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Audi Vehicle Speed Control Linkages Reports

29 Jun

AUDI A6 1998 While Driving Vehicle Accelerates without warning. brakes failed to stop vehicle, vehicle was put into park to gain control.
AUDI V8 1990 Cruise Control Was Engaged, automatically disengaed, hit resume, vehicle went into open throttle position and would not release, applied the
AUDI A6 2003 While Driving 30-35 Mph Vehicle completely shut down. there was no warning. consumer found that the vehicle had the incorrect speed sensors installed
AUDI A6 1998 The Throttle Sticks In Cold weather causig the audi a6 wehicle to accelerate on its own without pressing the gas. this has happenned
AUDI 100 1992 While Driving, A Sudden surge in speed caused i believe bythe automatic activation of the cruise control feature on my 1992 audi cs 100.

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