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Bmw Air Bags On-off Switch Assembly Reports

01 Jul

BMW Z3 1997 Requesting An On/off Air Bag switch
BMW 525I 1992 I Am Wondering How The manufacture determines which vehicles are affected by a particuliar recall. a couple of examples, i have a

BMW 745LI 2002 Nar 04/10/2003 The Consumers has experienced numerous problems with there vehicle. the transmission has caused the vehicle to skid to a stop when

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Have 2003 Z-4 M54 engine with 83,000 miles.  Driving along and smoke started to come out of the exhaust then alot of smoke and car quit running.  Repair shop says it blew a head gasket which damaged the engine.  No warning lights or services e

I was involved in a serious accident on 4/17/2012.  On the impact of the collision my seatbelt malfucntioned and released causing me to be thrown from the drivers chair when I was hit by the airbags this slammed me into the seat, I was unconsci

Central door lock controller will not lock the right rear door but will unlock it. There are no default codes . Have replaced the door lock actuator and the door lock antenna. Independent repair shop says it may be a wiring problem. Any ideas?

I just bought a 2011 bmw x5 35d. The first day while driving home, I became dizzy and nauseated. I reached behind the front drivers seat and it was as if hot air was being blown from beneath the seat. The side of the seat by the seat controls w


I have a '02 330 CiC. Had problems with the remote unlocking function on driver side for a while. Locking it with the remote worked fine, but had to unlock it with the key inserted in the cylinder (the "old fashioned" way). BMW mechanic

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