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Audi Fuel System, Other Storage Fuel Gauge System Reports

Monday 7th of September 2015 10:39:15 PM

AUDI A6 1998 Gas Gauge Is Indictating That fuel was available, but there was no gas in tank due to defective fuel tank sender, causing consumer
AUDI A6 1999 Fuel Sending Unit Was Replaced via recall in dec 2000 and the exact same thing is happening again. audi's recall did not fix
AUDI A6 1999 The Number Of Attempts To fix this issue will be six times. audi has replaced the fuel sending units after the recall. the
AUDI A6 1998 Fuel Sender Failed. yh
AUDI QUATTRO 1999 Fuel Sending Unit Failed. *slc
AUDI QUATTRO 1999 Floater In Gas Tank Do not notify gas gauge of current fuel level in the tank which could result in consumer running out of fuel.
AUDI A6 1999 The Fuel Sending Unit Sensor became corroded causing the fuel gauge to read 1/4 of a tank when it was really empty resulting in the
AUDI TT 2004 Failure Of Fuel Gauge. *tr
AUDI TT 2000 Fuel Gauge Consistency Reads The wrong level of fuel in the gas tank. left me stranded twice already. this is a very very
AUDI A6 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 audi a6. the console has a center display that shows warning lights for gas, brakes, etc.
AUDI TT 2001 The Fuel Sending Unit Can often report incorrect information, causing owners to occasionally run out of gas without prior notice. fuel gauge has
AUDI A6 1999 Consumer Received One Of Several recall notifications from the manufacturer, and took the vehicle to the dealer, who wanted for consumer
AUDI TT 2000 My 2000 Audi Tt Quattro has a problem with its fuel gauge where it sometimes reads that there is most of a tank of gas
AUDI A6 2001 I Noticed That My Fuel gauge was incorrect. i took car to the dealer and was told there was a bad fuel sender unit.
AUDI A6 2001 The Fuel Gauge Was Defective, it read half a tank when it was really empty. consumer ran out of gas on a
AUDI S4 2000 The Problem I Am Experiencing is analogous to a recall already announced for the audi a6: nhtsa recall no. 00v-147, vw recall no.
AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO 2001 Failure Of Fuel Gauge Left me, me wife and two children on the side of the interstate in atlanta, ga. fuel
AUDI A4 2002 Stereo-failure And Replacement On At least (4) occasions winshield fluid dispenser/wiper malfunction service engine light malfunction-at least (5) occasions solenoid valve bad
AUDI A4 2000 Fuel Sending Unit Malfunction On 2000 audi a4. affects sedan and avant models. results in fuel gauge reading approximately 1/4 tank lower than
AUDI A6 1998 Vehicle Ran Out Of Gas - gauge showed 3/4 tank. vehicle has had the gas gauge recall performed on it.*ak
AUDI A4 2001 The Vehicle Has Been To the dealer four times to fix the gas gauge. gauge will read 1/2 full, and the tank
AUDI A4 1999 Fuel Gauge Erratic. fuel gauge and distance to empty computer will fluctuate between 1/4 and 3/4 while the vehicle is stopped.

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