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Bmw Electrical System Ignition Module Reports

Wednesday 9th of September 2015 01:18:07 PM

BMW 318 1994 Water Drained Into Electronic control module, causing an electrical shortage, and resulting in vehicle stalling.also,
BMW 318IS 1994 After Vehicle Went Through A car wash vehicle would not start. contacted dealer, and dealer stated that dme unit was
BMW 318I 1994 Consumer Took Car To a car wash when control box got wet, then the fuel injector froze open, causing fuel
BMW 325I 1993 Vehicle Experienced An Electrical short after coming out of a car wash. water got into the computer system. dealer notified, and
BMW 323I 2000 Airbag Warning Light Stays On, indictating a defect. dealer claims computer needs to updated. *ak
BMW 318 1994 When There Is A Heavy down pour or taking car to the car wash, the computer gets wet which won't allow the vehicle
BMW 325ISA 1994 When There Is A Heavy down pour or taking to the car wash, computer gets wet which won't allow the vehicle to start.
BMW 325I 1992 Computer Became Flooded After The vehicle went through a carwash. the dealer and manufacturer have been notified. *ak
BMW 318IS 1993 When Driving The Vehicle Through a carwash the computer for the vehicle short circuited and shut completely down. dealer has to replace total computer.
BMW 325I 1994 Vehicle Will Stall In Rain. dealer determined that computer module got wet and vehicle will either stall or not start. computer module
BMW 325I 2002 Apparently My Car Has A programming defect with the computer. it only relates to 2002 325xi's with sport pkg, manual trans. at
BMW R1100 RT 2000 There Is Problem With Electronic control unit (ecu) which controls the fuel, air, ignition mixture and timing on the bmw r1100rt motorcycle.
BMW 318I 1992 Onboard Computer Failed When Got wet at a car wash.*ak
BMW 325I 1992 Dme Unit Got Wet From a normal car wash; bmw bulletin item but not recall; dealership drilled a hole in the box per
BMW 325I 1992 Electronic Control Unit Is Defectively installed. water from rain and carwashing can easily get into the said unit box causing circuit shorts to the
BMW 325I 1993 The Vehicle Would Not Start when water from rain or car wash fills up in the drain where computer processor is placed. yh
BMW 325I 1993 The Vehicle Would Not Start when water from rain or car wash fills up in the drain where computer processor is placed. yh
BMW 325I 1993 Vehicle Would Not Start After car wash due to water contamination/clogging of the ecm. mjs
BMW 735I 1989 Vehicle Experienced Stalling On Several occasions replacement of the oxygen sensor & control unit to rectify problems. mjs
BMW 525I 1992 E-prom, Pressure Regulator And gasket replaced. mjs
BMW 535 1989 Computer System Fails. *dh
BMW 318 1994 Intermittent Stalling. *tw
BMW 525 1994 Computer System Failure, Preventing use of power door locks and windows, trapping driver in vehicle. *aw
BMW X5 2002 2002 Bmw X5 Misfires From faulty engine coils. similar recall to the 3 series but dealership said x5 not included. *tr
BMW 540I 2000 I Was Moving My Car in order to park it somewhere else. the car started then complete failure. the car cut off,
BMW 325I 2006 Bmw 325i Has An Acceleration delay problem. when the driver demands a sudden increase in acceleration, the car hesitates anywhere from 1.5
BMW 325CI 2004 No Sing Of Malfunction Prior to or since incident. engine cut off while cruising on highway. cruise control turned off, all
BMW 328I 1997 Sudden Failure Of Ignition Coil resulting in a shaking/vibrating vehicle. while accellerting in city traffic the car can lunge and jerk while accellerating,
BMW X5 2003 Consumer Was Traveling 45 Mph and vehicle surged forward, and drove roughly. a loud grinding noise was heard coming from
BMW 318IC 1994 Washed Bird Poop Off The hood with an open hose (no sprayer). car would not start afterwards. had car towed to bmw

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