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Bmw Electrical System Ignition Switch Reports

30 Jun

BMW 328IS 1996 Sometimes When Putting Key Into ignition key will go around 360 degrees, and then sometimes key gets stuck. *ak the
BMW 318I 1991 Consumer Put Key into ignition and it wouldn't turn at all. *ak

BMW 525I 1992 Key Can Be Removed Form the ignition switch while in any other gears. dealer notified. provide further details. *ak
BMW 318I 1994 When Onsumer's Son Got inside of vehicle and locked doors manually. then tried to turn on engine, but the engine did not
BMW 318I 1998 Consumer Was Inside Of Vehicle and went to put key in the ignition to start vehicle, she took the key out of the ignition
BMW 535I 1991 Faulty Ignition Switch Caused The starter to burn up, resulting in the vehicle loosing all power while driving on the highway. nlm
BMW Z3 1997 After Vehicle Was Vacuumed It would not start; the vehicle was pushed to the side and the driver turned the key again to start
BMW 328I 1996 Sometimes When I Put The key into the ignition and turn the key to start the car, the key turns freely (all the way
BMW 328IC 1997 Ignition Switch Failed On Three occasions. mjs
BMW 525I 1990 Ignition Switch Malfunctioned, Causing key to jam.
BMW 325 1987 Ignition Switch Failed To Allow key to turn..
BMW F650 GS 2011 The May 18th Date Is a rough guess. the engine has died two times between shifts from second to first, very slow speed,
BMW X5 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 55 mph on a dark rural road, the vehicle lost all lights and power. eventually the
BMW X5 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 55 mph on a country road at night, there was a loss of the headlights followed by the
BMW F650 CS 2003 The Ignition Switch On A 2003 f650 gs bmw motorcycle is located on the steering head. this switch has a loom of four
BMW Z3 COUPE 2001 Dt:consumer Says That Key Seems to stick in the ignition . consumer had this problem before, but has always been able to jiggle
BMW 318I 1995 Consumer Has Trouble Starting Vehicle. it takes her about 5-6 times turning the key before vehicle will start. it sounds as
BMW 318I 1998 Ignition Switch Failure While Driving vehicle key started rotating in ignition while driving vehicle. pulled off to the side of road and
BMW 318TI 1996 When Taking The Key Out ofignition vehicle continued to run. *ak
BMW Z3 2001 The Dealer Replaced The Faulty electronic switch ignition on 3 separate occasions, which caused the vehicle to stall. *jb

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