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Audi Fuel System, Gasoline Fuel Injection System Reports

29 Jun

AUDI 90 1993 Consumer Received Recall #98v332000 Concerning fuel injection system failure in april of 1999. has attempted to contact dealer on several occasions, but dealer
AUDI 90 1993 Consumer Received Recall Letter 98v332000. contacted dealer. no parts were available to remedy recall problem. please give any further
AUDI 5000 1986 Recall 89v006000, Fuel Injection seal has hardened due to high temperatures. recall remedy did not correct the problem which caused the vehicle
AUDI 5000 1986 On Way To Work, passed car, put pedal to the floor and it stuck there, until tapped with foot, thank god,
AUDI 100 1993 For Several Years I Have been complaining of an intermittent, very strong fuel smell. audi has never been able to tell me
AUDI 100 1994 While Parked And Locked In supermarket parking lot 5 min. after parking, engine compartment spontaneously broke into flames. owner was shopping
AUDI A6 1998 Fuel Injection System Did Not disengage when brakes were applied, engine continued to rev at 1600 to 1800 rpm with brakes fully engaged.
AUDI 90 1993 Consumer Received A Recall Notice (98-v332) on fuel injectors and took the vehicle to the dealer to have the recall performed and they installed fuel
AUDI 90 1993 Consumer Took Vehicle In For recall (98v-332) repair work on the fuel injection system on may 18, 2001, the vehicle caught fire the
AUDI 90 1993 Consumer Is Not Able To receive recall repair due to lack of parts (98v-332). *mjs
AUDI 90 1993 Possible Failure Of The Catalytic converters could possibly have been the result/related to failure of the recall component (fuel injectors) 98v-332. mjs
AUDI 100 1994 Engine Fire Prior To Recall. consumer states prior to fire there were several occasions of raw gasoline smell when starting vehicle. also states
AUDI S4 1994 There Is A Severe Safety problem associated with the audi 94s4, other model year s cars and other audi cars with the 100 body.
AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO 2002 Twice My Wife Encountered Trucks running stop signs. our 2002 audi all road had "turbo lag" which means when she floored the gas
AUDI 100 1991 Bosch Fuel Distributor Sensor Plate failure, which is lower half of unit. car stalls, floods, creeps, looses all power,
AUDI A6 2001 Audi 2001 A6 2.7t tiptronic while in d transmission mode, car does not accelerate per accelerator input after using the

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