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29 Jun

AUDI A6 1998 Consumer Contacted Dealer Regarding recall number 00v137000. dealer has indicated that parts were not available to take care of the faulty
AUDI A6 2000 Gas Gauge Malfunctioned, Preventing owner from identifying what the correct fuel reading was. consumer has contacted dealer. recall number 00v137000,
AUDI A6 1998 Gas Gauge Is Indictating That fuel was available, but there was no gas in tank due to defective fuel tank sender, causing consumer
AUDI A6 1999 Due To A Defective Fuel sending unit , fuel gauge was indictating about 1/3 of fuel in tank. but apparently there wasn't any
AUDI A6 1999 A Malfunctioned Gas Gauge. consumer was unable to get it repaired or replaced. dealer/mfr notified. *
AUDI A6 1999 Gas Gauge Is Inaccurate, vehicle runs out of gas. fuel gauge registers at least a quarter tank more of gas
AUDI A6 1999 Gas Gauge Malfunctioned, Causing the fuel gauge to read "half full," and the vehicle stalled unexpectedly due to no gas in the vehicle.
AUDI A6 1999 The Gas Guage Reads That there is more fuel in the vehicle than there actually is. dealer replaced gas sensor, and problem
AUDI A6 1999 Fuel Gauge Gives Wrong Reading, when tank is it indicates that tank is on empty . dealer has been contacted. please
AUDI TT 2001 Fuel Gauge Is Not Registering proper amount of fuel in fuel tank. dealer made repairs on three separate occasions, but problem has
AUDI TT 2001 The Fuel Sending Unit Can often report incorrect information, causing owners to occasionally run out of gas without prior notice. fuel gauge has
AUDI A6 1999 Gas Level Indicated 1/4 Tank when engine stalled. fuel sender is defective. audi has no replacement. *ak
AUDI A6 1998 Automobile Has Run Out Of gas on 3 separate occasions with fuel gauge displaying anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 level. additionally, computer shows
AUDI A6 1999 This, And Apparently Most, audi a6 vehicles do not have functioning gas guages. as a result the driver does not know when
AUDI FOX 1977 The Gas Gauge And Speedometer stuck. *mjs
AUDI A6 1999 The Fuel Gauge Does Not accurately indicate the amount of fuel in the tank. nlm
AUDI A4 2004 2004 Audi A4 With Intermittent fuel pump failure. on several occasions the car would stop running while driving and then restart after some time.
AUDI A4 2004 2004 Audi A4 Fuel Pump failure causes car to stall. my car stalled on the freeway and almost caused a significant accident!
AUDI A4 2003 In March 2009, I heard some loud noises from the area over the fuel tank. i took it to my mechanic and
AUDI A4 2004 I Have A 2004 Audi a4 1.8 turbo .. 5:45pm on a heavy traffic friday before easter week.. my call
AUDI A4 2007 I Have An Audi A4 2007. friday, march 5 i was driving to work and the car starting revving by itself, but
AUDI A6 2004 Sudden Loss Of Engine Power while driving a 2004 audi a6 avant on highway 280 south in northern california. the car suddenly lost all
AUDI A4 2004 2004 Audi A4 1.8t fuel pump failed while pulling into a parking lot. had to push it into the grass.
AUDI A6 2008 I Leased A 2008 Audi a6, less then a year ago. audi has had my car now 3 times for a problem
AUDI TT 2001 The 2001 Audi Tt Quattro we own runs out of gas before the gas gauge registers an half tank. the computerized dash components
AUDI A4 2001 A4's Have A Poorly Designed cam tensioner that eventually leaks oil. the cost to repair the item is approximately $1000. the
AUDI A4 2003 I Was Driving My 2003 audi a4 (3.0 ) on a highway at 60 mph. time - 11:30 pm on sat.
AUDI A6 1999 Car Accelerate On It's Own. about 15 minutes into trip, started to feel the car accelerating on it's own.
AUDI A6 1999 On January 19, Returning home from a family trip, the throttle on our 1999 a6 stuck open at 65mph. i was trapped

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