I Have A 2004 Z4 that i purchased last august used. i rarely drove the car and kept it mainly for leisure until
BMW 535I 2010 Within Two Weeks Of taking ownership of this car, i experienced a series of faults in the system where the car froze up
BMW 320 2001 While Doing 55 Mph On the expressway my vehicle engaged the brakes on it's own bringing us to a screaching, skidding stop in the
BMW X5 2007 It Was The Night Of independence day 2012, it had rained moderately hard earlier in the day. when i started my 2007 bmw
BMW 530XI 2006 On Tuesday May 29th We had a rain storm, the next day i got into my vehicle with my husband and two children to
BMW 535XI 2008 A Cooler Leaked In The trunk of my wagon and under the floor there lies exposed unprotected highly valuable electronics, which shorted out my
BMW 530XI 2007 The Problem That I Am having started on june 18, 2012, when i heard a clicking sound coming from the drivers? side every
BMW 530 2001 The Abs Electronic Module Fails. in this case it lasted a long time but when it fails, the anti-lock brake system (abs) and
BMW 335I 2011 I Would Formally Like To report a major safety concern i have regarding my new 2011 bmw 335is convertible. from a standstill without
BMW 5 SERIES 2004 Active Steering Fault Light And the passenger restraining system lights come on after car parked for over a week during a trip out.
BMW 328I 2007 My Door Locks Failed To unlock (with both the remote entry and the door lock switch located in the car) with the exception of the
BMW 325I 2006 My Dsc (stability Control) Warning light came on and driving became erratic. after bmw of the hudson valley failed to diagnose the problem i
BMW 328I 2007 I Have An 2007 328i bmw which stalled and cutoff on 3 occasion within 4 years. they replaced as per tech the fuel injection
BMW 328 2011 Bmw 328/2011- Poor Rain Handling & lack of airbag(s) deploying in crash where car was totaled. i was driving in the rain and
BMW 328I 1999 On A Rainy Day, the traction control system on my 1999 bmw 328i failed under stress. i did not notice a turn on
BMW 328I 2007 I Own A 2007 bmw 328i with 21,000 miles on it. in july 2009 i was backing out of my driveway
BMW Z3 ROADSTER 2001 2001 Bmw Z3 3.0l. the abs/dsc system malfunctions. while driving at varying speeds the brakes engage on their own, causing the
BMW 745LI 2005 Dynamis Drive Inactive Light Comes on until the car is shut off and restarted but it won't store the code. bmw said that this
BMW X6 2008 I Was Trying To Pass a car on the interstate when the power to my engine was cut by the car's computer. the
BMW 745LI 2005 My Bmw Is Still Dead as a door knob sitting where it was last sitting after i had gotten it from the bmw service department
BMW 745LI 2005 My Bmw Is Still Dead as a door knob sitting where it was last sitting after i had gotten it from the bmw service department
BMW 525I 2001 Abs / Dsc Control Unit failure . traction control light on all the time , stability control is inoperable.
BMW 5 SERIES 2006 The Panoramic Sunroof On E60 bmw wagons has a faulty design of the drains which re-directs water into the rear of the car (spare tire
BMW 528I 2000 Computer That Controls Abs And stability on my bmw after several years fails as it is located in the engine compartment next to exhaust manifold/
BMW F 650 GS US 2009 Motorcycle Stalls Whenever Throttle Down below 2,000 rpm brand new bike 4 miles can't keep it going dealer said its known issue.
BMW X5 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 bmw x5. while driving 2 mph downhill in inclement weather conditions, all of the tires locked up
BMW 335I 2007 I Purchased A New 2007 bmw 335i from bmw of honolulu in jan 2007. 4 months later the car stalled with my wife
BMW X3 2005 Auto Type: 2005 Bmw x3 sav. the vehicle has had a history of failures with the operation system with regard to the
BMW 528I 1999 Repeated Failure Of Abs-odometer-speedometer Electronic control module failed two years running. *tr
BMW 528I 2000 The Abs / Dsc Control module on my 2000 528i bmw failed. when this happens the odometer and speedometer both stop working.
BMW 540I 1999 At Approximately 75k Miles The bosch abs/traction control unit failed on my 1999 bmw 540i. a diagnosis from the dealer confirmed this to
BMW 325I 2006 I Was Driving About 10 mph in traffic on friday, oct. 31, 2008, at 5 p.m., in houston,
BMW 528I 1999 Bought A New Car In 1999: 1999 bmw 528i at about 75,500 miles, the abs module (bosch 5.7) failed.

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