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29 Jun

AUDI TT 2000 When Filling Gas Tank up fuel gauge showed full even after the gas has run low. dealer has replaced fue
AUDI S6 1995 Consumer Is Having Same problem as stated in recall 00v068000 concerning fuel lines, and vehicle was not included in recall.
AUDI S6 1995 Fuel Line Which Goes Into the engine compartment is leaking fuel , and causing a fire hazard. also, recall 00v068000
AUDI S6 1995 Smell Gas While Driving, consumer feels hes experiencing the same problem as recall 00v068000.*ak
AUDI S4 1994 While Traveling Smelled Fuel Inside vehicle. dealer stated fuel line had a leak. please provide further information. *ak
AUDI 100 1993 While Driving Vehicle It Caught fire. owner notes that fuel lines which were leaking caused fire. *ak
AUDI S4 1993 I Had Previously Contacted Nhsta regarding fuel line leaks in the engine compartment of the ealry s4 and s6 models. this resulted in
AUDI 90 1990 High Pressure Fuel Line Sprang leak under car near firewall
AUDI S6 1995 The Dealer Has Not Received authorization to comply with campaign # 00v068000. the parts have been on back order for at least 3 weeks.
AUDI S6 1995 On This Date, 09-07-00, at approximately 0730 hours, temp in mid 40's, my wife started our vehicle and detected the odor
AUDI QUATTRO 1993 Failure Is Of A Factory assembly of flexible and rigid fuel line. a crimped hose connection (the hose is of stainless steel braid sheathing
AUDI S4 1992 Contacted Audi, Claim Recall doesnot exist, i found it on your site,but your people are of no help, # 00v068000,
AUDI S4 1994 Intermittent Fuel Line Leak Near exhaust manifold and turbocharger. *ak
AUDI S4 1995 Fuel Supply Line Leak. same as nhtsa recall campaign # 00v068000. *ak
AUDI S6 1995 No Summary
AUDI S4 1993 Fuel Line Failed Where Braided line meets solid brass line. has happened in many other cars of this model relative to the total
AUDI QUATTRO 1995 Tire Shredded, Fuel Line leaking. *ak( dot number: tire size: 235 45 17 )
AUDI S6 1995 This Fuel Leak Is Next to the exhaust manifold and is a fire hazard!
AUDI S4 1994 Fuel Supply Line Leaks. *ak
AUDI S6 1995 Car Is Under Factory Warranty. contacted audi of america and local dealership. was unable to schedule appointment until 12-13-99. i feel that
AUDI S6 1995 Fuel Leaks In The Vacinity of the exhaust manifold and turbocharger - potential for fire
AUDI S6 1995 No Summary
AUDI S4 1993 Failure Is Where Hose From filter is press fit to metal fuel line
AUDI S4 1994 The Fuel Line Was Found to be leaking gasoline rather heavily. the leak occured in close proximity to the exhaust and turbocharger.
AUDI S4 1993 The Failed Fuel Line Was cut off and replaced with fuel injection hose and my audi trained mechanic. this repair was not
AUDI S6 1995 The Fuel Line On My audi s6 was clearly leaking fuel inside the engine compartment. it is my understanding that this is a very
AUDI S4 1993 The Fuel Line Failure Occurs inches from the turbo, creating a dangerous fire hazard!
AUDI S6 1995 Prestige Imports Was Wonderful! they got audi of america to pay for transportation and repair of my car. elk mountain motors (
AUDI S4 1993 Please See Web Site S-cars. org f.a.q re leaking fuel lines.
AUDI S6 1997 Please Do Not Share My personal info (address etc.) with any third parties!
AUDI S4 1993 Fuel Line Leak... noticed faint fuel smell on morning of 6/5/99 (cold weather that morning).. this problem has been found by
AUDI S4 1992 The Fuel Line Is Leaking in the engine compartment, consumer took the vehicle to the dealer who did not do any repairs, the
AUDI A4 2005 Knocking Noise Under Rear Passenger seat behind driver. after changing out fuel gauging mechanisms and fuel pump the dealer has been told (by
AUDI CABRIOLET 2003 When This Cars Gas Tank goes below a half tank, the gas chamber does not allow gas to flow into the tank.
AUDI A6 2000 Near Total Loss Of Power (intermittent) 17 error codes in obd. new triptonic transmission 1 month after expiration of warentee. extended warentee never
AUDI A4 1996 I Detected A Stong Odor of gasoline in the passenger cabin. i took the vehick in two weeks ago and was told that
AUDI A6 1998 Back Pressure Develops When Refueling with the engine and ignition off. gasoline gushes out onto attendant, car and ground. obviously, there
AUDI A6 1999 Vehicle Fully Accelerated On It own, resulting in very high speeds in traffic and on downhill drive. very difficult to stop vehicle

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