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29 Jun

AUDI A6 1999 Abs Pump Fail
AUDI A4 1998 I Have A 1998 Audi a4 avant, 2.8 v6, manual transmission. after 45k miles the cruise control module ("brain") failed and
AUDI QUATTRO 1998 I Purchased My 1998 Audi a4 1.8t awd vehicle in april of 2004 with 91,000. the brakes and rotors were replaced in
AUDI A4 1998 Normal Driving Conditions, No modifications to vehicle, at 80k miles the anti lock brake module fails and the abs no longer works.
AUDI S4 2000 Abs Computer Module Failure. on the instrument panel, the abs light came on whle the brake light was flashing and beeping.
AUDI A4 1999 Abs Computer Failured During Hard braking. after searching car sites, it appears that the vw/audi abs units regularly fail rendering the abs
AUDI A6 1998 Antilock Brake System (abs) Control module is apparently failing or has failed. both the abs and brake lights on the dashboard illuminate irregularly
AUDI A4 1998 Abs Control Unit On My 1998 audi a4 failed as i was driving on the highway, total brake failure resulted, in which i
AUDI S4 2000 Just Driving One Evening And the abs/brake light came on. the abs controller was at fault. did some research ,and
AUDI A6 1999 This Is A Problem That many audi a6 owners have experienced. this occurs at random and the duration varies. while warning lights are
AUDI A4 1998 (1) Faulty Design Of abs controller, 2) failure of said abs controller, (3) abs no longer functioning, causing
AUDI S4 2000 Purchased My 2000 Audi S4 from the original owner- the car had 10k miles on it and yes, it was out of warranty.
AUDI A4 1998 Abs Control Unit Has Failed on 1998 audi a4 quattro 2.8. this ~$2000 part raises a significant safety issue, as its
AUDI A4 1998 After Only 65000 Miles On my 1998 audi a4 i have been forced to replace major abs components because of numerous failures. the abs
AUDI A4 1999 The Abs Controller Failed. numerous other owners have experienced this possibly safely related failure. this part controls the abs braking and
AUDI S4 2000 Abs Warning Light Began Flashing. diagnosed by dealer as abs controller unit; price to fix $1287. have not fixed yet.
AUDI A4 1998 Abs Unit Failed On 1998 audi a4 2.8l quattro. repair cost is > $2000 for a rarely used electronic module.
AUDI A4 2001 Failure Of Abs Controller In 2001 audi a4 1.8t. was told by dealer that engine heat melts soldering in unit.
AUDI A4 1998 Control Arms On Driver And passenger side have gone bad in the last year. i dont think that is right for the parts to
AUDI A4 1998 My Abs And Brake Light initially came on intermittently, then began to occur more and more frequently. now it happens every time
AUDI A4 1999 Abs Module Failed Approx May 2004 at 65000 miles. abs not functioning and warning light remained lit on dashboard display. replaced
AUDI S4 2000 Failure Of Abs?ecu Control Module. abs brakes,possible loss of control of vehicle. car has only 50,000 miles.
AUDI S4 2000 Out Of The Blue, with 64,000 miles on the car, the abs warning light and brake warning light come on, followed
AUDI A6 1999 Abs Controller Faulty. Abs warning light on and flashing brake warning light. ame part appears to also give same problem on vw
AUDI S4 2000 I Just Had My Rotors and pads replaced on all four wheels of my 2000 audi s4. less than three weeks after that repair,
AUDI A4 1999 During Routine Commuting To And from work the abs warning light comes on intermittantly. a diagnosis was performed and revealed a failed abs
AUDI A4 1999 Picked Up Car At Holberts audi in warrington, pa on june 15, 2004. dealer replaced right fron upper and lower suspension links.
AUDI S4 2000 Abs ( Anitlock Brake System ) failure, will cuase brake lock-up and will result in a accident. abs has not been repaired due
AUDI S4 2000 Abs Control Module Needed To be replaced in 2000 audi s4 after numerous false dashboard warning light indications were intermittently displayed will driving.
AUDI A4 1999 Our Abs Light Came On the day i picked up the car from the dealer after getting all new brakes done. bernardi audi

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